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Elder naive theory article XI talk

Elder naive theory article XI talk
Speaker: the auspices of Age: Liang Dong
Broadcast time: 2009-02-2123: 00-24: 00
TEXT: The emperor said: has its years old and has a son who has been, why? Qi Bo said: this its Tianshou excessive, Qimai often pass, but also more than a kidney. Although this child, male, but to make 0088 But women do 2277 while the essence of heaven and earth are exhausted men. The emperor said: Cardiff Road who are a few hundred years, can have sub-Down? Qi Bo said: Cardiff Road who can but old and full shape, although life in the body, can have children also.
Liang Dong: Yes, rediscovered, Chinese medicine is so beautiful. Hello everyone, and welcome to today's "national school." I was Liang Dong, the opposite is still of Age, Xu Zhou teacher.Welcome.
Of Age: Liang Dong Well, listeners and friends, Hello, everyone.
Liang Dong: Xu now this blog traffic soared ah, all of it, is because the people of this enthusiasm for learning Chinese medicine is very expensive. "Yellow Emperor" first chapter Elder naive theory, powerful, and we then spent a total of almost nine hours, will soon put a roughly finished, in fact, just generally talk about it.
Of Age: We've talked about that last part of its second paragraph, third not enough time to speak.
Liang Dong: right right right, teach it before we talked about this a change in this woman's every seven years, and a man change every eight years, Kazakhstan. Here too we want to continue that course today, "the emperor said: Yes it is old and has a son in person, why?" That is, the Emperor asked his teacher, and to some people, although very old, but also very competent Oh, this is the point Why? why?
Of Age: This is the second issue of the Yellow Emperor, the first question he is asked to say and then leads his teacher Qi Bo's two "old people without children who, material power to do evil will be days also-ran??" Review section.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: the first tells of woman, that woman from the age of seven to 49, that a process of change. That forty-year-old woman after menopause basically, no menstruation, no ovulation, it will not pregnant, tunnel barrier, it will not pregnant. The last of it, we talked about the man, the man is sixty-year-old, what is? "Tiangui have dried up, less refined", then, is the "line step is not correct", even walking unsteadily hit stagger a. After this discussion after completion, the Yellow Emperor, that is, listening to the teacher, then it is further proposed a problem, that most people are like this, but then, I saw some people age, and what it meant, that is, woman over 49, men over 64, actually they have fertility, so we are talking about ordinary people. But who knows good health, he will not do is to follow the laws of this nature, the majority of people like this to go, he will in addition to sexuality remain relatively long period of time outside of his life, including his level of activity that also longer than the average person. On issues phrase it, it caused the following words.
Liang Dong: This is why?
Of Age: eh, the Yellow Emperor teacher answered.
Liang Dong: ah, Qi Bo said.
Of Age: "This is Tianshou excessive", is not it?
Liang Dong: What is "Tianshou excessive" ah?
Of Age: we ordinary people do, that is to say, that is called to make their later years. Everyone is given two six decades of life.
Liang Dong: ah.
Of Age: But some people do, that God gives him this information and energy, more than the ordinary people. Ah, not ...... a lot of people are born to die, that is to say his Tianshou insufficient, it is far from over. This Tianshou excessive we are talking about it, that God gives him a normal life, but stronger than the average person, is excessive in this sense.
Liang Dong: Oh, Tianshou excessive.
Of Age: ah, that is the quality of talent, it is better than the average person.
Liang Dong: this is justified, you see, we like to eat apples, some apples naturally grow a little larger than the others apples, can not say unfair. Actually, there are some who say that this born ah on equity, or inherently unfair, I think these two words are right.
Of Age: pair. This difference innate endowment, we must, that is aware of its existence. There is a saying "people than people have to die," Well.
Liang Dong: Right. Confucius seems to say, "There is much head, wearing a big hat", otherwise it, not auspicious thing, right?
Of Age: pair. So, we say that people must come singly.
Liang Dong: ah, that this self-knowledge, this Tianshou, mainly concerning myself with their parents?
Of Age: with parents concerned, to tell you this ...... is ...... a lot of people are not telling it?
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: fortune now are based on the hour of his birth.
Liang Dong: Yes, here we are unequivocally opposed to feudal superstition ah.
Of Age: Yes, I oppose. Some people say that fortune said to be based on the birth of time to count, actually this is a fuzzy algorithm, why? Since you are telling us that, what should be considered? Destiny! Rather than the artificial stuff. Man can change your time of birth. So many people living what century baby Olympic baby, what caesarean section in advance, this is your man, it was not his destiny. Real fortune, that affect human talent, in addition to other than the genetic parents, even told then what? Conception of time.
Liang Dong: is it to be accurate to the second?
Of Age: Oh, it should be accurate to the hour,, so that the moment of conception, people have a great impact within two hours thing.
Liang Dong: Yes, because this time there is such a ...... alleged between heaven and earth
Of Age: people actually ...... Marx said, "Man is a sum total of social relations", is a combination of all kinds of relationships, to become a man, so it includes the relationship between parents, what else? Relationship right place. That day is what solar terms, what hour, ah, you're what - the Central Plains, or the West, or the East, or the South, which have a relationship.
Liang Dong: Can it go probably speculate about it, that at different times because of it, in fact, the degree of magnetic field between the Earth and other planets, ah, ah point of view, all aspects, it is actually an integrated force of the impact.
Of Age: Yeah, a lot of people do, he is very complicated because it, not understanding, reach the level of human intelligence, so he thinks does not matter. I said in a very high level of wisdom of the ancient people, who with their heart, with their mind to understand to grasp, so special study is the impact on people's ancient stars. We say that the Oriental dragon, Western White Tiger, Suzaku south, north basalt, which is about twenty-eight stars. The ancients observed the impact of changes not only the sun and the moon on people.
Liang Dong: impact on the planet, the human impact on the planet.
Of Age: the impact on our lives, such as changes in the sun, we have the birth of the Chinese solar calendar, it is the round solar terms.
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: changes in the moon was born our lunar calendar, is the first and fifteenth. What Chinese people fairly? Operators Five and Six, count six decades, which is involved in other deeper, more profound impact on people of these astrological changes.
Liang Dong: Right, so for some time yet, I told some of the practitioners in the West and some physicists in the chat time for it, they said, since the emergence of Newton such people in the UK, it means they are the places where people it is the understanding among the different planets gravitational relationship between the species, so they go from this point to re-understand Chinese medicine it, they thought that maybe we are still unable to speculate on the amount of the way, in the end it's this kinds of magnetic attraction between the angle or another, for on this earth every thing, including humans, affect how much, but they believe that China's Five and Six, that is, from the Earth's revolution and rotation, to bring this to the affect life on Earth, they think is justified. Right, well, then I come back it, and Xu continued to work together to learn the "Yellow Emperor", rediscover traditional Chinese medicine is so beautiful.
Liang Dong: to rediscover the beauty of Chinese medicine too. Hello everyone, welcome to keep coming back to "the State school." Still it is and of Age, Xu Zhou teacher. Xu, just what we spent ten minutes of it, speak a word, is it, "Tianshou excessive." It is the day to give him life, this excess is not a derogatory term, in fact, is a commendatory.
Of Age: No, it is talking about, we are talking about the 7788 thing, most people refer to the average level. Oh, such a person is beyond above average in excess of what it means.
Liang Dong: right, then, he said, such people do "Tianshou excessive", on the "Qimai often pass, but also more than a kidney."
Of Age: So, Tianshou excessive, is genetic, which is a material basis. In this matter on the basis of it, it also has its own energy performance. For example, I give you a car, which is the material basis, but how you use the car, how to maintain vehicles, maintenance vehicles, and that is related to this question of the gas. It said the following sentence is called "Qimai often pass." A lot of people say I have a car I particularly cherish, I'll put our house in the garage, I did not open, I do not, I can save it. What proved to be?
Liang Dong: it turns out bad even worse!
Of Age: Ha, bad get worse. So we say that the human body TCM what a phenomenon it is - use and disuse, that you use it the better it can promote development, you do not have it it degraded.
Liang Dong: It reminds me of one thing, there is a period of time, there is a female student with her boyfriend, said the two of them broke up, the female students said, "My youth lose to me", and that the boys would He said, "do not ride bikes in there, ah, it will be bad faster own le." So instead you also would like to thank him, right? Well here it is the truth, right?
Of Age: right ah, these people say it is quite polite, he should say that we nourish each other, not to mention the loss that you have lost, I have lost.
Liang Dong: you have to get, I have to get, is not it?
Of Age: So this thing does, that is, first, do not it will lead to "use and disuse", which a lot of features to be degraded. So many people say, Oh, I do not want it, it does not dry, this is not done, it was not, for I was not able to live longer? Not really. So called "Qimai Chang Tong", you want to use it. But then, to the other extreme is not right, that is to say with overdone, put ourselves consumed. Meaning that, had we a lamp, a spill shining enough, you add two non-twisted so that he burned too fast, so it is not right. So talk to TCM it, you can not go to extremes quarrel with you or not in the final analysis, what a lot of people? Is the kind of accustomed to simple, rough, single-minded thinking that in the end you tell me what to eat? In the end you do not tell me what to do? Why "Road to Road, very Avenue" mean? That is, you ask me who is? Under what circumstances, under what conditions the how to do? The premise does not exist, I can not answer you, I can not tell what is a fixed truth. So look at what the next sentence - Qimai often pass. Gas and veins are not the same.
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: Oh, we habitually this conversation. We often say, "Meridian", Meridian is taking the air; the veins, mainly about walking blood, it is taking tangible substance - blood. So Qimai often pass, in fact, often speaking through the meridians, meaning to say, our blood vessels, including our arteries, veins, and capillaries, it is capable of. And it not ......, eh, is the blood through. Blood pass, then on what the phenomenon happen? No congestion. Do not think that we Chinese say where a block of dead meat, black and blue of the called congestion. Local blood circulation is not good, there will be what the local temperature enough. A lot of people touch his body right, for example, we are now measuring body temperature, may I say how much the temperature? I said, where do you want to measure body temperature? We are also now Medical axillary temperature measurement, a temperature; oral temperature, an additional temperature; anal temperature, and a temperature. From the Chinese inspection body is concerned, to three Jiuhou.
Liang Dong: is this three place?
Of Age: No, it is much more complicated than that, we now feel the pulse of what is called popular - only take Cunkou. We used to see Chinese medicine stretched arm, people Sa finger projecting a ride, this pulse is just a part of our ancient Jiuhou of three - Cunkou veins. Cunkou veins pop from whom it down? From Que. Que yes, that was given Cunkou, from him. Before people have to touch the body.
Liang Dong: You can also touch Where ah?
Of Age: twelve have artery, three Jiuhou is, on the lower three, for example, we want to touch the upper part of the carotid artery, the artery to touch the front of the ear in front of the ear, the different arteries. Feet of it, we have a dorsal artery called tarsal positive pulse, that there is a cave called Chongyang. He number of these different veins, then it is also called Mota local temperature, if we find this child's temperature is lower than room temperature, or feels cold to the touch without warming up, say what?
Liang Dong: uh, the blood barrier.
Of Age: Oh, that is Qimai nowhere, here is the forgotten corners of the body. They say, that you say that I am in the end is the gas barrier, or the blood of nowhere? You can look at, ah, you go with the people ...... some people shake hands, touched hands are not warming up or feels cold, but his hand is still the normal hand, he did not rot, no ulcer, say? Explain what it is? Through blood, blood also passed, but the air go through, what this is called? Blood ventilation nowhere.But some people do, a look touched hands, cool it, but skin color has changed, that is, dark purple fingers. Then some people will from this finger, fingertips or toes, what began? What occurs? Necrosis. What doctors called, thrombotic occlusion vasculitis. People how to do ah, little by little amputation, the first pile fingers, palms upward chop, chop up a little bit.
Liang Dong: Why cut it?
Of Age: because of what? It will be localized necrosis infection, sepsis after infection, it will kill you.
Liang Dong: So there will be such a case of diabetes?
Of Age: Oh, diabetic gangrene, than this is also a serious, What? Blood illogical. What turned out to be? Gas barrier. Now what? Now is the blood barrier. Blood do not pass, only to die. Local body is such that we can see the hand is the case, then your internal organs do?
Liang Dong: There are also likely to be the case.
Of Age: Do you think your gut will not appear on the air or the blood go through, it will first appear cool, then discoloration, then necrosis. So many people say, Oh, I was suddenly what was a disease, I said no sudden, no chance just inevitable. That you have not noticed, you do not notice you here is a problem, so do check when we give the patient time, for example, we do three Jiuhou of these checks, we have to touch his back, his touch belly, find those chill stagnate, Qimai nowhere place, how do? We give him an acupuncture treatment, needle bleed air; we give him moxibustion, but also those of his energy to give it a local wake. In this case it so unreasonable Qimai Naomaitong popularity, and with it can cure disease, not sick yet, Qimai Changtong can care can improve the quality of your sex life can improve your life.
Liang Dong: Oh, that according to you that if this phrase, often hot bubble bath, it is certainly a good thing, then?
Of Age: Not really.
Liang Dong: Oh, that and why?
Of Age: hot bath ah, the heat it has a penetration problem. Why we say, you can bask in the sun, you can Kaohuo, you can do moxibustion, you can bake anything spectrum analyzer, you can even go to bed electric bed, but you compare, do not feel the same. Is that hot ah, it has one wavelength, there is a frequency, there is an amplitude, and only the body of the gas, that is to say, and the body of the heat, the closest that energy, what can be - cause your harmonious resonance It can be reached through deep inside your body. Otherwise, skin burns, and even blistering, grilled, and that heat has no access.
Liang Dong: Oh, hot water have this problem?
Of Age: So this heat, hot water can reach deep enough heat.
Liang Dong: Oh.
Of Age: Why do we choose the AI?
Liang Dong: ah, why? Well now it is very popular, do moxibustion thing, right?
Of Age: Oh, I tell you, must go to look at the importance of this wormwood moxibustion. Wormwood earliest it, it is Suiren fire by rubbing sticks, two wood mill grinding mill fever, but not with wood, who authored? The moxa, moxa it is the kind of ignited, it flammable. That is, when the first fire by rubbing sticks to the point of moxa, what the characteristics of the second moxa is?It insulation, the flame for a long time. We often say resurgence, looking as though, eh, not Mars, but a blow, wow that fire up again. So this moxa, it has so two characteristics, making it a what? The ancient life necessities. Later it was discovered that using moxa heat, to give myself this grilled ah or moxibustion therapy, such moxa This hot first feel comfortable, it feels like it? Winter warm sun, like a motherly love. China artificial word ah, with the pronunciation of the word has some relationship, so we say that I love you "love", and leaves of the "AI" is pronounced the same.
Liang Dong: Yes, we have a lot of friends ...... probably all know it, moxibustion this "Ai," Oh, what a Soji head, following a fork, this is the AI, there may be some friends are not really aware of Kazakhstan. A little break, come back and Xu immediately continue learning.
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Liang Dong: continued and Xu talked about just now, let's talk about this do moxibustion Kazakhstan, moxibustion make it conducive to the physical health, but also specifically mentioned the AI ​​do it like a warm winter sun. I said I think it is a little progress, but still can ask to, ah, what a hot bath there is not the same? This the point.
Of Age: ah, hot with fever is not the same.
Liang Dong: Oh, then I have a question anymore of it two days ago I had a friend of his stomach this relatively cool, just my family does have a radiator, I gave him a cushion, let him tummy with belly close to the radiator, then roast it in turn. Oh, you say that all right?
Of Age: more than that is not heated or is better than the other way a little bit, why? The plumbing, you see, we have electric heating, oil heater with the kind of style, fill irrigation oil, but also to do that, is that one o'clock forward to the kind of roasted red. Compared comfortable speaking or plumbing, that after the heat through the water, that is, it comes out that the amplitude ah, wavelength, ah, with our body it is comparatively close to some. The closest ah, this is the wormwood, and wormwood we remember this, that is, put the longer, the better the permeability of its kind, is the kind of smoke also smaller, it is to give Xunde eye discomfort The smoke is smaller. So the ancients had a saying "disease for seven years, the desire for three AIDS", that is to say more than three years, Chen Ai, moxibustion at point forward after doing it, the effect is very good. This is our traditional Chinese medicine, to help some cold Deficiency particular patient, keeping him an effective treatment Qimai often pass. Many people say that I went to the bar acupuncture, acupuncture treatment I say you're going to go, not tie moxibustion go. Moxibustion mean? Moxibustion. Do moxibustion only flammable objects, we can point cigarette, cigar point, what else to burn grass, only to do moxibustion, wormwood of the radiation energy can cause harmonious resonance of our body such gas, through up to very deep, the effect is the best.
Liang Dong: Oh, you really solve me a very important issue today, because I have always felt that are hot, why do we use moxibustion, is not it? For example, some time, I have a friend who said the family did wormwood, the family has a cigar from Cuba to get back, brought little okay?
Of Age: Ha ha ha, I really can not, you see, we eat roast duck is, are the hot thing, you can take the electric grill, you can get grilled, you can get charcoal grilled, why do we devote fruit roast you?
Liang Dong: ah, it makes sense.
Of Age: is not it? As you know in terms of foodies, fruit later burning, it sends the kind of light, heat, odor comes out, just not the same as the other. Stress or sensitive, 敦敏 people can feel the change of gas, rude people, stupid people, ah ~ Well is not that hot.
Liang Dong: Yes, it makes me think of a couple of days ago I liked the man called Shen Hongfei, he wrote a ham in Italy, he said that the ham that Zhu, must be in the orchards which should Stocking six months, let it go naturally eat the fruit. He finally for the pig meat does this is called to write a headline - "four-legged olive tree."
Of Age: "four legs olive." Oh, a maverick pig.
Liang Dong: This is Wang Xiaobo, a maverick pig. Ah, that "more than a kidney," also, that is, after Qimai often pass it, it is more than a kidney, right?
Of Age: pair. The kidney is how to spare, not to say that God's grace will give you more, give you a spoonful essence, then, the more into the kidney. I understand that I clinical so many years, almost two decades of experience in the treatment discovery, is not as good as would earn flower.The kidney is definitely saved. When a popular vein nowhere when you burn the kidney into the fire, or that we say that the kidney yang, to warm your body, then it is the costs of electricity or gas costs. right? As if this Boiler, I almost exploded here boilers burn, not heat your home heating, or room temperature has not yet reached sixteen degrees, Editor's Note ah?
Liang Dong: nowhere.
Of Age: heating pipes blocked. This is all hard, both sides suffering, that are burning gas, the cost of oil, which faces child do you not warm. So I find out what people normally-Qimai province ah? Provincial gas!
Liang Dong: Oh, you are the very interesting ah.
Of Age: So the province in the end, we save some gas a year, two years, save some gas, what, the last man to die right then, it is not correct line step, memory has subsided, ah forget things in the past, Now the thing to remember.
Liang Dong: Alzheimer's precursor Well it is not.
Of Age: right ah, daytime dozing sleep at night, you are so right, eh, I'm at home there surplus, there are more than my kidney, I can support me to do many, many things. So I suggest that you do, one is to get through this ...... this Qimai, in addition, do not go inside the lamp more twisted son, do not do that "jump." To the last, that is the greatest joy in life is what? Some people say the word is - watching my enemies a dead ahead of me. That man looked at me, "but the concept of cold crab, to see when you run amok." But what a lot of people? "Dead Before their dreams, long the hero Tearful."
Liang Dong: so we should "line to the water to the poor, sitting watching cloud from the" ah, is sitting, sitting watching the clouds and cloud drop, right? So you just said, blood often pass it, will be more than the kidney.
Of Age: Qimai Changtong.
Liang Dong: ah, Qimai often pass. That "although this child, male, but to make 0088 But women do 2277 while the essence of heaven and earth are exhausted men."
Of Age: Yes! So this is more than what the kidney, we have such a home in Shanxi folk, how should I say it, it says, to describe the yin and yang ah, man is a male it, a woman is overcast. It said such a sentence, it says "man is a rake rake" is back hug food from the ground that, "the woman is a cartridge box."
Liang Dong: What cartridge box?
Of Age: put money in that, save the box, is not it? What little things are kept inside. Followed by a word is very interesting, it says, "not afraid of harrow teeth son," is that I Rakes, Pig carry the Rakes, inside the child that the child missing a few teeth, is hug vain things, not afraid of this, even if we this rake Little or no teeth rake child, afraid of nothing, "not afraid cassette box foundation."
Liang Dong: Oh ...... deep ah.
Of Age: box box no foundation, leaking. We have been talking about, this is the men and women this is almost been this change and are talking about what a lot of people in the drain fine, is not it?
Liang Dong: ah, the things explain a thing, Xu teacher, I confirm it, explained many wealthy people, the reason for his money, not his light will make money, that he would save money. So now we do a lot of marketing people do, saying that the high-end customers want to sell luxury goods, wrong.
Of Age: earn better to spend.
Liang Dong: Yes, in fact most of the rich more stingy than the average person.
Of Age: He took the essence ah used wisely, the results of it, eh, but also save refined and save gas, eh, do things quite beautiful. But then, even such a person, at this age it seventy-seven and eighty-eight, also completed his mission in this birth, the completion of this function. Here it is to the grand launch of what is it?
Liang Dong: What is it?
Of Age: a man of Tao. That no matter how kind of talent, no matter ...... My rule is what physiological changes, but if I can do conform to the natural variation, and then in the daily diet of self-cultivation, the lower the effort of people what will happen? This is following with that word -
Liang Dong: "Cardiff Road a few hundred in all, to have the child peace"?
Of Age: Oh, this is ......
Liang Dong: Yellow Emperor asked, ah.
Of Age: The Yellow Emperor asked.
Liang Dong: "Qi Bo said: Cardiff Road, who can but old and full shape, although life in the body, can have children also."
Of Age: ah, ordinary people to seventy-seven and eighty-eight can not have children, and then, however, "Fu Tao," cried those who ask what?
Liang Dong: What shouted person?
Of Age: Oh, we used to talk about a "German", German whole without risk also, what is Germany do?It is in accordance with the Road - natural variation, a lot of people, what, virtuous people. If what you're doing, basically in line with the world changes all of it, what we call - Dequan. We say this man practice, that this person is the senior monks. What does this mean? Is a very good practice, his thoughts did, are in line with changes in Heaven, called "De." You see "virtue" is how to write?
Liang Dong: So Germany, insert a word, Xu, the Germany do, but also more than just moral character, you have to wise job.
Of Age: There, you have to have wisdom. Otherwise, you will not experience changes in the Heaven, saying it would not take you. In addition you have to "know", taught you, you have to "feel the Road", can feel, is not it? Feasts a change, even though the temperature is still very low, you feel blowing side is not cold Wind in the Willows, spring is coming, you can feel it, it will eventually be "enlightenment." So there is to know, have felt, you have enlightenment, which can experience the road.
Liang Dong: finally to street.
Of Age: The last order for you to enlightenment, the right way, go way street, to give to the others later, called the sermon, is not it? It is such a process.
Liang Dong: Yes, a little rest, immediately keep coming back, rediscover traditional Chinese medicine is so beautiful.
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Liang Dong: Oh, come back, and that Xu, I think you just mentioned, this from "knowing" to "road feel", "enlightenment" Ha. That "Cardiff Road, who are a few hundred years, to have the child almost" mean? The Yellow Emperor asked. Qi Bo said ...... you just talk about "moral", right?
Of Age: Yes, we have to talk about a German. It is now Germany did not say it, it says that the road, which is more than the kind of virtuous people is even higher, what? Heaven. That is, "Virtue" is how to write, double side, it is personal. But the "road", said what Heaven, it does not double the next, it is not the person, what is it? Completely changed and the world has done, that is exactly the kind of state. This is called, we scream Road, simply called Taoism, or who says, thus the creation of what is called religion? Taoism. So this, we do not know if you ride ...... never ridden a horse?
Liang Dong: ride.
Of Age: ride. That was my friend, please go pulled one is ...... or is a racetrack, or the kind of trained horses. People give me to wear all of the equipment line head, wear a helmet, and is surrounded by a ...... people still lead a horse, I would run around the ring. People say, let the horse slowly, then let trot. They tell me, what is it? You can also play from the horse, the horse fall you fall, What? Sagittarius unity. In this case who is not tired? Not tired, not tired horse, you are not tired. But we can not grasp the rhythm of old, often arching my horse to drop down, since my horse to go from the top, and finally spin own Yaosuanbeiteng. I turned out to be ......
Liang Dong: The key is also Yaosuanbeiteng horse, you know, ha ha ha.
Of Age: but this horse is very painful, how to pull so personal, so I know why the horse kick put down the child, because this thing is too annoying.
Liang Dong: we recordist outside horse crazy, ha ha ha.
Of Age: I have a horse, is not it? The troops even one you can not do, you say with the world one.So in the end of it, I started to say, I say to every chance riding, I must be more to ride, ride Talia hour, it does not have their own money, I say ride it. Results ride a ten minutes can not stand, stumble with one leg down, and the next day also apostrophe character walking legs.
Liang Dong: I know of know that you go horseback riding, do not know that doing it!
Of Age: The beta thigh muscle pain, ouch.
Liang Dong: in short, if you can not do one men, both tired.
Of Age: all pain. If you can not do it with Heaven, that is, you can not complete your Tianshou, also do not old age, but also in the process of living it, even suffering from many diseases, and even live rather die than live.
Liang Dong: I think you just talked about riding this thing ah, give me the feeling is what, rhythm. That is, this, this whole of this key point, the core point is how to hold a rhythm.
Of Age: Yes, four seasons, spring and summer long, autumn winter provisions, rhythm, is not it?Daytime circadian rhythm. That is, life really is a rhythm.
Liang Dong: two days before it, I met some very powerful people stock speculation, they spoke of the stocks ah, talked about the most important thing is that you have not set foot on that rhythm.
Of Age: keep up with people that step point.
Liang Dong: Oh, it's the stock market ups and downs ha ......
Of Age: not old time dancing with female students, old people stepped on the foot, that is something not tread Yes. Step down, step down, step did not keep up, step by step all wrong the next. So the Tao, you see the Yellow Emperor who asked this road, it is absolutely synchronized with the world, keep up with the rhythm of the times, and not the rhythm of society, is the rhythm of nature, this is Tao. Also I'll tell you is that one of my understanding of it, say you do remember Taoism and Taoism not the same thing.
Liang Dong: Oh, in the end what is the difference?
Of Age: Different Where is it? That is the history of Taoism, but two thousand years, when he is Han Zhang Ling Sichuan ......
Liang Dong: five bucket meters.
Of Age: Oh, the creation of such a religion - Five Pecks of Rice teach. So this man surnamed Zhang, for generations to become Fearless.
Liang Dong: Zhang Tian it!
Of Age: Zhang Tian Well, he is also a religion like the others, he had a what? This inheritance, ah. Oh, we see "Water Margin" is Song trouble plague Well, the first thing is how, to make this go into this ...... Zhang Tian to give sermons ah, practices, ah, ah evil, evil spirits, which is Zhang Tianshi, which they Taoist faction handed down. Taoism, but two thousand years of history, but a long history of Taoism, went from Fu Xi, Nu Wa, Shen Nong, the Yellow Emperor, this is the Taoist tradition. So I say ...... a home is I said. I'm sorry, before I have deep, deep roots. We know that before I, you see, ah, Zhou Dynasty strategist who is? Help the King Wu of Zhou, trying to conquer the emperor?
Liang Dong: is the "Gods" Oh, that, late-bloomer.
Of Age: Jiang Shang, he is Taoism. Uh, the Zhou Dynasty before the Shang Dynasty, Shang founding prime minister, called Yi Yin, who is also Taoism.
Liang Dong: Yi Yin, right!
Of Age: Yi Yin is not only a cook, ah, he did cook this "and Ding spoon", "reconcile flavors" of this theory to govern the world, ah, so-called "Governing a large country cooking a small fish."Yi Yin was a slave, was a cook, but he gave the king made a meal of soup, soup king asked him, eh, how do you do so well? He said, I just put the flavors to reconcile it well, and then this delicious meal on the governance of the world than this. So he came to be king soup it, Shang Wang hired this military adviser, advisers, the prime minister, and finally get the world, which is Taoism. Uh, Yi Yin as the founding prime minister in addition to his outside, what he has on this Taoism and traditional Chinese medicine have a great contribution, and we all know that we are using prescription, called "by the parties." The so-called by the parties and what ...... Which scriptures up? That is, he wrote, called "soup liquid by law."
Liang Dong: Yi Yin na?
Of Age: Yi Yin!
Liang Dong: That Yiyin a lot older than I myself?
Of Age: Old too much, I do not think that this is our founder of Taoism, before I have a deep tradition. So what I say, Jiang Shang, Yi Yin, then further on is we are talking about Huangdi, the Yellow Emperor Shennong before, there is Fuxi, Nuwa Shen before, this is a pulse of the Taoist tradition.
Liang Dong: You say it's a word from the Kazakh, a heartbeat away, in fact, the middle is separated by hundreds of years.
Of Age: Oh, after a lot of years.
Liang Dong: there over a hundred years, hundreds of years like this, a thousand years?
Of Age: thousands of years. You see we are talking about the Yellow Emperor era, ah, that we are now many years from the Yellow Emperor. We all know that we're using the word "Christian era."This is after the Revolution, that is called with the AD or AD. We look at China's history, many have occurred in BC, right? The year AD or 2010 AD, Jesus was born, but we in the Han Dynasty, when, before the Han Dynasty it? There Qin, there Qin, Qin had before the Spring and Autumn Warring States period, and then move there in summer, there are providers. So these dating it, but with western standards we, we actually have people who used dating? Yellow Emperor calendar! Will the Yellow Emperor calendar year is the first few years?
Liang Dong: There is no 4,5 years of it?
Of Age: There! Really! Really what you say is very accurate, that is, four thousand, five thousand, we may not know that we are from the Emperor for many years now, but we all know that we have been using this six decades dating, right? In what year?
Liang Dong: OX, right?
Of Age: Oh, OX, last year it?
Liang Dong: uh, last year's Lunar New Year.
Of Age: Lunar New Year. Six decades of this dating method, a cycle of six years, that is, from the beginning of the Yellow Emperor. So now we start from the Yellow Emperor calendar, has spent seventy-eight six decades, coupled with the twenty-five years now, doing so is a, now the Yellow Emperor calendar is four thousand seven hundred years, then, so this is Our calendar.
Liang Dong: This is very interesting, I think that you mention it is an important concept, many people think that the year 2010 has been very far away, in fact, in the time before that there is so long!
Of Age: We have the most brilliant civilization, are in BC occurred. I say that Hui people, ah ......
Liang Dong: sons unworthy ah. Not qiao ah?!
Of Age: disdain, unworthy. About this unworthy, I have a few friends give me a message to say, you explain that not, ah, can not be interpreted as disdain. Yes, I go to school when the teacher also taught, he said that "Xianbu Xiao Yu Zhi", which means that the corresponding called unscrupulous with Yin, what is unworthy of it? It does not look like your father, not your mother called unworthy. Another it, that your thoughts, your such a tradition, like your ancestors, which is also called unworthy.
Liang Dong: Satsuki.
Of Age: Oh, Satsuki!
Liang Dong: a little above, the following month that "Shaw."
Of Age: Right, right! Unworthy. Uh, that is to say the difference between Taoism and Taoism, do it separately, so the Chinese people's heritage passed down from Taoism here, a pulse passed down.Many people said the family did not WTO, you see, I speak a few founding, is Taoism. Progress downward, Zhang Liang, is not it? Liu's founding prime minister's advisers, he is with the science of Yellowstone, is Taoism. Therefore, in the Han Dynasty, uphold what is? Slim ......
Liang Dong: Taoism surgery.
Of Age: Oh, self-cultivation interest, inaction, the results of only the "Wenjing" The result is the future Emperor Wu Hun play, destabilizing frontier, we have accumulated a lot of wealth. You then go down, Zhuge Liang, Taoism! right?Xiazou, Ming Liu Bowen, Taoism! So this is a vein of Taoist tradition.
Liang Dong: So is this Taoist art of Chinese emperors true this ......
Of Age: it is the imperial art, it is a poor technique or, that is the source of our true beliefs and codes of conduct.
Liang Dong: So if you do not know if it Taoism, really hard to say that he is a Chinese.
Of Age: So, Tao, we remember what Dao refers to, ah, not that the man cried Taoist faith who is truly let your body and mind and the world become so themselves, harmonious resonance of that state that people are enlightened. So I hope that we have become one, to know, and then it go way street, the right way, enlightenment, Cox Road, and finally become a man of Tao!
Liang Dong: ah! So when we launched a product called "know", ah, I do not think of the name of the word ...... how deep and great meaning in Baidu.
Of Age: Oh, this brand is now also very influential, and one said, "Baidu know."
Liang Dong: Yes, Baidu, you know. Oh, we take a break, immediately continue "ancient naive theory", rediscover traditional Chinese medicine is so beautiful. Oh, Xu, we just talked about "Cardiff Road, who are a few hundred years, to have the child almost Qi Bo said:? Cardiff Road, who can but old and full shape." What is "able but old and full shape" ah?
Of Age: In other words, it is refuse. We say this, that this is the time when the old or delayed, called, "but old." The "full shape" mean, we ...... a lot of people say that you told me that "pure Dequan Road", or "Dequan not dangerous", I can not do, what I say at least that you can do it, Full shape, right?
Liang Dong: Oh, what is "full shape" ah?
Of Age: that is our flesh, you can not see the air, you can not see God, I can not understand God, but you can see you this body right, we have a husk has a body. At least what you can do, "your body is affected by the parents," you do not damage it, hurt it, okay? Full shaped our previous national habits is to say, to die you leave me a full-body, which is one of our values! right?
Liang Dong: That ancient times, that theoretically you are supposed to cut their hair ......
Of Age: Oh, cut their hair also have to find the time, the first month is not cut hair thing, right?
Liang Dong: Oh, what will happen the first month of the day I cut my hair?
Of Age: Hey, no how!
Liang Dong: still not very good, Amitabha!
Of Age: Most people, incidentally say, that the first month why not cut my hair, why? Because we have a saying called "money or barber New Year!" Usually catch up on the twelfth eradicated, everyone regardless of money or not, with a new look to greet the new year. So do not cut hair.The "full shape" ah is very important!
Liang Dong: how important law?
Of Age: how important law? First through hundreds of millions of years of evolution, we have this shape is retained are useful, right?
Liang Dong: I would like to ask a specific question about it, Xu, it is what men have nipples?
Of Age: Oh, speaking of a man's nipple ...... That is ...... now there are several ......
Liang Dong: a lot of people mention this very important issue.
Of Age: There are also a few friends asked me this question of homosexuality. Homosexual behavior manifested state, nipple manifested state is the fleshy, in fact, that under special circumstances, men and women can be denatured.
Liang Dong: You explained this matter?
Of Age: Yes, that is it leaves the presence of this substance in the future, it is for its future, there is a change under special circumstances it produces a substance basis to do so. Why is the issue of homosexuality? Why is there such a transvestite, there is a degeneration? Some people are born that I would become that kind, I do not want a man I want to become a woman, some women say that I do not do a woman, which are actually a state in the process of evolution. We saw some fish, when the fish species have become extinct some later, from this group of species inside the female or male, but to pull out of a heterosexual, this is the natural changes!
Liang Dong: So do not worry there is no man in this world, right?
Of Age: Do not worry. Some things are normal existence. So some friends gave me a message to say, how we look at the issue of homosexuality, I say "Yellow Emperor", he said "each according to its desire, who obtain wished." Why do you want to force people, is not it? Pressing home the world do you get married, then what harm the man, is not it? So in this case, "but the old full shape," I am now with special emphasis on "full shape" ah, not easy to cut the appendix. Even had this acute appendicitis, not to the perforation, purulent perforation that ......
Liang Dong: a last resort.
Of Age: a last resort, do not cut. Let me tell you about what is the use appendix ah. Before what we eat? Nascent, we experienced that era. Appendix it is ......
Liang Dong: Now eat Japanese food is not the same?
Of Age: The appendix is ​​dedicated to digestive organs, animal hair, that we are his flesh, blood and even hair, put that into the meat after birth, the animals inside the hair, is digested through the appendix. Slowly now we eat ah, shaving ah, shaving ah, Dounong clean, light meat, do not eat hair, and slowly it degraded this appendix. But it did not entirely leave it that function, it also has its certain functions, do not cut it. What does this want to keep? Full shape. Also tonsil problems, we are now children, ah, I said before, children Shun Yeung of the body, do not give him to eat the kind of grilled chicken wings ah, chicken, hot stuff, finished after the angry, angry later on tonsil inflammation, inflammation of the tonsils we are most easy it is to cut. I tell you, we speak of the throat is the gateway to the heart, the pericardium is the talk of the heart and mind of the portal, after tonsillectomy, in fact, the door wide open.You see it is not a fever, do not fester, but is this brought further heart damage. So after this the body does these things themselves cut off, called incomplete form, and this is in fact affect the quality of your life. In addition, if you do not cut it, but turn it into a distortion. In front of that failure, we called "missing" missing block something, is not it? The second of it, that you would have this thing, but you put it Ningba distorted, and this is called "residual" devastated. For example, the ancient foot-binding, good pair of feet, to twisted that way, she has legs, she did not lack feet, but she put it cripple, is not it? Called destruction. Still, that is liposuction.
Liang Dong: liposuction, ah. Just I think I'm too fat, and then pumping fat. And then here I do not feel fat, plump enough, to add any cushion, ah, silicone pad, which in fact destroy your body.These people need to be adjusted is a state of mind. Many people feel they are not beautiful, not beautiful, or self-loathing. This is contrary to our whole form, all its shape. So here it comes, that is, if you can not do this monastic virtue, then at least you do what you do?
Liang Dong: full shape!
Of Age: Do not destroy yourself and keep full shape, is not it? Beijing, then called - Full shall be full shadow. They are still alive, very good.
Liang Dong: Oh yo! A "full-line", you can talk for so long. "Although the body of life, to have children also."
Of Age: so these enlightenment of people, ah, what can he? Delay aging of arrival, to preserve his body. There is a whole form of it, is based on the shape but also the full use, the action is not bad, is it? Stresses that action at this time is not bad, if you are also shaped it, is also not the violence, but it is useless, is not it? Malaise, and loss of its function, and that you preserve him that did not make much sense shape. Results What is it these people, but the old full shape, but also what? But also to maintain their strong this effort.
Liang Dong: it is possible to have children.
Of Age:'ll still be able to have children, I know, the more precise is over 90 years old still children.
Liang Dong: wow! Over 90 years old to give birth to a child. In fact, some time ago I knew a man does, he does more than 50 years old, gave birth to his son Kazakhstan, he told me, he said, if born, then had a son, very good! In this case then, well, he made him feel like their twenties and thirties.
Of Age: Oh, these people will have refined gas, with gas it will be God's man enough, enough people to God, how old he was as energetic. He does not think it is, infirm, death is approaching, he did not feel that dead end.
Liang Dong: Right, so you can birth a child, is not it? "Although the body of life, to have children also."
Of Age: Although older, over sixty, and still be able to have children.
Liang Dong: Yes! Oh, it just does, in fact, you mentioned this mainly refers to the male thing, is not it? For women, what?
Of Age: For women there are so few holomorph problem, ah. I see a lot of patients in clinical it, first of all there is such a proliferation of breast, then someone with breast cysts, also it is more serious, that is to grow some kind of malignant breast tumors --- ʱ?? These people, without exception, it is the beginning, for example, appeared hyperplasia, and then to the hospital how to do? Cut it, this is what it incomplete form. But a big problem? She picked the tree of light, she did not see the tree branches still, after the cut and long finish.
Liang Dong: it is not long in that place?
Of Age: Yes, it long, around it, or in the same place and grow up.
Liang Dong: That is cut off, how long ah?
Of Age: The last of it and cut. Finally, I also saw more cruel is that a look, ah, anyway, you have amenorrhea, the children are grown up, and finally put the whole breast cut.
Liang Dong: ah, it will not be some more brutal, is not even dig a hole ah?
Of Age: pit pour not, because there are ribs underneath. Anyway it is the nipple, the whole breast is ...... cut.
Liang Dong: wow, so poor!
Of Age: But this is an incomplete form ah. If you had breast cancer, then no problem, we must make this dissection ah, even the axillary lymph have to cut, ah. This is a last resort, that is, two evils choose the light, is not it? It needs to do so. There was such a common female is ovarian cysts. That is, to a certain age it later, you will find ovarian cysts, which also has a problem that is still a long cut, cut and long. So is the surgery I think this is a relatively speaking, a palliative approach. All of these terms are Qimai nowhere.
Liang Dong: It cut its future, as now trying to see if there is a cold time.
Of Age: Oh, so that they want to get this disease prevention, said ...... eh, a look at this traffic jam, traffic jam what reason? Is not signal a problem? What is happening is not the way the problem?
Liang Dong: Oh, traffic information ah.
Of Age: does all these cases should "work every disease", to find a good doctor of Chinese medicine, what to do in advance conditioning ah. We drove to 100,000, 200,000 km, we need to do a major overhaul of it, people probably to middle age, regardless of the sick not sick to do a traditional Chinese medicine such checks. It is not physical, because we said a medical examination, the body is the body, the dark arm leg look. You have to do body check, is not it?You have to do what you inspect the entire body torso ......
Liang Dong: including internal organs.
Of Age: Oh, allow the Chinese to see where your gas barrier, which pulse nowhere. Ah, ah ancient times, that I just missed one, why take Cunkou Que vein alone? We read of "Historical Records", Bian Que was to develop their own teacher is what? "Look with knowledge that of God," he was a doctor. He can do see the crux of the five internal organs, so he vein he is a pretext ah, what got number. We see nothing modern, nothing not understand, still there three fake eyebrow, giving the number at the pulse, it gives open prescription, anyway, people may have special skills, I was not.
Liang Dong: That you, how you help others in general?
Of Age: I give someone a doctor is an ancient method, three Jiuhou. Basically, apart from No. Cunkou pulse, all basically related meridians and related shu body, I have acupuncture, I have to touch. I would also like to tell the patient, I say you have a problem where the patient has a feeling. Those hard, low temperature where you pinpoint it, he can throes of pain Kill pain.
Liang Dong: Yes! The last time you have to help me tie a needle, I would find it very strange, the same acupuncture treatment, why do I tie this area is particularly painful.
Of Age: Oh, so it has this evil place to gather, people actually have the feeling of it, wake up your perception of here in a doctor's help. We modern people live it is loss of consciousness, unconsciously.
Liang Dong: Oh, I have a technical question, ah, Xu teacher, that is to say, that if it is your friend, your own home inside this very easy to do that inspection methods, for example, where I touch him, touch Where is the most important female friends, which several parts of her touch, she felt cold ah, will want to remind it?
Of Age: The ah that is to restore intuition, to restore to their feelings, first you have to come back to mind? You also busily bidding it, bid it, what does this do, and your body will not feel.I had not, we say that example Well, assault, when the intestines are not feeling flow out, also rushed it, is not it? First, what do you want to learn? Withdraw the mind, self care. As a woman is concerned, you want to prevent this kind of breast cancer, breast hyperplasia or ovarian cyst which occurs, you must first recuperate their emotions. We said let's have qi stagnation, first energy stagnation, followed by stagnation substance behind it, will grow up with something then, before it is nothing. It is poly breath. We often say that I am angry, I am the swallow, is not it?I was so angry cold hands and feet, I was so angry all passed out, and this is a change in mood. These emotional changes in your body, there will be signs. So I suggest that these women regardless of male ah, people drift in rivers and lakes, who can not the knife. First touch Where?Our two nipples middle man named Shan (shàn) in the hole, someone called mutton (tán) in the hole, I indulge in it read the throttle (shàn). The point is that we pericardium points raised, what points it raised? Pericardium is that gas, raising, donations, gathered at the time there.Pericardium is the competent person's mood, so when you are the joy, anger, panic fear of Concerned sad, negative emotions accumulated to a certain extent, the gas will gather here, so when you touch here, resulting in a pain, unbearable the kind of pain, you know, eh, I've been bad feelings outraged.
Liang Dong: Well it blocked, it does not open the pericardium Well, not happy it!
Of Age: unhappy Well, very simple. What women appear there? That there is something inside his throat, ah, "the woman pharynx if Sunburn skinny" like a scorched, burnt the meat Baji, swallow the high, spits out. Check to Western medicine, said nothing, say you are hysteria, what is hysteria? Imaginary disease. I tell you, there is no tangible substance as a representative of the disease, in fact, are we talking about the kind of traditional Chinese medicine and God's gas disease. This disease you go to rub this Tanzhong, then make a final belch, fart, put that energy relieved, put the breath out, you will no longer have any such proliferation, ah, ah this tumor, or It is a cancer. Some women do is what, uterine fibroids, is not it? Then uterine fibroids bleeding, finally, pair - hysterectomy, which is a form incomplete. So I would like to keep their full form, please remember that sentence in front of us talked about today - Qimai often pass.
Liang Dong: Yes, at the end of the program before it, let us recall, ah, Xu teacher just mentioned, in your chest has two large mole in the middle, to the junction of the vertical and horizontal lines at this point called mutton (tán) in the hole or mutton (shàn) in the hole of it, often you can press a press. If you feel pain, it is that you are not happy, rub it opened, you will happy. Ok!Thank you for listening to today's "ancient naive theory", rediscover traditional Chinese medicine is so beautiful. Thank Xu, thank you, bye!
Of Age: Goodbye! 

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