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Elder naive theory article FOUR

Elder naive theory article FOUR
Speaker: the auspices of Age: Liang Dong
Broadcast time: 2008-12-2723: 00-24: 00
TEXT: Chi busy and Shao Yu, peace of mind and fear, shape labor and tireless, gas from a smooth, each according to its desire, who obtain wished. Beauty of its food, clothes term, Lucke vulgar, not compete with Mu, its people twenty years before the Park.
Liang Dong: Rediscovering traditional Chinese medicine is so beautiful, Hello everyone and welcome to tonight's national school of "Yellow Emperor" interpretation, is still my, Liang Dong!. In the past few weeks inside it, we spent almost three weeks four weeks for an hour a week, about the "Yellow Emperor" first chapter "Elder naive theory", every one hour a week, one hour a week with the program Well, just talking about twenty words, this can obviously see the "Yellow Emperor" really is the implication of a book ah! Every word is not superfluous, even every word can be split out in terms of a few hundred words. So, um, we continue to follow this a few weeks, we today, we want and we are still my favorite teacher of Age Magnolia medicine Tangtang Zhu together to chat, "Elder naive theory."
Of Age: Liang Dong good! Listeners and friends Hello, everyone!
Liang Dong: Oh, Hello, everyone! Well, we talked about it especially in this, our videos, the man what! Must either twisted, deformation, along the day to keep you alive in the living law to live it, at least to live one hundred and twenty years old. That Actually, we have these past few weeks, too, and Xu exchange together over a topic. He said that this man, the key moment of it, the key question is to know, we also specifically mentioned last week, we should know how to do, "tranquil nothingness", that "tranquil nothingness" is a realm of life, "Tian" it is simply more know how to use their own psychological self-healing, just like that, like licking wounds. Ah ~ that many of my friends said: "These two obviously are not the same." Right! Mouth lick lick wounds, "tranquil nothingness" and "Tian" is the motive "lick" and let their heart, self-suggestion. That "light" What is it? "Light" is actually saying is that to how to make it to their heart, it is materialistic, a little less. Earn it, spend more; it earn less, spend less. So do not earn money, to spend so much money, and naturally bring their own stress, the body will not be healthier. Therefore, the "tranquil nothingness" it, is a relatively healthy a state, of course, myself! For now the young friends, especially now that the substance of social-ah, this really is it a little difficult. Today what we have much to say, and everyone will work together to continue to share the "ancient naive theory", the "Yellow Emperor" and "ancient naive theory", the subsequent paragraphs of text. For example: Today we'll talk "is free and Shao Yu Chi, peace of mind and fear, shape labor and tireless, to shun gas from, each according to its desire, who obtain wished." It's that word, ah. Before, we often hear ah, you listeners we often hear of it, at the University of inside those big teacher, master ah. Often is it, a poem can tell a semester.I did not believe what I tell you now. It does exist. In our process and Xu chat, he can "Yellow Emperor" speak a word, speak very last eight minutes. Xu teacher!
Of Age: ah.
Liang Dong: You flatter the face of such relentless, you are not a little uncomfortable it?
Of Age: I am very accustomed to, you say I speak dozens of words, in fact, a word can tell, even thousands of thousands of words written word essay to.
Liang Dong: Legend of it, Xu is a horse. So we flattering it, he also belongs,
Of Age: Ha ha ha, flattered, flattered.
Liang Dong: are very sincere ah, very sincere. Correct!
Of Age: This is the glory of our ancestors.
Liang Dong: So, talked about how to keep healthy? So we talked about today, "Zhi and Shao Yu idle" ah, "zhi" it is the ambition of "Chi"; "xian" it is free of "free" casual "free"; "shao" How much is it of " less ";" yu "it is the desire of" desire. " "Yellow Emperor" always have this strange power. That is, the word it, you do the surface, nothing Yeah, "Chi leisure and Shao Yu," Well, that is to say, this ambition a little less fine. However, Xu mouth and face it, this "blog" can speak a lot, does this "Chi", how to speak?
Of Age: "Chi" has two meanings, one refers to the memory of the past. We are now, the original is said to write the log, that is, according to what happened in the past, each county has a "county", he also recorded the customs of the county produced, called "County."
Liang Dong: right, right right.
Of Age: So "Chi" meaning the first is called "memory", the five elements theory of Chinese medicine stresses "kidney chi." That there is such an effect on the kidney human memory.
Liang Dong: So, if a child is a bad memory, then certainly the kidney is not good.
Of Age: Child is the most adequate time kidney.
Liang Dong: Why kids remember wrong with that?
Of Age: So, even though the child had never been seen I do not know, something to his back, something to remember for life forget. This child learning, back as the stone carved. So we have a breast TCM power, are in a very early age to go back, "soup verses," ah, "medicinal Gough," ah, "near Lake Pulse tactic" ah. This time, I went back an hour my mother taught me, I do not know what that means, "floating pulse but upstream from the meat, such as through elm like hair clip light, Sanqiu enough to allow known unharmed, it was astonishing every chronic illness," I now forty years old, this is my six more back. I do not know back then, but now, the Almighty understand its meaning.
Liang Dong: when one of us: "Goose, goose, goose, curved neck to Tiange" ah. "White hair floating green water, Anthurium dial Shiba." More than a few poems I could back down ah.
Of Age: Yes, you such as you, "retorts overturned song" It's not called the "crooked overturned song." The "neck" and "item" is not the same, "neck" is the neck (child) behind the front called "neck" called "item." So, after that it will not be bent goose neck, it will bend down in front of the neck.
Liang Dong: Oh, that, that too it learned of. We say come back, he said back. "Yellow Emperor" that "free and Shao Yu Zhi", "Chi idle."
Of Age: "Chi" refers to the first memory of the past, "Chi" Another implication is that future attempts. We often say: "This man is very ambition," "very lofty aspirations," say you want to do in the future, whether in the past or in the future, this means that recounts the moment. So, the so-called called "Chi free" meaning that you put a heavy memories of the past that put off, do not always entangled in the past that, especially a bad thing or a particular cow thing, man does not mention the year Yong. Others do, all day long survived in fantasies, "I'm gonna be doing."
Liang Dong: "I want to market, I want the listing." A lot of people are so "I want the listing.", Is not it?
Of Age: right right right, "I want on the show" is not it? This is his ambition, He does not live in the moment. Therefore, the "Yellow Emperor" warns us that "If you want health, live happier, too, and the future of the things put off, now face serious thing."
Liang Dong: eat when you eat carefully.
Of Age: hey do more good, it is how to do ah, what should add some spices, ah, this is to think, would like to think this. But then, a lot of people eat, they think of eating this meal when they were played his mother, what brought back the painful memories of a meal and then eat the choke fast enough.
Liang Dong: Or a lot of people eat when older in business meetings, in fact, talk about the future. This one did not know how to enjoy good rice.
Of Age: pair. Buddhism stresses "live in the moment" we "Yellow Emperor" is the Taoist theory So called "Chi idle." Put this stuff too put off, "Shao Yu" or we just talked about that "light", "tranquil nothingness" that "light." People have emotions, but not without desire, so Taoism absolutely not about desire, abstinence, Taoists speak nor indulgence. It is between the "vertical" and "forbidden" to engage in a place called "Festival", moderate, rhythmic, it is called "Shao Yu."
Liang Dong: is a little idea of it, slowly flowers.
Of Age: right, meaning that, if no emotions these people live is also not personal. We are talking about the desire is within a controllable range. Think about it, what the results are if you do not control the desire. This is the day that God created man naturally, has made ​​everything a program, first to maintain their health, to sacrifice their future offspring once mature. Compared to offspring, you are not important, such as mantis, after mating, male mantis becomes food. There are salmon. Taoism we found this, that if you follow God designed this program to go, so ......
Liang Dong: get totaled hungry faster.
Of Age: After playing faster. So, is not this a little desire to control what, we and offspring, and to which we enjoy but also happy, but we have to put a little bit longer this time Den, we can live a little better.
Liang Dong: is a little money now, slowly flowers.
Of Age: hey, best of both worlds, called "Chi leisure and Shao Yu." But I see now is people indulge their sexuality, get rid of his own; indulge his appetite, his own overthrow. And then indulge yourself the kind of excitement happy that I want to play is the heart, the trouble is the collapse of their own. So, the end result of this indulgence is hurting yourself.
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Liang Dong: So, today spoke of the "Chi leisure and Shao Yu," Yeah, I'm a little refresher Kazakhstan, this "blog" mean, one is talking about the past, the county, the log. One is talking about "the future of how much my ambition," are not able to live in the moment, so "blog" mean, it does not refer to the present situation. In fact, the Taoist wise place to say that, if we put off every second can be good, and that in this life to live also good.
Of Age: pair.
Liang Dong: Time is composed of every second thing, so, the "Yellow Emperor" is about "free and Shao Yu Zhi", then what to speak of the "peace of mind without fear." Interestingly, oh, say a person is not afraid because of conscience.
Of Age: ah, "Li was" even, "peace of mind" is essential.
Liang Dong: hey, how is "peace of mind without fear" mean?
Of Age: Firstly it, "Ann," we explain this "security", "security" word, that is, from the ancient coinage speaking it, he said, we now look at the bottom Baogaitou a "female." The first people to buy a house is then put their women into the inside, so that the security of the.
Liang Dong: So, a lot of young women asked him ......
Of Age: In pursuit of a sense of security.
Liang Dong: ...... boyfriend to buy a house ...... This is actually quite normal, justice, justice!
Of Age: no house to live in, this, this broken sunshade Yan, then, this is not without a live thing.
Liang Dong: Yes, it is the one that says "Go home to your mother" or "go to my mother home." This is wrong, it will go in their own homes.
Of Age: right, right. So this "security", literally have such a meaning. Before we build a city, or select a tribal settlement, he chose that three sides by mountains, where export side. He put it this way, I have a look. Everyone knows that it is a safe place. So many of our cities are using "safe" named. Xi'an, Changan, Lin'an, all with the "security" of the word, its terrain is surrounded by mountains on one side with an outlet.
Liang Dong: So you seriously look at the "security" of the word "security" is the word interesting, it has a cross on top of a little here, a little to the right, in fact, it creates a situation that is three bread to live.
Of Age: Oh, encased.
Liang Dong: her the "female" it is like a person.
Of Age: weak woman, put her protected. Our "mind" should also have such a sheltered place, it protected. This time is called "peace of mind." So protect this "mind", intangible, something of this Miyagi call it? Chinese medicine called it "the pericardium." We called pericardium is the minister to make official, which is responsible for guarding the "mind" of safety. If a person "pericardium" broken or functional decline, and this time it, evils will drive straight. It is housed in here? We are talking about is the "heart" inside, "heart" means "pericardium", "pericardium" enclose it to protect it, and this time the people will not have any terrible thing called "fear." This time for it, people are in a state of physical and mental health.
Liang Dong: I would like to ask, and indeed in our bodies there are no such thing as a so-called "pericardium"?
Of Age: There is ah! West also has "pericardium" the word it is called Pericardium, it refers to those things that organ fat wrapped around the heart, ah, or such a film class, but we Chinese say this "pericardium" also known as "the Heart."
Liang Dong: Which "zhu" ah?
Of Age: the owner of "Lord." It refers to the beating heart of this meat is capable tangible, the "mind" inside its sojourn on the spiritual level we call "heart." So you see, we all characters inside with "heart" word side, "Xin" next to the "heart" word at the end, those words are referring to people's spiritual awareness and ideological activities.
Liang Dong: for example, "hate" it.
Of Age: "hate" it, "Love," Yeah, you heard then I remember this lesson, the Chinese people speak of the "heart" does not mean that the fleshy heart, the meat of our heart there is a word called single door "Heart cells", the "cell" is a "compatriot" and "cell", which is also meat. So in this case does, you can put your "mind" well protected "keep within the spirit" that "heart" Where is the child? "God," Where? In fact, in the middle of our chest, this place. This place does have, on each side three points called "divine letters", "feng", closed "closed"; possession of God ", hide; also called" lingxu "God told us that there is a spirit inside Well. "heart" of it all in here, so it is not safe we later met a stranger, we will not help the two arms of a cross guard in the chest, and why? protect their "mind" from harm, but we met his believe in the future of our dear people will open arms, he called the peace of mind and ......
Liang Dong: So, we see a lot of surface ...... familiar things we see is actually behind ah, has its complicated logic. Maybe we do not realize it, but then, the whole of the Creator of it, we do not use what God or heaven.
Of Age: Nature bars.
Liang Dong: Yes, naturally, he will give us a method and a program, let me know how to protect their own, right?
Of Age: Yeah, when you come forward when the contribution of their lives, you have to pretty up the chest.
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: go out. When you do not need to stand up to protect their own time training, medicine called "Hanxiong pull back." So you see a lot of our Taoist Tai Chi, Xing Yi Quan, Bagua, Zhan Zhuang practice requirement is quite up to the back, the chest containing the inside. This show is very humble, but it is in the protection of their own "mind."
Liang Dong: So, now many of the streets ah, casually upright, is very very high by it, actually, on the surface is a good-looking, in fact, I'm sorry his "heart." So, we just talked about "peace of mind without fear," Yeah, that's the meaning of it, that let us in this "mind" that is, including our emotions Yeah, metaphysical or a physical thing we do, we are able to properly and is hiding inside. Then when our "heart" capable of hiding inside when it naturally met should have been more afraid of things that are not so afraid.
Of Age: Yeah, otherwise, and if your "mind" did not keep the inside (Shake) out of it, these people will come out somehow frightened. Many people do not want advice stranger, strangers would blush, sweat. Many people with anxiety or depression, people did not dare to crowded noisy places, a go after not just scared. There are people who do, a home must turn on the lights. Door, doors and windows tightly off, people say you do not be afraid ah. Actually, his "mind" came out he could feel the outside of his influence and stimulation. So many patients of depression, he would show me go, I do not know where to go, he should get out of here anyway. Lu Xun wrote "Diary of a Madman," which describe the symptoms of this madman, he wrote: Zhao's dog and looked at me.
Liang Dong: So yeah, the Chinese say a very interesting topic, what is it? In fact, all the manifestations of this reaction are all spiritual material basis.
Of Age: Yes, there is light there is not only the basis of the material basis as well as energy.
Liang Dong: "shape labor and tireless." "Shape labor and tireless," the words to say what does that mean? "Xing" is the shape of the "shape"; "lao" labor "Work", and tireless, "juan" it is tired of "tired", ah, a curl around a single "Volume" ah. Therefore, the "shape labor and tireless," I think this state is very great ah! In fact, we have our own feeling, sometimes it, the body is not tired, very tired psychology; some time for it, although the body tired of it, in fact, a little tired psychology. So, What does this mean? "Shape labor and tireless" a truly very comfortable situation, what you see is people, sometimes after a day of labor, hey, this day but very happy. Some people do, which spent a day at home doing nothing of it, psychological face feel particularly tired, this "tired" refers to a "tired", right?
Of Age: "Boredom" is "tired", "tired" is "tired."
Liang Dong: Oh? "Tired" and "tired" There is not the same?
Of Age: Of course not.
Liang Dong: blanket What's the difference?
Of Age: "Boredom" is a much, is full to overflowing, and is the kind of tired. Confucius went to Kanako, see a beautiful fairy, Zi said:. "So how do you lust, how you see her, she was a misbehaving woman" Confucius said: "I did not dissent, I was to spread the truth, If I did, then tired of day, days of tired of. "he said," God will have me dissatisfied, would punish me. ""Tired" means you look at it, "Ren" a "roll up" and "volume." If we are muscles, you see it muscle spasm contraction began, roll up called "tired." So the "form" refers to our bodies, including our limbs and legs, it is hard when the time do not work when it exceeds the limit. This performance is the ultimate cramps. Also this "labor" mean, in the ancient traditional Chinese characters inside "Work", which is above two fire, the two have a fire what does that mean? During the day we called "sunrise while doing sundown." If you work overtime at night, plus point, boil the oil lamps continue to force, then it is called "labor" was.
Liang Dong: Oh, so the "shape labor and tireless" What does that mean?
Of Age: "shape labor and tireless" means to say that we mean this work a night, do not over.Because you want to sleep at night, and the second does not tired cramps.
Liang Dong: So, "shape labor and tireless" That is, you can do a lot of things but do not roll up, is the "shape labor and tireless" it?
Of Age: pair.
Liang Dong: Oh, really mean? "Peace of mind without fear," he "peace of mind", then the heart "mind" An inside.
Of Age: There is nothing to fear.
Liang Dong: Yes, there is nothing to fear. "Shape labor and tireless" That is to say things do not circle. This is a very high level ah! To do this do that, it would need to have high energy and the heart of this foundation.
Of Age: pair. "Shape labor and tireless." But we now man when he tired after it, he is not going to rest, he eat and then go on stimulants aphrodisiac "labor" and finally it ......
Liang Dong: This is tired, which is tired.
Of Age: This is too tired, ah.
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Liang Dong: Yes, so, the "Yellow Emperor" which stresses ah, "peace of mind without fear, shape labor and tireless" And then, "to shun gas from, each according to its desire, who obtain wished."
Of Age: ah, "gas from to shun" it, we just show it on stage, talked about a place called "infuriating from it." This time for it, which in this state, your blood running is the kind of talent along the meridians, the road to go. Inverse What happens? We give an example: Originally, we eat swallow down, then, from this through the duodenum, small intestine, through the colon, and finally discharged through the rectum. This is called "Shun." That does not ring true if gas child? First, eat choke fast enough, swallow, which is "reverse." Then eat hiccup, then, do not comfortable "Wow" pot poured out. Spit, called "reverse", ah, medicine called "inverted position" then, it would have been in the stomach and duodenum through the "consumer" and "transformation" and then routed to the colon, born colon, transverse colon, descending colon Finally discharged through the rectum. The results are now a lot of people constipation! Pull out, it was supposed to go down it Xiabu Qu. This is also called "reverse." Originally it girl official holiday, it was bleeding from the lower deck, and the results we now find that many people appear "down by the" what "down through" mean? The official holiday when, following no bleeding, nose started bleeding, nose bleeding every month on a regular basis, this is what we talk about as well as he is this blood that are "against the chaos" of the. And we called such talk "limbs Jueni", with people a hand to shake hands this cold, medicine called this "the limbs Jueni", then cold we called "ghost hand", it is simply not tangible human hand, which kind of "reverse" is not peripheral blood to the limb. So this is a kind of blood against the chaos of performance.
Liang Dong: That this ...... is this cold hands and feet of people, what kind of pain?
Of Age: cold hands and feet of people do, first of all there are two problems ah, one we call "not healthy" and another one called "not health."
Liang Dong: What are "healthy"? What are "health" ah?
Of Age: "not healthy," he had no power, no gas, gas with this on, can not play like that so far."No health", he means that the air in the process of taking to the peripheral being blocked. If we fired boiler, do you want to take your home heating boiler that end it is cool, which is a not a good burn no gas. But good people burned, almost burning boiler exploded, but your family's water pipes, heating pipes or cold get at the problem? Intermediate blocked.
Liang Dong: and what is not health.
Of Age: Oh, and what is not health, not smooth.
Liang Dong: Oh, so that "broad road," "broad road," say is unobstructed road.
Of Age: clear meaning. Therefore, the "health" and "healthy." First, have a strength, one is to open.
Liang Dong: Oh, I suddenly feel like you phrase the words are particularly good, why? Because we've helped some companies, in doing so the entire enterprise management consulting, when it is often said, a lot of people said:. "Our business unhealthy, unhealthy" What is called the "healthy business"? Two words, the first implementation in place; in other words strong executive power, this thing does, in fact, is the "healthy."
Of Age: strong execution, to the place called "health."
Liang Dong: Right. That "health" What is it? Internal communication is not smooth. So, the so-called "healthy" management. The company's "health management" do two things. First, to strengthen the implementation of enterprises; second, to enhance their ability to communicate. Called corporate health. In fact, people too.
Of Age: Do you see the Chinese character recognition, and knowledge, a lot of the problem is solved. We now do not know many words children, illiterate ah.
Liang Dong: You know a lot of business that way, spend a few dollars to make those consulting firms Yeah, do this research a Chase concluded. Nothing less than two, first, the improper execution of the company; second ......
Of Age: The first is not "healthy" and the second is not "health." Please TCM had altogether!
Liang Dong: that for a long time, tell you this business healthy, as long as the word to speak clearly. "Health" is called to make it strong. "Health" is "broad road," Well.
Of Age: Yes, unobstructed.
Liang Dong: Yes, it is clear the meaning of thing, so the "health" of it, that you can have executive power, the ability to upload issued, left and right through the pass. This is "healthy."He said back. He said back ah.
Of Age: "From gas to shun." First, you have gas; second, it is along (with) a. It is not from ......
Liang Dong: "From gas to shun" the words. Say is, first, to have gas; second, to shun gas do you want to go along.
Of Age: It is walking along the meridian. Instead of choking go.
Liang Dong: that at this time to go, so go. So we often, lately a lot of variety of popular books ah. Like what the "Body User Guide" ah, "knock with a pulse," Yeah, what that "better to seek medical treatment had", "knock gall bladder" ah. Many of my friends do not realize that this trend meridians, ah, it is direction. There are some after it, it is to go down from the. There are some classics, it is to go from bottom to top. So you can not just Luanqiao. You do not go ...... Actually, this gas should be from the direction of the finger to the side of the stomach, is not it.
Of Age: to the chest.
Liang Dong: Yes, to the chest, right over here, is not it. From local to central, you have to do, from the central to local scraping, scraping it, press which, actually, is called "ring true."
Of Age: This is called "stupid."
Liang Dong: ah ~ called "stupid", is not it. So I say, "gas from to shun" it, saying it, that we must know, the body which shares the air Yeah, walked up and down the body. We look at martial arts, are all walking around. So to go along this direction, it is a dead end, you help it to one.Do not say it walked push you back.
Of Age: pair.
Liang Dong: That is wrong, and Kazakhstan. "To each according to its" What does it mean?
Of Age: "To each according to its" We talked about this is an ideal realm of Taoist life, it stresses that "each according to its desire." Instead we pursue a common desire, each person has a different body of his talent, he has a different blood. He has his heart in the idea that if you are from him, he will live happily. The premise is that he is in a healthy state of desire. You do not give him the weight of that evil, Xiehuo a stomach, then the meridian and blocking was seven eight twist twist, and finally he will produce a morbid desire. You had never been seen to meet him, you're wrong. We speak of "each according to its desire," the premise is a prerequisite."Peace of mind without fear, shape labor and tireless" And then, "Gas from cis" flies on to meet that desire in him in such a state can go, "Jiede wish" from the heart of this Species wish also met. This is the best life.
Liang Dong: Oh, this thing reminds me of a very interesting thing recently. I do inside our company, in the implementation of a job, this job it is called: Let every one of my colleagues, ah, find their strengths. There is a very well-known company called Gallup survey this information, the company does engage in a book called called "Now Discover Your Strengths," This book is about what? Say it is original, ah, ah mankind, everyone he has some of his natural things you should do this and his ability. For example: Ding Junhui him to read is not necessarily okay, people close their eyes billiards than ten years I practiced playing well, why? Talent, this thing called talent, we do not recognize not. Therefore, "each according to its desire" it, that you can reach your ability to do in relation to this matter.
Of Age: The first thing you have to respect your existing now this desire, then, you use your consciousness acquired to satisfy it. This is the most humane life.
Liang Dong: So many parents wow, always put their children as their extension. It is their a proprietary product.
Of Age: Yes children. The most cruel. We are now a lot of people are preaching to the "I Hello" and then put their own desires on others, this "already is seeking," or "has behaved," "Shi" no "to others" are angle is not important, you stand in the wrong key. You stand you, "is seeking" how you do not ask what people want? right? What children eat? Or your patient, your students want to "eat" What?
Liang Dong: This sentence shows that "the people" you have to know what the people want?
Of Age: The last of it, and made both sides are suffering. People originally did not want this thing, then, you also think people do not accept you, you pain. This made us very painful.
Liang Dong: And yet, you said, "Why do not you accept me?"
Of Age: Oh, why do not you accept me? Yes, "each according to its desire," ah, from someone else's "desire."
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Liang Dong: So, let's review what, say that this life Perfect condition, is a very good life situation it is "free and Shao Yu Chi", the so-called Chi is the past and future of things do you Jiaozhi ah, County, logs, ambition, called "chi," So, "Chi leisure and Shao Yu" it, that is to live in the moment, "peace of mind without fear, shape labor and tireless, to shun gas from, each according to its For, Chieh-te wish. " Oh, this is to think of it, that is not a perfect way?
Of Age: it is the "Desire" and "Wish" is not the same ah.
Liang Dong: eh, "each according to its desire, Chieh-te wish," I thought it was a parallelism sentence yet.
Of Age: not.
Liang Dong: Oh, that there is also a different meaning?
Of Age: Of course! You see "Desire" no orgy ah? No heart, is an instinctive need for the body, for instance, ah, we talk about emotions, I ask you: what Liu Yu is?
Liang Dong: certainly appetite, libido, ah ...... what else?
Of Age: Eat Drink Man Woman, is not it? what else?
Liang Dong: For what?
Of Age: This instinctive need, say I'm hungry, I want to eat something, the signal issued by the body, it does not matter with you tempted not move.
Liang Dong: Yes, I'm thirsty, I want to drink.
Of Age: Oh, see beautiful women, to look at this is a desire, Eat Drink Man Woman This is a great people want, Confucius also said. In addition, food and clothing, we are talking about this diet means full. Warm, you're cold, you fall asleep, you will instinctively pull pieces of stuff under the hood children own children, you have to heat up kicking quilt, which we have often said to meet people's food and clothing, in fact, the majority of people meet the people most basic desires.
Liang Dong: Yes
Of Age: right?
Liang Dong: You have to allow people hot, kicking off the quilt. Cold with a bed quilt cover.
Of Age: Oh, right, temperature, food and clothing. Also called safety is avoiding disadvantages.We will find an instinct, looking for a safe place to stay myself, would run the risk of encounter. But then, after Anjou, Juan would think of danger, a lot of people used to live comfortably, he went to stimulation, go bungee jumping Yeah, go to horror movies ah.
Liang Dong: Oh, this is very powerful, oh, "be prepared" in your mouth and face, he said ......
Of Age: tired of living!
Liang Dong: to live a long time after, think about the excitement, the pursuit of danger. Bungee jump this thing called "be prepared." We used to want to want to be wrong!
Of Age: ah, is not to be so understanding.
Liang Dong: You can then understand Kazakhstan.
Of Age: So we are talking about emotions, this Liu Yu refers to this six kinds of basic needs."May" on the high level, it has a heart, we often say that the wish that this Jiede wish is that in the spiritual level from the substance, I eat it, drink it, is not it? Things of that substance level. It has a spiritual pursuit. For example, artists pursuit of aesthetic way. Sing opera, doing, and to engage in music or is engaged in religion, it has a spiritual pursuit. That would like to - I want salvation, ah, I want this, this world for the public. This wish of a higher level, it is more than that, "Jiede wish", "each according to its desire" to be harder. So it is a very particular talk. The ancients speak are "words." We are not nonsense.
Liang Dong: So yeah, you see not, people will not say first, "each according to its wish," then "all-win desire."
Of Age: That starve.
Liang Dong: Then die. right? So that any of the superstructure ......
Of Age: Oh, to have the material basis.
Liang Dong: So this article, they put the word on the front, what is the word on the back, too great, and this thing. Good, good, "each according to its desire, Chieh-te wish", the "beauty of its food, clothes term, Lucke vulgar, not compete with Mu, its people and therefore day Park."
Of Age: Hence flutter.
Liang Dong: Oh, twenty years flutter. You see this version, you see this version, actually the actual occurrence of Japan-bashing! The "Yellow Emperor" which publishers out of this version?
Of Age: everyone blind out.
Liang Dong: Park so people said, "it is not the labor of their appetite eye."
Of Age: No, I think that is enough, he later speaks these words, in fact, a Taoist or TCM our ideals of individual and social life. An acronym, it emphasized that "few people, just a few kilometers can hear the voice of a small country, never in contact with." We are living the kind of life they want to pursue, do not interfere with each other, where he speaks of what side we pursue it! We first "beauty of its food." May I ask what is "beauty of its food"?
Liang Dong: If interpreted literally, "the United States of its food" too! That is, that the United States and this word is an adjective it! But he on the "beauty of its food," may be used as a verb, we have the foundation, so "beauty of its food" it, that is to eat for the United States.
Of Age: When it comes to the key points of the word, that is to say, what the United States is the objective, or subjective feeling?
Liang Dong: Of course, subjective feeling myself.
Of Age: that eating beautiful.
Liang Dong: Well all beauty in the eye!
Of Age: Yeah.
Liang Dong: Yes. The Dragon Ball, seven dinosaur a pig, and people may think it is very beautiful, is not it.
Of Age: Right, so the United States and its food is a very interesting thing, that the food we eat to eat the United States, and become spiritual enjoyment from the physical aspects of enjoyment.Instead of saying what these bread Niechu flowers, put that Caichao out what kind to make it look beautiful. No, tastes beautiful. Also it! Because people are different from place to place when this subjective feeling it due. Do the same out of a meal, you eat delicious today, tomorrow is not good to eat. Pearl jade white soup pot is swill. But then, when the emperor then fled the United States to let him eat memorable, so this "beauty of its food." We emphasize that the combined effect of the last people to produce food, so eat when you want to pay attention to the mind, but also the environment. Attention ......
Liang Dong: You do not say, the usual bar, in particular, eat when we stare at the pot of vegetables. In fact, ah Yesterday it, it took me a small piece of roast beef, not a great one, and then chew it carefully with white rice and a meat and rice when, hey, I discovered how the food that you eat ah, usually we I do not think that this fragrant rice inside there is also sweet.
Of Age: A lot of people eat is not to eat, that is, putting in things mechanical.
Liang Dong: ah, what a pity. Too wasteful.
Of Age: So Taoist loveliness of it, it is a very humane, it does not shy away food and sex, but it is the men and women have done this diet and extreme. First, to "beauty of its food." Second, we called the "let it suits."
Liang Dong: What is "any of their services" mean?
Of Age: clothes are dressed, he was wearing casual meaning. It is fit to wear clothes to fit, not to make others feel good-looking.
Liang Dong: that the clothes have to let your body have the final say, but not for someone else's eyes.
Of Age: kimono is not the same clothes, outerwear clothing, clothing is underwear. We often say that you Fubu Fu, that you wear underwear paste this does not close, do not feel uncomfortable slightly slightly fast enough, not fast enough tie tie fast enough. Only the underwear put the future, you will really achieve comfortable.
Liang Dong: So do you evaluate a young woman to see her state level. She is looking to spend money on a coat, or spent on underwear. right?
Of Age: Yes, so that is what a lot of people to evaluate applauded wife? Good wife is like a personal underwear, do not feel her presence, but you are very comfortable. But when you feel the presence of underwear, you're wrong, and refused to accept the.
Liang Dong: Oh ~, really! Oh really! So really not our modern culture, you see people "beauty of its food, any of its service." Oh, there are the words, "Lucke vulgar."
Of Age: "Lucke vulgar", we say a antonyms. I was a kid, the Cultural Revolution, the late Well, called to change our habits. The so-called "vulgar," is that you grow in this land countryman raise this kind of lifestyle for thousands of years to form. He has his reasons.
Liang Dong: Yes, Cantonese love soup.
Of Age: Oh, he has his reasons.
Liang Dong: Shanxi jealous love.
Of Age: Yes, so we often say called into rural asked vulgar. You go to a strange place, you have to look at other people's habits, you have to go along with people's habits. You have to cross a thick stick a fork, to change the world, and finally you luck. "Lucke vulgar" That means we have to respect us for thousands of years to form such customs. For instance, we want to blasting New Year child, the results from 93 years 13 years Beijing shocked gun ban child, for various reasons ban, ban for a long time, and finally how the years that you have not put a gun child is too cold, damp, dark , there is no joy, but it is now too! After recovering it, everyone happily Year ahead.And we do this Olympics and took our fireworks into the extreme. We Chinese invented gunpowder, not go to war, we are here to fireworks, blasting bamboo, it is happy to do business! This is our custom, and we not only have to respect it, and want to keep it. But also to enjoy, to take this joy, this is fun.
Liang Dong: I later found it, Xu, you talk about this when classical occasional insertion of two bulk of English, was very scientific, very international, very international.
Of Age: I give lectures all foreign students in English, talking is the truth.
Liang Dong: people of foreign students feel unscientific!
Of Age: Yes! Unfortunately, he did not have the relevant foreign vocabulary to communicate. For example, our terms of gas, it is not the exact word.
Liang Dong: That which you usually use English words in terms of bullying?
Of Age: It is now common to use is called energy, or call vitalenergy, it is dynamic. But you remember Americans also called petroleum energy, we release the oil ignited after that that state is called solar thermal power gas, so you talk to a foreigner you will be strenuous. Speak the internal organs, and you repeat that we are not the center of the fleshy heart, is more succulent heart level above that spirit, it is more strenuous, but it should be so faithfully to convey thought we Chinese medicine.
Liang Dong: spirit and Esprit have anything to do?
Of Age: Esprit is a brand name, do not you know? I know.
Liang Dong: Oh, that speaking of it, but just today you these words, I think the most sad thing is, if one day you talk about these things foreigners accepted, you have to understand the foreign students, Chinese students do not accepted, then it is a tragedy.
Of Age: I am not sad, it proves that our TCM thinking another piece of land suitable for growing up.
Liang Dong: Yes, Confucius said, "Careers in too." This is a big civilization after some time he speaks. Than later, and it is past, smart people are living in the suburbs in the Spring and Autumn time, so the "Yellow Emperor" which stresses that says Elder naive people are able to "beauty of its food, any of their clothes, their vulgar music." That he is very comfortable to wear underwear, eat eat very enjoyment, but also for the customs of each place is also not a single just used to comply with, and very enjoy it, "Lucke vulgar, not compete with Mu."
Of Age: This is the biggest difference between us with Confucianism. We believe that short remote are not comparable, each person has his strengths, you in some way he has his advantages. You on the other hand he has his shortcomings, they are not comparable, than people, than the dead, so that we are now in this society or the society of ancient Confucian governance it is necessary to propose a standard, establish a standard, to take this standard to measure others, is to separate what holy ah, Yin ah, this smart or stupid, is to take this to measure people. This is actually denied the human nature, human nature denied, obliterated many others do not have the inherent advantage, so you see, we are now a lot of idiot genius, he in some ways or most of us ordinary aspects of human cognition that he is an idiot. Such as Zhou Zhou, he has a special thing we are better than not at math, music or some aspects. If you take this aspect ratio, we are fools, is not it. so what! This "does not compete with Mu", the first we think there is no difference between short remote compete. Second, that you establish a standard to compete, I do not envy, I do not envy, I do not comparisons with you, I will not go toward your goal literally transform me into you, or do I would not thus inferior, feel alive boring, so people can live a comfortable.
Liang Dong: Yes, that is the working class do not envy the leading cadres, cadres do not envy the working class. Ah, some leading cadres happy ...... "You see people."
Of Age: all eat each meal, each eating a bowl of rice!
Liang Dong: "Hence it is that the people twenty years before the Park."
Of Age: This state is that we are talking about a return, or the kind of simple natural state.
Liang Dong: Oh, this statement does not even read together Kazakhstan, is, "each according to its desire, who obtain wished." That is to take good care of their lower body, in order to take good care of their upper body. "Therefore, the United States and its food, any of its service, its popular music, not compete with Mu, its people twenty years before the Park." Simple "Park", is also the school of Chinese medicine of Age teacher Magnolia "Park." This simple, as a naive here called "Park" and also read the "piao"
Of Age: Yes, it is made ​​plain the Park "pu" sound, in addition, our Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine which has called Magnolia, on the thickness of thick, plain Park, so it read "po", as well as a pronunciation called "po". Because of our traditional Chinese medicine this tree, hackberry thick, long in Sichuan, more particularly it the straight trunk, leaves particularly wide, but as a very good pass this benefit of such a gas lung and colon drug.
Liang Dong: Oh, very interesting! You say it long straight, it is Tongli gas.
Of Age: Oh, very interesting, the meaning of this Park is straight meaning. You see Liangshan heroes have used a knife called Pudao, the broadsword, knife blade is not curved, straight, called Pudao.
Liang Dong: Pudao, is the word it? On the surface the idea Pak, Pak simple, in fact it is ......
Of Age: it read "po", "p" "o" "po".
Liang Dong: Oh, ah, there is a singer is not called? Simple ah? It is this word it?
Of Age: He is the Word. Naive.
Liang Dong: The name is really good! I think many times we usually ah ligatures do not write, you knock a word, you just enter the words, pinyin remember, but the word did not seriously look at you. In fact, you have to really seriously look at this word, ah, a wood word edge, a vertical one o'clock Kazakhstan.
Of Age: This is the simplified characters.
Liang Dong: Oh, then it Traditional how to write?
Of Age: The above is a Traditional industrial sector, under like a beautiful, beautiful beauty missing a small cross.
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Liang Dong: Oh, yes, it does, we in today's "ancient naive theory" which has specifically addressed the "keep within the spirit, patient safety has never been." "Any of their services, Lucke vulgar", talked about the clothes, especially to remind you, we review it. The average person we think, serve it, said the clothes, if that is worn on the body of a variety of this brand. In fact, clothing especially underwear in ancient China.
Of Age: Yes, that personal clothes called "clothes" to wear out the top called "clothing", the following is called "skirt", clothes. "Tops lower part", which is the ancient point very clear.
Liang Dong: So China is a country civilized way, it is manifested from these places, it has the distinction. Eskimos say there are dozens of snow snow, Chinese people say clothes are dozens of argument, because it has a specific point out. So sometimes if you're an ancient Chinese people do, look now, "Superman" movie, wear underwear on the outside, he must feel that mad.
Of Age: It is called the suit coat. "Clothes," called out "clothing", which is called "service."We are now a traditional culture lost. In addition, we now also have confused thinking and habits.Waichuan many people.
Liang Dong: And there are many people deliberately put the underwear worn on the outside. For example, some young women often wear T-back bar homeopathy, always hanging around the waist, they wear very short low-cut jeans that show not a crime to lure it! You say that this situation is really its a crime, she said she has been hurt. But in fact she was wearing that second time, there were already so kind motives.
Of Age: No, she usually gas weak people are exposed to achieve this purpose way to attract others, which is a animal instinct. Gas and strong people, strong people is appealing his wrapped themselves are generally very tight, but he kind of appeal will still show it. Gas will be so weak people. In addition, we say this dress ah! We can note, we often say that Yao is now called "medication." Obviously take mouth to drink, why with this suit of clothes hanging together again, you have not considered this issue!
Liang Dong: No, say it, say that just talked about this "medication." "Medication" Since clothing is underwear, and why medication use clothes too!
Of Age: Yes, why take the mouth Yao called "service" it! This is a left point is the ancient ruins of eating us a heritage of Chinese medicine. We used to treat the first, not the stew irrigation directly into the mouth, it is the smell that smell drugs. We call it the smell of gas medicine to cure diseases. For example, some spice smell drugs, this, and then we made ​​the traditional Chinese medicine sachet, the sachets on what places to hang inside the underwear, underwear hanging down inside you can smell the smell, the smell The taste in the process put the cure, and we control this disease called convinced treatment. We often say that you are not convinced convinced, referring to the drug air service, so the word admire the ancient healing methods. "Pei" means Pei. We believe jade can psychic, wear together with a bracelet, with a jade tablets, it can protect your heart. "Service" means convinced, is to put the medicine ah sachet hanging in your underwear inside, then go smell the taste, which is called convinced. Slowly behind the medicine also called into medication, used to be taking gas, now drink the liquid, which is why we talk about today, "allowed service" needs to be emphasized.
Liang Dong: Oh, so you listeners Kazakhstan, it took us an hour today and from the "Yellow Emperor" first chapter "Elder naive theory," which talked about the more than twenty words, this more than twenty words of it, All in all, a concept that is we do want to emphasize that dwells inside the current situation, it ...... do a little more and their own twist, twist it! Thus it "beauty of its food, any of its service, its popular music", the last of it in order to achieve a healthy condition.
Of Age: eat, wear comfortable, and then it! With the formation of the customs of their own to go this area, you right, ah.
Liang Dong: Xu once again thank our teachers come today to rediscover our national school of Chinese medicine is so beautiful I hope it our listeners when we once again listen to the Internet to download a program about the "Yellow Emperor" first chapter " Elder naive theory ", we can control these characters to learn, you'll find that each character say is very beautiful, ancient people to know that we write every word is well thought of. But also more inspired our entire Chinese culture love and confidence! Well, thank you very much for listening to today's evening school rediscover TCM country is so beautiful, we bye next week at the same time!

Of Age: Goodbye!

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