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Elder naive theory article SEVEN

Elder naive theory article SEVEN
Speaker: the auspices of Age: Liang Dong
Broadcast time: 2009-01-1723: 00-24: 00
Scripture: forty-seven, tibia firm, very long hair, body Sheng Zhuang, fifty-seven, Yangming pulse decline, face beginning coke, hair starts falling six or seven, Sanyang veins on the decline, face all burnt, white hair beginning , 2277 Ren virtual Taichong pulse decline less Tiangui dried up, authentic nowhere.
Liang Dong: Yes, the rediscovery of traditional Chinese medicine is so beautiful. Rediscovered "Yellow Emperor" wisdom. Welcome to listen to today's national school, I was Liang Dong, while the opposite is still the Magnolia medicine Tang Tangzhu of Age teacher.
Of Age: Liang Dong good! Listeners and friends Hello, everyone!
Liang Dong: Well, Xu teacher is good! In the last week when we talked about it this a women's menstrual cycles change every seven years, we talked about a seven, twenty-seven and Panax. The first time it was seven girls to the age of seven, is nominal age oh, including you in the belly of the big six months, then it is basically more than six years old, ah, that it filled the kidney. Tooth more hair long, that this little girl teeth to change it, then what does the Huangmaoyatou hair black hair into a girl. Twenty-seven menstruation to, Ren Tong, Taichong pulse Sheng. Say what is it that it is similar to menstruation as the female hormones such things do come, then it is also the Ren Tong, Taichong pulse will not pass, so do girls do when you can not run the PE, called "menstruation or less", but also the birth of children. Thirteen and a half years the real nominal age do it - this is the age of fourteen, uh, in fact, it was thirteen and a half years almost seven twenty-one time for it, "kidney average", that could have been born children These kidney do, eh, you can not students, it may mean going to other parts of the body, so that we have real teeth to the students, it is that wisdom teeth grow out of, "and the long pole", long pole mean a girl height, width, thickness are able to almost the same. So last week, when it, we talked together and Xu Panax, 7 March 21, willy-nilly, we now talk about "forty-seven" forty-seven it, "bones strong, long hair pole, body Sheng Zhuang, "I did not read it wrong?
Of Age: Yeah.
Liang Dong: OK, please Xu talk about what is called "strong bones"?
Of Age: Well, we are talking about twenty-one years of it, she is no longer tall, but then, to still hold - she began her essence and kidney still uphill walk, she would not do those energies to further increase the height, but constantly enrich your inner organs of these organizations and, what is manifested strong bones. "Muscle" is we are talking about, "tendon" is attached to the connecting muscles and bones of the ribs children, ah.
Liang Dong: Yes, we eat the barbecue, roast the beef tendon, is not it?
Of Age: It has the power to show it is flexible, capable of repeatedly stretching it out of morbid manifestations, is now a lot of what happens? Twist the neck "slightly shocked slightly shocked," ah, who have the kind of cord-like old things, ossified, fibrosis things.
Liang Dong: Oh, I hit the steering wheel that car recently when he rang it Ga Gaga.
Of Age: ah, that is ...... "bones Sheng." The kidney, let's talk about which is the main bone marrow, this time human bone development is also very good. What the loss of calcium in the absence of such modern speak, and it manifested bone it, one is hard, in addition it also has the toughness, ah. Instead of brittle bones is called ......
Liang Dong: not slide about in the toilet, broken bones.
Of Age: hey, hey, this is called "bones Sheng." Ah, in addition, his hair it ...... if ancient people, Chinese people talking about the hairdo, hair long, not shaved. Guren Jiang: "your body is affected by the parents, not light abandoned," Do not mutilate.
Liang Dong: But, before we do this to have a notion Oh, that one's hair if leaving it too long, then, this consumption of naphtha.
Of Age: Oh, consumption of naphtha.
Liang Dong: Will it be so?
Of Age: uh, yes ah, we are talking about is that we have a healthy body, so-called "full" it, that is naturally gives you all of these things it has long use, rather than as now we do not know to its use, and then you do some stupid things. Born appendix gave cut; what gave tonsils assassination, and one that inflamed gall bladder stones, give ......
Liang Dong: gallbladder to cut.
Of Age: Oh, cut. This is called "incomplete", and "body incomplete," the. "Body incomplete", and use a word to represent is what? It is the "residual" waist.
Liang Dong: Shen Canzhi will not be strong.
Of Age: Oh, called remnant. The hair, let's talk about it called hair is more than blood, hair is more than blood, and blood is from where born out of it, is made into a fine, we call blood, ah.Therefore, a person full of energy and blood, only to show this particular human hair grow stronger, particularly dense, and the president was particularly long. A lack of fine blood of it, a look hair long, long began to bifurcation, and yellow coke wilt, then it off white, this is one fine blood performance. So ancient people blind to marry a wife, come home - you look vain person orgy, you look outside child, giving her a look Youguangshuihua a large braids, hey, this woman row. A look at it, Rattus, not a few people are Huangmaoyatou fourteen black hair, and her twenty-year-old, also a yellow hair, ah, still so sparse, a look at this person and blood insufficient.So the moment on the bones Longsheng, hair length (cháng) pole, or called hair long (zh? Ng) pole, this hair will grow particularly filling. But then, it was very necessary backwards. The twenty-year-old, remember! Physiological peak, the highest point of a woman, since then it, it began to decline. Therefore, we recommend that girls can marry at the age of twenty-one, twenty-eight before it, is the body physiological peak it reached before having children. This time it kids or, you like it, you pull the child is not tired. Because of what? Do you have a question for future breast feeding baby, the baby cries at night you have it, you have a urinary changing diapers, is not it, that you do in twenty-one to twenty-eight years old, you do not feel tired, you From the night several times, the next day you still energetic. After this one, with it myself tired, I can only get to find a babysitter for you, hire a nanny. Because of what? Now the milk is not safe. So this lesbian starting to realize that they have a physical, there is a turning point, there is a peak, twenty-year-old after it began to decline.
Liang Dong: So it really is a lot of pressure ah, now there are so many PhD; postdoctoral also read, is not it? It is an issue.
Of Age: hey, a lot of people quite upset.
Liang Dong: a little break right back. Oh, come back after the break it, is still my teacher Liang Dong and of Age, Magnolia medicine Tangtang Zhu teacher of Age does talk together, "Elder naive theory." Forty-seven just talked about, when it comes to this forty-seven do it - because women are women, as a seven-year cycle of thing, to the age of 28, when it forty-seven, to the body Sheng Zhuang ah, went to a pole, most Well the best condition.
Of Age: Sheng is full of meaning, ah. We say that pronunciation is called Sheng, I filled a bowl of rice. This filled the called Sheng, ah. We say this man does, his metaplasia fine blood from the fine, the fine it in twenty-eight women before it is filled, that you go through this whole grains eat ah, eat this meat, ah, It is able to convert it into a fine, to fill the marrow inside your child to go, or what this time? Accumulation is greater than consumption, after this peak after twenty-eight, and slowly accumulated consumption of greater than. "Sheng strong", twenty-year-old also show a female, we call that kind of mature young woman, the most beautiful age charm.
Liang Dong: But some young women and even girls are not yet.
Of Age: main speaker, I see the most awkward is over thirty years old, he said "we girls how a ......"
Liang Dong: we girls do, Taiwanese girls Well, we girls how how ......
Of Age: Ah, give me goose bumps trouble.
Liang Dong: Sheng body like ah. To "57, Yangming pulse decline, face beginning coke, hair starts falling" degenerate "fall", is not it? Yangming pulse decline began, and then, what is the "face beginning focus" ah, face the beginning, " beginning "is the beginning of the beginning, is not it?
Of Age: pair. Face is the beginning of the beginning. He is so fifty-seven it is thirty-five, I said it from twenty-eight began to decline, and to the thirty-five have a significant external manifestation is what? "Face the beginning of focus", it is the human face began to get dark."Focus" is the stuff burned, what color, a yellow one is black.
Liang Dong: There is a crisp, crisp rice a little coke.
Of Age: Oh, you are the more clever, we describe a girl good skin, he said skin "blowing shells have broken", right, and was said to be too tender children to pinch the water tender. You say this "focus", I have only said color, you put it that texture also say, that is what began to wrinkle, color began to become charred, is ordinary people say "yellow face" by the This "girl" to "US women" and finally becomes ~ start with "yellow face." I explain its physiological reason ah, it "Yellow Emperor" valuable is it, it is not a list of symptoms and pathological manifestations, but to tell you why. What it is in front of a word called? "Yangming pulse decline"
Liang Dong: Yangming pulse refers to which of the veins?
Of Age: What is called "Yangming pulse"? I have talked about, the promotion of human reproductive function mainly kidneys, first menstruation is substance to Taichong pulse Sheng, Ren to pass.This is the kidneys. But then, this Yangming pulse, does not belong to the kidneys, Yangming pulse is twelve meridians, it belongs to us, "Fu", you see he is a male, six fu is yang, the five internal organs are yin. How to explain this thing do? Is opening up are of the male, the female is invisible. Many people say that my intestines stomach you can not see, ah, but remember that you can take a stick to poke into, can poke the things that are internal organs, are positive, is not it. So this Yangming it is referring only to our six internal organs, six internal organs.
Liang Dong: Which six fu ah?
Of Age: What are we talking about, "Liu Fu" is it? Stomach, intestine small intestine, large intestine, triple burner, gall bladder. The "Red" refers to the two organs, one is the stomach, called the foot Yangming stomach. There is one called "hand Yangming" is the large intestine. Both organs function weak, and it was originally positive thing, it should move, the result that it does not move; it would have been positive, it should be quite warming up, the results it is not warming up. These two organs become on the inside does not move, become warming, what is it on the outside of the performance? Is the "focal plane beginning", that face became dull, and it does not so moist, nor the elasticity. In future, we learn the meridian, they can look at this Yangming pulse, especially since it is the Foot-Yangming pulse pupils in our eyes are below, and then it went down in this altercation that we do here along the cheek to cheek go up until our forehead.This is our veins "foot Yangming stomach." You see it basically covers our entire face, so this function of the stomach weakened after it, show it is a right which also face this face shape change. Yangming pulse do it here from our lips and cross-over, ending on both sides of the nose, which is "hand Yangming." It said, "Yangming pulse decline" refers to the function of these two organs a recession, anti its Road is if I had a thirty-five, but I put my stomach and bowel function very well adjusted, it still not bad, that I have your face will focus it? You certainly will not burnt.
Liang Dong: So how much rub "great treasure" useless in the face. Have dinner.
Of Age: Oh, you have to adjust within. There are all, all will line outside, ah. Your conditioning gastrointestinal function well, your face will look good external performance. But this good-looking, because it is not the kidneys, it is not the kind of manifested sexy-looking, but a healthy physiological function better kind of nice. So I see a lot of people began to say that the face of a long spot, ah, after a lot of people face a long hudieban fertility, as well as what people? This morning the dark circles, it was also under the eyelids together (finger up) is swollen, and still others that it is long Scarface.
Liang Dong: What Scarface?
Of Age: Scarface is the nose on both sides of the ditch ah particularly deep, others are long dimples, his two long ditch.
Liang Dong: can not wait is two knifed out. Pop, pop.
Of Age: This is a ...... stomach is bad gastrointestinal diseases, especially a bad stomach typical performance. For example, there are people like me heavy wrinkles, which is a bad stomach function. So wrinkles do, you think, a deflated ball ......
Liang Dong: Well it will not wrinkle.
Of Age: Why? Because no gas inside, ah.
Liang Dong: gas did not, right!
Of Age: We always do this ......
Liang Dong: lift ah.
Of Age: lift surgery, there is a now a special cruel surgery, it is with the botulinum toxin, the man - to dominate the facial nerve to kill the nerve. Results wrinkles - wrinkles you see ah man I was not, but that face into the face of what turned into a face mask, there is no expression of a face mask.
Liang Dong: Oh, right right right, you see there are some older stars, performing arts workers, is not it?
Of Age: hey ~ Yo, I look scared, and I say this as a dead man whole. People facial paralysis after ah, a manifestation of what? Forehead did not, that is the side of the paralysis wrinkles gone, but you can not fight like this, ah, you this in order to reduce wrinkles, the self-made man a facial paralysis months, I see a lot of these people are now plastic surgery ah, There is a big psychological problem people, the results do come out some strange things, a lot of money to spend, the effect extreme times.
Liang Dong: Oh, really ha, children really can not say it! So, you see it, sometimes we watch TV Ha, turn on the TV and see some singers, in fact, it is to serve the people, always wanted it to our audience a relatively smooth face ......
Of Age: We are listening to your song, I'm not looking at you like!
Liang Dong: But then, you see ah this this, this is the case then, and finally it got this face is not wrinkled, and you always feel her face a problem. I did not know, Oh, that says fight botulinum toxin, in essence, facial nerve damage.
Of Age: Yes, this does not dominate the facial nerve, it is not the kind of tightening function.So, he would not last wrinkle, but she did not look up, so to see these people I would feel a little terror.
Liang Dong: So you say that, at the time it fifty-seven thirty-five, "Yangming pulse decline" is stomach ah these features are bad, and then face the beginning of Coke, Coke it is not only the color yellow and black They brittle, lack the elasticity and texture. "Hair began falling," ah.
Of Age: twenty-eight times we just talked about, "long hair (? Zh ng) pole," or "hair length (cháng) pole," ah, fine enough blood when that long black hair, not forked do not scorch, ah, do not fall off.
Liang Dong: The village has a girl named Xiao Fang thing.
Of Age: the thirty-year-old suddenly found one morning on a pillow full of hair, hair falling to a bath that can put that ......
Liang Dong: to block the sewer.
Of Age: sewer to blocked. This time people will be afraid, ah, how so, hair loss, and fine blood a ~ support. "Made for the blood I", fine blood surplus the only president hair. Fine blood, and it will certainly be rounded car insurance handsome Well, ah. In order to ensure visceral matter, the body's needs, it is necessary to round up these tip. These people can not stay long hair.
Liang Dong: So, if you find that you are often naked in the shower bath time for it, bent over, the deduction on the ground that the cat hair when sewer inside it, it is necessary to remind himself.
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Liang Dong: Well, just mentioned fifty-seven thirty-five after it began, "hair began falling", that you begin to fall off the hair. Sixty-seven 42, when the "three bad on Yangming, face all burnt, white hair beginning", what say?
Of Age: just that "fat starts falling," a little supplement.
Liang Dong: ah, you would add.
Of Age: it is a stomach I just said, it is "Yangming pulse decline," another "Yangming pulse decline," it is fingered hand Yangming large intestine, many lesbians ah to the emergence of a troubled age: is constipation, ah, to pull no feces.
Liang Dong: I thought it was time to go shopping because they suspected that the toilet dirty habit after a long time not to pull.
Of Age: The constipation problem then, it it it is the large intestine, we are talking about the ascending colon, transverse colon, descending colon to the rectum this period belong to the large intestine, it is not creeping thing, or a gas shortage, or "Yangming pulse decline" ʱ?? That Conversely, if a lesbian able to maintain their bowel movements are very good, so she would not have made such a focal plane falling phenomenon. But many modern people there what a problem? How she was treating her constipation, constipation do not you? How do? Let you pull chant, began to use what those "enema" ah, ah enema, which forced overbearing approach. Do not you move? I poke you about. Others is what? Every morning I want to pour a glass of water, then we will have a bowel movement. In fact, they are the kind of harm these methods as a means of bowel function, that is, immediate fast, temporary stool touches pass, but it was not any effect of a long time.There are people that eat what the capsules capsule, eat the kind of cathartic, this is discouraged, vent the large intestine of the gas. Really want to treat the constipation, then it is from the physical and psychological aspects to adjust. You constipation problems such as this one, you find that no animal shit very particular when you see the cat ah, Goua shit, especially the cat, it must find a particularly safe place, then, pull After completion it doing?
Liang Dong: the (feces) buried.
Of Age: cover up.
Liang Dong: Oh, why?
Of Age: This is what? A sense of security, that the animals are looking for a sense of security where it was going to shit, and then pull the feces after completion, it is afraid of the smell attracts its enemies to hurt it, so it is buried. So defecation, you do not think is a colon thing, people in insecure circumstances, he would not shit. Many of us are in that kind of extreme anxiety and sad state, he will not shit. You see, ah, it was a business trip, no stool, a home stool.
Liang Dong: Oh, I did find later na, on the road some friends to go home when you press the elevator, on Buzz Buzz, wow! I can not stand.
Of Age: Yes, this is actually a psychological problem. Inner insecurity. So, you have to solve his Yangming pulse decline, you want to solve the problem of his heart, we Chinese say fire grams of gold, the heart is a fire, what gold is it?
Liang Dong: Gold is the lung.
Of Age: lung and colon, ah. So when a man - I said, the next worry, anxiety, nervous of that state, which is under the influence of a lung and colon, these questions have to adjust from both physical and mental. After the adjustment is complete, a worried, nervous person's face does not look good. The focus is not fire it, also outside a performance. So, to solve this kind of hair out, you see, we lung skin and hair, the main hair, lung and gold, hair loss of people do, Firelight are more prosperous, you see people who stay up late, one is white hair, a hair out. Ah, this is the heart, we say it is not wise head hair, the old with the mind, Firelight too busy of people off the hair. So, um, when women appear to thirty-five yellow face of the phenomenon, why say yellow face yellow face? Why is now the "mini three children" and what "second wife", which is also an important reason for worry yellow face, who to this age, the physiological friends, this old age and his face does not look good, then what confidence is gradually reduced small, worried about, worry about things too much. Then this state of mind and affects her physiological functions. Physiological function after it has increased broken her psychological burden.
Liang Dong: wow, a vicious cycle.
Of Age: So, five and thirty years - we say, a woman this time, you should go to a good rest it.
Liang Dong: the "Crouching Tiger" in it, this Chow said a word: you let go, you have the whole world. So this time is to learn how to open properly.
Of Age: fit.
Liang Dong: You can not let go, is not it? Nabu Qi fit. so what……
Of Age: afford to get fit, do not take it when.
Liang Dong: Yes, so many people do, I envy those married woman. Do not know who married woman is also very painful. Afraid because you have lost. Not the kind of fear of losing even more horrible than fear, right?
Of Age: right, right, right.
Liang Dong: right? But then, here we would like to remind, actually, the reason why we talk about this text, it is hoped that all of our radio next female friends it can be more calm, more beautiful, more confident. So, I just said a little - a little supplement "hair starts falling," then what "Six decline in Sanyang veins on the surface are coke, white hair beginning," ah."Sanyang Pulse", what is "Sanyang veins"?
Of Age: This is, we speak of "yin", "Sanyang" There is a saying that goes, "Dawson one, one two, two three, three things." We say this in any world is divided into yin and yang. This is called "one divides into two," but in the yin and yang which we divided into three "left-right" three levels, that is to say that it belongs to Yang, but it has a particularly hot, we called the "sun "There is a middle of the heat, we call" Shaoyang ", there is one called it - would have been very hot, but the heat of the general warming of us called" Red. " Just like a man, ah, all men, are considered positive thing, but we watch what Inside it there? Feminine air, long, like a man, but speak, behavioral posture, are sissy, that what we put him? Yin yang, call it "Red." Middle child does have a ......
Liang Dong: Oh, a man named Wang Yangming, oh.
Of Age: Yes, Wang Yangming, right, Wang Yangming is a collection of modern Confucianism - Confucian surface he is, in fact, he is a road home, a great achievement. Wang Yangming, he played the name is justified.
Liang Dong: Oh, really?
Of Age: Yangming is a man in a woman, a man Shaoyang is relatively neutral, that is normal ......
Liang Dong: impartial man ah. Impartial man ah
Of Age: Oh, you're right, it is the kind of extremely hot sun kind of man.
Liang Dong: a man's man.
Of Age: man's man. Liang Dong like this.
Liang Dong: You swore to me, you do not say anything else? Hahahaha……
Of Age: So on this Sanyang ah, is to interpret this Sanyang, what Sanyang mean? Liu Fu, we have just said is on Yangming pulse decline, but it is the failure of the stomach and large intestine, to this sixty-seven when ......
Liang Dong: six hundred seventy-four XII.
Of Age: 42, when this woman demonstrated all her little six internal organs function decline, the other two Yang also decline, what these two male include it? Sun refers to the small intestine and bladder, hand the sun small intestine and bladder full sun. Another, that is what I said Shaoyang, gall bladder and triple burner. These three veins are bad, so she manifested the whole face of the black, yellow on there is the kind of dry, ah. Also this ......
Liang Dong: Let it comes to this place, ah, absolutely without a trace of schadenfreude ah.
Of Age: No, no.
Liang Dong: Because of it, this is the objective law of citizenship. Another day to do it when we are talking about men, too miserable, ah. Sometimes it is our two flowers, with each one ah. Ha a little talk, I personally think it is, when we understand that these are time for it, you do not feel sad for them, too, in fact it is the essence of life.
Of Age: But you have to understand the reasons which caused the later you have ways to cope, you can regulate it, is not it? This, Sanyang pulse decline it appeared on the surface are beginning white hair coke.
Liang Dong: the beginning of white hair and Kazakhstan. Surface are focal plane - the whole face is the same as the bottom of the pot. Cantonese eat the claypot, which it called the rice coke, rice coke, is that rice crust, crispy rice is rice coke thing. Actually, we think that the focus of the meal it is very vivid focus. Chinese people are very great Ha, a focal word includes both color and contains crispness, also contains the water level, but also includes an elastic like.Sometimes, ah, I think we, as the Chinese people do really lucky Ha, learn to know these characters can be used. Unfortunately, then, many of my friends it is completely unaware of this elegant and beautiful place.
Of Age: ah, that is to say a white hair beginning to see the emergence of white hair, ah, the original is a U-turn, find it? Remnants of hair which appeared white hair.
Liang Dong: Oh, that white hair is the first out after it?
Of Age: first hair loss.
Liang Dong: Oh, I was the first white hair that way.
Of Age: Then you Shao Baitou.
Liang Dong: so poor it.
Of Age: Firelight too busy.
Liang Dong: ho ~, too poor.
Of Age: ah, Wu overnight worry too Shaoguan bald, heart Huo.
Liang Dong: Well, when I was younger and still think they look too tender, there are baby face, so it also hope to have twelve points vicissitudes white hair it seems, this is Qianbian behavior.
Of Age: uh uh, to this age, and we say that women are more to take care of your digestion and absorption of this function, which is what we talked about six internal organs function. We often say that consumer and technology, in fact, is the elimination and completely different. The so-called extinction does it mean, what is it? That is, uh ...... for instance, we say that the ice melted, the ice, the solid block of ice bar, it disappear into the water, but then it was water, reheating it and then it becomes water vapor, but it still water, right? It is a physical change, change in shape.
Liang Dong: yes, from solid to liquid, from liquid to gas.
Of Age: hey ...... it is water, for example, we eat pork, eh, we have a big fat big pieces of pork ......
Liang Dong: pork.
Of Age: Oh, pork, ingest, I chew it, then put it through the stomach celiac-like ground, but you'll wear again celiac-like, it is not or pork ah? This is called extinction. Right? I eat popsicle, ah, eating ice, ingest it, then swallowed into the belly, and then what it turned to water, which is also called extinction. So, I eat vegetables chew, grind this call canceled. The so-called means of qualitative change it, ah, that completely changed in nature. This process is what is done inside the small intestine. Intestinal it ......
Liang Dong: the stomach is only responsible for the consumer?
Of Age: canceled. Hey, we are responsible for the whole, it is canceled. For instance, it secretes gastric acid ah, it is the thing to be able to take these fibrous grated. But of what, in the future we are talking about the dirty Huangdi phase when it will say "small intestine who suffer as the officer, compounds out of Yan." Hey, it is completed in the small intestine of the container inside a qualitative leap and transformed, and what became of pork?
Liang Dong: human flesh.
Of Age: pork meat became a man.
Liang Dong: 人肉叉烧包.
Of Age: Oh, there is the completion of the process by who it? By enzymes! Digestive enzymes, ah.We also called the digestive enzyme catalyst Well.
Liang Dong: digestive enzymes, what is called in English?
Of Age: English called enzyme, it is an enzyme.
Liang Dong: too literate, and also in English. Ha ha.
Of Age: The enzyme does, it is up to us to speak to the secretion of bile and triple burner, but, um, ah enzymes are particularly sensitive to temperature, a low temperature enzymes do not work, ah, so, when a person's intestine The temperature is low, we do not eat a lot of things or called an allergy.
Liang Dong: Oh, do eat seafood, eating crabs Yeah, eat that fishy ah.
Of Age: hey ...... these are allergies, itchy ah, what the body rash, ah, this is called is not based, said that the variant protein does not translate well to adults, it becomes a source of allergies, are you absorb into the body, you will be allergic to. So we often say human heart to the heat, the temperature of a lower small intestine, the function of the people would not be completed. So why is there such women face are burnt, when this face a long spots, and this is because of gastrointestinal temperature is too low. Therefore, for women, she itself is overcast, we have to take good care of her six internal organs function, so that her stomach a little warming up; let her small intestine warming point, finally it let her six internal organs function is not bad, this time a woman Not to mention the 45, to the sixties and seventies is still her face surface, such as peach.
Liang Dong: Ow yo, also-ran, ran. So why Chinese ancient Yeah, people that the girls wore the apron, allowing apron to protect his body, ah, this place in particular organs warmer.
Of Age: organs, internal organs.
Liang Dong: in particular, Fu ah, yes warmer. A little break, let us remember what Dudou ah. Back to say ......
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Liang Dong: Yes, just talked about the decline in Sanyang veins on the surface are the beginning of white hair coke, say it is because of Sanyang veins that comprise our hepatobiliary this through Oh, is not it?
Of Age: ah, no, six internal organs.
Liang Dong: Oh, six internal organs of the pulse ah.
Of Age: The specific this Sanyang, I tell you what. It is the stomach, gall bladder, triple burner ......
Liang Dong: stomach, gall bladder, triple burner.
Of Age: small intestine, bladder ......
Liang Dong :: bladder ah.
Of Age: There are large intestine.
Liang Dong: Right.These are the young women talked about it to say, there are times when it is not shiny face, not beautiful, not just something to wipe his face, filling things and wrap things more important to regulate self stomach.
Of Age: women care about this in terms of it, with particular attention to? This temperature and the nature of the diet.
Liang Dong: ah, a lot of young women like to eat cold, in fact, this is very dangerous.
Of Age: And eat cold all ~ I've ever seen, ah, not life, is to see a Korean and then put the barrel of the side - that is really called bucket ah, a bucket of ice cream, was there to eat, eat, and Korean also Mo Kanwan yet. A bucket of ice cream has gone.
Liang Dong: eat watermelon.
Of Age: I rule which has my patients a special famous ah, she said, after she was sick, how falling ill? She was from the Shanghai Bund, about a dozen miles, and she is in this way to eat ice cream, eat all the way, just so the ice. Why girls love to eat ice ah? Actually, say when a person's stomach to digest a bad time, she is not here to stop this creeping stomach, for example, do not go down to eat, what problems arise at this time? Is the top she felt hot, dry, but it, you touch her stomach the following are cold.
Liang Dong: Why would she think the above will heat it?
Of Age: Do you think, ah, you stack a bunch of stuff in there, over a period of time how significant? Ferment it, heat it, is the same, she hiccups - president of the pack on her face, mouth ulcers president.
Liang Dong: Oh, she always felt angry, right?
Of Age: Oh, she always felt - then, eating ice - that works fast their heart, eating ice on the moment does not seem to relieve this discomfort, but eat more weight.
Liang Dong: So many young women face a long acne ah, all kinds of spots it is often long, they get angry old thought, old eat watermelon to make up, eat objection, ah.
Of Age: often such a long pimples people, long pimples on her face it, hands and feet are cold, she does not care about her the cold hands and feet, she was concerned about her long face, a pack, and then take a pair of cold hands to squeeze the face of the package, which touches on the balance of yin and yang. So we must pay attention to female friends temperature of this diet, what else is it nature, although it is warm but it is the nature of cool stuff.
Liang Dong: For example, what is that?
Of Age: Like milk, ah, we say milk, milk I tell you, is to give the child to drink milk. Imitation of Nature's point of view from which you look at it also ran the animals grow up to drink the milk of its mother, the only people to do this, ah, human mother did not milk the cow and drink the milk, right? Because of what? What children? Shun Yeung of the body, and its fast growth, this milk is particularly chill things, just the pure Yang Yin body run into this thing a pure combination just right.
Liang Dong: I have two questions, Xu, first you say milk is not part of the blood it? right?That blood was supposed to be hot, oh, why milk is chill it?
Of Age: I tell you, we have eaten hot pot, rinse duck had also eaten blood tofu ......
Liang Dong: Yes, Xuewang.
Of Age: Yes, you eat it, you pull shit what color?
Liang Dong: no one can read, because also eat other thing, I also eat tripe pill, mix together, ah.
Of Age: black. Gout patients eat Xuewang the fear. Such offal, blood products are chill. Why the chill? Say you digest it, you need to consume a lot of your yang and energy, so call it chill. You can not take one: the water is hot. That my patients said it, I put the milk cooked, boiled hot, boiling hot drink is not on it? I say you eat iced peppers, you're iced it is hot. Boil the milk, it is also cool, consume your yang, ah. So you count the child's heart rate, how much?
Liang Dong: I do not know.
Of Age: Do not know, do not count too? I tell you, the children called Shun Yeung of the body a day romp, tireless, heart rate were 90 or more, and particularly hot. You count the number of elderly heart.
Liang Dong: I was not counted.
Of Age: What pacemaker heard to add it?
Liang Dong: Oh ~
Of Age: Why? Bradycardia, yang inadequate. You get this kind of yang insufficient capacity to drink something extremely chill ......
Liang Dong: so many elderly people drink milk, it is really a very right Oh.
Of Age: Commercial plot.
Liang Dong: Absolutely commercial conspiracy.
Of Age: When I was in the United States alone, the kind of magazine covers are movie stars Well, drinking a glass of milk, leave here ~ lips leave a white Indian children ......
Liang Dong: ah, it seems, as if seen.
Of Age: drinking and said: "Do you milk?", You drink milk it? It is the kind of promotion of a milk industry association behind. In fact, Americans have the kind of obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes are all concerned with excessive drinking milk.
Liang Dong: Oh, then I would like to ask, on the whole, you see this and that the Europeans, the average life expectancy of people is also pricey, ah, people also drink milk, but people from an early age to drink, drink all die of old age still drinking, then why Americans, Europeans, foreigners are not bad?
Of Age: I tell you, he can not drink milk, people are dead, are eliminated, leaving to are able to tolerate. Do not take the Europeans say, you took the Japanese, the Japanese Oriental peoples, right?
Liang Dong: right ah.
Of Age: did not even drink milk.
Liang Dong: But then people parents high ah.
Of Age: After World War II the Japanese began to drink milk, is not it? Tall, implement the Japanese constitution - what a cup of milk per person, what this - and after giving birth you free government subsidies to milk you drink, is not it? Tall, right? But you look to Japan, the Japanese people are almost 95 percent of what disease? Hay fever, allergies, you go to spring a look - to see everyone with a small masks, full of pollen allergies in Japan. Also ......
Liang Dong: hay fever and that has to do with it?
Of Age: Of course there is a relationship, you know that many of them are allergy - a pollen allergy, an allergy eat something, you can not stand all the variant protein. Another problem I have just said this depression and suicide problem, Japanese highest, not the final chill of something assembled into a negative energy, gather to heart, is chilling despise, is that live boring, is going to die ʱ?? So you drink milk, pull out and spit out pretty good, afraid of how?Drink more fat; the more you drink, chill thing, and this is something we talk about eating too cold up. Milk you can take it to wash, to bath, but since you can not digest drink into words, you are pathogenic. There is also a netizen message said to me: "ah, not to say Sun Ssu advocate this nutritious milk thing." I tell you that's who drink milk?
Liang Dong: that rich people.
Of Age: pair. The poor people who do not usually drink milk, drink milk when I got sick medicinal tonic that effect, we have a special five-juice drink, is in a serious illness after losing a lot of body fluids, we accompanied five kinds of this For example, species of sugarcane juice ah, milk, ah, ah these water chestnuts juice is good to be absorbed by the plant or animal to drink this liquid, which is used when medical treatment, special circumstances ......
Liang Dong: You just said that "bí qì" What is this?
Of Age: Horseshoe.
Liang Dong: Oh, oh horseshoe.
Of Age: not nose ah.
Liang Dong: right right right, I particularly want to emphasize ah. Absolutely ...... because there are a lot of people that were not previously said that ...... some people say that when medical treatment, but also to drink a bag of this child's urinary Well, I think you sometimes add a little Chinese medicine nose inside it.
Of Age: Oh, boy is medicine, we call to return the soup, the treatment of congestion particularly effective. So the milk is that it is a temporary problem must temporarily when drug drink, certainly not every day when drink of water, ah. Milk drunk person is really sick minority.
Liang Dong: If you have no way to drink milk it? Is there any way?
Of Age: traditional Chinese medicine.
Liang Dong: plus what?
Of Age: Oh, a lot of people allergic to milk, ah, modern medicine say lactose intolerance, drinking milk on the belly bulge, ah, ah burping, farting, diarrhea, how to do it? Is the milk of chill to it, we're kind of hot milk inside medicine in children plus point, you can add a little ginger, you can also add cinnamon, you can also add Piper (Lv + dial), "bì" is Lv prefix a graduate of the "Bi" ah, "bó" is a fiddle Lv prefix "dial."
Liang Dong: is estimated that many people can not find, even understand the word, or add ginger better.
Of Age: ah, Piper (Lv + dial), ah. Add some heat medicine.
Liang Dong: Jiang thing. Ginger is not ......
Of Age: ginger, ginger can not.
Liang Dong: Oh, Why is ginger, ginger and ginger not the same?
Of Age: Ginger is specially baked, just as we eat vegetables and dried vegetables such distinction, as it put it - except inside the child after it drained water, it also through the kind that is baked on fire, so it's even more improved heat resistance.
Liang Dong: Oh, that's at home, which we did not ginger, then what Piper nor what (Lv + dial) ......
Of Age: cinnamon.
Liang Dong: cinnamon nor how to do?
Of Age: Then do not drink.
Liang Dong: Ha, it can only drink, is not it?
Of Age: Really! I do not drink, I did not think I missed anything. Now they say: ah, do not drink milk on a calcium deficiency, I tell you that business conspiracy.
Liang Dong: tell a lie a thousand times.
Of Age: ah, he speaks a thousand times - calcium deficiency.Now I do not know why advertising should be a calcium deficiency calcium, why you? Where are we missing? Nature gives us something to eat everything, and why should it extra? This is no different with the fertilizer.
Liang Dong: Oh ~ So in terms of calcium and lack of eye, everyone to be a self-selecting it.
Of Age: Oh Oh ......
Liang Dong: ha ha ha ha ......
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Liang Dong: Yes, we just talked about six or seven, 2277 ah. Say six or seven is 42, spoke of Weeks, that is forty-nine ah, forty-nine years old when called: "Ren virtual Taichong vein small decline, Tiangui dried up, tunnel barrier, it is bad form without the child also. " That woman, ah, to the forty-nine years old then, it is more ah ~ it is relatively little serious problem a little bit. You do not worry, because what people are like this, this is the law of life's evolution Well, he must learn what is like, ah. Seventy-seven ......
Of Age: pair.Forty-nine years old then, people will appear after we called amenorrhea or wow, that menstruation is no longer here, but it is also not the ability to pregnancy and childbirth, and this should also be the starting emperor asked that sentence: "People without children who age, material power to do evil, the days also-ran." That is to say, to the evolution to ~ is live to forty-nine years old then, because of three reasons why women can not give birth this result appears. The first reason virtual Ren, Ren false reason is what? Kidney essence insufficient metaplasia not strength, ah, and this vitality into the brain after pushing a menstruation you generate, so it can not be a dummy Ren promote menstruation to end up so, no, run out.
Liang Dong: That is similar to the hormone estrogen so ......
Of Age: ah, gone. In addition it is also inadequate Taichong vein, I say we say it is like a woman to vacation waves, she had a fixed period, ah, like the tide, like the tide has its fixed ah cycle. And then, after less Taichong pulse decline it, the timing could have been, we say come twenty-eight days vacation leave Well, it began as a result in disturbance, eh, there is a month or two or three or four months will not come do not come, or it was not allowed to date, and to finally just gone, this is her normal, a natural physiological phenomenon. Right now, we have seen a lot of people it is premature aging, premature aging What is it? Not to 49, thirty-six seven amenorrhea, and not an official holiday.
Liang Dong: There are so early?
Of Age: Oh, now the city's white-collar workers inside the patient I have a lot of rule is this.
Liang Dong: Senior female white-collar workers.
Of Age: So we know the spirit of the spirit, could have been God's essence is the material basis, but you remember the same, fine it come from? Jing is also made out of God to promote vitality.
Liang Dong: Interactive strength.
Of Age: ah, interactive power. So, when a person is a lot of mental stimulation after Kua, after this god injured, that insufficient the fine. For example there girls college exam, then, very sadly wept, not an official holiday; there are people falling out of love; there are people because of this marital problems, these mental trauma can lead to female menstrual disorders. So many people now precocious, but I tell you, premature aging of people everywhere.
Liang Dong: precocious people will be more inclined to premature aging, right?
Of Age: We say that crooked melon bad dates how delicious ah?
Liang Dong: Why?
Of Age: Oh, because it is premature.
Liang Dong: Why crooked melon bad date it will be premature?
Of Age: Oh, that's a problem. Remember that this is a program that God made. When its body or heart hurt, it's instinct to reproduce, cooked in advance. Cooked in advance, ahead of this thing was done. Who is also the child subjected to physical or heart stimulation later, the child is manifested sensible early, early development, early maturity, and then followed by premature aging. We ate rotten melon crooked reason to want to date - think others are not cooked before it is ripe, but only if it is crooked and rotten, it hurt.
Liang Dong: wow, it is not those ......
Of Age: hey, man is the same!
Liang Dong: young woman married to a crooked melon split dates, birth children is also good it?
Of Age: Oh, this is an issue early and late. But this inside it, we recognize another question, he said a lot of people do have been to the cycle, it is the menopause, but then, she felt like to vacation leave her still young as a sign, so, before ten A few years ago from the West to the East is a popular name? Estrogen therapy.
Liang Dong: Oh ~
Of Age: Originally menopause it, eh, take estrogen, but also let it continue to, say like - people said that it was calcium it, is to keep the calcium is not lost, and then, just, it gives so eat.Originally forties, fifties, and she lived on estrogen to maintain her on a regular basis - I can not say that it is an official holiday, only that she kept ......
Liang Dong: continued bloodletting.
Of Age: regular bloodletting, ah. I remember that I had never been seen in 93 years in charge of foreign guests that Dongzhimen Hospital clinic, I have a lot of foreign patients, including some foreign patients, that is, some female patients, they asked me, I would have said this menopausal symptoms, ah that is bang hot - Wow what children on hot, irritability, irritability, irritability, yes ah, then there are night sweats, these symptoms of menopause, their Western medicine how to treat it, is to use estrogen, eh, I eat, it seems to make it level. At that time I told her, I said, from the Chinese point of view, I disagree with this, and why? It is against nature. Natural menopause tell you, you have to make it through artificial means and then bleeding, which is wrong. But the education that people can not accept my point of view, but after ten years, fifteen years, and now, you see it now medical science began to deny this therapy. Why?They suddenly discovered what evoked this estrogen therapy? Induced breast cancer.
Liang Dong: Why does breast cancer?
Of Age: I do not care what it long cancer, I just say that this method is a violation of the natural way of, ah. At least you are in overdraft your essence, ah, the effect of estrogen on breast cancer this elicited role, and now medical science has proved. So after a lot of people do breast cancer, who have had breast cancer, prevent breast cancer recurrence, and then transferred is what medicine ah? With inhibition of estrogen drugs, that is, she is not an official holiday, ah. It is three decades east west three years, so they repeatedly deny themselves or in progress.However, from the Chinese point of view we have, I do not I have any foresight, I just told you anything unnatural to your body is not good. Therefore, this estrogen therapy, we are also the rule for this woman to treat menopause, mean that such a small episode. Ah, and we talk about menopause treatment, women after menopause to it, prone to several conditions, one is the menopausal depression, live boring, you want to commit suicide, ah, this is likely to commit menopause, the other is that you say that kind of manic kind of menopause, irritability.
Liang Dong: a child, a child in adolescence when they were hit menopause mom, which is often some things.
Of Age: Oh, often, menopause - menopause hit puberty when ......
Liang Dong: wow, Trick moving to attack the fire, so terrible ah!
Of Age: Then her husband, a father, when her husband's people to suffer.
Liang Dong: wow, when my father, when her husband caught in the middle.
Of Age: Oh, Chinese medicine, what is it? That is to the menopause does, in fact, a woman by the process overcast sun, you see, ah, after menopause, after successfully through the menopause, the next seven hundred eighty-five six, inside the park romp is not the old man ......
Liang Dong: all the old lady?
Of Age: all old lady. It could have been a negative inflection point through after menopause, what children become positive came out. Men also to fifty-six ah, very full yang, romp, ah, a mighty man, and after a fifty-six to overcast the.
Liang Dong: become silent ......
Of Age: listless.
Liang Dong: ah, watching TV crying ah ......
Of Age: care, narrow-minded.
Liang Dong: This sort of thing has happened ......
Of Age: So, how men can help women through menopause or it is a strength of Chinese medicine, we believe it was the result of the kind of boom hot, night sweats, irritability, and some pain or symptoms of depression, that a lot of people are because the body there is no congestion row clean.
Liang Dong: how the row it? He hung upside down pat chest?
Of Age: Ha ha ha ......
Liang Dong: Like those children, upside down, snapped a shot, detoxification discharged.
Of Age: The child children. This old lady let you shoot dead it does not come out!
Liang Dong: So how is this done?
Of Age: TCM we generally use some of it - to go evil, with some of the blood circulation of drugs so she put those bad blood, gore out. Also it ......
Liang Dong: What drugs? There saffron what?
Of Age: Oh, saffron can, but as she appears this is Hot, is palm child fever or night sweats ah ah, boom this hot side hot, we use some of the cool of blood medicine, such as TPG ah Salvia, sometimes with the turtle. Say through this conditioning makes her stable, smoothly through menopause. Others menopause performance is sleep, ah, toss to toss. So this time too, although it is a significant change in people such a stage, but if you are healthy smoothly through it, a woman equal to what? Live out, she got rid of such a heavy burden God gives her pregnancy, children, child, breastfeeding, start it? For themselves live. She made a lot of people - women mom, a wife to this task.
Liang Dong: That is not to this time, the woman ushered in the climax of the third divorce?
Of Age: divorce Ye climax or orgasm is not a divorce, but the moment is a consciousness of women to climax - for myself up. And then, a woman's life expectancy is longer than men.
Liang Dong: This problem is too big, it is not left to the next program should revisit?
Of Age: right right right.
Liang Dong: Xu teacher, this, today after you have chatted with it, suddenly find it, in fact, a woman is not easy.
Of Age: Do men not easy.
Liang Dong: Right.The next week, when we'll continue to profoundly chat, what do men really more difficult, Kazakhstan. Today, and Xu very happily talk to each chat with him then, I do not think the work but to learn, if we have some time, then it ......
Of Age: each other.
Liang Dong: ah, can Baidu of Age. "Xú" is slowly Road to the "Xu", is not it? Is not slowly Road to ......
Of Age: Double child "Xu", right.
Liang Dong: Oh, are double child "Xu", slowly Road to the "Xu." "Wén" does, culture, "text", "bīng" ......
Of Age: Soldiers of "soldiers."[: Soldiers of "soldiers." Of Age of the blog to take a look. At the same time it, but also to remind you - our listeners Kazakhstan, we talk today is purely based on this theory, the "Yellow Emperor" to talk on.
Of Age: make an explanation: if it does comply with the specific circumstances of each person? Ah, I am not the same, we hope it is as a reference, critically accepted.
Liang Dong: Yes, criticize it.
Of Age: ah, we are talking about - when I say there is something wrong with it, but also to welcome you, ah, do not sentimental side, criticism.
Liang Dong: But do not make personal attacks. Then intense academic study is noble, then moderate personal attacks is despicable. Well, thank you for listening to today's rediscovery of traditional Chinese medicine school too beautiful country of the "Yellow Emperor" of the ......
Of Age: Women ......
Liang Dong: "Elder naive theory" of the women's seventy-seven ......
Of Age: physiological cycle ah.
Liang Dong: Thank Xu teacher! Thanks listeners!
Of Age: Thank you! Goodbye!
Liang Dong: Good night!

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