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Elder naive theory article Lesson 12

Elder naive theory article Lesson 12
Speaker: the auspices of Age: Liang Dong
Broadcast time: 2009-02-2823: 00-24: 00
TEXT: Yellow Emperor said: I hear there is a real person who antiquity, marshal heaven and earth, yin and yang to grasp, breathing fine air, independent obey God, if a muscle, it can Shou spacious world, when there is no end, this it Dawson. Medieval time, there is a human person, Chun Tak whole tract, and in yin and yang, tune in four seasons, died from the vulgar, refined product to give full, processions between heaven and earth, audiovisual Octopus addition, this cover benefits of its life and strong who also is also attributed to a real person.
Liang Dong: Yes, the rediscovery of traditional Chinese medicine is so beautiful. Hello everyone, and welcome to today's "national school" of Liang Dong and consult the teacher of Age. Xu Hello!
Of Age: Liang Dong good! Listeners and friends Hello, everyone!
Liang Dong: Yes. He is now a teacher of Age, this surge in popularity ah! Because of it, I recently ah learn the will of the body is very strong. Well, we continue! Today is the last paragraph on the "ancient naive theory." Count is really terrible, we spent almost ten weeks, ten a week, and only then the "Yellow Emperor," the first chapter, oh ......
Of Age: Yes, the first two paragraphs.
Liang Dong: Kazakhstan finished the preceding paragraphs, finished Kazakhstan.
Of Age: the first two paragraphs.
Liang Dong: the first two. We now seize the time Kazakhstan. "Yellow Emperor said: I hear there is a real person who antiquity, marshal heaven and earth, yin and yang to grasp, breathing fine air, independent obey God, if a muscle, it can Shou spacious world ......", there has been no full stop, I was looking for a place full stop pause.
Of Age: ah.
Liang Dong: we come to talk about this now, "I hear there is a real person who antiquity, marshal world," Shajiao marshal heaven and earth to you?
Of Age: The "Yellow Emperor ancient naive theory" is basically divided into three sections. The first paragraph of it, that is to say the Yellow Emperor asked said that some people fifties and bad, they do this to themselves improperly, or the number of days is this? Do this, ...... is the Yellow Emperor Huang Qi Bo teacher, proposed the concept of a healthy life question, how to do it.After the end of this section of the Yellow Emperor and asked the second question is that the second paragraph, that talked about the reproductive capacity, reproductive function of so many words, the teacher leads the Yellow Emperor Qi Bo, you see the teacher is a teacher, he said the woman seven year-old how to change and to what time is the end of the second paragraph of what would ....... Today we learn that the "ancient naive theory," the third paragraph, I give it a title.
Liang Dong: What?
Of Age: "a man to do such people."
Liang Dong: Oh, this is the name of a song, right?
Of Age: Yes, when Li Tiemei, "Red Lantern" inside, what do people say?
Liang Dong: called real thing!
Of Age: In ancient China, is our people ...... Taoism is the man of this ideal, it is divided into four levels.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: really, to, Sages. This is our first lecture, when we also mentioned, that we are now one pitiful, why go on living? Oh, it is a food and clothing subsistence desire, ah, as I can not be sick or get sick less, this live several more years, live it, this really is simply the level is too low. The ancients ......
Liang Dong: can not live like wrong!
Of Age: right ah, we feel that now, alas, that have a job, ah no unemployment, and for the house, and then marry a young married woman, one child. Also gave birth to a, is not it? The child to adulthood, to get myself normal pension, the birth of a sick child and do not drag on the line. So we now people do, do not look to social progress today, in fact, we live very poor, far from those close to the ancient natural, Chun Tak whole tract of those people live so chic, so happy, so happy. So today we give you refer to a direction, he said what? We fingers over there one finger: Look! A man to do such people.
Liang Dong: Oh.
Of Age: Oh, let's say the first person to call "reality."
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: our article, entitled the ancient naive theory thing.
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: That is the world that is completely synchronized, harmonious resonance, those closer to the natural man, he lived in the end is what kind of state it, is not it? We did not eat pork, pig run have seen, at least, is not it? Former Unfortunately, many of us did not read the "Yellow Emperor", even live what would the ancients, that the well-being of those who truly live is what would we do not know, give us today to show it.
Liang Dong: ah, there are real antiquity.
Of Age: Oh, that is to say that in ancient closest to the natural state when it ...... What is the impression we are now? What the ancients were, ah, this meal wind drink dew, nascent, is living a very humble, very poor. People who have this idea of what I suggest that you go to visit the Yin Ruins, a visit to the Sichuan Sanxingdui, do you go and see the ancient people, and those civilizations created, you have the ability to make me one. If you can not make it, do not easily belittle the ancients. Ah, so "I hear there is a real person who antiquity, guide and support heaven and earth."
Liang Dong: Oh, learn the "Yellow Emperor" is also the way to learn some of the standard Chinese characters.
Of Age: "marshal (qiè) world."
Liang Dong: It's not "marshal (xié) Heaven and Earth", but "marshal (qiè) world."
Of Age: These people, we all say? What people say could have been the product of heaven and earth, should you follow to-day how change how they change. These people live to what? Live up to such a degree that can affect nature. You can even live to be what? Themselves to master this level his life.
Liang Dong: This is called a "marshal heaven and earth" do?
Of Age: marshal heaven and earth, that he can influence the world of change.
Liang Dong: Oh, we have talked about is that we have to adapt to changes in the world ...... oh heaven and earth.
Of Age: Oh, we are the people? People are they? So some of you read the book you can see the Taoist Ge Hong, Jin is at the time there was a very great Taoism, Chinese medicine ...... our TCM, he called Ge Hong, he said a word called what? "I could not help my life by the day."
Liang Dong: Oh.
Of Age: So you see a saying, oh, really mad ah! I'm sorry, they are in control on the basis of natural variation, then, do some things. Mention is put up, pull out what is? She pulled. Ah, yes, right? Lu Xun poem called "pull out the young woman coming silk" Well, that is pulling his own wife and children, has fared temples of white hair, and so we say here about the fate and transport. Marshal world, we say, "I could not help my life by the day", what is "life"? It is the word of life apart, called "password", you put on top of that a move to the right-left move, you will find that it is the word, a mouth, a password.
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: So what is this? Who the password? The day is the password. God gave you arrange good things will not change. We often say that I want to change their destiny. I say you want to change your life, or want to change their luck? Life is fate, luck is artificial.
Liang Dong: Oh.
Of Age: For example ah: Many people say, ah, how to change? I said that if being a butterfly, you can never turn into a fly.
Liang Dong: Oh.
Of Age: Or, you are a fly, you can never ......
Liang Dong: become eagle, eagle on the desert.
Of Age: Ha ha. Oh, it becomes goshawk. But you can, for example, as a fly, what can you change it?You can change your fly in the toilet, or fly in the kitchen.
Liang Dong: Oh, this is not the same, right?
Of Age: This is shipped.
Liang Dong: "Life is like a mouse, not the bin in the toilet," Well. Han Fei ...... guy who, instead of Han Fei.
Of Age: Chuang Tzu.
Liang Dong: eh, "Life as a mouse, not the bin in the toilet," Who is that right?
Of Age: Oh, oh, right, Scott.
Liang Dong: Well Lisi said.
Of Age: Reese Last roadkill, he did not enlightenment, he did not grasp where he eats. He was a rat, you are as toilet mice, rats or barn. I just said, you are a fly, you fly or fly in the toilet in the kitchen, right? Fly in the kitchen may popular hot drink.
Liang Dong: But it can easily be shot dead.
Of Age: Oh, easy to be shot dead; you fly in the toilet fishy Zhuxiu chase, eh, you may live very Happy.
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: This is the change, called "Win." We ordinary people can change their luck, you can not change your life. Apply a fashionable point of view: you can not change your DNA.
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: is not it? But you can change ......
Liang Dong: You are so a speak, on science, and on science, and, ah, we want to pursue science ah.
Of Age: but then, that is the seed DNA can not change, you can change your life in a fertile soil, or a barren soil. Or you have a big rock on top of pressing you grow out again distorted, or are you just grow out along yo. This is what ordinary people can change that? Yun. But the reality, that is not the same level. What he ah? The impact of changes in the world. Now there is a scientific theory, ah, that is a butterfly wings vibrate in South America, the result? In our hemisphere it would set off a ......
Liang Dong: Well storm.
Of Age: ah this typhoon or storm. right? He is recognized ......
Liang Dong: right, called the butterfly effect thing.
Of Age: The Butterfly Effect, yes children. That modern science recognizes that South America (butterfly) vibration wings, and here there is a relationship, and it has progressed. But think about it, I think that "Zhuge Liang by the wind."
Liang Dong: these days, "Red Cliff" Ha, Joe ...... "Red Cliff" ah ...... right, Takeshi Kaneshiro ah ......
Of Age: Yes, I have read, I see really disgusts me. This you see Zhuge Liang by the wind, South America we do not say, Chibi edges of the sword a man in there on the altar seven.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: The results how?
Liang Dong: it will not affect the entire romantic it? The air flow it?
Of Age: Yeah. The last is what ah? Set off a wind thing.
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: What is called by the wind? That we Chinese people wise to what extent? Now people realize that there 's a butterfly vibrating wings, here there is a storm, we Chinese people already know me in this altar, this time, this place, I dance what sword, take what steps, then passed it to midnight midnight , Chou Shi will, original northwest wind blowing, I set off a southeast wind.
Liang Dong: Oh, that is consciously done that a butterfly.
Of Age: Yeah! ʱ?? ʱ?? Oh, you say you that this perception is high, that is ......
Liang Dong: Shijingshijing.
Of Age: Oh, really brilliantly summarized this my words.
Liang Dong: You purposely left me to say it?
Of Age: not. I want my bald Zuiben tongue, I do want to say how this world ...... This is called marshal.
Liang Dong: teacher praised very rewarding.
Of Age: changes in the world on the basis of understanding, but also did some man-made things, affected the change. So many ancient expert, what he said? Not disclose the secret. He often speaks, homeopathy, ripe. Zhuge Liang Why mountains? He has been considered to the ah, the loss of life of the current situation, the future ......
Liang Dong: the need for him to come out.
Of Age: the need for a person to do a little what? Third of the world, separate categories, so a working party to maintain peace, so he is homeopathy out. Those big founding prime minister who I just talked about, those of the founding fathers, is Taoism, are seen at a critical time loss of life, too harsh, that he own entertainment very good, a nice tranquil nothingness to very good.Ancient Yao, Shun and Yu, he let the world give promise made ​​when Xu You have to run, let him emperor when he is not when, why he improperly? His pursuit of the kind of state of their own entertainment, bliss very good, he is in hiding this thing. But the loss of life to the world when he what, coming to save them. Marshal world.
Liang Dong: Well, marshal world, a little break after that, and everyone will work together to make a conscious re-share the wisdom of a butterfly.
Liang Dong: Rediscovering traditional Chinese medicine is so beautiful, is still of Age Liang Dong and teachers together to learn, "Elder naive theory" in the last paragraph. "Yellow Emperor said: I hear there are real ancient", ah, he is not an ordinary person, to "marshal world," Xu talked about just now. I think this is what I've heard you talk so much inside the most interesting section of the most interesting. The other is also very interesting, but I have been studying this "marshal heaven and earth," the words, have seen this before, never thought, is not it? You say there is a conscious ability to do a kind of butterfly ......
Of Age: affect the operation and change it in this world. Another example you Chuji, Yuan was originally in such massacres, conquer new territories, under the brutal killing of innocent then, he come forward, through the desert to see Genghis Khan, to persuade him not to kill. The thing of it, and later on to save a lot of lives, and eventually he was regarded as such, was sealed and why?
Liang Dong: Well National Division.
Of Age: National Division ah this. This is his own but also as a Taoist practice, and finally come forward impact such a move heaven and earth changes.
Liang Dong: Oh, he is a real person. It was reported that ......
Of Age: Oh, Chuji, we are called mound real person.
Liang Dong: right right right, Quanzhen thing.
Of Age: Quanzhen thing.
Liang Dong: Yes, I remember, that there is a person called Yelüehucai is that Temujin Genghis Khan or aides.
Of Age: Wei Chu Youcai, in Sri Lanka for Sheng.
Liang Dong: ah, Yelüehucai.
Of Age: In the Summer Palace have his tomb.
Liang Dong: Yelüehucai that people do, though a Mongolian, but said his understanding of Chinese culture is very profound.
Of Age: He is the Mongolian race, but then, his heart is completely Chun Tak whole tract, he accepted our Chinese traditional culture nurtured. Chinese traditional culture, we say that Confucianism is not it?
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: Confucianism. Remember, the founder of Confucianism Confucius, 500 BC, dating back five centuries, is our history is so short it? Many people say "days without raw Zhong Ni, vancomycin, such as night," that we have not had before Confucius are dark days? Wrong. This doctrine is the Road sunshine of our nation for thousands of years or even thousands of years.
Liang Dong: ah, although it may also have part of Confucius supporters will not agree with your point of view, but ......
Of Age: Oh, I did not belittle our Confucianism, you see Zhuge Liang, a "group of words Confucianism."
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: This is obviously a clash of Taoism and Confucianism.
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: But Zhuge Liang did not say that Confucianism itself is not good, he said ...... he said those pedants, is reading to see the end, he died at the Chapters, so that Zhuge Liang said he did? What did he say these people are? "Xunzhangzhaiju, by poor white first, although described by a thousand words, ignore the real without a book." You read read dead, not only to maintain their physical and mental health, to live and very painful, it can not save the side of the common people give them can not cure the disease, can not change the direction of social development, what kind of strength you live? He had self-mutilation. So it is Confucianism and Taoism has always had controversy, however, no one belittle the Confucian Taoism, we are talking about those pedants, are the people who died the chance to read, including Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine has also been claimed that these people do, no cultivation, no cultivation, no practice, no air feeling, then said, will open several prescription, so the decline of traditional Chinese medicine, it is to be from one of these people is the courage to practice the courage to WTO, the courage to go personally to clinical practice. save this patient this approach road, turn into the kind of dead reading, reading dead books, research methods Xunzhangzhaiju of Confucianism that engage in traditional Chinese medicine. Including the now, what we are now a lot of Chinese medicine? Engage in scientific research, with the rats rivalry.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: Do not look at the patient, do not touch the patient, not cure, then say ......
Liang Dong: take a PSP to acupuncture, to see what effect.
Of Age: Then is this, this, this step by step to engage in scientific research of. This is actually a ......
Liang Dong: sorrow.
Of Age: Mistakes. So last time we did the program say, and that is what BC and AD thing, saying what academics call? "The book does not read the Qin and Han less."
Liang Dong: I recently found such a situation, I find it Laozhuang book, so I feel very comfortable to read.
Of Age: classic.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: What is a classic? People from the heart, and the world that resonates true feelings.Including our children now hear people sing, singing son now we hear, are pseudo-folk songs, have been academic plus what kind of melody notes, distorted, twisted bar out sing that song, you listened uncomfortable. Really listen to the sounds of nature, you go to those minority areas, to listen to those locals in the fields farming heart sing that song, hear you're refreshed.
Liang Dong: ah, but the guy who, Humorous, give me about a true story, he said he had a friend in the eighties went mingling ah ......
Of Age: Oh, folk songs was really close to nature.
Liang Dong: Right. And then he heard a girl singing, listening to good to hear, so it took a tape recorder, quietly climb from the back, listening to the first half after the discovery, people are in the way with folk singing Teresa. Ha ha ha ...... what circumstances is it now? You're going or what the Hulun Buir League, those children will not be singing it.
Of Age: contaminated.
Liang Dong: Oh, really hard, right? He said that, do not stray from the point, "marshal heaven and earth, yin and yang to grasp, breathing fine air." Grasp the yin and yang?
Of Age: grasp the yin and yang of change, that we say, "said the Guzhi Ren, its know those laws in the yin and yang," What is in this "ancient naive theory," the first paragraph?
Liang Dong: grasp the yin and yang.
Of Age: grasp the yin and yang. One is to do the yin and yang of slaves, one is to grasp the yin and yang, the initiative to ......
Liang Dong: that there is not that kind of the yin and yang that means playing in between the palm of shares?
Of Age: Oh, the Supreme! This is to a very high state of people can do. He will this change affect the yin and yang. These people how they become reality it? Call - suck - fine - air, oh. What is the essence? Substances. Gas is energy. We now people have seen that we in oxygen, oxygen is the material, but we do not have a lot of people do not realize the suction. This gas is what?Different geographical situations, different environments, it has an energy, what can live? Find those best air, energy or the richest place to stay, and what was there? Respiratory medicines, this is actually a way of self-cultivation Guren Jiang's.
Liang Dong: "Independent obey God," Do not say that is not moving around?
Of Age: that is. Many people say this, Xu Dafu, "Life is movement", you say this, right? I said of course right. I should how to exercise it? I should how activities? I say you're saying "Win" or "dynamic"?
Liang Dong: "Win" and "dynamic" how's the difference?
Of Age: Yeah, uh. Then a friend asked me, ah, "transportation" and "dynamic" And the difference? I said of course there are differences. We are now moving, I talked about "action" is the hands and feet, and feet ah, "as" a hands-on. What is "luck" is?
Liang Dong: transport is the transport of, right?
Of Age: Oh, so you see the "Win" Traditional, above it, is to go under, the above is a car.
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: it refers to what? We refer to these internal organs inside the body to transport, conduction, eat something, eat from above, discharged from below, called "Win." So you see, we all know that "action" is easy, it is subject to your consciousness acquired domination. I want to move hands, feet moving, is now, ah, not ill health, you have to paralysis, and want to move can not move anywhere. Oh, by the conscious control. But that "luck", it is not your conscious control.
Liang Dong: Yes. You said to me once put a fart out, then there is not technical content of ......
Of Age: A lot of people eat indigestion, constipation and a lot of people, is not it? What is it that? Controlled by another system, this is what we talked about that the heart, mind control, that is, we are talking about the mind. How was it transported up? It is easy to move, how to make it run up? Tell everyone, transport and movement is just the opposite, that is opposing.
Liang Dong: Really?
Of Age: Oh, a pair of lovers. That is when you move too much you do not run.
Liang Dong: Really?
Of Age: Oh, how should we do? You say you finish the steps, finish the marathon, immediately make you a meal you eat, you do not appetite, you eat. Why? Qi energy of the body, are to the upper limb, to the body of the little stream. But with the natural angle of view is what? People get care body, looking back limbs, is not it? One is the trunk, one tip that you know the score. So how do you want it shipped? The premise is to not move.
Liang Dong: Oh.
Of Age: Prerequisite to not move. Many people say, ah, I wanted to exercise my very difficult, you will not let me move this, That's good, I do not move. I say you do not move to try. I will not let you talk about what pose ah, you stand there, do not move, you try, you look at it, people stop over there, especially now that most people over there a stop, take a minute, He began impatient, ah, while the scratching, while this and that, the whole body itching, and finally he could not help, he would move.
Liang Dong: took out his cell phone to see what messages.
Of Age: Oh, so now what people are ah? Calm down, calm down.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: So, so this move it too much, it's too little luck, a lot of people on the problems of the digestive function. So, how to make it transport, transport of up, up and running, the "Yellow Emperor" will tell you: First, breathing essence. Your breathing is the aggregate of the day, dirty gas, or corruption of the gas, then your body will not be good. Breathing fine air base on how to do it? Called "independent obey God." What legislation is? Stand there, do not move, do not move, ah. Do not move, I was first told ......
Liang Dong: Freeze!
Of Age: Oh, Freeze. This is a lot of people can not. Do not believe you try. I first told my teacher is a teacher Mashi Qi Xing Yi Quan Zhan Zhuang, is that we learn Zhan Zhuang first one, I told the teacher said Ma, Ma, I said, of the second as years!
Liang Dong: second degree as years?
Of Age: Yeah, I was there to look at that table, watching the second hand, "bang bang children children 'second second jump, I feel the time is so long, and then it was the body of sweat on down, to adhere to the teeth what.
Liang Dong: The maximum time you can not move much time?
Of Age: now no problem. Now one hour, two hours can be. But that had never been seen too impatient, that old blood is not concerned about their most important organs, the body, but in the hands and feet to surging. Results rushes to the hands and feet is it? Restless hands. So now people are very fickle, what is floating? Heart qi child floating, unrealistic expectations. What is impatient? Is tamper hands, restless.
Liang Dong: Scrapped.
Of Age: Scrapped. Oh, Scrapped.
Liang Dong: So why should advocate "do not toss," Oh, it is really ...
Of Age: to be independent obey God. We talk about this, first said, "set up" and another talk about "independence." Ah, "independence" has two interpretations, it was said that a man quietly standing there, a very lonely man, is "alone." There is another explanation, that is Dachengquan of Mr. Wang Xiangzhai, that he understood the "Yellow Emperor", that is, he said, "independent obey God," then, is to learn "foot stand."
Liang Dong: Oh, a leg.
Of Age: a leg to stand there.
Liang Dong: Like the goose, is not it?
Of Age: Oh, like the crane ah, or what that that what waterfowl. Oh, a errands.
Liang Dong: So you know Cantonese, ah, ah goose eat will eat on the left leg or right leg, because the geese ah ......
Of Age: total on two legs, not left ......
Liang Dong: No, I forgot, ask them which one to eat. The last time they talked to me, it seems is to eat right leg. Because most of the time for it, his left leg is up, and right leg standing. So delicious roast it over the left leg right leg a little bit.
Of Age: Oh, there are awkward ah.
Liang Dong: Yes, there is vigor.
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Liang Dong: Independent obey God.
Of Age: Oh, independent obey God. That this too, later Countrymen, is Mr. Zheng Fuzhong,
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: He is to this, is the publicity out, called "foot stand." What does that mean? That is, further, ah, let you two errands there standing, independent, stood silently. After this off after it, how to do? One leg stand, but also to close your eyes.
Liang Dong: very easy!
Of Age: When did you discover that you are untenable.
Liang Dong: Almost impossible, I tried, I tried.
Of Age: but then, you slowly child such a practice. What is "obey God" mean? So you mind ah, all on the outside, eh, watching TV, listening to music, and whither stand is also OK, but when you practice this a foot, a leg, and close your eyes this Zhan Zhuang kung fu, you absolutely no side heart care, attend to those things outside. Mind you that how to guarantee you'll be back this balance. Come back.
Liang Dong: So people say that yoga though a bit petty bourgeoisie corrupt, but there is some action or reason yoga is the same thing.
Of Age: Yoga is definitely not the petty bourgeoisie is definitely an oriental wisdom of our nation.
Liang Dong: Yes.
Of Age: A lot of things are yoga and Taoist cultivation methods are the same, it should be the interest rate adjustment, it should transfer form, also put a lot of people can not do that posture, is not it?
Liang Dong: people thought it was a circus, in fact, it is not ah.
Of Age: does it last reached a final effect, called spherical. So you see we breathe first tune, and then independence, which is adjusted shape. Finally obey God. Earlier we speak, "Elder naive theory" say what? "Keep within the spirit, patient safety has never" Yes. When you are so Zhan Zhuang, so respiratory medicines, you that God, just keep in your body, and on the back. You are eligible, there is a possibility to do this live. Called "independent obey God." So I suggest that you do that is how to use their God? God is like the edge, like the top of a small fire, if your God well, the steel used in the blade, the God used in the right place, you that little flame was very small, you do more with less ʱ?? If you do not use the word of God, it is your last absence, scattered God, driven to distraction, the essence that point myself fully depleted, and finally back life, maybe still feel nothing. So the first step is to obey God. The second step of it, I suggest that you do do something to concentrate, concentrate to do it.
Liang Dong: This is called "Paodingjieniu" in the "Zhuangzi health master" inside, is not it? It is to take their position becomes small.
Of Age: Niu unity.
Liang Dong: Yes, the long arm of course, oh.
Of Age: Muwuquanniu.
Liang Dong: Yes, you want this gap among themselves shrink very small, in the cracks with ease.
Of Age: Everyone is free, then it is a read "Yellow Emperor", then one is what we read these Taoist classics "Zhuangzi." "I" is generally not read, you first do not look ah. Including "Lie", which there are many fables, like listening to people talk about after you read a story, then, imperceptibly to themselves this way of thinking, emotional habits are changed, then it reached such a Slim an effect. So now I see a lot of people do not obey God, that God is what it is? San yet. You can see children ah, listen to a MP3 ear, then what chewing gum in his mouth, his hand shaking a pencil, a pen shake, play tricks that really I feel ......
Liang Dong: Liu Qian are playing, however.
Of Age: Oh, really can not play Liu Qian. And then, here also looked at the job, his eyes wandering over the edge is also a TV.
Liang Dong: Ha ha ha.
Of Age: So in this case, it is that God is scattered. Chairman Mao said before, we have to defeat the enemy this method is very simple: concentrating a superior force to destroy the enemy.
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: We now need to distraction, do a lot of scattered God thing, the results of it, one thing not to do, and finally themselves be cruelly tired.
Liang Dong: Well, a little rest. Keep coming back, Elder naive theory.
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Liang Dong: back, "Elder naive theory" it, just and Xu talked about, ah, this "independent obey God." "Independent" mean, there are two ways, one is a man standing, and the other leg to stand."Obey God," it is to fill it close, right? Let you concentrate.
Of Age: Oh, when you do that, you thought that, ah, the mind, is the kind of instinctive reaction to come back.
Liang Dong: Oh, that I ever really tried, that is, if you really try to close your eyes and one leg stand, you really all the attention in the upper leg.
Of Age: attend to do anything else.
Liang Dong: ah, it will instead actually relatively easy.
Of Age: Oh, so you finally stop after it finished yet, but what is? That transport you up, is that the stomach transportation capabilities restored. Zhan Zhuang so many people, you do not look, he did not run, just slightly sweat.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: eh? How you can not run sweating? This kind of fatigue you sweat and sweat are two completely out of that sweat. And then, while Zhan Zhuang what is? Hands and feet, fever, burping fart, how so? Transport of belly open. This is a return to God child's performance. Say ......
Liang Dong: luck came.
Of Age: Oh, luck came.
Liang Dong: ah, really beautiful! Then is the "muscle if a" Ha. "Independent obey God, muscle if a" here it is talking about "muscle" and "meat" Well, is not it? Last time you also talked about "muscle" and "meat" is not the same, right?
Of Age: pair. This sentence does we will piggyback mention, that in this "breathing fine air, independent obey God," the state does, there will be a person's muscles react? That is the force of muscle meat, the meat is muscle relaxation. We are people, that is, there is muscle muscle ...... no meat, no meat or muscle. What muscle meatless people? Muscle stiffness, old in force, and did not relax. Wenwu Road is also a relaxation of it, a man old in there Bengzhuo strength, compared with the strong, do not relax, then, first the body can not stand.
Liang Dong: he tired tired from others.
Of Age: In addition it the mood of his character, which is competing with people that kind of character.
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: A lot of people say you are the bar head ah? How so zhóu ah? right? Muscle, there is no muscle meat. Also, I ...... very interesting, I treat several patients, is his obvious manifestation of this is this cold muscle, stiff, hard ah, then a pinpoint on the pain. I say something wrong with you here. People told me that this is my abdominal training practice. I say muscle I have, what is that meat? Lively. The force of the time ......
Liang Dong: tight unity, hey.
Of Age: hard, eh right, unity tense, hard as stone. The time to relax as soft as a baby, said "special gas Perching, can baby almost"? If a muscle is called, what if one do? It is bisected. We used to say that the kind of sacrifice that day with jade ah, called the Bi. The ancient jade place called meat, less meat and more meat. For example, it is the hole you little Bi, jade and more meat than the hole called; if it is made of words that ring it, it was a small hole big meat; there is a situation which it called the "Yuan" is jade word edge, a word of love, if it is a muscle, it is the flesh and holes as big. If one means what? It is the force of muscle relaxation and that meat is like, definitely not like this situation we are now, is light there is no muscle or light meat has muscle without meat.
Liang Dong: is the gold partner one to one.
Of Age: Oh, gold partner one to one, ah. So I suggest that you, uh ...... is in state practice it, you will know where the body to relax, where the tension ah, which returned to a primitive, natural, pure a state - muscle if One.
Liang Dong: So I thought it was muscle one blanket. Just feeling is one such feeling.
Of Age: The earliest I understand is the case, then slowly is ...... read "Yellow Emperor" ah there is such a feature, what ah? We like a child to consult an expert, I have much knowledge of it, where I can read, I would first read. Then over time it, I look at, I do not understand it the first down. To this attitude, you will find the original read, the more interesting the more you see of it, the more chapters can understand, you can understand the meaning is deeper.
Liang Dong: Oh.
Of Age: This is called if a muscle. You see, I've seen a few teachers, ah, he has such a skill, that you touch on his hand, soft ...... big man now, soft hand feels really soft. Nonetheless, as he caught you, wow, that they are worse than the eagle's claws, and the pain biting you, it's like that really hurt people play, what to play most painful is? What is not a stick, is? A whip.
Liang Dong: Oh, this is really the case.
Of Age: That whip so soft, so it is the peripheral force hit him when, ouch, that hurts, oh. It is the kind of power and gas can penetrate deeply into it. So we must be trained to such a state that if a muscle. What if a muscle is actually state? Qimai often pass a state.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: I remember I had a case, what I just said that the abdominal muscles, he himself is because they do not give birth, is a man, not birth, then find me a doctor. I say here, you are dead meat, are stagnant chill dead meat. He said I practiced abs, I say you are dead meat. Later on acupuncture treatment, to give him an acupuncture treatment that pain ah, is particularly heavy chill.
Liang Dong: Will these people are tied acupuncture treatment does not go ah?
Of Age: ah, especially ...... why I am using are disposable needle ah? Needle re-use it has a metal fatigue, in that chill particularly heavy, especially muscle muscles especially ...... dead people, easy to break into.
Liang Dong: Oh.
Of Age: that you tie him into a rivalry, pair, needle break, and this time you have to take tweezers, pliers to take a needle injection, a problem. The use of disposable needles it, one is clean, then a no metal fatigue. So again difficult stone also give it my tie inside. What happened then, until his stomach tie soft, Qimai pass, he later gave birth to a daughter, her daughter go to school now. Why did he die so muscular, so hard ah? Later, he told me that he had a brother, Arctic bottling, previously before the reform and opening up, ah, we are not Coca-Cola, Beijing is best to drink beverages - soda Arctic Ocean. The results of his stick the light on the old cold drink, drink themselves that muscle meat all become a muscle, it becomes a chill stagnate.
Liang Dong: Oh, Oh, so ah with Lao Tzu's words, anything necessarily a good thing, is not it? At that time he felt I must be very proud of, is not it?
Of Age: special pride. We had never been seen eating roots popsicle feel very envious of Man, people drink that soda ......
Liang Dong: Estimated childhood bully other children to rely on those bottles of soda, is not it?Ha ha. "If a muscle, it can tho spacious world."
Of Age: ah, you see these people's life is not of a century is gone, and the world is the same.
Liang Dong: Oh, these words, I sometimes worry that it is a literary methods of expression.
Of Age: Personally, I think ...... before I think yes. Now I think there really such a person. Eh, including folklore, ah, there is a very famous figure called Taoist Chi Master.
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: Chi Master to be alive now.
Liang Dong: Well ...... to legend is still alive, right? But then, I think so because we have no way to make it deeper elegant, but it "Life spacious Heaven and Earth", that he has this spirit.Sometimes we not only look at the word, ah, on the other hand you feel so beautiful ancient diction Kazakhstan. Three five words "Life spacious Heaven and Earth", the feeling that all of a sudden feeling of heaven and earth beyond.
Of Age: Heaven and Earth is the Earth exist for how long, what time to destroy, I just finish it together.
Liang Dong: "When there is no end, this it Dawson," when there is no end.
Of Age: Yes, this is what I said that the pursuit of the highest state of Taoism called "my life that I could not help day", "Shou spacious world, there is no end time", which is the one we can only be "Gaoshanyangzhi, Worthy, though not to the heart and desire. "
Liang Dong: Worthy thing, right? So this time I felt I had a colleague ah, Mr. Cao Jingxing, really is a great culture. You see people dad gave him the name Cao Jingxing, from ......
Of Age: Oh, their home culture. So read this book, read this section of the time for it, we say, eh, that is Gaoshanyangzhi, heart and desire. It is not for us these mortal eyes, mortals can do, but what we can to express our respect admiration heart.
Liang Dong: and he set up the possibility, so sometimes ah ......
Of Age: Oh, infinite longing, people felt how much there is to live.
Liang Dong: There may be, possible.
Of Age: There! Everything is possible!
Liang Dong: Yes, we can, Oh, we can. "There are no end, this it Dawson." Then he told the ancient times of real thing, right?
Of Age: This is one of the highest realm of reality. Below that is called a human, he also called live. Our history is now being referred to a few real people, in fact, he did not reach that level first, because he did not say tho spacious world, without a pole, or when he defeated world no life there when we do not see very. Your real name is Sun Sun Ssu example, he lived for more than one hundred years old. But then the second stage of a human person is called, there is a saying behind it "is also attributed to a real person," we are now a lot of these ancient Chinese Taoist reached the second level. What is the second state is it?
Liang Dong: Yes, I'll read it, "Medieval time, there is a human person" is there to this to a human person.
Of Age: Oh, is that people who reach this state.
Liang Dong: Chun Tak whole tract, it uses called the "yin and yang and to", and would not grasp the yin and yang. You see? "And in yin and yang, tune in four seasons, died from the vulgar, refined product to give full, processions between heaven and earth, audiovisual Octopus addition, this cover also benefit the life and strong, also attributed to a real person." It also belongs to a real person at this level, deputy department level, is not it? Deputy level is department level, is not it?
Of Age: right right.
Liang Dong: the teacher to explain to us a little, "Medieval time, there is a human person, Chun Tak whole tract," What Chun Tak whole tract?
Of Age: The "Chun Tak whole tract," to relate to us this moral problem, which we have repeatedly mentioned in the previous program which, said the change in the world of natural variation.Germany is one of the virtues, behavior. The channel and Germany do, if you can do conform to the German people, close to the road of change, and this is our pursuit of the highest realm of Taoist.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: The so-called Tak-sun, that is, as much as possible, without distortion to ...... Chun road, as far as possible, without distortion to master the world of the variation, called "sun."Then "all", that is, as much as possible to grasp fully, so that all of their thoughts and actions are in line with this change in the heavens and the earth. This is the realm of a human can do. He was not going to marshal the world, not the impact of changes in the world, but I try to run with the ups and downs of your horse to do.
Liang Dong: ah, that if, as the more powerful live on horseback, he decided that the rhythm of the horse.
Of Age: He makes you run, he can make you Britain, he can decide for you. This it is I, "Chun Tak whole tract."
Liang Dong: ah, this too, just like the rhythm of the horse almost on the line. So he used to call "and in yin and yang," live call "grasp the yin and yang", is not it? And in yin and yang.
Of Age: What is "and on the yin and yang"? "Grasp the yin and yang" and "yin and yang and to" the difference? And what? And, the first premise is different.
Liang Dong: Differences.
Of Age: Differences. So the ancients Yan Zi (Confucius it should be) there is a saying: "Gentleman and different, and not the villain." What is it? I try to turn people like me to make, called with the assimilation of others, is not it? But then, I allow other people than I do, but we still get along very well, very harmonious, and called. Like cooking, I had to take this speculation put some ginger soy pan, what is the ginger? Spicy, then what you let me take ginger to fry a pepper called with. Why? Their nature, they taste the same, are spicy, so called with, and this is not called, is not it? Conversely speaking, that is when I fry a spicy things when put a little vinegar, What? Different. But good to eat.
Liang Dong: ah, hot and sour soup thing.
Of Age: Oh, hot and sour soup. This acid does, limiting the divergence spicy, spicy divergence it, but also peace of convergence of this acid. So do so out of rice - and, we feel it delicious.
Liang Dong: Differences.
Of Age: Differences. But it is, first of all it is different, but it has very good. So those naive, thinking simply want people with old people, like myself, put the others are changed to people like him.
Liang Dong: Xu reminds me a very interesting thing, some time ago I was asked what Shanghai and Beijing are not the same? I say you go to Shanghai for some time, you will become Shanghai people, you are in Beijing for decades, you still your own person, not a Pekingese.
Of Age: Oh, but you are very comfortable stay in Beijing.
Liang Dong: Yes, this is the difference between Shanghai and Beijing. Well, a little rest, immediately keep coming back.
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Liang Dong: Well, I still came back and Xu together to talk to the "Yellow Emperor ancient naive theory" in the third paragraph referred to a real person, a human, etc., etc. Ha. They say, the reality of it, is able to "grasp the yin and yang", and condemns it slightly lower half level, deputy level it is, "and in yin and yang." However, and in very great, Xu also talked about just now, but different.
Of Age: Now can do and not many people, it's all what? Have their teeth done live, not a real person want to live. And what? That is when the enemy powerful attack, I retreat, and this is, is not it? Enemy advances, we retreat, and called.
Liang Dong: enemy retreats into.
Of Age: Oh, if you overconfident, also enter into your enemy, which is called discord, is not it?Toward doing. Couples bicker quarrel, too, her husband angry, and his wife about patience, What?And. Husband angry, I fire than you, it is not, and is not it? Home encounter thing, the husband does not succeed, an overcast; wife not succeed, discord.
Liang Dong: Oh.
Of Age: So you see, we have the yin and yang diagram, ah, it's definitely not all split the world, left side and right side, what is it? Yin old, male small; Yang large, small yin. It seems uneven surface, not one half, but it is definitely a and. You see we are friends with each other to eat, we eat, I went to the United States, they said, we went out to dinner, I got it wrong, we eat together, and I invite you to dinner two concepts, we went to eat what? AA, you pay your I pay my, What? Level.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: flat, right? But then, there are and what? Our friends for dinner, what? "Liang Dong, I invite you to dinner," I pay.
Liang Dong: Xiela!
Of Age: Oh, you're welcome. Probably next week, he said Liang Dong, eh, Xu, we eat a meal together. A year later count accounts,
Liang Dong: Probably about the same.
Of Age: almost, or a flat, but this year reflected what? And.
Liang Dong: Oh.
Of Age: So you see this and, we are talking about a "harmonious society", I said and what I ask?And is not the same, the same harmony. We often say that a harmonious society.
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: and are allowed to have different ideas of life, but without prejudice to our peaceful coexistence, can not say I have to kill you, fight the class struggle. And called. And are allowed to be different. What harmony is? With resonance, resonance, eh, a frequency, a sound segment. So this "and in yin and yang," that we can all go in-depth study. Live ah, I think, ah, he who can not do, where we go in that condemns a sufficient enough.
Liang Dong: Can Yin and Yang is very good.
Of Age: Oh, and in yin and yang. Paul warm winter, summer too, a little bit cool balance, not too cold. This is also called and. Do not you run out of frozen winter to summer orgy reheat on the stove heating, I'm sorry, and what is the same, and that is not called.
Liang Dong: Yes, just Xu teacher you talked about this and different, ah, it really is quite intentionally Siha. And this for a long time I broke a prejudice, I think, and is the same.Obviously, and it is not the same.
Of Age: and the premise is not the same, we are talking about the five elements, five colors, five colors, but it has a five elements allelopathy, they are in a system, very good. You try to turn all the colors of the five elements into a whole, so that all organs function have become one, it is dead.
Liang Dong: ah, so that between husband and wife or to have complementary, is not it?
Of Age: going to, do the same. At least you will not find a ......
Liang Dong: temper a little better if I do, then,
Of Age: You can a little worse.
Liang Dong: my wife could brutal point. Well, "tone at 4, died from the vulgar." Tune in four seasons?
Of Age: Oh, this is the first time we speak to say "it knows those laws in the yin and yang, qualifying for the number of patients." Many people can not see the yin and yang seasons, seasons change, eh, Chun-sheng, long summer, autumn, winter provisions. When we finished Elder naive theory, second part is what we are talking about? "Four gas tune God theory." This "tune in seasons", is an eloquent In the second article, on the words, that is, spring is coming, how would you do? What should you eat? What should you wear?
Liang Dong: You do? What is not?
Of Age: Oh, do not do anything, I gave you talk about it. This is a human life, we must adapt to changes in the seasons to do it. We just talk about this birth of civilization, you see, poles, Antarctic Arctic, nothing much biological, let alone civilization. Equator too hot, nor too good of civilization. Only this temperate latitude 40 °, not cold not hot, four seasons of this place, the birth of many great civilizations, you see the pyramids of Egypt, Babylon, you see, you see Greece, you see we Chinese are in this ......
Liang Dong: Latitude road above Oh.
Of Age: eh. So the four seasons of abundant local produce, nurtured, is also Ling Jie people.
Liang Dong: so called tune in four seasons, is not it?
Of Age: Unfortunately, we live in such a nice change of a country with four distinct seasons, we do not adjust, do not adapt, they were kind enough to choke it, and finally said what people spin their own what.
Liang Dong: Oh, this thing which ......
Of Age: The last made a patient.
Liang Dong: slowly slowly, and gradually progress Kazakhstan. "Tone at four o'clock, died from vulgar" ah.
Of Age: Oh, these people are bothered with a bunch of this mortal mix in together, they usually leave this hustle and bustle of the Red, breathing essence, a beautiful place to live is basically a reclusive life.
Liang Dong: ah. A farmer's life is over. A very enviable farmers.
Of Age: Oh, do not mix with you.
Liang Dong: death from the vulgar.
Of Age: Do not play with you.
Liang Dong: ah, the plot to give full fine.
Of Age: Oh, it looked fine to give full plot, which is our signature of traditional Chinese medicine to someone else ...... I generally book, I usually write a little word, I basically wrote the word "Yellow Emperor" if. Which often wrote that "the plot to give full fine."
Liang Dong: the plot is the accumulation of "product."
Of Age: accumulation of "product", his own innate that material basis - fine, good to store well, so that you will be enough gas, enough gas after it, mind you that will be preserved, to be safe, to do that Dunmin sensitization. The so-called plot Seiki give full person, word, Dunmin. Empty their hearts, actually its belly. Weak chi, strong in bone. Dashed away, Hom in full.
Liang Dong: Hom solid.
Of Age: Oh, Hom in full, right.
Liang Dong: "product refined to give full, processions between heaven and earth, outside audiovisual Octopus."
Of Age: This sentence is the most people yearn for a state to humans. "Procession between heaven and earth," a lot of people say you do not have aircraft how you swim? You do not have this Farsighted how you listen to? Audiovisual outside the Octopus. This is what I tell you, when as a healthy person, this state is reached later, you can be superb. Oh, you may be able to, your body is still here, but you kind of senses and perception you will become very acute.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: Some friends told me a message saying, eh, you say this ingenious technology prostitution is bad, we invented the mobile phone now we can talk good. I say I told you, the ancients no phone can still communicate.
Liang Dong: Well mind interlinked.
Of Age: Oh, the mind is the same.
Liang Dong: As long as you a look positive, ah.
Of Age: not even look, even far away, but that we often say that the mother even ...... na mother and even the heart.
Liang Dong: Yes, I often heard a friend said to me.
Of Age: ah, you can not imagine the kind of induction. So keen are the things we are now given the whole lost innocence, so that we are now told him, "You have this function," he did not believe: "?? Ah how is this possible."
Liang Dong: Oh, you said something I do not know, that there are indeed such a situation between mother and child.
Of Age: This is happening between my sister and my mother's things.
Liang Dong: how did it happen?
Of Age: When it is our university. I used to these things, when I was feudal superstition, nonsense. This communication takes place between my sister and my mom after I felt: Oh, there really afford. People kind of gods that we speak of this gas, it is possible through time and space. Ah, for example, a few years later, I and Liang Dong gone, but our voice is still, right?
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: After you've heard it may also unlimited, no limit to the distance walked in. Maybe later how many years a person heard, feel what you say had never been seen? Concept of time and space of the universe in the Taoist view, these are not an obstacle to our people. You can do those things, you can still reach this state.
Liang Dong: ah, processions between heaven and earth.
Of Age: audiovisual Octopus away.
Liang Dong: What is Octopus?
Of Age: We often say "accessible." Octopus refers orientation. Truck, which is four bars, then angle the middle of a truck, a total of eight directions.
Liang Dong: Yes, south-east, north-west ......
Of Age: Oh, eight directions. After our broadcast, a lot of friends give me a message, usually so, Xu you put good friends, then what
Liang Dong: But ......
Of Age: I how how, to praise me one, then say what I have questions, I hope you give me a diagnosis, you give me medication. I particularly embarrassed. Because of what? We did not reach the realm of a human, a human can be, ah, give me a little information you provide, you immediately what was wrong, what meridian block it, which is a problem, I'll be the method of treatment came out. Oh, a lot of people say that you can walk consultation. I do not have this ability, so I am, you have to get me here, my three Jiuhou look and smell to see, so I hope you understand.
Liang Dong: ah, "beyond visual Octopus, this cover also benefit the life and strong, also attributed to a real person."
Of Age: These people have no say crazy to the kind of life the spacious world, there are no poles, but they these people will live very long ah. We will live very long.
Liang Dong: This cover benefits, cover, this cover benefits of its life?
Of Age: cover is reason thing.
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: that these people, because he was fine to give full product, so it is also possible to live very long. And yet because of his fine air feet, very keen that his gods, he was able to have the kind of audiovisual Octopus addition, this ability procession between heaven and earth. This is the first, the material base, then there function, and finally achieve a divine realm.
Liang Dong: What is the plot Seiki give full of it, I suddenly thought of another metaphor, with the students, but also to report to the teacher about. Before the financial crisis, um, it took all the stocks Buffett sold his stock inside a lot of cash flow. At that time many people criticized him saying you put money in the bank there is no existence of the interest, it is not a waste it? Later found that some do not put money into the cash to buy shares of all the loss, and in that time you do not lose, you lose you are already in the making. This is called the plot to give full fine.
Of Age: Oh, do not even spend money to make money blind.
Liang Dong: I did not even spend money to make money blind. So today's topic, I think it actually is really very interesting, oh. Today, we live it and to humans from two ancient times, the following two paragraphs on it there again next week, same time and we share.
Of Age: The last one we show it, to as a "ancient naive theory" a summary of ah, I hope you listen to when.
Liang Dong: Thank Xu, thank you!
Of Age: Goodbye! 

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