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Elder naive theory article Lecture 14

Elder naive theory article Lecture 14
Speaker: the auspices of Age: Liang Dong
Broadcast time: 2009-03-1423: 00-24: 00
TEXT: with Tian Yu Ji for the Treasury, with contentment is power, not spacious body, spirit lingers, also can be a few hundred. Secondly, there are wise men who rule the world, as like sun and moon, and stars identified column, reverse the yin and yang, respectively 4 pm, from ancient contracts in the road, but also make a very time longevity.
Liang Dong: Yes, the rediscovery of traditional Chinese medicine is so beautiful, Hello, everyone! Welcome to listen at this late hour, eleven at night, listening to country adhere to the rediscovery of traditional Chinese medicine school is so beautiful, thank you very much!Also, thanks to our today's Xu came to our studio today, Xu Hello! Of Age: Liang Dong good! Listeners and friends Hello, everyone! Liang Dong: Yes, in time for it last week, we mentioned this "saints, heaven and earth, and from the eight winds of reason" ...... ah, quack quack, has been talked about "no risk thinking within, to Tian Yu for the Treasury. " In the last week we emphasize ah this "tim" and "Discovery" is very different. Ah, right!Of Age: that is, after the show aired it, and some people have put forward different views ah. Is the "Discovery" ah you explain such a way, I'll give you two that I cite this example. You see this ancient word which has the same root structure.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: uh, we have a lot of this, "Yu" word, ah, with the edges of the ......
Liang Dong: ah, the joy of "Discovery" chant that part of the right of children.
Of Age: it is the "Yu" word, it has the same sense, for instance, elm, "Yu." Why the elm ......
Liang Dong: Why? correct.
Of Age: The old elm called elm, elm because the skin and that Atriplex children after eating gives people the feeling of joy, then it also makes the United States the United States can sleep, so called Elm.
Liang Dong: Really?
Of Age: Oh, it is Discovery.
Liang Dong: Oh, why do we not have to eat it?
Of Age: because they were plucked out. Ancient no food, eat, Pa elm bark powdered food, but it's something to eat, elm bark are people get to do medicine. Called "Yu." Anything else that you see the Palace of the door ah, there doornail child, eh, on nine vertical and nine horizontal September, the emperor Well, eighty-one. Doornail represented by a character that is also called "hole in a wall." It is a point above the "hole", under a pleasant "Discovery" That half children.What is it that male genital symbol projections, the symbol. It is also called "hole in a wall."The most interesting word, for example, we say that you "steal" stealing "steal" a man, edges on a "Yu", why not send it, "Yu" sound? Explain Word say on, What? Row having an affair.
Liang Dong: So ancient steal, stealing is not to say that in general these shoes ...... ah, a corn ah ......
Of Age: Oh Yeah, we are now no culture, this ancient "steal" specifically refers to "betrayal."Under another kind of "Yu" state, but you are not legitimate, so called "steal." The so-called affair, Tou Hanzi, steal people. So, Kung, why not read the book stolen called "steal", called "stolen"? Kung really our ancient great intellectuals, he knows beans flavored with aniseed of "fennel" There are four written, he knows that stealing books should not be called "steal" the book, called "stolen." Why you should not be called "stealing" book? Ancient "steal" specifically refers to "steal people."
Liang Dong: "Wife as concubine, concubine than to steal," Well, is not it? They say, they say.
Of Age: steal as stealing vain.
Liang Dong: Haha, but it is an ancient feudal thinking wrong.
Of Age: Oh, so this exquisite happy "Discovery" is specifically refers to sexual pleasure.
Liang Dong: Oh, interesting.
Of Age: We, as a healthy study of this ancient "Yellow Emperor" of medicine and philosophy of this program is concerned, this matter should not be avoided. Normal, you non to this person, that is later told that Neo-Furu that state, and "starve a small matter, nothing disloyal" ah, even when making love, do not say that they have sex, saying that "not for color also, for the post also, "I'm not for Discovery ah, I was to reproduce, because I am" There are three unfilial, be without. "This whole put people get sick twist the twist. False, false, true and false.
Liang Dong: right right right, so what, that is, but I think it is necessary to give you the popularity of young friends some basic knowledge. Lest it after it said that the country is called "Yemen", ha ha.
Of Age: Haha, right right right.
Liang Dong: right right right, ah, this, um, relatively far away, we do not say. Say this saint, sage is "Tian Yu for the service", that he also, he also specializes pondering, study this thing, to bring happiness to their lives, is not it? How sleep well, how comfortable sleep, how to sleep happy, contented to work with.
Of Age: ah, this is the most lacking in our modern. So many people say, "how should I do the thing?" I said, you is to do to others, or to make yourself happy? Our modern twist destroy themselves, then even perverted almost pathological madness, what purpose is it? It not for the contented, is to let him, too. Winter wear a skirt myself howling cold ah, then began to feel cold, then numb the ice-free. why? Let others looked happy. Let others happy after watching it, she was too happy myself. What is so contented? Each of us should be contented life, is the so-called adult, I think adults logo is contented it! Own spiritual independence, own economic independence. What can? Own support their own, called contented. And then, this value should always be established. So we now people, a lot of people what is? For the fame and forth, as this struggle to the death. Think about it, what "name" is? "Name" is someone else's opinion of you, so have a good reputation, has a bad reputation, is someone else's comment. If you own, self-identity, self-evaluation is very high, then you have this contented, you also care about other people say you? Others call you, it does not matter; others put you Pengdao heaven, you feel it has no effect on you, so you will not care about the name of. What is the premise? What is the premise of do not care about the name? There self-identity, self has certainly, is not it? Do not speak, others say hello, you jump at it; others say you bad, you depressed to death. No one cares contented name, so a lot of people say I do not care about the name, hey, let me look, he has no such ability contented. If not, he said it was a fake, pretending to be refused.
Liang Dong: in fact, really is not easy, you say, an example of a simple, right? Since we do the "National Academy" since we do not own is also that he often found himself in the online search a name, and see how others evaluate, is not it?
Of Age: Oh, right ah, right ah.
Liang Dong: So, very interesting.
Of Age: but the premise is what? That is, if no such evaluation, none of these people say that we may, we are not to live unhappy. If we state that, Nazan is Shamao. Oh, and if we have this kind of self-evaluation under the premise of people agree with us, we think, ah ah ......
Liang Dong: Just go along a bit,
Of Age: In other words, it is the icing on the cake. What should be? This New Year's Eve children hug grass playing rabbit, it did not have it you have the New Year. We are now not the rabbit is not the New Year, I do not live. Ah, you do not give me a birthright, not give me what the title of this I would die. Such people, I did not call for their evaluation adulthood. This first one is the name, and the second is profit, we have to do things to make money, to the benefit. "Profit" is what? Others give you the benefit of someone else. If they do not give you, ask yourself if the matter sorted out between heaven and earth, you still are not also care about other people do not give you, right?
Liang Dong: ah, the establishment of self-small cycles.
Of Age: So, I say that people's self-independent, self-comfort and self that can support their ability, each of us should possess. With this! You talk ...... say anything else. Without this, you say I do not care about the name, I do not care benefits, eh Yo, that ......
Liang Dong: That fake, right?
Of Age: true and false.
Liang Dong: So is that Sartre who said, "He's Hell" Yeah. I think this sentence from your words inside, put it particularly well. That is, if you use someone else to give, someone else's standards for self-evaluation of the time for it, just go to hell is the same.
Of Age: Yes, because of what? Short remote nothing comparable. Oh, you are a day out reclamation of such a such a good product, you have your personality, you have your independence. But then, a lot of people, that is ...... eh, the collective unconscious. Then followed by a large wave coax, big wave away. And then, if the teacher does want to control the child, first, sealing her as a small group leader; second, awarded an apple childhood education is to fight for the fame, it was also for this thing to death alive not for myself, this is beyond the flesh of fame and fortune.He did not, that is not contented in this work, we do not have this ability. So I say heel to solve their own clothing, housing problems, the rest of the thing to say. If this can not be resolved, then life just that mushrooms grow on trees. You say you still contented?
Liang Dong: That, with contented to work. Why, how to explain this is called the "contented to work" mean?
Of Age: power, we speak often say that practicing kung fu, "work", ah, "not practice martial arts, to the old futile" this "work" refers specifically ...... now "skin bones outside the practice, within the practice of breath.." This qigong is said rotten.
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: The "work" refers specifically to this cycle of our gas. Contented ah, what is contented ah? I put my essence into the kidney, then my kidney to keep my mind, called the whole a small Zhou, called "work." Do not have this ability, you can only play the hormone.
Liang Dong: So this is called "sustainable self-development."
Of Age: Oh, sustainable self-development.
Liang Dong: right? Environmental protection, environmental protection, ah.
Of Age: Oh, talent, already there, why do you depend on others? Ah, man to dying booster shot, shot the adrenaline rescue. right? Liang Dong: So, when it all right, if others do not give praise yourself, be sure to carry out self-praise, this is called "self loop", is not it? Well, uh, we have a little break, and then come back to it, go ahead and Xu together to learn, "Elder naive theory" of the last few words.
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Liang Dong: Yes, after we come back it, just and Xu spoke with contentment is power ah.
Of Age: contented to work it, and then add a few, ah, we just put it big. Is the name ah, Lee, ah, ah this position, honor, ah, this is the name. There is also a contented to work it, that I can produce all the things on my physiological needs. For example, dry eyes, there are now "dry syndrome", right? Dry eyes how to do?
Liang Dong: eye drops myself!
Of Age: artificial tears! Ah, that is, you say this eye drops, despair drop drops every day, sleep at night on the clock, every two hours had to drop it. Why? Or the next eye, the cornea are worn out. Called contented it? This is not contented, right?
Liang Dong: It's not.
Of Age: Why, then, no saliva, eat, had mixed in Sheung Shui, mix soup, or swallow, no saliva. No saliva, and then, the teeth are not protected moist, then broke into a piece of tooth, lost.Called contented it?
Liang Dong: not called. There are artificial saliva, is not it? You can go to dinner with water, which is not called contented. That is to say up to more. There are many women appear this dyspareunia, no vaginal lubrication. There, now there are gynecological what? This was done to break into, and that is one thing children do? I feel the same? So this is not contented.Encounter physical problems, psychological problems, social problems, and I just said that, "Tian", that is contented. So when a person can be completed later this physiological psychological This self such repair, convalescence, this ability it, this person will be able to what? Lot.
Liang Dong: Yes, it's all right myself smiling is a very high level ah!
Of Age: Yeah, most people ...... we often say Cautiousness observe a person healthy unhealthy you shut him to a room for a day to let him, you see him what state?
Liang Dong: I remember that, "Vientiane" above there was a very interesting thing ......
Of Age: A lot of people are crazy.
Liang Dong: eh, "Vientiane" The bourgeoisie class cultural books ah, once it has a story. Saying that the election of a director actor, when he found next to the actor to accompany the girl it is very interesting, and sat there, not looking sky hope, and do not look at the phone, they will not feel uncomfortable, and He did not say ......
Of Age: helpless.
Liang Dong: they did not know what to do, that is the way to sit comfortably and quietly, then the actress became the director's wife. However, he said the front is the director observed as a man of the people, he found that the human condition is to make him feel happy. Think about it, for example if we have a man around you ......
Of Age: healthy people.
Liang Dong: Xidan Books Building entrance, is not it? People do not come, you did not say, wow, covered with hair hot coke, you'll feel very comfortable standing there, independent obey God, ah.Cautiousness, a man I think this is a particularly elegant situation.
Of Age: pair. Temperament is very healthy person, very healthy people revealed to be people very comfortable.
Liang Dong: Right, so, that is, to the contentment of success. "Body is not spacious, spirit lingers," Oh, this is not "spacious" What does it mean?
Of Age: "spacious," it is bad, a spacious.
Liang Dong: Oh, paralysis, corruption.
Of Age: paralysis is the "paralysis." "Spacious" Yes, that is, for example, on the roof, broken tile drain hole, which is also called "shabby" the. So what he said is the first sentence? Flesh, flesh. Just said do not destroy your body, the body does not lack nor false no residual waste, used to have what is called a story - "Chu good slender waist, the palace more than starve to death." Look at us now people wear the tights, steel hoop, then put his body on the Caribbean into a bar then a child, what is the purpose?
Liang Dong: The aim is to please others.
Of Age: ah, please. Then put his blood all became quite this stasis, so this is called self-destruction. And what a saint is it? Care of their body, hair, and skin care of their body, so that he will not be damaged, not destroyed, which is a prerequisite. On this basis, the next step in order to do what? Spirit lingers.
Liang Dong: ah, for example, the body is not spacious, you talk about this "spacious", for example, a tile drain Kazakhstan, the tiles on the roof rotten also called "spacious"
Of Age: that the body is broken.
Liang Dong: is not it? So is not there a concept that is if the body really is a balloon, it has holes after it, this spirit will run it.
Of Age: that vent, eh, last time we had a problem did not finish. That the two vent, diarrhea word, drops of a world of "World" and "vent", and drops of a writing "Write."
Liang Dong: vent, diarrhea ah.
Of Age: vent, diarrhea, words what is the difference? I'm after in-depth consideration, I found this difference probably is that, ah, it may not, ah, for your reference. Drops with the world, "the world" that "vent", referring to the kind of loss invisible God. That you can not see, we say "discouraged", and that "vent" is to use drops of plus ......
Liang Dong: Well that is all of a sudden there is no fight.
Of Age: Oh, like a deflated balloon, we say to vent the gas, so that it refers to the loss of invisible energy or spirit with this "vent." Can be visible, blew out, the water will be ah ah, these things row out, with the drops of Canadian writing, "write" the word connected together with, meaning that you and material losses, and loss of energy, called "diarrhea."
Liang Dong: Oh, I would like to ask that, farting be? Discouraged? Regarded as intangible or tangible diarrhea?
Of Age: invisible, you can not see. We talk about "seeing is believing, out of sight of the virtual" Well. That is, the standard to measure the human eye, so that "diarrhea", why the ancient folk saying goes, "Heroes stand up to three bubble thin," Well, that is to pull three people diarrhea anemic throughout the whole body, vent the angry. If you light from the materialistic point of view, ah! That is useless dross substance discharged, you do not see it intangible losses that energy, so the ancient rescue dying patients first thing children doing?
Liang Dong: let him defecate?
Of Age: blocking the anus, he has something like a cork, first ......
Liang Dong: Like wine that.
Of Age: Oh, ha ha! First anal plug, afraid he was discouraged, and why? Anal Ancient people, Chinese medicine called "soul door," the soul that air vent go from there. So first plugged there ......
Liang Dong: So, it is not that too many people lack courage fart?
Of Age: You can say ...... eh, people who lack courage is what people mean ah? Because, you look at a person's courage is that state when he sleeps at night. After sleep at night because people are soul rest, soul at work, so in the evening, for instance, the snoring, cardiac arrest, or is this wait any longer urine, pee, these are insufficient courage. In addition, the "courage" mean?Advanced reflex people, not inviting. For example, you touch a hot cup hand, snapped! Your hands off, this reaction, instinctive reaction, called "courage" who lack courage, boiled hands, Oh, I realized, Yo! broken! This is called "lack of courage."
Liang Dong: ah, really say, I think this study really too interesting, too have the pleasure.
Of Age: ah, so that the discouraged, the distinction between "vent" and "diarrhea" is probably here.
Liang Dong: So, is the "body is not spacious, spirit lingers."
Of Age: ah, that is, you are full of gas this bladder ah, a lot of people say that our body is a husk, smell does not stink again, it is a bladder, if it is not broken hole, no loopholes, no leakage fine, no leaks, no leakage Word of God. Oh, you will be able to .......
Liang Dong: it can Bengzhuo.
Of Age: Oh, you can Bengzhuo alive. Sage can reach this state. If you have that broken, leaking, put it inside this fine, gas, God missed early on, "In the fifties and action are bad."
Liang Dong: So, it is "not spacious body, spirit lingers, may also be a few hundred", that live on the hundred.
Of Age: Oh, so now I have often said, uh, I want to learn how to use God. We "Yellow Emperor" is the first chapter said, is the "Elder naive," said, from time to time Goze, do not know how to follow the change of seasons to adjust their circadian clock and rhythm. In fact, God is a rhythm gas Well, ah, you are the rhythm, troops one, jumping fit, this God would save effort, it always closure with him during the day and sleep, staying up late at night, which is called the inverse, is not it ʱ?? Not with God. Also this with God, let's say you want to concentrate on, ah, sincere moves mountains, but also with God. The God you gather together as if you use a lens, magnifying the sunlight gathered on a little, can the same thing on fire. You can not imagine, you gather that the God you can make a lot of incredible things to come. We are now a lot of people believe that their own consciousness, in fact, I tell you, not God consciousness. God is an instinctive talent, you have to learn to use it. You see, ah, everyone says shooting athletes, Wang Yifu a dozen Olympic gold medal, silver medal ah. He is nearsighted, 10m air rifle, do you think he is a particularly good eye? He could see the bull's-eye children? What did he play? You interviewed Wang Yifu, "I rely on feel." Shooters many are nearsighted, he beat the gun to find the feeling.What is the feeling? If fabulous. Feeling is to use your God to understand where the target, and then adjust their breathing, in a this stage, then firing, called by God, attentively. So people around a little bit not noisy, do not affect him. You see, shot, is football, ah, the striker shot the moment, the number of photo ah, followed shot, shot the moment he eyes were open or closed?
Liang Dong: Kazakhstan closed.
Of Age: His eyes are closed, he is definitely not just sit and stare at a big eyes goalkeeper Where? The ball children gate where? What are you talking with holes? No! He was with God, and with an instinctive reaction to experience. Eyes are closed, so that the goalkeeper net smash, we say that the person ah, "this guy today, God!" If fabulous ah. A ball ...... saved all the balls to go, it was all instinct, all with God. God how to use this? First, do not put it dissipated. In addition, learn to gather it up attentively, concentrating a superior force to destroy the enemy.
Liang Dong: Yes, Mao Zedong said, "injured his fingers off as one means", is not it? A little break, immediately, keep coming back.
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Liang Dong: Well, it came back, we just talked about, ah, we actually "ancient naive theory," the last paragraph it actually talking about, live it, ah, ah what saint, live a human saint, now we talk about sage ha. Followed by a sage who "rule the world, as like sun and moon, and stars identified column, reverse the yin and yang, respectively four o'clock." Ah, followed by a sage who, it seems, ah, this sage ah, be regarded as the four inside the relatively low level a little bit.
Of Age: Oh, right ah. We often say that the sage Confucius, his disciples called seventy-two sage.Ah, we chase than the saints, on the word, and then you think of the saints is a very high status people, ah, in fact, that you carefully listed, they tell you a saint sawed ah, sage sawed. The section we also did not say two words, "not spacious body, spirit lingers, also a few hundred." These people can live as close to their later years, a hundred years old. Confucius lived to 73, Yasheng Meng child live to 84.
Liang Dong: Oh, at that time, 84 is already high.
Of Age: Oh, you think had never been seen average life expectancy, mortality rate is so high, the average life expectancy was 30 years old, these people can live like had never been seen has been very easy, but also have done so much meritorious Lide Liyan thing, is not it? Are really saints ah, sage Mencius, Confucius was a saint, and they learn to follow these students, it also reached a sage realm. Look, this is the realm of sage.
Liang Dong: Yes, "rule the world, like the sun and the moon like."
Of Age: changes in this day we called "Road", formed this change we call "truth." And then, who worked out the rules called "law."
Liang Dong: Oh, the "law" and "is" What is the difference?
Of Age: Law is man-made, is also a man-made. What is not the same, the next time I look to answer you.
Liang Dong: the law of heaven and earth, sun and moon as it seems.
Of Age: This method may be with the days, it is everywhere. Like the circle, the circle with the day; Circle of rules, compasses, anywhere.
Liang Dong: Then why is it called Wu it?
Of Age: law, that she named the child from wrong, she should be called ......
Liang Dong: Will there be another is, law anywhere, you see with the law, on the water ah, yes terrain that go along with that, the water for the law to say, drops of a "go", to the water law, so, I think it is not is to follow this law comes terrain.
Of Age: "Law on the yin and yang, close to the number of patients." On almost criminal, Xianwangzhifa. Oh, it is worth studying.
Liang Dong: large study, ah.
Of Age: because of what? We now casually say, the ancients called "Liyan," with each word he children are carefully worded, he ......
Liang Dong: his penetrating back.
Of Age: Oh, so this rule the world, that is, rules of human behavior under Heaven, geographical variations --- rule. We usually say "sunrise Riruerxi" ah, this negative yin yang, face south back north, this is worked out based on changes to the yin and yang of heaven and earth, Who is doing these things it ʱ?? It is like a concrete practice of people he went to put them to implement the provisions.
Liang Dong: Yes, this is ah manager, managers, system managers.
Of Age: managers, ah.
Liang Dong: He was doing these things, right? The laws of heaven and earth, sun and moon as it seems. Of Age: Oh, heavens, this "image" is very interesting.
Liang Dong: how an interesting law?
Of Age: What is called "elephant"?
Liang Dong: "emulate" means, right?
Of Age: "like" this is ah, we often say that there is a word children, is a wood word sideband "elephant", "elephant", there is a flip side with a "elephant" "elephant" This "like", for example, thanks to a Buddha.
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: look at a picture, is not it? This is called image. So I ask this single Liren children plus a "like" and that no one of the "like" What's the difference?
Liang Dong: uh ...... I actually do not really have a good answer this question.
Of Age: Oh, in fact, it's the mystery of it here. You see, ah, we see the same thing, you say, we are a doctor, right? We say look at an X-ray of the X-ray called?
Liang Dong: this thing called "like," Well, is not it?
Of Age: Which "like" ("like")?
Liang Dong: ah, a single person ...... next.
Of Age: There are single next to "like"!
Liang Dong: Photos Well!
Of Age: then, faced with the same image, hospital doctors said: Oh, this is lung cancer, the attending physician said, no, this is the calcification of tuberculosis, then a group of old professor said, that what? This is the smoke more, markings, this fibrosis, and there Koutan there Duzhe not discharged. What these three conclusions called?
Liang Dong: Oh, this thing called "elephant." In the heart ......
Of Age: truth, we always say the truth, it is a heartfelt idealism of a judgment, it is an objective existence. Single Liren children of "like" is an objective reality, no single Liren children of "like" what? Subjective feeling. So the face of the same image, resulting in a different image, then who is closer to the truth? Open look. right? This is a modern scientific research methods. So many people say, Oh, you TCM unscientific, this is not it, ah. There should be evidence, I said, ah, with or without evidence, the last to be implemented in a what? To implement the judgment that the people of that quality. Why old professor look out conclusions, opened it, the old professor was right? Why we took X-rays, in the county not inside the hospital, but also to get the provincial capital to the Beijing hospital last look. The level of people read the film determines who is closer to the truth. Therefore, in ancient times, when the person's quality is very high, he could see that objective evidence is very small, but then, still be close to the truth, close to nature, is not it? Now the machine is developed, the decline of the quality of people, the results of it, although there is a lot of a lot of evidence, but it, opened it, right or wrong. So this "elephant", often the phrase "phase from the heart", right? It was explained that we are now, he says human face ah look like children, because your heart good not good. I said that you should not say that the doors have to die, huh, huh? Zhong Kui is not admitted because of ugly, committed suicide last thing myself. Not mean that this kind of subjective "like" is an invisible, feeling close to the truth. Liang Dong: ah, that says "phase from the heart," the word is very profound it! Of Age: very deep, we are now shallow people misread it, "like" is your mind a sense of substance, a sense of the objective world. Therefore, the Chinese say "look with knowledge that God", what is that? Eyes see you, come to a conclusion, come to a close to the truth of the conclusion, called geniuses. right? "That the holy smell with knowledge, with knowledge of that cut the work," ah, this "ask with knowledge that the workers, cut with knowledge of that clever." Doctors do four levels. So, you see, ah, clever detection experts, police, children saw a footprint, the footprint child is "like", right?
Liang Dong: Yes, it is next to a single child.
Of Age: single children, immediately, this man men woman, height, weight, and immediately tell you, what is this?
Liang Dong: This is the next single child did not "like."
Of Age: This is called, the truth came out. Why did he get out?
Liang Dong: Because he determined.
Of Age: he determined that his mind is the result of many years of experience honed the mind, a keen sense called Dunmin.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: we see is a step, even the people do not know what shoes to wear. A clever man repairing a car engine sound. Eh! This engine where you have a problem, then repair where, where repair. We will listen to the voice concluded? You heard that engine. A brilliant conductor directing dozens of bands, who pulled the wrong one sound, he immediately, "Oh! Liangdong you pull the wrong!" We're there yet, silly listening. Ha ha ha, pull wrong, wrong to pull ten times do not know. Why did he hear? You see him sinking heart ah. So many people run Chinese say, you can number the Vein What to? I said, you idiot, you numbers do not come out, others numbers do not come out? So a clever doctor of Chinese medicine, three fingers to the hands of a ride, do not even touch, eh, "men and women accept not pro" do not touch your hand hanging filaments over a ride, you yin and yang, exterior and interior, the actual situation, cold and heat the truth revealed in the hearts of people.
Liang Dong: so called "eight principles of dialectical" ah, in fact, through different latitudes Kazakhstan, and sketched out a complete image.
Of Age: Oh, so you take a look at the "heart", so you see people "like" is it? Iconic sun and the moon. To use his heart to follow the sun and moon, and stars to go change, then, it is to keep a rhythm with the world synchronization.
Liang Dong: ah, we still have to admit it ......
Of Age: Heaven.
Liang Dong: The day the Earth's rotation, revolution, so many satellites ah, stars, etc., etc. We turn around to go, in fact, he form a joint force.
Of Age: Yes! Kind of joint effort, will form a biological influence.
Liang Dong: Yes, we have some time to harvest lychee, lychee sometimes do not harvest, what is the reason? It is still subject (matter) ...... affect this entire gravitation between celestial bodies, is not it?
Of Age: Yes!
Liang Dong: is not it, so there are times when I think of it, Newton, what he still has Ha ...... Why Newton later years, he started slowly in the pursuit of a more metaphysical things it would be because as a great physicist, he Slowly, slowly approaching the ......
Of Age: his "heart" close to that, we say that nature.
Liang Dong: Yes, it seems like the sun and the moon.
Of Age: There is a Buddhist there is a very famous Zen ah ...... There is a story called "Buddha's head with manure."
Liang Dong: What is "Buddha's head with dung" mean? Ah, a little rest, immediately keep coming back.
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Liang Dong: Well, I came back, it just of Age teachers talk with us to this there is a famous Zen koan, "Buddha head with manure."
Of Age: Oh, what is called "Buddha's head with the manure?" This is what I often use this story to explain.
Liang Dong: Which words ah?
Of Age: "Buddha" is the Buddha's "Buddha", "head" is the head of this "head", "a" is the
Liang Dong: the first ground of "a"? Fire "a"?
Of Age: Oh, the, fire, "the" right. "Shit", dung, feces "dung." This topic is this koan. I often use this story to explain to me that "like", what is "like"? What is the single Liren that "like," What is the elephant "elephants" that "like"?
Liang Dong: Ha ha ha, elephant.
Of Age: For ah! Why Chinese people use this "image" with the "elephant" elephant using a word.This is also a reason. Later say ah. This "Buddha head with dung" koan is. That is, a man is a good debate, a visit to a Buddhist temple. Just chat with people monk said: I heard the Buddha say that all things have Buddha nature. The monk said, Oh yeah, the Buddha said so. He said: that birds have no Buddha do?
Liang Dong: In theory it should have.
:( Monk said of Age) "Of course there ah." He said: "Since the birds have Buddha-nature, why is it that the Buddha head to this shit does not show respect to the Buddha is not it??" He is actually thinking about this ......
Liang Dong: making things difficult.
Of Age: making things difficult for people monk, eh, he was the theory is right ah, said people there saw the Buddhist temple or temple, is act as a solemn, solemn, homage to the shrine of the heart.
Liang Dong: legs on a soft worship.
Of Age: Oh, you people have Buddha nature. Did not you say the birds (Birds also have Buddha nature), so you can not explain, then there are two possibilities: One is that the Buddha was wrong, the birds no Buddha. Another is to say, you are the Buddha is not right, idolatry, is not it, Nitai puppet. That is what the Buddha temple established that thing is?
Liang Dong: It was "like."
Of Age: a single Liren "like." You face the single Liren "like" whether from the solemn, solemn, respect of the heart, which is that no single Liren "like." Right, not everyone will see this thing from some people that want to destroy the heart of the Buddha, would like to burn the temple, would like to hit the temple, right. He saw this from the arise to harm. Temple seen you put this tree was again brilliant, and then pretty necessarily changing the hearts of people. So, in the eyes of the Buddha's head is what birds place?
Liang Dong: is a bird's nest.
Of Age: security is a mud ...... no one harassed Nitai puppet ......
Liang Dong: internet.
Of Age: platform, you can easily shit. So you listen to the monks how to answer, he said:? "It is because it has the Buddha, it was in the Buddha head shit, otherwise it is not how the Eagles who met with the head of that bird shit from the solemn, silence of the heart, saw the eagle can eat it it was fear, fear ......
Liang Dong: panic.
Of Age: panic. So, precisely because it has Buddha nature, it was a safe place to go in this shit.So we remember, all the objective X-rays, and Buddha can not not replace truth, many people think it is old and simply put this thing to do. Faced with a similar X-ray, the doctor can see the different different conclusion, faced with the same piece of X-ray to see the same doctor 10 years ago, and 10 years later I can see is not the same conclusions, who changed?
Liang Dong: heart changing.
Of Age: heart changed! People have changed. So we have to believe in your own heart, ah, put that thing to put off, ah, so this truth, Zen story to explain very clearly. We often put some objective reality as a subjective feeling, right! Only people's mind is the closest experience of material truth.
Liang Dong: Ha, heavy sigh ah, the original knowledge, it (is) the book house of gold, a beautiful woman in the book. Ah, the "Yellow Emperor" inside a single word inside it, are there enough for us this naturehead, this self feels so cool so cool, is not it. Xu teacher this thing is just to chat with us.
Of Age: Oh, another elephant that Why ah?
Liang Dong: Oh, right. You say ah.
Of Age: Oh, is that I went to Sanxingdui, Sichuan, home to you that Guanghan Sanxingdui unearthed, unearthed a lot of this bronze mask, ah, ritual supplies, as well as jade ah these things.
Liang Dong: Chinese ...... with very different areas of the Central Plains. Of Age: The maximum a characteristic, it is that it is a witch witch ...... ritual supplies, the biggest feature unearthed a lot of ivory, and very strange, Sichuan had never been seen there is no ivory that is not an elephant.
Liang Dong: Yes!
Of Age: And it has a stand, that is the vertical witch ritual like that, it is called "group witch long." It is the largest statue of a witch, his hands holding it so stagger thing, but the middle is empty ah.
Liang Dong: Well certainly lost.
Of Age: Do not know what that thing? But the arc of his performance, and his sacrificial pits excavated from children in so many ivory view, he used the ivory.
Liang Dong: This question comes, why the truth (phase) of the "object (phase)" and elephants "like" are used "like" it?
Of Age: So, I think ah. Ancient ivory and jade think as people are able to promote the growth of this wisdom, or people have a keen sense, that speaks to jade, ivory as well as close to the truth, as close to each other like this. It may, ah, this is my way of looking at explanation.
Liang Dong: ah, well.
Of Age: Iconic sun and the moon.
Liang Dong: Yes, similar to the sun and the moon, well, we have just referred to "Iconic sun and the moon, the stars identified columns."
Of Age: "Change Column stars", which means to us one of the oldest ancient heritage, is 28 stars (xiǔ) or call 28 stars (sù). We often say is, the Oriental dragon ......
Liang Dong: Left Green Dragon, White Tiger right.
Of Age: Oh, Western white tiger, the South Suzaku, basaltic north. The root of where you come from? In fact, refers to the ancient astronomical observation. That is central to our point of view, there is always this on four groups, a total of 28 teams including the stars around us in turn, shape the Eastern Star (seats) it looks like a dragon. Uh, we often say a word called "February 2, Rend." What is called the "dragon head"? February 2 is just in time this spring approaching this Jingzhe solar terms, the Eastern Star Dragon ah is this the stars, it's this angle, is that Long Point Long Point is equivalent to that position, that the stars called angle, called the angle. Just exposed the horizon, as if this long to lift, so the Chinese people called "February 2 rise of the dragon." We Chinese people are very ordinary life just like astronomy to engage in one piece. So later said to be a missionary with the West that these Chinese people speak what astronomy, geography saw a child in a rural area of ​​China understand about these, he felt very strange. Why? The wisdom of ancient Chinese civilization ah too rich. So the East is a dragon in this astrology, the South it is a bird-shaped called "Suzaku", the West it like a tiger, the north is divided into two groups of turtles, snakes, so called "basalt." This is what we talk about "Discrimination column stars." Chinese people not only according to changes in the sun and moon, the sun and the moon knowledge change will affect people, but also aware of the impact of changes on a larger celestial bodies on people. So Chinese "Yellow Emperor" has several chapters devoted speak Five and Six, ah. This arrangement is this change of luck, Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches speaking, there were various different this six evils, is the wind, cold, heat, wet, dry, fire, called Six, Five and what does it mean? Wood, fire, earth, metal, water changes.For instance, this year is a year of soil too, so this year is a Year of the Ox earth. This year, then, in 2009, or according to our count that Yi Chou, it is a year too much moisture, so these theories come from where? This is the sage based on a real person, a human, a saint for his teachings have them all written down, called "Discrimination column stars."
Liang Dong: too ashamed.
Of Age: So the ancients Yang Guan in astronomy, and look down at geography. Looked ah, "Chen night astrologers, have violated nemesis Ziwei bucket seat." "Tonight there is a assassin to come!" So he changed the planetarium and changing world this day Heaven, complete on ......
Liang Dong: control.
Of Age: You see us 76 years including the Tangshan earthquake.
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: Jilin, a large meteorite fall, I look after the people around Mao Zedong wrote memoirs, Mao was very understanding of Chinese history and culture of the people, he saw this situation occurred, he said: "According to our ancient saying that someone go. " He realized his life to an end, so does he recite the one that "withered Fu" ah, that is, to express their special kind of bleak mood. Heaven has since ancient times is the theory, called "Discrimination column stars."
Liang Dong: I think we think of modern-called intellectuals ah, primary, secondary, university what to take master degree, Ph.D., postdoctoral graduate ......
Of Age: Experts! They have become an expert.
Liang Dong: the so-called "experts" really ashamed, very ashamed. In ancient times the intellectuals inside the most under the most peripheral to this to this level sage fourth grade, yes ah, deputy department level are not, you can do things, and now you say how many people can do that? Oh, "followed by a sage who rule the world, as like sun and moon, and stars identified column, reverse the yin and yang." Eh!
Of Age: and in yin and yang, yin and yang inverse from.
Liang Dong: Yes, you see this on top of this to humans speak it, the saints do, they grasp the yin and yang, and yin and yang. Go to the sage which is the inverse of the yin and yang.
Of Age: Oh, that sometimes follow them, sometimes a bit contrary. He can not be so good grasp of rhythm, just like I said, as I rode, people really do men one master, and that is entirely from obedience. He is now a little reverse from, that is sometimes a little stagger forward is not so smooth.
Liang Dong: this thing is not that he did not want to entirely shun, that capacity has not been reached.
Of Age: Oh, capacity has not yet reached complete certainty, you see, ah, I have seen a few masters practice, he raised the bird, he put his hands up the bird not.
Liang Dong: What is the reason? Xu: bird flew up is not that bird claws to board it, borrow a reaction.
Liang Dong: right, right, right.
Of Age: It is a board that awkward it felt it, and he was immediately disapproved piece of muscle to collapse down.
Liang Dong: Ta.
Of Age: Ta, you kick Caikong. So that old bird pitifully back and forth in his hands want to take off, take off the old can not. So this keen sense of ah, that is really practitioners to some extent. We now know that the non-frozen die, wow! Weather changed, and the people that pay the yin and yang of a change of this yin and yang of a midnight conversion, people can feel. So, first we learned only sleep. First prophet, then the Illuminati, and then enlighten is a different level, to which a little bit of regret, but the reverse from the yin and yang is also good.
Liang Dong: Right. So he talked about it ......
Of Age: at least not completely inverse yin and yang.
Liang Dong: Yes! He was just the reverse from the yin and yang of Kazakhstan, respectively, four o'clock. Probably time can be divided into four segments on the line, is not it?
Of Age: Yes! Four o'clock, let's finish. "Elder naive theory" after it, we went on to talk about "four atmosphere of God", "Huang Di Nei Jing Su Wen," the second part, which is to come from this statement. We say "law on the yin and yang, and in the number of patients, food and drink festival, living there often." That sage to do good, respectively four o'clock. What are the four seasons is the purpose? It is going with four seasons cold, hot, warm, cool, different variations of the four gas, so that their behavior followed the season thinking the throttle to go, Chun-sheng, long summer, autumn, winter provisions.
Liang Dong: That is the time to buy stocks it, how to winter solstice have to go all the card out of it. Oh, speaking of that you mention it, last year, the year before when the winter solstice that day, ah! Two years ago the winter solstice that day, I actually read "Huainan" when it, I suddenly induced heart which, I think we should put all liquidate the stock, which at the time it is greedy! It seems there is a little bit longer to see the possibility of the results did not run away.
Of Age: is not it?
Liang Dong: Yes! So, this is ......
Of Age: To leap of faith.
Liang Dong: To four seasons respectively, to fit the rhythm. That day is the winter solstice should be completely closed to it, should be to liquidate all the. Seasons, respectively, from the ancient contract in the road. The contract from the ancient road, what this mean?
Of Age: that we are talking about "ancient naive theory," Well, is to learn, I did not eat pork, pig run have seen, ah, no practitioners to the ancient realm of reality that is Zhaomaohuahu learn but people like that, to breathing fine air, independent obey God. Slowly children closer to nature closer to Heaven.
Liang Dong: ancient contracts in the road. After a little break, right back and we take a summary, "Elder naive theory."
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Liang Dong: Good! He came back, we just mentioned it in ancient times ah sage, reverse the yin and yang, respectively seasons, from ancient contracts in the road, will also enable longevity and have poles.
Of Age: longevity while poles. It is not life that is called life spacious world, when there is no end. That was a real person. right.
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: sage it can live up to a few hundred. The sage words that may not live to be 100 years old, but to live his life more exciting, they possess a lot of knowledge and a lot of knowledge but also the rhythm of their lives and the world synchronization, longevity.
Liang Dong: Yes! Xu we do today, we figured a total of thirteen, four way, in terms of the "ancient naive theory."
Of Age: Include your self a review of the section.
Liang Dong: right, right, right, right.
Of Age: really easy.
Liang Dong: Oh, it is not easy.
Of Age: making life difficult for you ah.
Liang Dong: that you do not criticize me, do not laugh at me. That said, I think the back is actually very interesting, ah, if we want this one, "Yellow Emperor" I guess we have finished 90 years of age.
Of Age: uh, I figured, according to the rhythm required thirty-five years, a lot of people pushing listeners say, "You speak quickly," I feel ah is that I grew up with my mother, a school of traditional Chinese medicine, I was a kid first One thing for my mother to copy a lot of medical books, this thing impressed me particularly. First, through Transcription, I know a lot of traditional Chinese characters. In addition it is to say, it slowly slowly Transcription contact with some of the "Yellow Emperor" of some ideas. I remember my first copy for my mother Transcription called "Yellow Emperor" which has a "sick machine nineteen", which is compulsory learn traditional Chinese medicine, that is when the people of what the symptoms when you judge He is what the yin and yang, cold and heat, exterior property. You for example: various diseases liquid water, crystal-clear cold, all belong to the cold. This means it is listed first symptoms tell you what the diagnosis, I copy for my mother, I did not know what I copied "via", I copied called "meat through." Had never been seen may eat meat, sensual and strong. "Meat by pathogenesis nineteen."
Liang Dong: Ha ha ha, more than one person wrote.
Of Age: Oh, write more personal. From there, came into contact with the "Yellow Emperor", really began to read what the "Yellow Emperor" is the (time) do? It is the university. Beijing University of Chinese Medicine we have the inside through specialized courses, however, now turn a little disappointed to see what is it? We're not like we are now pressing its books as a place to read a chapter, our "Classic" called Readings.
Liang Dong: Good Alas!
Of Age: some teachers to "Yellow Emperor" Certain statements in paragraphs picked a book, saying that since a man named "Yin Yang", then the following to say of the "Yellow Emperor", a chapter, said: "yin and yang, heaven and earth road also, of all things discipline, change of parents, life and death of the beginning, the gods of the House also." Kua, is listed there. In this case on, what we feel out of context it? There is no context, not the kind of consistency, there is no on ......
Liang Dong: not a consistent thing that kind of gas.
Of Age: Just not the kind of gas, I feel cut off the gas. But this is our school had never been seen in the "Nei Jing", but had never been seen to learn "via", "via" is doing? Preaching, it is not about art, but also not even the argument. So it is with clinical ah Well we had a Chinese medicine department, training of doctors, we feel that the doctor does not seem to matter much to us. So as to meet the test had never been seen just like to put this thing to put later, basically the exam is over, "Nei Jing" also forgotten. To engage in clinical graduation, or yes, I graduated was engaged in administration, on the "Yellow Emperor" feel even more futile. But really after some setbacks in life, ups and downs, joys and sorrows after a sudden one day I took the "Yellow Emperor" look, of course, wanted to shed tears ...... think, why? The ancients told you, how is how children, ah, how how to deal with, if it might have to deal with any disease. Including what we now mania, manic depression often. You go to the "Yellow Emperor" opened it "coffin" There is a mad specialized articles, epilepsy when people called "depression" mad when it is "agitation." The ancients clearly divided, we are now in a say, people say mania: epilepsy disease beginning students, to not music, heavy head (pain), depending on the lift (red eyes). Give you write clearly. Then say how governance, what drugs, what tie hole or what is moxibustion points. I suddenly found that, ah, so many years since one will afford are holding a golden rice bowl begging. So back to you often ask me: eh. You interpretation of the "Yellow Emperor" is not the same with others. I said: "This is my last ten years, we go through a lot of things in the future ......
Liang Dong: includes many clinical.
Of Age: I am a doctor, by a doctor to make a living, make a living by lecturing himself quietly reading, when there suddenly felt, oh, "Yellow Emperor" turned out to be such a book. So I advise you not to worry, according to our schedule you can repeatedly listen repeatedly to control their own lives to experience. Chinese people learning it speaks of knowledge, not a conscious knowledge. For instance, we are talking about, listening to Ma Sanli's comic, we know that "teasing you", you know the result of it, is not it. This comic heard, why do you listen to over and over again? Why?
Liang Dong: play is the rhythm.
Of Age: He is the kind of feeling you can touch the heart. Including our look at our opera or Peking opera is to see that the whole story of how the traditional storyline you know. Why do you sit there a cavity of a board, over and over again in repeated listening, his pass was God, tone is God, is enjoying another level. We are definitely not, I now see "Red Cliff," I said yes, John Woo shot, sensory stimulation. Sensory stimulation and spiritual enjoyment two different things.So I suggest that you put into our program ah MP3 in or on the car which repeatedly hear, read over again the feeling is the last time I had an interview with a reporter said to me: what to read? I say: Read the "Yellow Emperor." Some chapters read, turn over ......
Liang Dong: Well superficial understanding.
Of Age: Oh, you can read it to find places to see, and then what. Look again, you'll feel as you experience a sudden, experience increases do not understand the place, understood. Then read the original seemingly suddenly found a place to read, eh, it did not mean that. Such a ...... Why is it called "Classic"? After a real say, could write "Yellow Emperor" book people are reaching people who live and typical character to the text on the implementation of things, it is for you to read again and again. So we two, etc. I'm over seventy, seventy, when you fast, of us say, "Thank you for all of us together with the audience finally listening to the" Yellow Emperor "," ah! Many listeners in the process of listening has passed away.
Liang Dong: Ha ha ha, I have done a real person.
Of Age: Fortunately we are still alive, so the rhythm is not afraid of slow.
Liang Dong: Yes! That fact, that is what we talked about, this thing is not a thing of the information about it is not Information.
Of Age: Absolutely!
Liang Dong: it is about Wisdom, wisdom!
Of Age: Oh, wisdom, and wisdom of the problem. It is to change the problem you this computer program, not to the computer lose something such a thing. I always say a 'no matter how good things to eat it is still a pig pig ", right, you change the intrinsic DNA program you eat," Yellow Emperor "is so good that you were the same, we do not now Slim to increase the knowledge of all, so even the best knowledge to these people eat, he could not produce a good result. So we do, have to be able to feel at ease in the middle of the night so impetuous society, the night quietly listening to the "Yellow Emperor" who shows you the state of mind is quite given.
Liang Dong: So you did not find it? Recently I have been doing the program when they are not so loud laughing.
Of Age: Ha ha ha ......
Liang Dong: Because it ......
Of Age: very disturbed ...... fear shaking Master.
Liang Dong: Ha ha ha, well, dear, lovely listeners. Ah, we do, and finally put a "Elder naive theory" very roughly and share a bit. Starting next week it, we will enter the "four gas-God theory papers." Ok!
Of Age: Yes, I hope you, often review, repeated reading, recite fight can do!
Liang Dong: Oh, well, thank you very much Xu, thank you.
Of Age: Goodbye.
Liang Dong: Goodbye. 

Elder naive theory article No.13

Elder naive theory article No.13
Speaker: the auspices of Age: Liang Dong
Broadcast time: 2009-03-0723: 00-24: 00
TEXT: followed by a sage who at heaven and earth, and from the eight winds of reason, between the secular suitable appetite,无恚anger of the heart, do not want off-line world, clothing chapter, give unto concept in vulgar, outside No pain shape at all, within no thought of suffering to Tian Yu for the service.
Liang Dong: Yes, and you rediscover together, Chinese medicine is so beautiful. Hello everyone, and welcome to tonight's "national school." I was Liang Dong, the opposite is still of Age, Xu Chou, Xu Hello!
Of Age: Liang Dong good! Audience friends, Hello, everyone!
Liang Dong: ah, Xu teacher every day now imagine Kazakhstan, in fact, and everyone is looking forward to this, this spiritual exchange ah, er, this careless ah, our "ancient naive theory" it actually talked about ten a few of the upcoming Kazakhstan is about to end, that before the end of it, in fact, mentioned this on Guzhi Ren does have a real person, there is a human, a saint, and so on and so forth. That we in the previous episode it talked about a real person, ah, he is able to "grasp the yin and yang, breathing essence", and that to a human, that is, "Chun Tak whole tract, and in yin and yang," especially us He also referred to "grasp the yin and yang" and "yin and yang and to" not quite the same, is not it, Xu teacher?
Of Age: ah, ah on the two programs we speak of "reality" and "perfect man", this time, this time to review what we do ...... is to emphasize the word, uh, one called "breathing essence" ʱ??
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: ah, we all know this "breathing essence," What does this mean? Antonym is "breathing foul air."
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: is not it, and now this big city life one of the biggest problem is the air pollution problem, we have seen air quality, such as the inside of the bad air, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, ah, or dust, suspended solids , particulate matter, is not it? This is the aggregate of, uh, too much. Another behind everyone should feel this "essence" that "gas", gas is a ...... not matter, it is an intangible energy. After you get to the city you can not help but be driven by a force.
Liang Dong: right right right.
Of Age: accelerated pace, the mood excited.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: ah, the mood Fuzao the, ah, then, along with quickened heart rate, which is a impact on your gas.
Liang Dong: Actually, I think this is a spectrum.
Of Age: Oh, right! It is a kind of electromagnetic wave, ah, ah spectrum, or other such things, that is, you go to a place, you ...... you have that feeling in Beijing. You go to Hong Kong ...... Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: feeling worse.
Liang Dong: Oh, very different. For example, from Shenzhen to Hong Kong on a Footbridge across ......
Of Age: Oh, across a ...... eh, across a border.
Liang Dong: Obviously.
Of Age: Past later, wanted to look at, is that now is, for example, the automobile exhaust pollution, ah, industry. Also we should pay attention to breathing foul air of people are smokers.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: is not it? Hmm.
Liang Dong: That is, if you can not second-hand smoke, suck it first-hand smoke. Of course this view is that some people are like, we are critical ah.
Of Age: ah, criticism.
Liang Dong: we oppose, we oppose.
Of Age: smoking, I am also a negative opinion, but then, Taoism there is a saying, "I was no good and evil, too, compared with disaster" that smoking is also beneficial to physical and mental health side of it. You do a ...... now people are going to extremes, ah, a whole stick killed.
Liang Dong: ah. So smoke this thing how to see it? One is, that you breathe car exhaust compared to the concentration concerned, you smoke a cigarette burning natural plants, that harm is negligible.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: Compared to you a breath of fresh air in terms of, you in there, "Baba" smoke, this is your body harm.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: uh, talking about the impact of smoking on the human body does, we can use a phrase to summarize, is called "home of the resurrection fast."
Liang Dong: In what solution it?
Of Age: What does that mean? When a sudden drop in the oxygen content of the air, people will suddenly produce a stress response.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: that you smoke a cigarette, the results of it, had a mouthful is enough oxygen, resulting smoke came in, and at the moment the body will instinctively tense, heart beats faster, blood flow to the limbs and then it will be able to get supply Heart brain.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: This time there is a person smoked cigarettes pleasure, euphoria, and people will write articles for a little inspiration, remember that this is your home after you put the death.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: Back to an absolute way, people will instinctively produce a reaction when your body still strong instinct when you have this instinctive reaction; when your body is weak, when you set the kill , you're dead.
Liang Dong: ah, no wonder ...... right, that you said!
Of Age: The reaction is not up.
Liang Dong: Yes. No wonder that Jia Ping-wa have talked about an essay in which "intellectuals have this much beriberi", why? It is the intellectuals ah, smoke write something when what he ah all go to the heart of the blood brain go.
Of Age: Yeah!
Liang Dong: So, at the end of the, for example the hands ah, feet, ah,
Of Age: ...... peripheral circulation.
Liang Dong: ah, yang deficiency, it will naturally have athlete's foot.
Of Age: hey, peripheral circulation. So the biggest impact smoking brings say, peripheral circulation becomes poor.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: So a cigarette down, inspiration does have, with hands and feet began to cool.
Liang Dong: Ha ha ha.
Of Age: So this, smoking is very bad for the peripheral circulation. We see a lot of people thrombosis obliterans.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: that is, from the end of the hands and feet, uh, fingers or toes began to darken, cold, length a length of necrosis, and then all of a amputation, this is called Buerger.
Liang Dong: It is said that some people with diabetes as well.
Of Age: Oh, this is bad diabetic gangrene also have this. I say this disease, ah, you investigate it, one hundred percent of people smoke.
Liang Dong: Oh, then how can, for example, some people have to smoke, is not it, that what they can, uh, this problem becomes not so serious it?
Of Age: so ah, that I say smoking is a way to stimulate your potential, when you have this body strong, they can pass ...... as if cold bath, by cold bath to stimulate your yang come out. So between smoking and body should have a balance, so I suggest that you do, first, is not suddenly stop smoking, ah, is the original have a balance in your body, do not suddenly throw the walking stick, and then it slowly to reduce smoke , then, that is to increase your heart and lung function through other means, rather than through this vicious exciting way, is not it?
Liang Dong: Like what?
Of Age: Just as we say that "sticks out under the dutiful son," just like there are many methods to educate their children, you do not have to beat him to say, ah, for example, we have a lot of Chinese medicine acupuncture can help improve people's lung, improve people's , lung, ah, on the use of air.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: So after these points you stimulate it, to stimulate these points finish you feel, hey, I like no desire to smoke, or a smoke, eh, it tastes of smoke had changed.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: I will give you recommend acupuncture points, ah, in the large intestine, uh, hand, hand Yangming large intestine through the fifth hole, which is in the back of Hoku's, above, there are a cave called Yang River Point.
Liang Dong: ah, we all buy a diagram to see it, Yang River Point ah.
Of Age: Ye Hao, a good take, is to put a finger Alice.
Liang Dong: that finger? Thumb?
Of Age: thumb, thumb Alice, "good", we call this point Yang River.
Liang Dong: Oh.
Of Age: Oh, just in between the two tendons.
Liang Dong: Oh.
Of Age: thumb to play Alice, the roots will be two thumb tendon.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: So, this pit inside the cave called Yang River Point.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: Do you want to help your husband or myself to quit smoking, quit smoking help your wife, for he rubbed here every day, so you can supplement lung.
Liang Dong: Oh.
Of Age: So, in addition to a lot of people have observed, that I smoke when cold hands and feet, how do I make it hot hands and feet?
Liang Dong: how hot it?
Of Age: drinking.
Liang Dong: That would not have, there are new problems ah?
Of Age: Oh, so the true balance is left smoke a cigarette, drink a glass of wine right.
Liang Dong: Ha ha ha.
Of Age: Why alcohol, regardless of home, it is in a vicious stimulate equilibrium state.
Liang Dong: ah, right.
Of Age: We're kidding.
Liang Dong: We particularly emphasize ah, in particular, to emphasize that a cigarette left hand a glass of wine then, is a vicious circle, it is a short-term behavior.
Of Age: That is ...... "breathing essence" We again emphasize that we also talked about the future it is the rhythm of breathing.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: In other words, the life we ​​used to say that it is a rhythm, food and drink have a section, breathing it also has sections that do not say here. Next I'll review, re-emphasize that, "independent obey God."
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: uh, last time I said I say, this is now a lot of people have not got.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: everyone said who will not stand still stand? You noticed, and now people how we stand, what we wear shoes, right? To ask you.
Liang Dong: uh, sneakers?
Of Age: Oh, the shoes also good, man. You see what women wear?
Liang Dong: high-heeled shoes, ah.
Of Age: heels! It is to?
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: The heel support is shocked them. Heel I said what ah?
Liang Dong: heel.
Of Age: heel, so that the "movement", "power" that "action", is the heel force, we say that a person's martial arts was destroyed, is it? The heel tendon Tiaoduan Flanagan.
Liang Dong: Yes, pick hamstring thing.
Of Age: hamstring pick up, then you will unable to pay for that force ah, so many of the power of people, xingyiquan practice talking about what is ah? Force by the foot from the heel to the effort, and then, the gas made by the ridge, the force of it, through your spine conducting distributed throughout the body. This is a source of your strength. But we are now, the heel touching the ground, "the heel touching the ground" with a character representation is what the word?
Liang Dong: heel touching the ground ......
Of Age: The following section will come to say.
Liang Dong: Oh yeah, now good grasp of time, and after a little back, again!
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Liang Dong: I just talked to it and Xu, heels touching the ground, if you use a character to describe, in the end is what the word it? Xu.
Of Age: Enterprise, "Penguin" and "Enterprise."
Liang Dong: Oh, on top of a "person", following a "stop."
Of Age: Oh, that is owed to the kicker, less from the heel, toes touch the ground, the status called "stand."
Liang Dong: Do not "match" and "Enterprise."
Of Age: Oh, so the introduction of a lot of attempts, planning, hope, hoping ...... is not it?
Liang Dong: So "planning" are usually no executive power, because it is all on tiptoe followed.
Of Age: Why heels on, called "enterprise" mean? Why launch so many characters? That is, when you pick apples out of reach when eh, toes touch the ground, the heel on, up, and then to reach for it. So when someone is in this state the heel off the ground, toes touch the ground when the state is? Is a pursuit of the state.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: It is always hope, hope for, is not it? To reach for a little something. So if you always put in this position, what would you feel is the?
Liang Dong: uh, a little is always satisfied, right?
Of Age: You absolutely heart stopping as ...... not heart stopping water, absolutely ...... Liang Dong: calm Aha. Of Age: Absolutely not, is this, ah ah, wanted to pursue, ah, you need to arrest a little something new, it is not I said before, my old mother said, and now people, not much need, want more. Why do you want more? Toes touch the ground.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: ah, I've seen one shot this romance thing had never been seen, had never been seen relatively, looks more subtle, a hero to men and women kissing, do not face a direct shot ......
Liang Dong: ah, a direct shot where ah?
Of Age: men are generally high, low woman, eh, beat feet, this woman owes the foot up, eh, you imagine it, people in there, on top of playing Boo children yet.
Liang Dong: Ha ha ha.
Of Age: So this woman, and could have been very calm, ah, very quiet so a negative of a human attribute, always put this toes touch the ground in this state, it would create a what?
Liang Dong: is not practical.
Of Age: not practical, ah, not a decline, then ......
Liang Dong: even psychological impact, right?
Of Age: The heart and causing it? Non-stop pursuit, kept ...... herself not to pursue it, "Yang out, yin is the beginning," she would push man chase.
Liang Dong: Oh, so ......
Of Age: So society always kept, yapping, yapping, move forward.
Liang Dong: The wife is wearing high heels, her husband are more miserable!.
Of Age: it is more miserable. She could not help her mood would not quiet down, so when you independent obey God, you heel strike, when Chinese medicine stresses kidney one, kidney ah, is our "essence" of the kidney, it's a Support branch will be assigned to the heel.
Liang Dong: Yes.
Of Age: ah, this, it is our kidneys heel inside Yinqiao vein, Yang Rocker pulse of force points.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: So when it appears force, when it has the power, the people of the kidney, renal water on foot, people will be able to restrain Firelight, so people are very calm, that God will be able to come back this time. But when no force here, the void when that began flourishing Firelight, ah, people are likely absence. The elderly kidney deficiency, the heel will hurt some young sexual excess, and heel pain also. There is also a do, I say I deliberately observed that women physical development, but also has a relationship with the heel.
Liang Dong: Oh, is it?
Of Age: You found no?
Liang Dong: ah?
Of Age: ballet actor, chest are small. Others say that pick is a small chest of a child, or actress, wrong.
Liang Dong: ah, in fact?
Of Age: When he picked actor, he is from the 8,9-year-old to start training.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: is not it?
Liang Dong: does not exist.
Of Age: does not exist had never been seen, he said to her chest predict how much, how small chest. This is her career, her way of dancing that caused her chest dysplasia.
Liang Dong: Oh Yo.
Of Age: So my patients come to me and say: ah, how could we build a good development a little child? Twenty-one years ago I said that you do not wear high heels.
Liang Dong: Oh.
Of Age: Is Well, heel to give you the kidney, we are talking about is the red veins, red veins from childhood belly up, and then spread to the chest, and promote the development of the chest, the results you put that red veins to cut off the stalk a. Liang Dong: Oh, red veins back heel, right?
Of Age: Yes! Red veins of a branch is to go to the foot.
Liang Dong: Oh.
Of Age: red veins taking the kidney.
Liang Dong: yes, ah.
Of Age: So, this, I say this theory after all, cause, cause some controversy, but the fact that we look at, really like this. So we often say fruitful branches are bent.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: is not it?
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: The branch shocked with fruit that the branches embarrassing children, in the end it is the fruit fall bend? Or bend itself, conceived such a big fruit? You go back and consider their own.
Liang Dong: yin and yang alternate.
Of Age: Oh, Yin and Yang alternate, so you see the chest is of the negative, it should be empty, the back are of positive, it should be raised.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: So what do we have a lot of Taoism xingyiquan Zhan Zhuang posture is?
Liang Dong: Hanxiong pull back.
Of Age: Hanxiong pull back! Definitely not let you come forward. right? Chest out. We are now standing way to educate their children are what? Chest! look up!
Liang Dong: all "back back good."
Of Age: all, still ...... not quite, enough, but also back a "back back good," I said, called child abuse. You see I told my teacher that Ma Zhan Zhuang practice, I had, when I was on a high, seven meters tall and eight to twenty-four not long when I was seven meters height eight, but to three ten years I practiced this Xingyiquan Zhan Zhuang, I now eight meters up.
Liang Dong: Why?
Of Age: Hanxiong pull back! It is this attitude makes you pull back the spine, is Du ah yang to open up, this time people could not help but feel, could not help it that the intervertebral ah, or is it a little thicker cartilage, so I now take your height I meter eighty.
Liang Dong: Oh, this Hanxiong pull back, in fact, to pull is a little bit bent mean?
Of Age: not a pull, not a hunchback, they say you have to understand that a chest containing, is not that your back on the camel?
Liang Dong: right ah?
Of Age: not a hunchback, it is pulled up, its education, uh, we kept talking about practice, called Ethereal top effort, it feels like it? Baihui is to, uh, is on top of the head, there is a thread in the stretch you.
Liang Dong: Oh.
Of Age: such people that cervical ah, that is, the seven cervical vertebrae ...... it is also able to survive together, then the back of the thoracic spine it can also be very up, what is the feeling at this time? Chest is empty. Liang Dong: so that "mind stay foolish" Well!
Of Age: Oh, open-minded. I am not against people held high, chest what is? When you sacrifice when you charge, what ...... when you order the collective interests of this country to charge forward, you need to come forward, is not it. When your regimen, you put the body, including the chest inside. Ah, later this contains ...... Hanxiong, after pulling back, you feel the heat after the backbone, then you turn the heel and the ground, you will feel a force from the foot of the rose, has been able to top your head, so we are now I now give the example Vein ah, acupuncture, ah, do the treatment, I was not that awkward awkward on my arm, where the effort?
Liang Dong: waist strength?
Of Age: heel kick.
Liang Dong: heels, wow.
Of Age: heel, so tired you do not give treatment. If you light hand wrist fingers effort, first, you do not go through the effort, and the second, doing doing your hand slowly came out of what tenosynovitis or something. So it is that power body Qimai smooth hair, Qimai smooth, then you will be able to spread the heel awkward hand. So these exercises and Taoist Canon of Medicine is a pulse, the same strain.
Liang Dong: Right. From where we began to speak of it?
Of Age: This is the review of the two previous reality that this state, we can not reach.
Liang Dong: uh.
Of Age: but some real health approach that we can learn. First, breathing essence, find the fresh air, beautiful environment, where to stay togethers, wash his lungs, every day can not stay, Gesanchawu trip; second, usually to learn, heel to the ground , heel-strike, independent obey God, your blood flowing back to your spirit of great help.
Liang Dong: Yes, a little break after that, immediately and everyone from reality, ah, to a human, and then immediately a saint, in the end what the saints have not the same?
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Liang Dong: back after what we have just talked about the reality and condemns ah, that is a different realm. In fact, under it there is a human saint ah, we often say that this man is a saint, has been very high, but in fact it is only in that sequence inside it ranked third, but the saint has been very powerful, and I think we Sage can do half bad, is not it? Ah, "followed by a saint who, at heaven and earth, and from the eight winds of reason, between the secular suitable appetite."
Of Age: ah, live and condemns, are able to influence the real world changes people, "marshal heaven and earth," Well.
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: The hierarchy of saints it, he sent, he is how do ah? He learned clever, he can not change nature, what is he? In harmony with nature. He went to his proper place to stay, that "heaven and earth, and." What is heaven and earth, and it? That is down to the rain the weather, to air rose to the cloud, is this four seasons, there are, this is not not a big flood drought, this place go, choose this place to stay, deserts, freezing cold, that salt, this barren place that is certainly not the world and the place.
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: the world and the place, that is to the saints will choose their daily life environment, this is the world we are talking about. In addition, the saints will choose people. Confucius said, "dangerous state is not home, chaotic state does not enter." The country is fighting it, played a mess, why do you go to? You hide it. If you are a real person, you go in-depth ventured, to change this situation, so that people live a happy and stable life, saints do not have this power. He can only go to hide this kind of war, danger chaotic place, ah, so it is called "heaven and earth and place." "Department of heaven and earth and the" generalized say so, say so narrow, how about it? Said to be a timely move, that is, Sunchon and to choose their residence ......
Liang Dong: ah, when we say that the harmony between man and the environment, when we think it is science, and grasp the character is really interesting.
Of Age: place of heaven and earth and is therefore a major problem, is an easy way out, well-behaved knowledge, I suggest that those of us mortal eyes, ah, mortal should be to learn how to find a school and a place of heaven and earth, to find people and places, to go alone.
Liang Dong: right, uh, it has been very good. "From eight winds of reason," ah, the wind was "wind" and "wind." What is "From eight wind of reason" mean?
Of Age: Well, what we are talking about Heaven.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: changes in our day is called "Road", to the kind of form we call "truth", so a lot of people say, "Shangzhi astronomy knowledge of geography."
Liang Dong: Oh.
Of Age: right?
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: That is the truth, we usually say, "I tell you about the truth."
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: This knowledge can be big, said that talking about ......
Liang Dong: day running.
Of Age: Star Star ...... ...... change this celestial astrology, speaking geography, which we relate to the kind of geomancy and feng shui.
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: As I said before you select a city, for example, to select one called "mountains on three sides with an outlet," the place, ah, easily defensible, this city is called "security", Xi'an, Chang'an, Huai'an Lin'an, is not it, is called safe. So you want to choose a place to live and work. This "from the eight winds of reason" it is to find the geographical environment, heaven and earth and focused in the day, if you find a flood is not always what is hail, snow days, where to stay and what is not and, eight of the Wind manage it, that we look at the atmosphere of a place.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: atmosphere, eight wind Well, truck, plus one.
Liang Dong: four angle.
Of Age: four angle.
Liang Dong: southeast winds and northwest winds.
Of Age: Earlier we talked about "Audiovisual outside Octopus," the feeling is that a human can in this geography beyond your constraints, he was able to see far more than this, ah, I hear than this far, what a saint is it? Here is a look at how the wind, how culture, what is called "culture" ah, the ancient people who have this kind of knowledge and skill expected gas.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: how to call Wang bullying? Gas is invisible.
Liang Dong: Some people may be able to see.
Of Age: Maybe some people can feel it.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: ah, for instance, foreign leaders come, we review a military honor guard.
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: Is it in the end to see his gun or his gun to see it? What to see that? Look at the kind of momentum.
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: So how ancient people to see the air to see it? Uh, you see, "Banquet", "Banquet" first chapter it says Xiang Yu's staff.
Liang Dong: Fan Zeng.
Of Age: Fan Zeng, he saw Liu Tuen army in the dam, "Fan Zeng hoped for have colored gas."
Liang Dong: ah, the Records on.
Of Age: eh, "Historical Records" Sima Qian's words.
Liang Dong: Right right right right.
Of Age: This is the emperor of the air, so Fan Zeng said, no, I want to put Banquet, Liu should kill this guy. In fact, I think this is Heaven Fan Zeng did not understand, since you look out the air you emperor he quickly surrendered to him ......
Liang Dong: Also, perhaps Fan Zeng think they are real.
Of Age: Ah, you're right, he thought he wanted to change the world, the results of this thing ...... what hope have colored the air? We now come from the scientific point of view, but that is seen in this army morale, spirit, style, there is not the kind of petty interests of the kind of world you want to seize the momentum and spirit.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: is not it? People usually have to talk about this man happy, ah, combative, ah, look bad luck, it is a feeling. So, this saint, one heaven and earth and, in addition, by the feeling of the wind, about this ......
Liang Dong: customs Kazakhstan, atmosphere.
Of Age: wind, natural wind, blowing wind. Is not it, that we at least we know we re stupid that we build wind, wind turbines that turn, we should placed on the air, right?
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: is not it, where you have to look for where there is wind it. It is this wind of this trend, he said sensitive people, sensitive people do ...... do, though did not see this leaves ah, ah chimney, or flag sails move, he can feel that energy of flow, he is also looking for something called "smooth", eh, I stay where it is not the inverse. So sage he embodies a whole philosophy is it? Conform, conform to this philosophy of nature, he did not want to change it. If you like Dayu, ah you this wind to blow here, not in the past, I chisel a mouth child vent to vent it out; ah floods to flow does not move here, I'll give it to move mountains apart. Dayu or those ancient Yao, Shun and Yu this is achieved a human or human realm. Think about it, in that era, there is no large-scale machinery, he rely Quban mountain ah, reclamation, ah, go to the Yangtze River, Yellow River to dredge open? The kind of energy that we now unthinkable.
Liang Dong: Yes. But you just said that this gas ah, reminds me of one of my friends told me something. He does, is a, uh, a very famous one management consultant company. He said he made a management consultant for enterprise time for it, from the company went in and saw the front desk, and then the boss has come to the office, all the way to twenty steps, three, four, fifty paces, we already know this company there may have chances of success are only poor if he did not do the company consultant.
Of Age: Yeah.
Liang Dong: Because, he said, I asked him how do you see? I say, because they are doing their business management Well, actually they do not like us to see, to learn the "Yellow Emperor" or something. He said it was simple. First, you look at this, ah, this doorway welcome this young lady, ah this girl is not the face with a kind of joy in the eyes.
Of Age: Oh, today we really talk about joy.
Liang Dong: ah, right, then what he says go, you see that people are gloomy to go to work, or comfortably, Discovery happy to work quickly.
Of Age: Supreme!
Liang Dong: ah, then what he said, look, you see these objects placed on the table and these employees is not in addition to its own office supplies and some of the fun things quite the life, ah, etc., etc., Then the whole sense of space, light, these things together into something he would probably know this company can be to what extent.
Of Age: You say you let him out of these it is not easy, but in fact he is a feeling.
Liang Dong: Yes.
Of Age: including me, I now go out, say, uh, eat a meal.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: a forward, into a strange restaurant, after a go I can feel that there's a kind of gas, some restaurants I walked away. You ......
Liang Dong: in the end what kind of restaurant, Xu, in the end there is a kind of restaurants and gas virtue of it? Ah, after a little break, and then by Xu shared with us.
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Liang Dong: After you come back yet, and is still of Age, Xu Chou ah, this is both a man ah, of Age, Xu Chou, ah explore gas this restaurant ah.
Of Age: air restaurant of the case, say, you enter a restaurant inside the nostrils of you can smell a smell, which is the gas, right?
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: Is it, then you see that, or is that those attendants, front desk to receive you or he that walks in the reception of others, the kind of behavior.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: You can feel his breath. That is a long time to make a doctor after eye relatively toxic.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: say the next drill, you can feel a lot of things.
Liang Dong: Well look and smell.
Of Age: Oh, look and smell. So I said I do not do after the future doctor, I first want to be a cook, uh, go cook. Cook can not do what I have to ......
Liang Dong: When diners ah.
Of Age: People, human resources to become a staff member, who hires you, I'll give you an interview.
Liang Dong: Yes.
Of Age: This is what kind of person we are now measuring intelligence, I said I could see the wisdom of his power, he could see behind that.
Liang Dong: kind of gas.
Of Age: feelings, as well as the kind of emotion. Many people are killed with a brutal, violent of the incoming air, your company to recruit such a person you want to bad luck. His energy is always looking for opportunities that outbreak, now just looking for a ...... Awareness pressing force.This requires practitioners, which need to hone, it requires a certain experience. When you mess with such a degree 敦敏 this time, do not feel that kind of thing, others do not feel the things you can feel. And what is this? Dunmin Dunmin healthy people, a lot of people are sick, crazy, there is kind of trance, Lu Xun wrote "Diary of a Madman," "Zhao dog and looked at my eyes," that is Min, is not it? Also with the power of the dog's eyes. But he could feel that ...... So this saint here, what he is, "from eight winds of reason" that is looking for based on changes in the atmosphere, and this reason is geography, find their proper dwelling, he is definitely not in serious conflict those places alone. Liang Dong: Right. So that if we can not change the world, if we can not fit in the yin and yang, that at least it should conform to this rhythm.
Of Age: hey, go look for this has been a good man, good to eat a meal. Liang Dong: Yes! "From eight winds of reason, between the secular suitable appetite."
Of Age: Oh, this is aimed at a human, then a human one how fancy you say, "died from the vulgar"
Liang Dong: "died from the vulgar," Yes!
Of Age: is not it? That is a human. A human is that we do not, do not play together with you, "shame and Rubei husbandry," I myself went up the mountain alone. Why stay up the mountain? You see the fairy, "fairy" and "immortal" how to write?
Liang Dong: ah, a "mountain" a "man" thing.
Of Age: ah, what is the opposite of the mountain? Hill was raised.
Liang Dong: Right. Hill is the opposite of what sea?
Of Age: Mountains is the opposite of the concave.
Liang Dong: Oh.
Of Age: What? Between the mountains and the mountain thing.
Liang Dong: ah, Valley, Valley, Valley.
Of Age:! Oh, you see, a single Liren a valley read what?
Liang Dong: vulgar.
Of Age: Oh, immortal antonym?
Liang Dong: ah, laity!
Of Age: laity, right?
Liang Dong: Oh Yo, for oh.
Of Age: is not it?
Liang Dong: I think I'm white college, which among primary school?
Of Age: I think we should be back on the primary again.
Liang Dong: absolutely!
Of Age: according to us now that the revival of traditional culture methods, the Chinese character ......
Liang Dong: it makes him, the parents of these students are inferior.
Of Age: ah Yo, good recognize recognize these characters, ah.
Liang Dong: Yes.
Of Age: So, um, uh, from the death of a human it is vulgar.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: leave the hustle and bustle of the Red, went to the quiet of the mountains, go alone. That the mountain air is what? Breathing essence. The air is fresh, and the higher up you go, the higher energy. Taoism is about three clear thing. This ...... Liang Dong Taoist: right, three Qing.
Of Age: Oh, three clear supernatant ah, shangqinggong ah, in clear, ah, under clear ah, it is about three clear. So, the perfect man is to leave the secular, the mountains blankly significant.
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: So Taoism Seventy Cave are extremely beautiful landscape for people, this respiratory medicines ah, monasticism, uh, Dan practice areas.
Liang Dong: Now it is occupied all levels of government.
Of Age: all levels of government into a secular land ah.
Liang Dong: This is not the relationship between this government is for the people, is not it, the focus yes, uh, now there are some in this scenic place to go, be transformed very vulgar, voices ......
Of Age: artificial monuments thing.
Liang Dong: ah, really, to engage in what some man in Panama.
Of Age: uh, so that it ...... to the saint, not less lofty, and that is what we are? Together with you, "right appetite between secular" That is, eh ......
Liang Dong: "right appetite between the secular."
Of Age: This is what we began to talk about what "ancient naive theory" talk ah? "Beauty of its food."
Liang Dong: "any of their clothes."
Of Age: "any of their clothes, the music of its popular", you see, we have this ......
Liang Dong: "do not compete with Mu."
Of Age: eh, "Pak said his ancient people." That is why we, the general public, to pursue reach the realm. You see, these people are flesh and blood, he has also his hobby, beating cup of wine, may be smoking a pipe down ah, yes, but also like to listen to an opera, listen to an opera, ah, all he as a person that he has a hobby, he definitely does not put this abandoned. You have to live and like a human, people put you as what this hobby? Vulgar, people are processions between heaven and earth, superb, superb soul from the body that kind of joy realm.
Liang Dong: ah, I think at this stage I do sage on it, huh, huh.
Of Age: Oh, I think that we strive for the saints, ah.
Liang Dong: right right right.
Of Age: Dian Dian heel children.
Liang Dong: ah, right right right.
Of Age: maybe still be able to get level.
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: So this must be said before you want to enjoy your life, "place of heaven and earth and, from all directions of science."
Liang Dong: I have a good ah.
Liang Dong: Oh, these eat well, drink well, then what are these arrangements enjoy life very well, this is a saint.
Liang Dong: Right. Chihaohehao, do not let the person next to him uncomfortable, do not let the next person care.
Of Age: Oh, you look lovely ah Confucius Confucius very lovely person, you see what people say?"Food is too refined, cuisine is too thin."
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: right?
Liang Dong: Yes!
Of Age: So, very particular ate. "I do not take the seats errors, cut errors do not eat."Confucius to these, this set of poetry, calligraphy, ritual, music are studied well, so worthy of a saint.
Liang Dong: Now he is "Narrating" I think I understand now gradually more Confucius "Narrating", and that he did not believe that all their life is flowing so freely Ha ......
Of Age: And that lied.
Liang Dong: no processing.
Of Age: other things verbally express to you later, and then to implement the text, you will feel a lot of things have lost the original intent.
Liang Dong: And if it was up and down a lot of scenarios, is not it.
Of Age: Oh, yes, there is a context, there is supposing, brought out a single you feel very strange.
Liang Dong: Yes, so many years ago when we learned of it, say, in school language and speech talked about it, or different.
Of Age: I really do not like ah.
Liang Dong: ah, just talked about the "right appetite between secular" mean, then what "无恚 angry heart," "angry rage" is the word I think is very interesting.
Of Age: mispronounced.
Liang Dong: ah? Well, you are face to face that.
Of Age: Hey hey Yo, "rage" (hùi), right?
Liang Dong: "rage" (hùi), the above two "earth", following a "heart."
Of Age: eh, "rage angry heart."
Liang Dong: thanks ah!
Of Age: You look at is not it? Phonetic.
Liang Dong: It should be "rage." Ah, which here there is no comment, ah, "rage", right, should be "rage" and is h-ù-i. "Rage angry heart," ah, because rage of anger, angry ah mean.
Of Age: The "rage anger of the heart", later they put a lot of Buddhist words are translated into "angry" Primary Afflictions resentment.
Liang Dong: Yes, Primary Afflictions slow suspected something.
Of Age: hey. "Wu Hui angry heart" mean? What is "rage" is? It is filled with a kind heart ...... anger that state, you see two territories it is that there is a word called suffering, is the "scourge" and "suffering."
Liang Dong: Oh, right right right.
Of Age: Oh, that's a bunch of children, blocking a bunch of children, My Opinion about the.
Liang Dong: Oh, and what is suffering.
Of Age: Oh, and what is suffering. What is this "rage anger of the heart" is ah? Anger is starting. What is that "angry" Yes? "Angry" Yes, that is after staring angry that state.
Liang Dong: Why a "mouth" a "true" mean?
Of Age: Oh, I have studied, I also specifically requested me a teacher, a Buddhist teacher wrote this article, its sound with the "real" is the same, and the "eyes" that "wide open" a bit similar, ah. But concrete is not particularly make me particularly beautiful, the kind of convincing explanation. But this rage anger, anger is just beginning, ah, anger to a certain extent, that is, uh, the beginning is suffocating, and anger is simmering it, and so that anger spewing out a call anger.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: ah, we often say, "angry", which is a process, this "angry rage Heart" how come? It is that you have to ask for outside out. So we are talking about Taoism in seeking to independence, ah. Such independence including you, first of all you can make a living on their own to make a living, you do not attached to any person.
Liang Dong: This is a life of independence.
Of Age: hey, while it is economic independence, and the third of it to reach ......
Liang Dong: Spirit.
Of Age: spiritual independence.
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: Do you have this under a separate case, the case you ask for help, you will not mind this rage of anger. Conversely, if you this is not independent, there is no such righteousness, the awe-inspiring righteousness, you will have this complain, ah, ah this resentment or anger, ah, all this bad mood. Remember: bad mood consume a lot of your essence.
Liang Dong: ah, the key is what people sometimes think that anger it, you can hurt someone, in fact, anger is mainly hurt yourself.
Of Age: What is the preferred anger is a problem ah? You can not figure out.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: puzzled people would be angry.
Liang Dong: ah, nowhere will be pain.
Of Age: We look and said: Oh, how you do ah? Why is this thing so? How can you not think about how this thing is not so. Is not it, there is a recently popular online video thing, is that "to catch a plane," missed the plane, the plane is gone, then that man child at the airport Sapo roll child, a whole child, ouch! ... Told me that three year olds so you can understanding, a middle-aged woman, middle aged woman, a man almost as older women. She's what? Do not accept. Such people may be spoiled since childhood, and that is all the others have to wait for her, someone let her. Ah, so that a look at the aircraft unloaded her luggage to her heart the rage of anger on the up, after it has become a rage, anger.
Liang Dong: Well, in fact, we see her too, she should also be sympathetic.
Of Age: sympathy.
Liang Dong: ah, you should feel compassion.
Of Age: very sick. Ah, this is the kind of people will be nowhere Qimai angry rage.
Liang Dong: ah, so you see ......
Of Age: look at anything, this thing happens, you can accept, it is understood, is not it, to be understood in the first place, you can accept second place. And then, indifferent smile, calm face, which passed.
Liang Dong: ah, if a little higher realm, then, it can be a small flick of the finger can convert harm into that higher realm, and that is the realm of reality, is not it? So, Wu Hui anger of the heart, ah, today learned, do not read this stuff rage (kūi) ah, I have read twenty years, read rage (gūi), twenty years before yet I know the word yet. "Line you do not want to leave the world," ah, Well does that mean?
Of Age: "line do not want to leave the world" is that "right appetite between the secular."
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: ah, he refers to him as a row, as in, still mixed on this community, he may be engaged in some kind of career in this society, may also be a small kingdom in this, vassal States also even as a an official post.
Liang Dong: Unit inside to be a chief.
Of Age: Oh, you see Confucius in Lu worked Sikou not on, is not it?
Liang Dong: Sikou to now look at what is?
Of Age: Sikou is kind of a justice minister ......
Liang Dong: ah? He pretty big!
Of Age: Oh, big, that he Shaozheng Mao to kill it.
Liang Dong: Oh.
Of Age: Oh, uh, so we were young, in 2072, school Pilinpikong, Pilinpikong Oh, I quite interesting. Because Pilinpikong, printed a lot of the Confucius, the Confucian school a lot of reactionary articles and what "Three Character Classic", "Rules", "Zengguangxianwen", is not it, behind the marked words "for criticism with "take home after you give me back my mom.
Liang Dong: Ha ha ha.
Of Age: Ha, I'll, I'll back down a lot, because Pilinpikong, I know that Confucius, and learn a lot this ...... because installment of "Outlaws of the Marsh."
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: There was a time not, uh, against the capitulators, had never been seen gang attack Premier Zhou called installment of "Water Margin" overhead Chao Gai, because installment of "Water Margin" India has a lot of "Water Margin" for criticism with, my, that It took a while, "Water Margin" I was really fascinated to see a no. Few people say do not see "Water Margin", I said, do not look small, "Dream of Red Mansions", the young men should go Causing loss of lives, is not it?Emotional too early is not good.
Liang Dong: Oh Oh, so I know that when I was at that time I Hai Rui Dismissed from Office, as Hai Rui Dismissed from Office, Hai know, so sometimes it ......
Of Age: ah? You so early ah? Hai Rui Dismissed from Office before the Cultural Revolution six ...... thing you know?
Liang Dong: Yes, but I was small I have read some articles, Hai Rui Dismissed from Office talked about very small things, I did not understand at that time, anyway, no one told me, and asked them to say look! What to see? I'll be learning Chinese characters, is not it. Good, he said that, this, uh, "line do not want to leave the world", this was chapter, "is (pī) service Chapter" or "being (bèi) service chapter" ah?
Of Age: "The (bèi) service chapter."
Liang Dong: "The (bèi) Chapter clothes!"
Of Age: The Later research is wrong solution, the solution is wrong, caught in the "line do not want to leave the world" and the next one is called "give unto ......"
Liang Dong: View on vulgar.
Of Age: "...... View in vulgar," ah, that we put this "clothing chapter," it cut.
Liang Dong: Oh.
Of Age: get rid of it, we will look at this sentence parallelism, "line do not want to leave the world."
Liang Dong: "For unto concept in vulgar."
Of Age: So we now think this old saying this, saying what is called "hermit in the city," truly a saint this state, he is not to go inside the mountain to practice, it was thought to practice in the mountains are Red world. Oh, some people are in the WTO, the majority of the people living in them, hey, then what do some selfish, altruistic thing.
Liang Dong: Yes. We have just following sentence is called "For unto concept in vulgar" Ah, this "give unto" and "do not move" in the end what is the difference? Right back and share.
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Liang Dong: After you talked about back then, the "do not want to move to the vulgar concept of" ah, what is "do not want to move to the vulgar concept of" mean?
Of Age: "move" is meant the rise, rise, then, just a "line" is meant to walk, uh, there is what we often say that now hold activities, is not it, or with here, one is to move the legs One is to move the head.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: The View in vulgar it is a "Ya" and "vulgar" issue, and we just said that "Sin" and "vulgar" issue. Ah, called it vulgar, say the majority of working people, not a witch.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: not the kind of communication skills in the world of spirits that senior wise man, this habit is formed, the majority of working people that a simple form, a customs life.
Liang Dong: "For unto concept in vulgar."
Of Age: Oh, but it does, and what is it? This is a local endemic ah human has a close relationship is formed between a few years down this habit. But as a saint, the terms of it, he may not wish to leave the line in the world, is it? It is to integrate into the community, but also with people living and working together, but his personal preferences, such personal cultivation, and people may be a little different, not to mention complicit ah.
Liang Dong: Ha ha ha.
Of Age: for instance, two pass.
Liang Dong: Yes.
Of Age: Vulgar things.
Liang Dong: Yes.
Of Age: is not it, many people say is a rather rounded meal, having left two pass. But you forget that this sentence did not mean it, it means that two people with the kind of biography is, there is some kind of yellow, vulgar kind of two pass, so many people will not want to hear this thing time to eat. This is a big vulgar things. If you say to this saint practitioners make a person listen to the kind of vulgar realm of scripts, listen, watch, yellow text messages, listen to see that yellow minor child, this is not what he has done up. Because he still with you a little difference.
Liang Dong: Yes! It is the soul, the body in folk, soul aloft.
Of Age: Oh, the soul aloft.
Liang Dong: "foreign workers do not form at all, within no thought of suffering to Tian Yu for the Treasury, with contentment is power," Oh, that everyone should be more understanding of Kazakhstan.
Of Age: uh, not necessarily.
Liang Dong: eh?
Of Age: Oh, "I do not work outside the shape to something."
Liang Dong: I understand this.
Of Age: That will not do something to his body tired.
Liang Dong: Yes! Not Scrapped.
Of Age: Oh, not Scrapped.
Liang Dong: "Within no thought of suffering."
Of Age: What is labor? I said, work means such work say too far, we call it excessive labor, and you work really called the workers, the workers have to be called excessive labor. So, these saints will never go tired tired of himself as something to go to spit blood, called labor. This is the view from the outside, exhausted. We are people still pursue labor.
Liang Dong: ah, the deep middle of the night went to the gym running.
Of Age: children play a sweaty, and then falling to the bed where breathing breath, I said, called spoil yourself, ah, in self-flagellation.
Liang Dong: Worse than that is pitched to the inside of the cold water bath, wow, crazy!
Of Age: called "Wind from eight processing", called "inverse eight winds of reason."
Liang Dong: Yes!
Of Age: So this labor, labor-shaped in the matter, I see a lot of people do is, one, the following sentence is Yongnaoguodu it in front of this sentence, that in the city there are many people in the devastated their bodies, rather than true to the conservation, exercise your body, called the outer shape do not work on things. In addition, the next sentence.
Liang Dong: "Within no thought of suffering."
Of Age: Oh, you see which relates to the above said there is "无恚 anger of the heart", below called "risk-free Thought", "thinking" and "want" not the same.
Liang Dong: That "thinking" and "want" in the end what is the difference?
Of Age: think, ah, the bottom is the "heart" Yes child, thinking all with "heart", that, think the above is a "fontanelle" and "skull."
Liang Dong: Which "skull"?
Of Age: fontanelle, you see a child born on top of his head, ah, not closed, also Hushanhushan.Then fill the brain child feeding into the essence, head gradually grow up, and then slowly the fontanelle closes up.
Liang Dong: Oh.
Of Age: This is called "skull." Is the brain, on behalf of my mind, ah, this is the thinking ideas.
Liang Dong: Which "skull" That? "Skull" how to write?
Of Age: "skull" is, like a "chimney" of the "chimney" Then write a write a sunset evening inside a mouth, fontanelle.
Liang Dong: Oh, right right right.
Of Age: So thinking mean? Thinking is another brain, and tempted. What we always say? What is mind? Rational thinking, what tempted? Emotional thinking, so I often tell my students that I say that life in this world, much less mindless tempted. Is a multi-point, anything to the first rational analysis to consider it, the brain is calm, the heart is hot, this is not the same. This is "thinking." "I think" What does it mean? An upper "mutual" and "phase."
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: So "thinking" and "want" are two concepts. What "thinking" is? His heart and brain in the loop, is to consider their own.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: "think" there is a mutual, reciprocal, "think" is thinking of something else, outside of the thing. Therefore, the "thinking" is intransitive, I I I can not say, "I think you are."
Liang Dong: Oh.
Of Age: "I want you." He thought, putting the mind called "want" is transitive, is not it. "What I want to buy clothes," "I want somebody."
Liang Dong: So said, "I think therefore I am."
Of Age: eh, "I think, therefore I am."
Liang Dong: that too often keep within the spirit.
Of Age: Oh, reflection!
Liang Dong: keep within the spirit, self-reflection introspection, I exist, I would not exist otherwise.
Of Age: Oh, so often to keep the heart and brain have a communication, which is the Chinese say ah. Brains and turned it into the kidney, is essence, it falls to the pubic region, and turned it into the kidney, kidney and then back to the heart of it and turned it into mind, this is a cyclical process, called "thinking." So, this "thinking" and "want", whether it is to consider their own, or are considering outside thing, no suffering, suffering is what? I say ......
Liang Dong: cloth hearts have thousands knot.
Of Age: heart block a bunch of children above things, Heart With Million Knots, puzzled. A lot of people I just can not figure out, why so? Why did he do this to me? Ah, why I have not promoted to Deputy Commissioner no? Why can not I just turn positive?
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: This is the risk of Thought. People can not figure out. People called stupid things too hard, can not figure out who called suffering, and this suffering, ah, start is invisible presence, is a thought, and slowly a long time, they begin to have gas, that we called qi a.
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: qi long time to start with the knots, and it feels have tangible east quality start is a benign tumor such a child.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: ah, later turned into a malignant tumor. This together the whole from where? Human diseases come from where? I think this community is less killed viruses and bacteria, are suffering from this inner knot kill more.
Liang Dong: So, some time for it, feel good about the hands and feet, ah, when the foot is always according to the "Kaka Ka" a small summary grain, is not it, in fact, that you already have, in some places inside presence there.
Of Age: Oh, you see I said a word called "the scourge of my of my pregnancy, and I no body, hang it there?" I said, if I put my body was Qimai practitioners smooth, I how could suffering from it?Then this practice to a higher realm, it can then superb, even the flesh can not, and that is to achieve a completely free state.
Liang Dong: Oh, these things do, so if an individual does, you really think the publicity feudal superstition, but you just combine the up and down after that, I think it is justified friends.
Of Age: There ah.
Liang Dong: That is when you know ......
Of Age: speaking in front of the flesh, is the thought behind the talk.
Liang Dong: Right. So many people take things too hard, what he is really not a moral issue, the key is mental problems, he did not understand this thing, to understand not every day be so toss.
Of Age: Hui force, there is a Hui force problem.
Liang Dong: Yes, there is a Hui force the issue of Kazakhstan. So "risk-free Thought to Tian Yu for the Treasury, with contentment is power, not spacious row body, spirit lingers, may also be a few hundred."
Of Age: The following words, I want to talk about today is interesting, "Discovery."
Liang Dong: "joy" and "Discovery", "happy" and "Discovery."
Of Age: Oh, excuse me, "Discovery" What does it mean?
Liang Dong:! Oh, this knowledge I know a lot of great friends mean, could not speak, but then the "Discovery" does have a pleasant meaning, and yet I think it next ......
Of Age: Oh, Discovery is the Discovery, fast or how fast, we the "Yellow Emperor" talk "Tian Yu for the Treasury."
Liang Dong: "Tian Yu for the Treasury."
Of Age: say that do not understand the health of the people called "Service fast their heart."
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: Right, you can not say that Discovery is happy. Fast wrong, Discovery on the right.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: is not it? You see modern problems.
Liang Dong:! Modern very distressed ah on your child's class had not even speak it.
Of Age: Hey, "Discovery" ah, yes, I specifically on the research side of these children have the heart to heart with a vertical word Dier of these characters, I found a problem? Our teacher taught since we all know what it probably meant, for instance, "please" and "pleasure", what does that mean? Happy.
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: is not it, "pleasant" and "Discovery" happy. Delightful, there was "refreshing" and "Yi."
Liang Dong: is happy.
Of Age: also happy. Why is he happy? This Sa put together what is the difference?
Liang Dong: right ah.
Of Age: no one told us. Or you forward unwinding, looking for a long time, I think they are a little confused.
Liang Dong: Oh, mainly because we do not understand the teacher.
Of Age: The teacher did not understand the teacher. So the "Discovery" I specifically study a little, you see, it is next to the vertical center children, through the heart, it is this "happy" and "Discovery" on top of the original is not a "person", above it is a triangle.
Liang Dong: is a person a cross, is actually a triangle.
Of Age: Oh, triangle, and the triangle is the tip of rush, the study of ancient Chinese characters all know, there are a lot of reproduction worship Kanji symbol, the angle of the triangle onto the children's ......
Liang Dong: ah, yes men.
Of Age: Male, washed down this angle, female. So, ah, above it is a triangle. Here look, here is the month, what does that mean?
Liang Dong: Well meat.
Of Age: meat.
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: So it is this side is not a stand knife children, three skimming the water, the three little water. Water, you see, hey, man, attack, meat, water, what does that mean?
Liang Dong: Yes, that is HAPPY!
Of Age: so "Discovery" is the kind of life in ancient times refer exclusively to the joyous feeling.
Liang Dong: Oh.
Of Age: Discovery of people say that.
Liang Dong: I can not just say I'm very happy today.
Of Age: Yeah, you can not just say that. If you really Discovery of the words you say. So the ancient "Book of Songs" There are a lot of words describing the next is called "Discovery Discovery as too" ah, happy means that state that the kind of rapid heartbeat ...... "Discovery" is not necessarily "fast."
Liang Dong: Oh.
Of Age: ah, "Discovery" is not necessarily "fast", so that the Discovery is this, uh, sex kind of way to achieve a state of joy.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: So, "Tian Yu for the Treasury." This is what we have just said, the reality is the pursuit of superior benefits, saints do?
Liang Dong: the pursuit of ......
Of Age: public enjoyment.
Liang Dong: public enjoyment, ha ha ha ......
Of Age: one is peace of mind, Tim is not strange, shamelessly, Tian Ran from the security, tranquil nothingness, and called "Discovery", which is from another science ...... Taoism from this development is research room.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: Why study room as well? Because it works, use it as their task.
Liang Dong: I personally ......
Of Age: think of it as a thing exist ......
Liang Dong: I personally, personally still prefer Taoist reason ......
Of Age: everyone should like Taoism.
Liang Dong: But it is to say it alone Taoist things do, often suffer from many outside this repression. Such repression does in fact still not enough to enrich their inner wisdom and there is not enough in this a manifestation of force. Well, thank Xu and today we share together with "ancient naive theory" last paragraph.
Of Age: about saint savoir-faire.
Liang Dong: about saints. Originally, we thought that today could finish the last section, saw not, but we can not be forced, well, about the same time next week after we finished sage, began The second, thank you. Next week at the same time, Chinese medicine continues to rediscover the country is so beautiful school.