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Elder naive theory article EIGHT

Elder naive theory article EIGHT
Speaker: the auspices of Age: Liang Dong
Broadcast time: 2009-01-2423: 00-24: 00
Scripture: the husband-year-old, kidney real hair long tooth more; 2.28 kidney Sheng, menstruation to, the essence spilled, yin and yang, it can have a child; thirty-eight, kidney average, fresh and strong bones, Therefore, the real teeth are born long pole
Liang Dong: Yes, rediscovered, Chinese medicine is so beautiful. Hello everyone, and welcome to tonight's "national school." I was Liang Dong, the opposite is still, so I'm very excited, Magnolia medicine Tang Tangzhu of Age teacher. Of Age teacher, hello!
Of Age: Liang Dong good! Listeners and friends Happy New Year, the Chinese New Year.
Liang Dong: Oh! Almost. Oh, on a time for it, we talked about this, woman ah, is "seven" for the cycle to her the physiological change, ah, so to say, to paraphrase a familiar word, called "physiological changes." After the first seven years there is more hair long tooth is teeth began to change, and girls Oh, the long hair, the twenty-seven, Panax, forty-seven, fifty-seven six or seven, 2277 seven hundred seventy-four ninth, ah, eighty-seven. Today, then, we want to talk about the topic it is related with the man. Under normal circumstances it, we will do some review, for example, he talked about the issue of what the topic, then we found it on the Internet ah ......
Of Age: Ha ha ha.
Liang Dong: listeners for the topic too sensitive, too warm, and we do not need to repeat. I have heard spontaneously. Ah, there are many friends do, have even played their own relevant text. If you need to learn more about the situation and then it, you can go to the teacher's blog of Age point of view, or do, to beam it can also be seen on winter ah relevant circumstances. The name of Age teacher it is a culture of "text", ah, soldiers, civil and military Bin is "Bin", right?
Of Age: soldiers, "soldiers", double Xu.
Liang Dong: You Baidu, "Magnolia TCM school", is not it?
Of Age: Yes, Baidu, "of Age", "Liang Dong", about to jump out.
Liang Dong: Oh, you can see the, ah, or go to Liang Dong it inside, we can see the relevant information before, and ah, a content. So, we will without further ado, today entered immediately on the "eight" topic. What is called "eight" mean? That boys and girls are not the same, is not it? "Yellow Emperor" talk, the girls do, is for a period of seven years,
Of Age: pair.
Liang Dong: physiological deployment.
Of Age: pair.
Liang Dong: boys do, is eight years.
Of Age: eight years, first sentence.
Liang Dong: ah, that the first sentence of it, saying that her husband is the boys ah, eight, kidney real teeth long, oh, "hair long teeth more." Oh, very strange ah, the girls called "tooth more hair long," and the boys called "hair long teeth more."
Of Age: pair.
Liang Dong: This is the middle there is the reason?
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: Let me first word ah, called "husband eight years old." You put it directly translated into a boy, is not it? We ask why a man called her husband?
Liang Dong: Oh, this is a very interesting question, oh.
Of Age: Oh, interesting. Why is it called the husband?
Liang Dong: That with the "husband" is not ......
Of Age: "Joe," What does this mean?
Liang Dong: Cardiff, Cardiff we know, is not it? Yes, this is more prominent than the "day" a little bit, is not it? Cardiff Well, is not it? "Husband" do not know.
Of Age: That is why the man called "husband", ah, we call a real man, stalwart husband, ah, saying that after the wedding themselves ......, before we all call themselves husband called her husband, and now have become a husband, ah.
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: The "husband" What do you mean? Most people answered and said, oh, we are ten feet tall, so called husband. That adult man ten feet tall, that here to say, "her husband eight years old," eight to ten feet is impossible, right?
Liang Dong: Yes!
Of Age: is not it? There is a one meter a few. So, the husband is not ......, which itself is a scale units, but in here, that men are not meant scales. This "husband" it, Oracle how to write?It is under a "turn."
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: symbol of a hand, the above is a "cross", a symbol of a ruler is a ruler in his hand man, that is, he was measuring something called "husband" is a man. Why a ruler in his hand this man is a man, rather than the woman? This is a problem.
Liang Dong: a child my mother hands are holding a ruler, spank me is to get this ruler.
Of Age: ruler,
Liang Dong: Oh, that's ruler Kazakhstan.
Of Age: But not quit stick. The ruler said a word we use classical, what?
Liang Dong: feet.
Of Age: Oh, called the feet.
Liang Dong: Oh, is not it?
Of Age: called "Moments."
Liang Dong: Oh.
Of Age: rules.
Liang Dong: The right right right.
Of Age: What is "regulation"?
Liang Dong: "regulation" is the compass thing.
Of Age: Oh, regulation is a circular motion, called regulation. Ruler of it, this is the amount of horizontal length vertical, called the moment. We often say "rules", failing to rule not Cheng Fangyuan, you can draw a circle in accordance with regulations, according to the moment you do, you can draw a square.
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: Why take the ruler who is man? Then forward unwinding, that is what is man?
Liang Dong: above fields, following strong.
Of Age: working in the fields to contribute to that person, then we talk about the "field", and you are in someone's field work it? Ah my home field. Your family has a few acres of land it?
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: This relates to what? Measurement problem of land. So take a ruler hand man, before he worked in the fields, the first man to land planning measure.
Liang Dong: Aha.
Of Age: measure the land we now call, you are a few acres, a bit, a few hectares of land. In fact, this is a what? It is a symbol of power.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: we are talking about people in power, what is the power of the people?
Liang Dong: it is the scepter thing, right?
Of Age: scepter, the right to do, we often say that on balance, the right to be a steelyard, a steelyard, the balance scales lump called, um, this weighbeam, said several kilograms double, determine the final say, ah, you This handed Zuzi, several kilograms of millet is, I say, we say that this person has the right to speak. So people in power, who mastered weights and measures, to master the few fighting a few liters, weight control, grasp the scale of people call "husband."
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: So, men are working in the fields, but also master the planning of land. We are now engaged in the real estate development grant prefecture is also difficult.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: grant a piece of land, we have the final say in person. Therefore, the "husband" is coming from here.
Liang Dong: Oh ~
Of Age: then the corresponding terms, what means the hands of a woman?
Liang Dong: hands of a woman holding a man.
Of Age: Ha ha ha ......
Liang Dong: Ha ha ha ......
Of Age: A man in his hand a ruler.
Liang Dong: What hand woman holding it?
Of Age: Oh, that if there is an SMS interaction, we can prize quiz up. I have talked about the rules, his hand man holding a moment, then the hands of a woman holding what?
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: regulation.
Liang Dong: Oh, really?
Of Age: Oh, I was looking at this problem, I thought, I said that if my ......, according to my reasoning is correct, then the hands of the woman should take the rules, compasses.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: This time I think we Chinese earliest ancestors, who first of which is for children between men and women? Westerners say that Adam and Eve.
Liang Dong: No, Fuxi thing.
Of Age: Nuwa Fuxi now.
Liang Dong: right ah, Fuxi thing.
Of Age: So we left a lot of ancient murals, silk or silk painting, it's like there Fuxi and Nuwa, it underneath like snakes entwined like the above are two separate human form, a man, a woman ʱ??
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: bearded man, holding a thing, woman, hands Goddess could get a thing. I found on the Internet I would say if I judge, then, God certainly will not lie to me, that, the man hand holding a ruler in her hand woman holding a gauge. When I opened the picture you that Baidu search, search an open, my eyes bright, holding a ruler Fuxi, Nu Wa in his hand is to regulate, beneath there is a detailed text description.
Liang Dong: What say?
Of Age: Note that, in my judgment.
Liang Dong: No, I mean that detailed notes on what?
Of Age: Description is to say, this, Fuxi holding a ruler, but it did not say he was going to do.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: That, it says, is introduced, which is what the people in his hand, the guy even children.
Liang Dong: ah, oh.
Of Age: We now are interested can also go online to search, ah, Fuxi and Nuwa picture, and then you look at those, what things to take their hands. It does not explain why so many take, but it is the portrait on the edge of it, above a sun, the sun which has a three-legged bird, called Suzaku.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: underneath there is a moon, there is this rabbit, surrounded by some of the Big Dipper, ah, there are other stars, the whole a complete Chinese ancient worship of this picture.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: So we say, the Goddess holding a compass doing? Think about it now.
Liang Dong: Oh, this problem Yeah, really learning knowledge na, not in response to, or in the question, is not it? Why I did not ask this?
Of Age: Ha ha ha, you did not dig.
Liang Dong: Oh, I guess it is holding the compass ...... you say.
Of Age: Yeah, I was also considering, that men working in the fields need to take a ruler to the amount of land.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: What woman do? Do you remember I talked about the witch thing?
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: is not it? Witch doing?
Liang Dong: Malay world of spirits thing is communication.
Of Age: The witch is the world's people to communicate. So this regulation, we talk about this compass gauge.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: everyone when it visited the Forbidden City, the Palace seen arrayed in front of an ancient clock, what? Two "soil" stacked together, what is?
Liang Dong: What is it? A little break, huh, advertising look right back and continue to explore why women hand holding a compass, oh.
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Liang Dong: Oh, good! It came back, and Xu continued to talk to, had it, that can today, "eight", the "eight" men, eighteen than 28, 38, forty-eight, fifty-eight ...... seventy-eight seven or eight ah, after talking, but what? It seems only ......, no chance, and we chatted for a word, "husband" have not finished chat. Just talked about, ah, when you go to the Palace of it, it found that the woman, holding Regulation.
Of Age: Haha, no.
Liang Dong: Not really say?
Of Age: No, I search for pictures, Ancient people Fuxi and Nuwa that portrait painting.
Liang Dong: You just said you're going to the Palace of the way?
Of Age: The Imperial Palace it was so, it put the Forbidden City that Wo front of the hall stood a weighing hopper with that.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: Another swing is that we called "day-kyu." This "kyu" how to write? Two "earth." It also has a name, also called "sundial" is above a sun "day", the middle of a Director of "office", under a "mouth", also read the gui. The sundial is doing, it is round.
Liang Dong: ah, that word to read "gui" Yeah, I always thought the idea of ​​what the word "mian" Yeah, or how, "crown" is not?
Of Age: with the uncrowned king of the "crown", but not the same.
Liang Dong: Oh, right.
Of Age: that read gui.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: So, it ...... this day, we often say a word called "hemispherical dome", you get a ruler square, you are in farming, the amount of land. Take that regulations are doing? Astrology is the study of astronomy.
Liang Dong: Oh, right.
Of Age: So Nu take a compass with the sundial, the sun is shining on a sticks, the shadow changes.We have studied Chinese Feasts ah, study this change of time. The earliest Chinese calendar, is the time to develop in the Goddess down.
Liang Dong: by women to develop it?
Of Age: Oh, the earliest calendar is called "Goddess calendar." Everyone has heard a phrase called "Sky Goddess."
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: What make God? Not to say that days missed, we all know, we are now, each ......, is the calendar year was 365 1/4 days, that is to say more than 365 days so 1/4 days, then every four years, we will add one day, leap day, to make up that day in the 29th, February 29th, is not it?In fact, in ancient times, Nuwa - is our ancient witch who these big, have been aware of the problem, they produced this calendar is called "Goddess calendar." Goddess calendar does it make that day, I realized that the lack of this day, she gave up on, and this is a woman to do. Another calendar does, there is a saying that the first calendar - it Goddess calendar, which is based on a woman's menstrual cycle, to set the standard woman's menstrual cycle is 28 days, so had never been seen in a In it, there are 13 months, 13 months multiplied by 28 is actually 364 days, it is even worse day, that, is the Goddess this day fill in the February 29. Then that had never been seen in January is 28 days, but it was only 29 days in February. So from this thing that we look back at that era it is ancient naive, men are working in the fields, while the women in the study of these illusory, to communicate with the world these metaphysics.
Liang Dong: Yes, so now young women like to talk about astrology at every turn, there is a historical reason .......
Of Age: The astrology, we Chinese have studied twenty-four solar terms, a very accurate description of this influence of the Sun on the Earth.
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: We now time to say a newspaper, today is the winter solstice lunar calendar. What Lunar Yeah, we Chinese people with twenty-four solar terms are standard solar calendar, which is based on the solar cycle to decide, is not it? It is with the Gregorian day basically consistent. We use the so-called Lunar lunar calendar, it is that according to the moon wanes to change to develop.Foreigners no 24 solar terms, but what foreigners? There astrology.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: You see astrology told us that twenty-four throttle basically. Before the winter solstice, winter solstice before you were born, right? You are Sagittarius.
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: A After the winter solstice, Capricorn, which is based on changes in the sun to develop.Is foreign, there are some witch, we are observing this thing.
Liang Dong: So Boulevard homologous thing.
Of Age: Oh, Avenue - finally it is consistent.
Liang Dong: Well, our problem comes, you just ask, is why eight years ago, also known as the husband?
Of Age: Oh, I said to the man to settle down, that is, to work, to contribute in the fields.
Liang Dong: Oh.
Of Age: And we are talking about, ah, on the hemispherical dome is concerned, that is, the moment, is this square ah, square, we fight - with negotiations when used, generally with square table, he said he was serious, very formal. The maternal it, have some tolerance, round, we eat, are happy with the round table.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: So the husband grew up in the field to define our farming, sweat, ah, to be responsible for this
Liang Dong: rational ah.
Of Age: rational, eh, this relatively straight, not turning children's thinking, vertical equity, right? And women? She is a kind of circular thinking.
Liang Dong: So why is it called the reunion dinner thing.
Of Age: Oh, the highest level of the circle, that is, we are talking about the occult that dot.Another, that is, we often say that war, dry battle, war broke out with people, what does this mean war? In fact, is it? Local tyrants and divide the land, the subdivision uneven, resulting in a dispute, why, who is going to fight? Men go to war.
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: say and do? Are some of the women to reconcile. So Chinese philosophy, Taoism does this idea, which is closer to the idea of ​​motherhood.
Liang Dong: Lin Yutang once said so well, he said, women are more suited to do the politicians.
Of Age: a leader!
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: Book of Changes that we are talking about China and Thailand Gua, Gua is the best that is in the Yin Yao Yang Yao in the next, it is a leader of the women at the top. We the "ancient naive theory", the first is Lady first. We talk about women's seven years old, is not it? Kidney Sheng, tooth more hair long, then said a man behind children. The former is a woman, a man in the post.Ah, respect for women is the philosophical foundation.
Liang Dong: So, from this perspective, Kazakhstan,
Of Age: listen to his wife's words.
Liang Dong: Women's Day should not be in thirty-eight, it should be in thirty-seven.
Of Age: Oh, Panax.
Liang Dong: Ha ha ha, right? In theory, this should do, right?
Of Age: pair.
Liang Dong: thirty-eight should belong to the Men's Day thing.
Of Age: Always these 7788 things.
Liang Dong: Yes, well, "her husband eight years old," kidney straight, oh, "kidney real" ah. Eight years old, is probably second grade, first grade, second grade, when, um, kidney, why "kidney real" mean?
Of Age: ah, he back to sixteen-year-old "kidney Sheng," he told the woman is not the same.
Liang Dong: Yes, you see the woman was seven ah kidney Sheng, but here too, "her husband eight years old, kidney real," ah, "real" it is full, the fruit of the "real" Oh.
Of Age: Yes, what we clearly see the boys of physical development than girls to be late, a year late. In addition, from the physical and psychological point of view, from the boys sensible, opens too late than girls.
Liang Dong: Many late Oh!
Of Age: eh, junior high school, an ordinary girl to a vacation, understand about a lot of things.
Liang Dong: with little adult-like, is not it?
Of Age: Oh, the boys also that muddle, do not know.
Liang Dong: girls already know how to tell the teacher to complain, we complain it is also silly, are doing this kind of thing.
Of Age: Yes, it is a natural, day given a natural law, we must follow it.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: So, boys to the nominal age eight, began what? Permanent teeth.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: ah, a year later than girls. It is the hair on the front of it, say what a fine performance adequate blood man is? Hair stud upright children, particularly stout, and, that is, after it is eight years old, it is the barber shave ...... ah, long hair very fast,
Of Age: Basically, you have one week haircut, no haircut, then, is that it ...... very rough coarse hair, difficult to see. This is a ......
Liang Dong: call the baby boy.
Of Age: Oh, feather boy, ah, Hutouhunao, this rough coarse hair, in fact, this is a manifestation of an essence and blood filling. We'll talk later, Xie Dinga men, hair loss ah, Fabin gray ah, in fact, are an expression of the essence and blood weak.
Liang Dong: Oh yo, so you look oh, just about year-old woman it is tooth more hair long. Year-old man then, her husband eight years old then, was made long teeth more.
Of Age: Oh, first, he was the first performance in the hair, the first performance in the hair, it is beyond the age of eight, the boy's baby teeth to fall off, oh, after falling into a new set of teeth. But some relatively weak kidney, then, what he has is that it sometimes change deciduous incomplete, on some of the teeth out of the no out, is a kidney, or kidney fine blood performance.This time for it, consciously, we should is that these permanent teeth late, or not lost some teeth, or teeth particularly wide these boys, they should consciously use some diet or drugs make way medicine , help him to enrich the kidney.
Liang Dong: Oh, you can do?
Of Age: Oh, can some of the conditioning method is through diet and drugs make up, and the other one I remind you, that is something sweet to kidney damage is greatest. Ah, you say, you eat watermelon, they stop to pee, eat this too many sweets, or I will have this kind of diabetes.Child knows, what, ah, too much sugar bad teeth.
Liang Dong: We always thought ah, this so-called sugar is a bad tooth caries ah.
Of Age: ah, that is.
Liang Dong: Actually, from your point of view is not the case, oh.
Of Age: not. Sweet things are spleen, the spleen and stomach good. In the theory of five elements inside the stomach inside the five elements belonging to what way?
Liang Dong: Well soil.
Of Age: soil.
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: The kidneys do? What is it?
Liang Dong: Water Well.
Of Age: essence, is water. They both what is the relationship?
Liang Dong: Well grams.
Of Age: Is the soil grams of water.
Liang Dong: Oh.
Of Age: So you eat something sweet, it enhances the function of the spleen and stomach. But then, at the same time, it will certainly be weakened kidney function. Therefore, I suggest to the moment the child must eat less sugar, or simply do not eat sugar.
Liang Dong: That should be something to eat what taste it?
Of Age: Oh, bitter Kennedy kidney. Eat something? Some focus browned fried yellow hard fruit, nuts and the like, whether it is for children, the elderly are good. Elderly kidney failure later, what will appear? Kidneys Chi, he always forget things.
Of Age: the last time we talk about ......
Liang Dong: I am now so ah!
Of Age: Oh, the old forget things, always short-term memory, recent memory particularly bad, I thought things were a few decades ago, this view, aging, and brain atrophy, and these are what we use? Salt boiling point of walnuts, or use the grill, put the cooked roasted walnuts and walnut stripped thin layer of small children.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: which of these is kidney deficiency, kidney not real people, tonic effects are particularly good. What show some small boy? Bedwetting.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: Originally a real kidney, the kidney is the main what? Be enclosed. Kidney is real, you pocket is maintained. What is kidney deficiency is a major performance? Wait any longer urine.What is man? A bit of a cough, laugh, urine came out. Manifestation is the child wet the bed.
Liang Dong: Oh.
Of Age: So for these children, we have to adapt to Heaven, not in his permanent teeth when the permanent teeth, or teeth particularly wide, teeth particularly sparse, to send a long time, or when a small Rattus quickly Kidney ʱ??
Liang Dong: eight on the kidney?
Of Age: Then how?
Liang Dong: Oh, in fact, may actually be more help him lay a good foundation, right?
Of Age: Yes, otherwise, had never been seen on the leak, to grow up, he would drain more severe.
Liang Dong: Yes, it comes to this man 2.28 "Pareto kidney Sheng," ah, Sheng, that is Zhifan Ye Sheng, "Sheng." "Tiangui to, the essence spilled, yin and yang, and it could have a child." Oh, the key issue here, and saying, ah, you look at this, the woman at the time of the first seven years, she had been "kidney Sheng," the.
Of Age: ah.
Liang Dong: Man to twenty-eight XVI when the kidney was filled.
Of Age: only kidney Sheng.
Liang Dong: ah, this difference so far ah?
Of Age: the difference so far, so he said to the two eighty-year-old man, is the nominal age of sixteen, that is, from the age of eight real, to sixteen years of this process, what he is beginning to become kidney Yumi Special grand, filling.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: This time his second performance, that is, begin to develop secondary sexual characteristics. We learn, uh ...... woman when it comes up, it says "to menstruation, Ren Tong, Taichong pulse Sheng", is not it? But in men, it does not say that we can do, by analogy, to infer what I said last time, said a woman because you want to menstruation, her red veins Sheng later, her blood flowing down, so a woman is not long beard.
Liang Dong: Why men grow out?
Of Age: Men do not go ...... without bloodshed, he walked up the red veins, red veins which are distributed around the lips, and this time it, he began a long beard. Once a woman menstruation does not come, the woman began to grow a beard. Once a man empty red veins, and he seldom beard.If the words altogether, red veins no blood inside, this person is called, we called "day castrated."
Liang Dong: Oh, I have a question to ask about, Xu, ah, I was eight to sixteen years old at that stage ah, especially like nosebleeds.
Of Age: Oh, nosebleeds.
Liang Dong: flow every month, regular flow, every three days.
Of Age: Do you belong to that, the last time I do not say that you belong to that man's man.
Liang Dong: Need. Oh Oh.
Of Age: yin and yang we regard man ...... Oh, boast myself, good, heart qi foot.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: Well, I know there are a few examples are like you, I have a hobby, study a number of celebrities such physical condition and medical history.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: Let the beloved Premier Zhou Yang is particularly busy.
Liang Dong: He previously this?
Of Age: nosebleeds. You go check him these memoirs, he wrote a biography of someone else. He went to the winter ah, can not it, wear thick clothes, once that wrapped too strict, immediately nosebleeds, that person's yang is the most popular. Cultural Revolution, ah, Zhou Enlai twenty-one hours a day's work, which is on the road to the airport, the car hit a nap children. But the sight of the guests, immediately ......
Liang Dong: Well then foreign guests.
Of Age: right ah, now it is radiant. It describes when Zhou Enlai, said Zhou Enlai's eyes sparkle, Zhou Enlai is the yang of the most prosperous one.
Liang Dong: Yes, I think now I found that I there was a problem ah, always, eh, forget things that matter.
Of Age: ah.
Liang Dong: when young thing, kindergarten thing actually remember very clearly, which female students ah, go ah ...... all ......
Of Age: Ha ha ha.
Liang Dong: Ha ha ha.
Of Age: So this man do after kidney Sheng, one of his first performance at the Adam's apple, man Adam's apple to grow, to change the sound, and long beard. And then, bones, long months, the bones become very thick, beginning a long one. These are signs of change in his sixteen-year-old, she began to emerge.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: the lower one and it does, say, in this case, what he's development tends to mature.
Liang Dong: called "essence spilled," Well, is not it?
Of Age: Oh, that is, in the case of kidney Sheng of it, he will appear in addition to those changes in secondary sexual characteristics, his most important change, that is the emergence of what? Ejaculation, nocturnal emission phenomenon.
Liang Dong: wow, this topic is too violent. A little break, come back immediately after it, with you to explore this issue.
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Liang Dong: Yes, still the teacher of Age Liang Dong, and to explore the "ancient naive theory."Today it is the men talked about, ah, the husband of a menstrual cycle every eight years, not to mention the man no menstrual cycles Oh, ah, man is there. We just talked about it, "Pareto kidney Sheng, menstruation to, refined gas spill write." Ah, it is the word it, using a "write", writing "write", you find no?
Of Age: it is a pass off the words.
Liang Dong: Oh, is interchangeable characters Oh, I thought ......
Of Age: drops of it and that, plus a writing that "write" is a word, the essence spilled.
Liang Dong: refined gas spilled Well, eh, I insert a small problem here again, oh, Xu teacher, what I often see this, this diarrhea, vent, a then drops of a world of "World", three water a writing "write", in the end these two are diarrhea bar, or both xie thing, right? What's not to like?
Of Age: This is the word yes, uh, since writing is not the same, it means certainly are not the same, not the same where? Together we can talk about a little later.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: first say fine, this fine material means visible, we have it here alone, that is fine reproduction of, ah, that refers to the male semen, including sperm inside. Gas it, it is that we speak of strength, which is talking about the kind of energy that ...... essence metaplasia.
Liang Dong: energy.
Of Age: eh, energy. The refined gas combined it, is that it has a bullet, the air it? It has the ability to handle ejected.
Liang Dong: There is no ability to shoot it out of it?
Of Age: There ah, impotence man ah.
Liang Dong: Oh, right.
Of Age: premature ejaculation man ah.
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: right ah, his light bullets, no energy, no ability to put a bullet into it the place to go, have called fine airless ah.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: Some people have gas azoospermia ah.
Liang Dong: is playing air gun.
Of Age: playing air gun.
Liang Dong: Oh.
Of Age: did live a long time, and finally no sperm, dead sperm.
Liang Dong: said that, having said that this "essence spilled," ah.
Of Age: refined gas is to say, it has a material basis, it is enough, then, its strength is also very full, this material add energy, or in the future we will talk about yin and yang, that there are yin, yang another case , causing what result? One is the overflow, one is diarrhea, overflow and diarrhea are not the same, eh, open water, the water inside the pot overflowed, and it is where he came from?
Liang Dong: From soup children.
Of Age: Oh, come out from above.
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: diarrhea it?
Liang Dong: Oh.
Of Age: diarrhea it?Sluice. Spilled out from underneath. So, the essence spilled it, first of all we say that it will be a case of it, called the fine from the overflow full, full fine from the overflow. Ah, that is the essence, or that semen, or power, accumulated to a certain extent, you do not give it add any alien power and excitement, it will be discharged. That is why we say that some children will be nocturnal phenomenon, beyond the age of sixteen, which is a manifestation of his maturity, this ...... this is a manifestation of health, ah, that is, his physical maturity of a which performed. Diarrhea called it, is your man added some strength, which we sometimes refer to, has been a sexual act of intercourse some men and women, some put it out yourself, now called "masturbation."
Liang Dong: Masturbation.
Of Age: Oh, so, this essence spilled, it is a manifestation of its physiology.
Of Age: This is normal. However, the following word it ......
Liang Dong: ah "yin and yang, and it could have a child."
Of Age: This is the time that is physiologically mature. At this time the yin and yang and the so-called "yin and yang" to refer to the men and women, male and female intercourse. Yin and yang harmony after it, 14-year-old girl, also mature, 16-year-old boy, also mature. In theory, this time, we can have a baby.
Liang Dong: Oh.
Of Age: But then, I'm talking about when women say that women should be developed to mature what, 21 years old.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: Below we talk about boys is 24 years old, that is, in theory, have a baby at this time.But if you can turn the refined gas saved for your own growth and development, you will develop very well, he looked strong, including your intelligence and wisdom force.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: will be a great development.
Liang Dong: Intelligence and What?
Of Age: Hui force. Wisdom and wisdom thing.
Liang Dong: Oh, right right right, talked before. Wisdom and wisdom are not the same, Jizhongshengzhi rest energy of wisdom, ah.
Of Age: ah, that is, if you can be saved, it can go to the development of the power that regard.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: This means that, in theory, can do so, but the fact of it, "Yellow Emperor" I suggest you do not do so. I said, who's the best of this kind of sex or marriage fertility, girls should be 21 years after. She had never been seen since the growth pole, a look that is no longer a long, developed to the limit; and men to 24 years before a long pole. So, a man to 24 years, 21-year-old woman to be the best child-bearing age.
Liang Dong: So, so let's say 24 years before the country called "early marriage and childbearing," is not it?
Of Age: pair.
Liang Dong: Oh, what, when, after what age are "delayed marriage and childbearing" mean?
Of Age: it does not know, and I think there are over 80 years old to get married yet.
Liang Dong: Ha ha ha! Yes.That description also understand people live, is not it?
Of Age: "yin and yang, it can have a child", and this time could theoretically have a baby.
Liang Dong: ah.Hey than 28 do, kidney containing it, to menstruation to, the essence spilled, yin and yang, and it could have a child, it is to have children. That thirty-eight, ah, "kidney average strength and strong bones, so raw and real teeth long pole." Kidney averaged ......
Of Age: Oh, last time, women have kidney average.
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: In other words, the kidney, in addition to support her development of her reproductive function outside of it, if it can spare, on the distribution to all parts of the body.
Liang Dong: Yes, just like that, the champagne, is there? Champagne tower.
Of Age: Ha ha ha, overflow.
Liang Dong: right?You fall in the first layer, slowly slowly, infiltration into the second layer, three, four. In fact our body ah, that is, the mind, ah, ah development of limbs, bone marrow ah, rely on this stuff.
Of Age: Oh, yes, this time people began to long height, at the moment are also great appetite, teenagers boy, eat dead father.
Liang Dong: Ha ha ha, "Jin strong bones," Oh, why it is fresh and strong, but not strong it?
Of Age: tendons, it is the corresponding, tendons, facing the King.
Liang Dong: Oh.
Of Age: we say that the person fresh vigor, there are awkward and elastic. That enthusiasm, you see, he said Jin, Beijing speak, you see this man fresh vigor, and it is a leap, flexible feel. It is described as the muscle and tendon, it is flexible.
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: bone, is strong. This, we, also talked about, called "weak chi, strong in bone." Strong bones, tendons is awkward.
Liang Dong: You see, you see, I think I still have to improve, you see I can get out and asked why the strength of strong bones, instead of strong bones and muscles, I think I still have some progress in Kazakhstan.
Of Age: right right.
Liang Dong: fresh bones strong, because muscle strength corresponds to the bone corresponds strong.
Of Age: pair.
Liang Dong: it is born real teeth and long pole.
Of Age: real teeth is what we call wisdom.
Liang Dong: Oh, some people think there is no use of wisdom teeth, pulled out.
Of Age: uh ......
Liang Dong: Actually that alright?
Of Age: Oh, right, if particularly painful, affect, or you need to cut it to grow back.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: not long wisdom teeth, indicating that kidney is not enough.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: wisdom teeth grow, congratulations, kidney is sufficient. This molars, we called out and fell down the teeth are long. This is a more adequate kidney performance. Pull does not matter.
Liang Dong: Oh, speaking of here ah. Shu-teacher, I ask you a question, then two days ago, I met a friend. He told me, he said he knew in Zhuhai, a person, that person then, be able to point you press, press it, press it after a few. And then, he took a hand lovemaking to be able to win the teeth come.
Of Age: ah.
Liang Dong: does not hurt. He said you go to that so-called modern dental clinic, to anesthetics, could not get half a day off.
Of Age: ah.
Of Age: He said he point a few points it ...... you say about this possible?
Of Age: There ah. First of all the man he is ...... he has internal force, is that he has, he practiced martial arts. This example, we pull the upper teeth, we can tap Hoku on it, because Hoku hand Yangming large intestine through.
Liang Dong: Hoku where ah?
Of Age: Hoku, is the thumb and the index finger in the middle of the hole.
Liang Dong: a bit like the jaws of death.
Of Age: Oh, is that the tiger's mouth.
Liang Dong: Ooo.
Of Age: Hoku, the meridian it is from here that we come to the gums.
Liang Dong: Yes.
Of Age: Before we do this acupuncture anesthesia.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: that Hoku plus a needle, or strong stimulation, or pass on the power. This time you give him belly incision surgery, he did not perception, not to mention pulling teeth.
Liang Dong: Oh, no wonder ago Now, when I was little, I have a toothache, my mother called me pinching jaws of death.
Of Age: ah.
Liang Dong: I think of it, she said, does it mean, that you put there, pinching pain, forget this place.
Of Age: Oh, actually.
Liang Dong: There are also, almost is not it?
Of Age: tune called God. After we called breathing, Tiaoshen. I said that soldiers assault, it did not feel intestines. Why, his breath ...... absently.
Liang Dong: Oh.
Of Age: God and gas was not there, so he kind ...... God put the excitement back to forget, he just felt his pain.
Liang Dong: it is said that many people are after the Long March, ah, to that place he was dead.
Of Age: Oh, right.
Liang Dong: is that, it is the only sacrifice, because what is it? He has supported him kind of awkward.
Of Age: vent out.
Liang Dong: ah, I have supported him in the walk, then one to the destination.
Of Age: So this is justified jaws, ha ha ha.
Liang Dong: Ha ha ha. Legend of the jaws, originally meant.
Of Age: that according to the tiger's mouth to pull their own teeth.
Liang Dong: Ha ha ha. Oh, really possible Kazakhstan. Well, you could have a child. Thirty-eight, kidney average, fresh bones strong, so real teeth are born long pole.
Of Age: ah, so-called long pole to say, a man to 24 years old, do not expect to be taller. We often people have a saying called "Twenty-Three, but also jump a jump" it.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: The boys in high school you do not look inconspicuous. College, eh? Several of my, my high school classmate ah, so university graduates saw, wow, so high. The children are in college, he had never been seen long.
Liang Dong: I also seemed so yeah.
Of Age: Oh, before 24-year-old jumped up. So, 24 years before, with some, such as our Chinese medicine nursed back to health so that the kidney can average method, or to make "real kidney" approach, or to make "kidney Sheng" approach, but also contribute to a long one. After this age, bye, even think of.
Liang Dong: Oh, Xu teacher.
Of Age: Unless wear high heels.
Liang Dong: Today I talked with you, ah, there is a very important one harvest.
Of Age: eh.
Liang Dong: Yeah, I used to think of it, only to do the old man when it needs kidney, and now you are such a say, 8-year-old can be, that this place if you have a problem, and it is the foundation.
Of Age: laying the foundation.
Liang Dong: Yes, laying the foundation. I would like to ask that, in addition to more complex, you often say, for example, we often say, you can add some salt boiled walnut ah a cook, fry eat, other than this kidney method, there is no kind of relatively simple and easy line? On a class ah, take a bus, ah, ah, etc. lifts can also be used in the method.
Of Age: Yes, of course.
Liang Dong: Like what?
Of Age: First of all, we say that the kidney is fill holes, you tainted sperm problems.
Liang Dong: ah, the last time you talked Well, fill and benefits, is not the same thing, right?
Of Age: first to make live loopholes.
Liang Dong: ah, make not add, fill it, what it means is to fill up the pot, like, is not it?
Of Age: pair.
Liang Dong: avoid loopholes.
Of Age: avoid leakage. Kidney ancient methods passed down there a lot, but they do, are not being seriously, I say to you two.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: one, is what? In high school, my biology teacher told me. Why he studied Chinese medicine it? He originally was a student, and he has a very powerful diabetes. The person to the disease, when or when not fast, have a common hobby.
Liang Dong: Ha ha ha.
Of Age: Research on Traditional Chinese Medicine. So he told us it would be one thing, what? Pee when teeth.
Liang Dong: What is the principle of it? I have heard of it.
Of Age: Oh, this, teeth are of the kidney, as we all know.
Liang Dong: the know.
Of Age: The defecation of this feature is also a kidney. So defecation is the kidney, exert oneself when, at this time you teeth ah. It does not leak, do not leak, ah.
Liang Dong: Well then a lot of Western medicine certainly think you crazy, right?
Of Age: Oh, so this thing is very valued person.
Liang Dong: Yes.
Of Age: But, wait a college, many of my Chinese medicine contact a teacher, and my contact with some of these Taiji, Xingyi teacher later, none of these teachers, and both told me that this method exception. So, when we are eating do not speak, I tell you, do not speak when urinating, both men and women, life on habit.
Liang Dong: So, ah, two days before ......
Of Age: killing is not said.
Liang Dong: Yes, we often see some people do, is not it? In the bathroom there was still a cell phone thing, right?
Of Age: So this method is that we say, at one moment to speak or not to bite, is leakage.
Liang Dong: Oh.
Of Age: In fact, this is some ancient people, ah, Zhan Zhuang practice when he's a feeling in meditation, he could feel this gas where to go, how is dissipated, so he had never been seen to bite into.
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Of Age: Another way to do it, what we call "summarized Valley Road", called "anus."
Liang Dong: Oh.
Of Age: levator ani, the levator ani What is it? It is conscious of the anus there pick up.
Liang Dong: Well sphincter.
Of Age: Oh, anal sphincter, if you go to the bathroom but you have to endure that state.
Liang Dong: Oh.
Of Age: The ancients call this "summarized Valley Road."
Liang Dong: Which summarized, which Valley, which channel ah?
Of Age: abstract, it is next to the handle, one of the best "the most."
Liang Dong: Oh.
Of Age: pick up. Valley, is the grain "valley", this road is the road of the "Road." The ancients speak very subtle, he put the defecation place called Valley Road. This ...... this male, female pee, called waterways.
Liang Dong: Oh.
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Liang Dong: Oh, just, um, Xu talked waterways, dry track this thing ah.
Of Age: ah.
Liang Dong: uh, you just talked about, called summarized Valley Road Well, is not it? The word ah, can easily be read into zuo, right?
Of Age: a handful.
Liang Dong: right ah, a handful of, ah, a handful. Well, what do you think the reason this is it?We have just talked to a topic, it is how simple method which can be at 8 years old, 16 years old, 24 years old began to kidney Kazakhstan.
Of Age: The way to do that, we have a theory of traditional Chinese medicine called "kidney Secretary stool." Is the kidney, it has a function, which is responsible for bowel movements and urination.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: So if you do this consciously practice, including not say ...... we stood, we Zhan Zhuang, he must be licking palate, take the bird bridge, then, underneath to be summarized Valley Road, to the levator ani, What he levator ani's purpose? That is, when you put this ......, anus it could have been a hole is a hole, and when you pick it up, the hole closes up.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: The most important man called Du veins. It is from the perineum, the same with Ren out, perineum Ren go if it is to move forward, Du do it is to go back, it first passes the ditch, this hole is the anus. If you do not put this ditch to fill it up, then it is hard on the gas.
Liang Dong: this sub-ah.
Of Age: then, it passes through our caudal, the long and strong, and then we go up along the spine. At this time in order to, in order to pass the Du. Du What is? The main one of the male.
Liang Dong: Oh.
Of Age: It is our responsibility man Well, to straighten the backbone, the spine should be straight, this is the most critical. Woman is Ren, Ren is the primary pregnancy, pregnant, man it is very important to Du. So, you summarized Valley Road, then, to help Du patency.
Liang Dong: Haha. Xu you see my face, you can understand, Oh, I have to make efforts in this area began in the bar.
Of Age: Oh.
Liang Dong: Well, ah, Oh, this is really, it seems that a lot of the usual things to understand, ah, have to know how it works after it, you will really go practice.
Of Age: Or you do not know, then you believe in, eh, what our ancestors taught us is certainly right, we will act accordingly, is not it? Ah, so this ......
Liang Dong: Oh, you say there is not a method, for example, is not "a blah, two blah", so there is a sense of rhythm, or the long term this? I feel sure ......
Of Age: Do not be too deliberate a.
Liang Dong: Oh.
Of Age: The Zhan Zhuang except when you can do that, we usually walking, walking ah, every day, listening to speeches of the leaders tired, you sit there quietly practicing practice, right? Who can not tell you secretly hard at that.
Liang Dong: Oh.
Of Age: More interesting is that when I was in America, I visited them the National Institutes of Health.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: The doctor they give us is some of the problems some women postpartum treatment. For example, she had a cause of postpartum vaginal relaxation. This time for it, she would of married life ah, more tired, is not over.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: then, and the other is the emergence of a uterine prolapse ah, sagging problems. They gave these women do, it provides training methods, they called her vaginal sphincter training, called the PC muscle.
Liang Dong: Oh.
Of Age: There muscles that you can not control, how they are training? They do this kind is called the levator ani training. Hey, I said you are now the stuff of scientific discovery, with our ancestors thousands of years ago have is coincide.
Liang Dong: "it really long pole tooth born forty-eight, bones Longsheng.."
Of Age: early. I had to put something before this was a very long account of it.
Liang Dong: Oh, you say.
Of Age: because there are many men, I met a lot of problems, in fact, he did not learn the "Yellow Emperor" of these words. What is the problem? I have talked about, that is not within the spirit of defensive problems.
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: that I met some patients ah ......
Liang Dong: What is keep within the spirit? first of all.
Of Age: Oh, we learn, "Elder naive theory" talk, keep within the spirit. "Tranquil nothingness, infuriating from it and keep within the spirit, patient safety has never been."
Liang Dong: Yes, we talked about, we want to review it, to the audience, giving listeners a refresher.
Of Age: Oh, I thought you forgot it.
Liang Dong: Oh.
Of Age: In the process of development of the male in fact, is a refined gas, then, a process of gasification of God.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: But there are a lot of people at this stage does not grow well, he's fine missed, not into the air.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: then, a direct impact on his life's happiness. We talk to say, 16 years old, men and spilled the essence. I treat patients with depression, ah, female, I ...... I analyze ah, according to my experience, women with abortion hurt refined, leading to the final fine to injury, after trouble, mainly. Boys or young men, middle-aged men, depression too want to live not want to die, huh, want to live, wanted to die, are in such fine leakage, loss of fine based. I came across a few typical cases of it, so, one of his playing at the age of eight when the slider. Eight ah, just kidney (real), just permanent teeth. But he played the slider when stimulated to own this ......
Liang Dong: Xiaoque bird.
Of Age: Oh, then there is a small ...... pleasure, then he developed a habit.
Liang Dong: What is slider ah?
Of Age: slider Well, is that from the rod down ......
Liang Dong: is climbing pole that, is not it?
Of Age: climbing pole climb, then Ci slip down.
Liang Dong: Oh, right, right right right.
Of Age: it is the kind of stimulus. And then, there is a yes, that is, before people sleep kang.
Liang Dong: Oh.
Of Age: A man sleeping kang, parents do, and some things are not taboo, so that eight children prematurely sensible. So, it causes a kind, to develop a bad habit. Still, that is mistakenly cross Foes, it is a bunch of kids, it is mutual, dissemination doing this, so that this 8-year-old to 16 years old, even at 16 years old to 24 years ago, some people ah every day Drain fine.
Liang Dong: Oh yo.
Of Age: Because of this, according to Chinese medicine in terms of what he had intercourse complementary yin and yang, light ourselves, we called the "solitary sun is not born alone Yin is not long." Get own words, just like "Dream of Red Mansions" that Jared, he did not nourish yin, there is no such desires calm that this female that side.
Liang Dong: Oh.
Of Age: So he wanted to be bigger, better and uncontrollably, then, do the virtual fire more prosperous, more powerful leak, so the last time I talk about the "Dream of Red Mansions" that Jared, here is Wang Xifeng ʱ??
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: watching the clouds and rain, there it is skeletons. So in the end of it, these people produce this, the first injury fine, after distracting. But he realized that this problem is not right, he went to the doctor, the doctor gave his point of view what is? Oh, not that a few proteins, the last time I talked about.
Liang Dong: Yes, before a lot of magazines Well, you see some ......
Of Age: "family doctor" Well.
Liang Dong: Like these magazines, it will never have such a ......
Of Age: it is always talking about this thing.
Liang Dong: Dr. Wang replied.
Of Age: The result of his very painful here, and then the doctor was not any trick ah. The doctor said, Oh, you thought overburdened, all right. The results are now engaged in a lot of people, ah, are living in this ......
Liang Dong: Early overdrafts.
Of Age: This half-half to death this ......
Liang Dong: are early overdrafts.
Of Age: Early overdrafts. So these people do, I have a point of view, that is to complement the fine, do not let it drain, then what then clear Firelight, this particular excitement, I said, the last thing that we talk about addictions.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: desire is that some have not been properly satisfied after it, he will become very partial, very strange, in another special way to show it. So this ...... this person, then we need to find a doctor, to find Chinese medicine conditioning.
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Liang Dong: You just talked about this passage.
Of Age: ah.
Liang Dong: indeed tell you, Do not tell people you are a patient with depression.
Of Age: Haha.
Liang Dong: Ha ha ha.
Of Age: part of the reason.
Liang Dong: Part of the reason, part of the reason. Ha ha.
Of Age: Part of the reason, that is to say, in part because of depression because of the material basis of hurt out.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: no fine, no fine, how can God? So they show it, just feel alive boring.
Liang Dong: So which was about traditional Chinese medicine, mental spirit, not the nerve.
Of Age: Ha ha ha.
Liang Dong: is the first, fine, after God.
Of Age: Oh, first substance, first, overcast, after the sun.
Liang Dong: So, ah, the Chinese characters ah, Weiyandayi.
Of Age: Oh, are particular order.
Liang Dong: Yes, order is luxurious. Oh, really ......
Of Age: So we always say "yin and yang theory", did not say how, "male and female doctrine"? Ah, the old saying "spirit", did not say how "nervous"?
Liang Dong: Haha. Nerve is another matter, is not it? Nerve "Jing", not the spirit of "fine."
Of Age: So, I say that is, first of all, do not use consciousness or will, the desire to control their own, that is, I make a suggestion to those friends. In addition, that is, as a person to be ashamed, feel guilty about the time, which has explained that it had hurt God. Ah, we say shamelessly that "tim", this time to learn self-comforting himself. This is a kind of harm to their own illness, we went to have a cure. No need to do this to, ah, some people wanted to go to the mantra, and some people have to accept some religion, to quit it, to ....... I tell you, your consciousness can not beat it, you still go up from physiological adjustment to it. It was also because of this, look at some other, they begin to condemn yourself. Ah, what the hell I keep it ah? I made what quit ah? Then I was punished for what? These are wrong. Ah, to be normal, just like a fever, like, no need to add so much psychological burden.
Liang Dong: But I guess a lot of the high school students ah, college students, ah, have similar problems such pressure, is not it?
Of Age: ah.
Liang Dong: This thing does not know, ah, right body is not good, is it? But then, this, no way, how to do it?
Of Age: I think, is to educate us by that time, it has it's very desirable place.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: that it is more humane.
Liang Dong: At that time you what kind of education that is more in line with human nature?
Of Age: Oh, you see, you listen to me ah.
Liang Dong: Oh.
Of Age: I study this male, female physiological development time, including the current scientific research, which found that women between 14-21 years of age, she had a rejection of the opposite sex. From the 16-year-old boy, ah, that is, after sexual maturity, he is not anxious fire fire to find the woman, he also has a rejection of the opposite sex.
Liang Dong: have?
Of Age: There is. Now this community has not this period of the.
Liang Dong: right ah, I just do not see the thing ......
Of Age: precocious, puppy love, can not wait long been rushed.
Liang Dong: Ha ha ha.
Of Age: There is. Our high school, junior high school, you see that I was 12 years old.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: to graduate from high school is 18 years old. Our boys and girls that would not talk, and, not to say that pretend not to speak, and my heart will not want to talk to girls. Causing loss of lives is that one day we will see "Water Margin" and partisan, the day is crazy slapstick ......
Liang Dong: a class on cockfighting, put one foot carried the other foot ...
Of Age: Oh, riding war. Performance that had never been seen bravery and masculinity.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: He did not go early leak. There is a particularly interesting that would be what it is, who is to say who and who engage the object of. Insult! I remember I was the one who said, Oh, my day I feel particularly ashamed of people.
Liang Dong: Actually there is not it?
Of Age: No, ah, it was indeed framed.
Liang Dong: Ha ha ha.
Of Age: others say, who does not know you, ah, whom do so and so, felt humiliation. Now people do, what you think? Proud of it!
Liang Dong: ah, not ashamed, anti-thought-wing.
Of Age: Oh, I have a few people ...... In fact, this is the drain fine performance, I suggest that you follow the nature, gives a constraint, the constraint ah.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: A little guidance, so that men take advantage of 16 to 24 years old this golden age, to develop his valor, at 10:00 on April 5 martial spirit, intelligence, and wisdom and so force ah say. We now see a man, unlike men, women, unlike women, are out on the issue. All this, man, 16 years old to 24 years old did not transition well ...... degrees; a woman, 14 years old to 21 years old did not transition well.
Liang Dong: Oh, there are a variety of such teachers often taught that these things when you're in trouble when it ......
Of Age: to punch a cold shower.
Liang Dong: ah, you go and take a cold shower.
Of Age: useless.
Liang Dong: useless, is not it?
Of Age: This thing, this awakened once opened, it is not on the block.
Liang Dong: how then should we do?
Of Age: Among the best is ignorant not open the orifices.
Liang Dong: Well that is not possible, you know.
Of Age: You have opened, I think it would conform to the natural. So what is my ideal education model is it? Sex schools.
Liang Dong: Oh.
Of Age: In the past also we discussed this matter.
Liang Dong: Yes.
Of Age: ah, say what gender equality, you go to see girls trained child, the dignified, the quiet, the beauty of effort, definitely a woman of taste. You see that we are now coeducational, wearing jersey also is the broken, I do not know that we now Chinese aesthetic education how to do this.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: The uniforms ah, all that ......
Liang Dong: I have never seen a beautiful school uniforms. Haha.
Of Age: The thing that is to say, men and women should use him this physiological stage, give him sex schools, then what train him, his brave man masculinity; cultivate the kind of quiet girl, restrained, subtle kind of feminine of the gas, the future of this community is that a particularly harmonious society. Otherwise, yin yin, yang yang, the future, and do not mix.
Liang Dong: Oh yo, think of these words have been spoken, have finished the "real teeth are born so long pole" is not it, all thought this period has passed, I speak forty-eight in the middle also inserted a paragraph so important thing.
Of Age: pair.
Liang Dong: I just think you're talking about things today, ah,
Of Age: Naobing age.
Liang Dong: we should be talking about one hour.
Of Age: ah, right.
Liang Dong: You see, how many people in this age ......
Of Age: You have an hour.
Liang Dong: Yes, from 16 to 24 years old at this stage.
Of Age: the golden age of man, must grip well.
Liang Dong: Yes, okay. Today it is almost time for the show, and we talked about eighteen than 28, 38, 38 twenty-four years ago.
Of Age: thirty-eight not come yet.
Liang Dong: thirty-eight not to do, is not it?
Of Age: thirty-eight arrived, to the, forty-eight not to.
Liang Dong: Dear listeners, we are not feel himself as a Chinese person is very, very honored to do?
Of Age: ah.
Liang Dong: do not learn the translation of this program will be able to understand ...... huh.Well, the next time the program goodbye. Bye.

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