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Elder naive theory six article Lecture

Elder naive theory article Lecture
Speaker: the auspices of Age: Liang Dong
Broadcast time: 2009-01-1023: 00-24: 00
TEXT: The emperor said: elderly people without children who, material power to do evil? The days also-ran?
Qi Bo said: woman seven, kidney Sheng, teeth and more long hair. Twenty-seven and menstruation to, Ren Tong, Taichong pulse Sheng, menstruation to nowadays, it has a son. Panax, kidney average, so real teeth are born long pole.
Liang Dong: Hello everyone, and welcome to today's discovery of Chinese medicine school too beautiful country of the "Yellow Emperor" of the "ancient naive theory." In the past period of time in it, we were able to have the opportunity to, ah, and Magnolia TCM Schools of Age teacher together literally literally experience the "Yellow Emperor" subtle, I think that this is really a big blessing ah ʱ??We can not have a chance to ...... to say, not just of Age teacher is talking, but said the "Yellow Emperor" This thing in itself enough to make us feel that we can go touch it, how fortunate thing it!
Of Age: Yeah!
Liang Dong: in the last week, when it, we talked about, "and the action is not bad by its Dequan not Viagra also," saying that it is a person, ah, Xu teacher, you give us a little refresher good ʱ??
Of Age: uh, "Elder naive theory" it, it is basically divided into three sections, the first section, that is, on the Yellow Emperor Qi Bo Q: Why can health and longevity on Guzhi Ren ah?Spring and Autumn are a hundred degrees and the action is not bad? Qi Bo - Yellow Emperor's teacher answered from food and drink festival, living there often do not make any rash of labor, ah, the beauty of its food, any of its service, its popular music, is from the physical, spiritual, physical, mental talked about various aspects Ancient is our ideal that health and longevity of life, concluded a saying that goes: Dequan without risk, meaning that if our people are thinking actions, in line with the natural variation, which is in line with Heaven then you will be invincible.
Liang Dong: ah, the last before the end of our program it, with particular reference to the German full-ha, that it can make the German line with our Heaven, we will also talk to a person if the character is noble, it seems always on behalf of justice But always make themselves uncomfortable but also make other people uncomfortable, then it, at best, is an immoral person.
Of Age: The single and the German said, meaning is completely different, we are talking about moral ethics that man-biased, we are talking about moral it, Road refers to natural variation, Germany refers to your good Heaven's behavior in line, so do not do unnatural things, otherwise How about you is a little back to Germany ah, a bit wicked. Do not do wicked things.
Liang Dong: yes, but do not do this wicked thing, ah, it really has anything inside it beyond the inside of our society, for example, you do bad things behind my colleagues say, ah, do not pay up when the others do not give up ah, do leadership, in addition to these technical issues, unethical means also include best to meet the entire natural world, the Earth's revolution autobiography rhythm.
Of Age: In fact, a healthy person, he is in addition to their live better than people make contact with him, he also felt a comfortable, just you give this example, do not speak ill of others behind, What? I hate. You said leaders do not give you a raise, called resentment, resentment and hate is unhealthy mentality, a whole German people, or physical and mental health of a person, what is he? In seeking the people, he will not force the aid, so what he behavior of others, he did not feel that kind of hatred, he does not expect others to give him anything, so he will not complain.
Liang Dong: so I wanted to hurt you hurt less. That is, if you hurt someone else, is there enough places worth hurt.
Of Age: You have within thief, at home no ghost, trick thieves do not come outside, you only have the kind of inner self-loathing and self-hatred that factor in there, then someone else will hurt you. I remember one, I usually study our classical Chinese thought and culture, but I was a foreigner's speech touched a little, is a very well-known American salesman, he has done such a door-to-door in the sails, is a direct knock on your door to sell the kind of knife, and he has been very successful, but he went to lecture, under a lot of people asked him, saying: how can you not be humiliated others? The man would reply, he said: I was kick people out, I had been carrying a neck thrown out, I had been poured over the dirty water, I was bitten by a dog released, but I have never been humiliated, The reason is that he does not put others he did it as a humiliation.You can physically do this to me, you can beat me call me, kick me, put dog bites me, but you did not touch my heart.
Liang Dong: speak great!
Of Age: Supreme!
Liang Dong: So some people say that Americans do not understand the Chinese culture, this thing Avenue interlinked ah.
Of Age: hey, you're right, Avenue is the same, at this level, many religious philosophy are a lot of final destination is the same, but we do not need to hold the Americans something endless, we Chinese people since height family has, ah, talk to other people unnecessary rivalry.
Liang Dong: Yes, that it today, we will start talking about "ancient naive theory" in the second paragraph.
Of Age: This is its second paragraph ah, very important period, he describes the different physiological changes in the cycle of man and woman.
Liang Dong: today to speak in the end men and women in the menstrual cycle What is the difference?They say, ah, today's female students have menstrual cycles, before we always say ...... wow middle school, found that female students suddenly one day clutching his stomach is not running on physical education, and at that time we are very angry ah, Why? Why can not she run? Why do we have to run it? Today, the "Yellow Emperor" will tell the truth. Men have cycles, women have cycles, in the end this cycle is how it affects our lives change it? Oh, these words came: "The emperor said: elderly people without children who make money yeah, the days also-ran?"
Of Age: pair. This is the second issue of the Yellow Emperor, following the first question he asked raised. The first question to say why the ancients live so long, we are now the fifties and bad? This Huangdi, the Yellow Emperor remember him, his concerns to the people after a certain age, why not beget children, which is to make the material strength, material and power are the two concepts, money is the material basis, the force is energy, we often say, "I'm Born with," not necessarily.
Liang Dong: necessarily it?
Of Age: Not really. You have not necessarily matter ...... you have a can of gasoline, you do not point it, it will not become a gas bar, he would not light and heat, not explode, so financial resources are two concepts, then the Yellow Emperor ask, is my wealth or power to do the best of it? For instance, we investigated the man the number of sperm, sperm survival rate are also, called the material, but the man impotence, did not force a material called there, there are people, sexual function good, but a check, sperm or is zero, or that seventy to eighty percent of the deformity, or 90 per cent of the dead sperm, called no material strong. Huangdi is asked to a certain age, the old man, the old concept is we are talking about sixty, over 61 years old can be called old, six years old do not jump before claiming Xulao, Oh, because I looks old, me thirty They called me Xulao years.
Liang Dong: At best, said Xu Jinglei on it, huh, huh.
Of Age: material power to do, and my material is not enough? Run out? Or I run out of power? Or that God made ​​man made ​​it on to the service after 60 it should not have a baby? This is a problem of the Yellow Emperor,
Liang Dong: is the "elderly people without children who make money yeah ......
Of Age: Days also-ran?
Liang Dong: What does that mean?
Of Age: it is the natural thing, before you told me you always see some old ...... Qibo old told him heaven thing Ha, the Yellow Emperor also go astray, they asked, is not God create people so a program? Qi Bo how to answer it?
Liang Dong: Qibo how to answer it? After our advertising and we chat. Advertising trailers ...... subtitle from "Yi Jian life network" production ......
Liang Dong: Today we talk about this topic, that is, boys and girls talk period, ah, life cycle, from the "Elder naive theory," the third, when we mentioned above, part of Kazakhstan, said that the Yellow Emperor ah asked his teacher, said a person of old age, after 60 it is to not have a child, you can not have children, is not himself succeed? Or the number of days also-ran it? That is the time to something out? That Qi Bo answered, and said:. "Women-year-old kidney Sheng, tooth more hair long," What do you mean?
Of Age: Earlier we have to add that to the elderly without children, I just said men, women also have this problem, to a certain age can not be pregnant later unable to have children, or some other physiological functions will appear the corresponding signs, the same will no children, but also in the inside, the Yellow Emperor's problem children will fall to Qibo a mention. Qi Bo answered split into two sections, the first section he speaks of is this physiological changes a woman's cycle, physiological changes in a woman's cycle it is a big change occurs every seven years, so he first sentence:-year-old woman ʱ??
Liang Dong: Well, he uses a woman seven years old, full stop, obviously that is to say with the words tell a woman's menstrual cycle is seven years as a unit.
Of Age: hey, with a seven-year cycle, which is the Chinese people on human observation. But I want to give you a little extra to emphasize is that our Chinese civilization, why is China called China? What the middle finger?
Liang Dong: the middle of it.
Of Age: Which middle?
Liang Dong: between the whole world, is not it?
Of Age: Which seas?
Liang Dong: ah, I do not know.
Of Age: hey, I now feel particularly that we, as Chinese people always say that they are citizens of People's Republic of China, you asked him a word, you say "in the" What do you mean? do not know. Ninety-nine percent of people do not know what the meaning of China's.
Liang Dong: You please say you please say.
Of Age: Some people say that we are the center of the universe, we are the center of the world, I will not say it, we do not know that the Earth it had never been seen, it refers to China's Central Plains. Our birth of Chinese civilization which is based on the Yangtze River and the Yellow River in the middle of this one as the birthplace, birthplace of the Yellow River and the Yangtze River in the middle so this one is called the Central Plains, Henan, Anhui, is that together, so this is the progressive development, extended to now such a large territory, so called China, we learn the "Yellow Emperor", the Yellow Emperor, what he was born in what is now Henan Xinzheng, Zhengzhou beside Regulus mound. Lu Xun's not to say that "I am in my Blade Heart 'it? The Yellow Emperor clan just in the middle of the Yellow River basin, so that the cycle of physiological changes what men and women of our discussion today is? Central Plains region to live in this section of children, in terms of race temperate change. If you live in the equatorial or last time you asked me to say at this South Asia, there has been no seasons, their development than the earlier you get to this cold, ranging from the Arctic Circle this area, their menstrual cycles off than this late, so let's mention today, ah, we are referring to ethnic Chinese living in the Yellow River, the Yangtze River basin in the middle this child talk about his development as a standard cycle.
Liang Dong: is that who sings: "Yangtze River sand Great Wall Yellow River", that is the race of the Yellow River, the Yangtze River in the middle of this small place as a standard to talk about this topic.
Of Age: Oh, later told people that we are Chinese people, do not always say that we CHINA, CHINA foreigners so called, we Chinese people is meant originated out of the Central Plains region of this civilization and race, so he Lecture: Women's seven years old. Kidney Sheng, tooth more hair long; there is a problem is that seven is how much? We give an example, a person January 1, 1990 was born, where he was seven years?
Liang Dong: January 1, 1998 or January 1, 1997 it?
Of Age: We remember ah, we Chinese people speak teenage teens, living that are the nominal age, so real as we now six years old when he was seven years old, and why?
Liang Dong: Because we also months pregnant.
Of Age: hey, Chinese people think that God is ...... ...... I have said that we judge people's standard of life and death is not breathing heartbeat as the standard, is in your soul is not ah, so life as a man, you become a person What was that moment? Two fine Competing that of God, is the father and mother of the fine combination of essence and blood that moment, the man of God was born, so from there you are people, ah, so pregnant, we say nine months of pregnancy, Well almost 36 weeks, which has never been seen born, he has been nearly one year old, so we are talking about seven refers to nominal age, so the woman to ...... girl to the real age of 6 years, nominal age 7 years old, it appeared a physiological change in her kidney, is that ...... kidney stores the essence of our reservoirs, her essence it becomes a kidney began to push her ​​growth and development, demonstrated outside what phenomenon? Tooth more hair long ......
Liang Dong: Yes, but it is more menopause.
Of Age: Oh, replaced more.
Liang Dong: Replace more, right right right.
Of Age: What is it? That girl first permanent teeth, they appear after a newborn is called deciduous teeth, also known as milk teeth, to the age of six at the right time to start out, and then put on a permanent.
Liang Dong: So the teeth more thing.
Of Age: Oh, this is called the beginning of the eruption, and ah, so, children this age do girls began to permanent teeth, so-called hair long, not to say that she used to be bald, what Huangmaoyatou into what?
Liang Dong: Black hair girl.
Of Age: black hair girl. UFA began a long out.
Liang Dong: Oh, why former Huangmaoyatou it?
Of Age: Huangmaoyatou on Shenjing Well, we say kidney in the hair, do not push it in essence, she is Huangmaoyatou, not black, kidney essence a move, this person dark black, the old late at night, or to take off hair, or to hair white, to the elderly of the future, they lack the essence, it is a white hair, Hefatongyan.
Liang Dong: white hair is white, is not it?
Of Age: white, white is white hair.
Liang Dong: Sometimes we see some scholarly, gray-haired, in fact, should be compassion, is not it?
Of Age: Yinxue, especially essence inadequate. Variation woman is such that the tooth more hair long, and we would add that we say in Chinese medicine observed her ...... we just said her physiology, we now read "Yellow Emperor" Well, we you can further explain, at the age of seven before the nominal age girls before the age of seven, eight years before the boys nominal age, these children, normal child without gender consciousness, called Liangxiaowucai childhood, he did not score, I was your man a woman, play together and play very well.
Liang Dong: Yes, it would, at best, at that time the little girl to the boy's pants off, eh, how you have a little bird bird, how I did not (laughs), but she will not have any sense of shame.
Of Age: Yeah, not that kind of heart, respectively, why do we call ...... moment called Boys & Girls is ignorant in that state, there is no gender (awareness), did not open the orifices, why did not enlighten, essence, which you open orifices, it certainly has a blood pushing, ah.
Liang Dong: But, but it is not so, oh, I have a friend who said that in eight years ago, would have been ignorant of his consciousness Oh.
Of Age: Oh, that is to say the beginning we said that the norm, we are talking about is the norm, we still have to say something morbid.
Liang Dong: is not three or four children, two-year-old children, is not it, you go to bed to wake up to see him a little dyke.
Of Age: desire, it is Yuanyang, desire, including many healthy men up in the morning, he also has morning erection, erection morning.
Liang Dong: on the morning pastry Well, ah.
Of Age: Do you ~ you ~ morning exuberant, right. You can not say what he is like, all right, this is a normal physiological response.
Liang Dong: So some students, such as our age students, I have a buddy, he said, recently my body is not very good in the morning could not see the exuberant morning.
Of Age: Well, this is a sign ah, we Chinese medicine to treat impotence, he said, ah, you want to reduce the couple recently intercourse, not intercourse, not intercourse during treatment medication, then the patient will ask, when can I have intercourse? We say that when you go to the phenomenon for three consecutive days in the morning after morning erection, you go intercourse.It is observed from a physiological response to his him.
Liang Dong: Yes, so that is great for a vigorous ......
Of Age: So in this case seven years ago called the woman, we say she did this gender awareness, ah, but remember to seven years later, gender consciousness appeared, respectively, and the girls do not love with a boy a crazy play, began to talk to myself comb pigtail wearing Pied girls a play, the men began to have a distant, this is a stage.
Liang Dong: So, after the ads come back yet, still, and we re-explore, two seventy-four years old when the girl's what will happen?
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Liang Dong: keep coming back, just what we mentioned, this woman was seven years old when it kidney Sheng ah, tooth more hair length, nominal age is seven years old when it began to change the teeth, but also become the Huangmaoyatou this Black hair girl anymore, but then it is based on a seven-year period. Canon of Medicine believe it: twenty-seven and menstruation to, eh, I always like to ask Xu ah, twenty-seven course we know was fourteen years old Ha, Ha is the nominal age, menstruation to what ah mean? The decanoate it is sunflower sunflower, not the flower head. Well just below the word, right?
Of Age: right, right, we are talking about have this attribution inside Jen-kuei, Jen-kuei it is water inside the element, actually it is only a matter of talent, water Well, we are talking about the equivalent of estrogen, So to fourteen years old when this hormone begin to promote hair growth, manifested ......
Liang Dong: Tong Ren called. Taichong pulse Sheng, menstruation to nowadays.
Of Age: the performance out of it, they first have sex fluid substance of the existence of this, ah, in addition it has some physiological function, to clear the meridians, to be called the Ren Tong, Taichong pulse it has gradually grown, these three By working together, manifested it?Menstruation to nowadays, is the girl began an official holiday.
Liang Dong: menstruation to nowadays mean?
Of Age: come on time.
Liang Dong: Well, time to vacation leave, is not it?
Of Age: it is time to vacation leave, the woman to the standard period is 28 days vacation leave it a cycle. 28 days.
Liang Dong: hey, not in a month it?
Of Age: Absolutely not.
Liang Dong: Oh, this is not to say - I would have thought a month ago - such as the 9th to 13, eh, it's not like oh?
Of Age: No, every month forward, then to push the standard two days, two days in advance, 28 God, remember examine a woman healthy unhealthy, more time to investigate her vacation time.
Liang Dong: This is hard to study.
Of Age: 28 days to once ah, my patients said to me: Oh, my vacation is very accurate, I say you how? Many of my patients because she said I was the 30th last month, this is the 30th, I say you have a problem, this is called, I only say that I am a patient of her vacation very accurate, she said I was the last time Friday come, twenty-eight days, for instance, come Friday, right? Twenty-eight days are not over or Friday? People are so written.
Liang Dong: Oh Yeah, so ah, all places are learned. All places are learned.
Of Age: Oh, we have to tell you, this sentence is very critical, and this - basically this sentence sums up all of its basic physiological and pathological effects of a woman's health and disease of this, she should have first menstruation.
Liang Dong: ah, that is estrogen.
Of Age: not fully understood as estrogen, but it is a hormone, a hormone secreted and is given a priori. First of all have menstruation, no menstruation, then we say that this person might be called stone woman ", life is no vacation, no female secondary sexual characteristics, and the second more important condition it is called Ren pass.
Liang Dong: Ren is Which veins?
Of Age: Oh, that is to say the science of TCM harder, he would involve a lot of meridians and acupoints ah ah. Ren, we often look at martial arts, we must open up Renduermo, this Ren does, it is walking in the middle of the abdomen of us this meridian, it belongs to a large vein inside children's kidneys. Let's look at another popular knowledge, there are meridians inside the human body, Chinese medicine point of view in terms of twenty, twenty meridian divided into two groups, one group it called the twelve meridians, is that correct "positive", which twelve serious it is linked to our internal organs, six belong to dirty, six belong to the internal organs, but it is there to walk acquired gas we call air, said after the child was born, a cry, an incoming fresh air, a nurse or a food to eat, the air together with the food you eat, the energy produced is called the gas, the gas how to write it, on top of a gas under one meter, which is traditional Chinese characters, called acquired qi, twelve serious, but people have another system is taking the innate strength, it is up to you meta essence - that of the essence, the essence of turned it into strength, then inside the body walk, he walked the line and direction and the twelve meridians is completely different, it starts from where it, it plays in our pubic region, is the lower abdomen, is essence in the pubic region and then it went inside metaplasia body surface, This is called the kidneys, a total of eight, because he is different from the twelve positive, positive antonyms called odd, odd we called it a total of eight veins, vein inside this eight children is the most important two Ren and Du.
Liang Dong: So open up Renduermo thing.
Of Age: Yes, I see you do the Chinese cultural programs thing you said to get through the kidneys.It speaks directly to the kidneys it is, it is oriented from the pubic region, you see it is the case of Du Yang, he was walking in the sunny side of the body, the body of the male side is where?
Liang Dong: male face child is back, right?
Of Age: Why is the male who is the back side?
Liang Dong: As far as I know, because when people from monkeys crawling, is not it? Is that it?So, we are back to that side towards the sun, right?
Of Age: ah, yes, he called this a sunny sun, shade belongs to Yin, this is a positive pulse Du, Ren and Du, and red veins, ah, is just that called Taichong pulse Sheng, These three veins are from the pubic region is from the essence of it, and then pulse out of three from the perineum, where the perineum is it, that is in the middle of the anus and vagina or anus and testicles in the middle of that piece, called the perineum ......
Liang Dong: that there is a point.
Of Age: ah, that there is a point, from here out later, Du will go backwards, and it passes through the anus, and then along the tailbone, the spine has to go to the head, then, our final stop at this ... ʱ??
Liang Dong: nose and tooth ......
Of Age: through the nose and ends the frenulum, is in the middle of the gums, lips and the gums is a belt contact, beyond this, this is Du. Also some branches, such as Du in Vital he separated one, walked in front of the genitals, Du still in contact with the neck and brain Fengfu here it is, go inside the brain, but also from the head Baihui which enters the brain, is Du. Yang man speaking to men, so Du is very important, we say that this person is not straight spine straight, Yang Zhaotou or bow with a waist, a sick man, what lumbar disc herniation, what backache, leg pain, Du has problem. Speaking woman called Ren is more important, that Ren does, it has the pregnancy with the pregnancy ......
Liang Dong: a female character a radical?
Of Age: Oh, it is an interchangeable characters, it means pregnant pregnant, embrace a thing, female primary containment, so that it is specifically Ren from the perineum up after it, as a woman speaking through her ​​vagina, then along After the abdominal midline navel and has been going up, it ends below the surface of our lips, this cave is called bearing slurry. But it also has a branch of it, after what branch it is surrounded by the lips and then it is going up, to inside the eye, and finally into the brain. So you see the lack of Ren's blood enough, you see a woman on the lips.
Liang Dong: So sometimes the lips are plump woman, mouthwatering, I say very sexy.
Of Age: hey, that is the person's reproductive function better, she has a foundation of such a pregnant pregnant.
Liang Dong: So many women Lips lipstick, that help is definitely a wall face.
Of Age: Yes, she is pretending may have their own very pregnant. In fact, she is not, so a comparative look at the woman's lips chapped ah, pale ah, a look that is a problem with reproductive function. Ren nowhere. So Ren pass after it, which means that your blood enough, enough of the essence, which is equipped with a condition of pregnancy. This is Ren, it must pass.Third, red veins. It called Taichong vein, Taichong pulse is the essence of it do they go?Traveling does it go, it is along the sides of Ren, cede it very close. It is also out going up from the perineum, in fact, is that we go inside twelve serious kidney. They both take the line.And then it went to the chest red veins here it is, spread to the chest, so the red veins holidays woman has a relationship with it, even went to a woman's breast, secondary sexual characteristics have a direct relationship, we are now a lot of people say breast Takashi milk, I say you why go back, if a person red veins full of blood, she does not worry about the problem of secondary sexual characteristics. Then it spread to the chest after the addition to it, red veins are also going up, it is not that both sides Ren it? It is not walking lips, it is surrounded by the lips, around the lips. A man he does not come every month vacation, he was not bleeding blood red veins of his feet, so men rushed pulse to the face of it, long what? Long beard. This woman if amenorrhea, not an official holiday, that is blood is not flowing down, the woman she beard.
Liang Dong: Oh, that old aunt - she is also president.
Of Age: hey, look and smell so well, patients come in, we see that people are beginning to ~ woman how long beard, a vacation is certainly not to ask. This is the red veins. You see, ah, three conditions must be Tiangui first, second it is through Ren, Ren to if it fails, then is this not the essence of it on my mind to go, ah, this is also our modern medical research brain What is this hormone secretion of the hormone, she also does not have an official holiday conditions. The key point is that red veins, red veins Why call it? It is like a wave, this woman to vacation leave, she is actually a wave ah, a cycle every 28 days, Xu, wave a push, eh, blood on down, this down after it returned the wave. Then she drew back, called red veins. There's a girl to vacation on the big temper. You have to endure about Kazakhstan.
Liang Dong: Why?
Of Age: It is red veins come.
Liang Dong: Oh, the legendary woman vacation in a bad mood, it must be inclusive, it is the people have physiological basis.
Of Age: There's a girl you want to vacation leave before breast pain, breast swelling, you think red veins, because red veins spread in the chest thing.
Liang Dong: Whoops ~ Oh, that Xu, I would like to ask a question of Kazakhstan, are going up from under it? Is that some young women always like riding a bicycle, wow, that's not very hurt that red veins that way? The pulse ...... what ......
Of Age: facts prove, you see cyclists ah, the Tour de France, the old take the title that, Armstrong, what cancer?
Liang Dong: pancreatic cancer.
Of Age: What is cancer?
Liang Dong: is pancreatic cancer? Or testicular cancer ah?
Of Age: testicular cancer. I am interested in women are not affecting their body I do not know, I'll tell you cyclists who once hurt the body is to testicular injury, I told you to do just after testicular injury is the same as the eunuch, eunuchs you see no beard, red broken veins. After castration on red veins off, you watch the beard look no more.
Liang Dong: So yeah, so you cycling friend, ah, this usually does riding a bike after it, be sure to give timely massage, unblock the blood. Otherwise it ......
Of Age: No, blow cold.
Liang Dong: ah?
Of Age: blow cool. Because testicular temperature must be lower than the normal human body temperature, so testicular temperature, old oppression, wearing the kind of jeans, leggings or a soak in the hot springs inside the old do not come out, sperm survival rate decreased immediately.
Liang Dong: Yes, so it often does this ......
Of Age: There are red veins Sheng men are whiskers. I see you was like whiskers.
Liang Dong: Haha, Amitabha, I did whiskers, okay okay. A little break, we keep coming back - Oh, we're not talking about women do it? How they talked about me? A little break, talk to you a little later.
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Liang Dong: Oh, look at it a rest, come back immediately after it, we have just mentioned ah, this woman does is press a seven-year period, when the first seven years of that kidney Sheng ah, teeth and more long hair, when the second seven years of it, it is menstruation to nowadays, why does menstruation to nowadays, why menstruation to nowadays it? Xu gave us just talked about because of three veins, menstruation Yeah, menstruation pass, then Ren also pass, Taichong pulse Sheng, so it would menstruation to nowadays.
Of Age: menstruation it's not pass, it is to.
Liang Dong: Yes, menstruation to ah.
Of Age: Taichong pulse Sheng and Ren Tong. So we are now to talk about her normal should be so, then it is not normal what kind? She talks about her pathology. It comes just said seven permanent teeth this time, we found that some child is born after it, deciduous grow slow. And then he speaks slowly, walking slowly and then it neck still weak. TCM put it this happen, congenital dysplasia, called five late five soft.
Liang Dong: Which "wu" Yeah?
Of Age: twelve thousand three hundred forty-five "five."
Liang Dong: Oh, five late five soft.
Of Age: There are five cases, ah, I have just listed, talk ah, ah climb, walk, ah, these physiological functional performance to the development of late. And then it is relatively soft body bones show ah. Children head look larger, and that his head is not up to support all day, a drooping neck. Now medical tube called mentally retarded ah. On physiological or psychological are stunted, under which we will look at the case in front of it and say, called "kidney Sheng." It is obvious that this child is not kidney Sheng ah. She is not no essence, we say that the essence of all human essence Well, that is the human brain, ah, spinal cord, bone marrow, she is not transformed kidney essence, therefore, Chinese use some warming yang, warming yang drug or method Help her to become kidney Sheng. This time it people began this development, that is, back to a normal level. We see now that the problem has two girls to vacation leave, one is it? Precocious ......
Liang Dong: one is to come early, come late a thing.
Of Age: one is much later. In the past malnutrition that era is coming late, some even to 18 years to nearly 20 years before the official holiday. But what now belong to this society? Nutrition excessive, indiscriminate drug abuse plus hormone.
Liang Dong: eat a variety of wheat that X workers ah, like this kind of thing, is not it?
Of Age: now people there is no obvious cause of the problem? The little girl is early to begin an official holiday. After an official holiday they began development of secondary sexual characteristics, and I rule the earliest a child is 8 years old began to vacation leave.
Liang Dong: Oh, that if comes, apparently has come early Well, how do you adjust it back, is not able to back out.
Of Age: transfer does not go back, do not go back tone, absolutely not tune has come back. You see the problem is.
Liang Dong: That can not be said for the first time after the first cut live cut live to 12 years old again.
Of Age: gone, gone, I thought like you ......
Liang Dong: Oh, really? I thought it was a joke blanket.
Of Age: also practiced, proven gone. I began to realize that this issue, that is, I find we are college students, ah, we meet, ah, the students have brought their children to. I found ah are a bunch of little girl, only we have a classmate child, she was a little girl gentile, eh, but also very quiet, very shy, to speak words also are children. But that just like other children the same age, I feel like a little adult, ah. From the body development, from saying that, I think too naive, a bit too.
Liang Dong: TV to see more!
Of Age: I began to study this issue, because this little girl does, her father my classmates Well, he did not become a doctor after graduation people, people went to buy medicine, which belongs to our students that help children get rich first people. He does, is this girl especially when the baby. Every time he ah, give the child to eat rice, eggs, ah, ah the meat, he drove myself, we have no car, people have a car, people go to the countryside to buy in person, so his children eat not the kind of mainland goods. So this diet, the impact on the person's physical development, especially now, coupled with the city, you just said that this is such a TV to see more, to stimulate people's passions, could have been the childhood, Liangxiaowucai when she result That thing looked a bit catalysis. The other is a city of light pollution. What is light pollution? Our kids, you find no? During the day romp, tireless, but then, one evening at eight or nine children on Danian, they begin to sleep. This is the child of such a cycle of physiological changes. What we have now is the result? Point of light, boil the oil, lit the lamp, open the TV, you children do not sleep. You see before, to this - to promote ovulation hen, lay eggs, how to do? At this point a big light bulb inside the house - photos.
Liang Dong: too inhuman!
Of Age: too chicken Dao.
Liang Dong: Oh Oh, right right right, chicken is also a proper way, right.
Of Age: You point the lamp head is what was there? Delay ~ artificially create such illumination time, the body feels as if one day when two days before, is not it? Well the sun, the sun already illuminated 12 hours ~ results 10 hours, it turns out it took so long. Kids sleep late this day, then, plus stay up late, give the body a false signal.
Liang Dong: So many of our parents to let children according to so many bulbs ah, yes absolutely brutal exploitation of those ......
Of Age: ripening!
Liang Dong: ah, exploitation chicken approach to the exploitation of their children.
Of Age: The essence makes early start, early dissipation, I must tell you who precocious premature aging, and this will directly affect her precocious wisdom and the wisdom of the future development. For instance, essence, she so little, he went ahead of his development this reproductive function. She opened her enlightening wisdom that function she is relatively weaker.So this child's future life will be affected.
Liang Dong: So now I'm very sorry, I was young too early open-hui.
Of Age: early ~ ah, you have to open up wisdom?
Liang Dong: No, it is too early to open wisdom.
Of Age: Oh, too early to open wisdom.
Liang Dong: young age, when people say that I am very smart, which up to now this is definitely not praise.
Of Age: Another question then is, I have always stressed, I say: Oh, children in rural areas seem a little more natural, ah? This city is not such a diet, ah, ah light, electrical pollution. But I have a patient, that is, give me a home cleaning aunt, her family - her own child in Gansu, it's very natural, followed by grandparents living together, but she came to me that, you give the child Xu Dafu Oh look sick, how I say it? Only ten years old came that menstruation. I say this not in rural areas it? How could this be, looked a long time, then I carefully asked this history, I after all how else, this child is followed by grandparents belong to the left-behind children Well, she is a little improper feeding, the child does not eat a little, the results of it that day in the village go on to a party that doctor, is to buy Dali Wan, say, hey, take my medicine, the children do not eat, you eat my medicine. Results grandmother gave to buy, buy, eat, and that she does not know what the pills, the result is actually eating the pills to eat a meal, menstruation came. So I highly doubt that he sold drugs inside this ......
Liang Dong: hormones.
Of Age: Ingredients hormones. So you see, now eat, something to drink, to see things, and then it virtually asleep you mess those waves, the impact of electromagnetic waves on you, so are reminders to get people early kidney overdrawn those.
Liang Dong: So, ah, I think, maybe Kazakhstan, under such heavy human suffering, human beings can improve it, is not it, how you say those cockroaches out of it alive, it is not because of this go through all sorts of this calendar refining, maybe it our last humans can develop a specific function is sucked automobile exhaust, are discharged from the oxygen. Everyone is cleaner ah, human flesh vacuum cleaner. A little break, immediately keep coming back, it is "ancient naive theory."
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Liang Dong: Oh, still came back to talk about, seventeen, twenty-seven, now speak Panax. Thirty-seven kidney average, so real teeth are born long pole. I would like to ask Mr. Xu, and kidney mean, I think the word to use is extremely average subtlety, what is the average kidney.
Of Age: kidney do it is to promote the development you begin this reproductive function, an arrangement that God or nature made man. After mature it, the next one is the offspring of multiply yourself. God caused the sacrifice and even allows you to reproduce your sacrifice.
Liang Dong: For those mantis is not.
Of Age: hey, first thing after mating male mantis mantis was eaten. There are those who want to produce salmon hatch, they selflessly sacrifice themselves to exclude the hardships that go to the river to produce eggs, in fact, it is to create a good program. After the first kidney Sheng, first develop your fertility, reproductive function and then it developed to a certain extent, there are additional, he would even give your body the other limb, ah, to the growth and development of organs, called Mean, a manifestation of what is it, the first real teeth health, what is real teeth? Is wisdom, this 21-year-old girl to do is to start a long wisdom.
Liang Dong: I've heard a lot of kids up to now no longer had wisdom teeth.
Of Age: that is insufficient kidney, what else, a long pole is what does that mean? That woman to 21 years, this man, um, on the long end.
Liang Dong: Oh, really raw and long pole teeth mean a.
Of Age: hey, long end. To the 21-year-old no longer a long one. There are a few other long pole, just how much of the breast.
Liang Dong: in the end is B or C or G or F.
Of Age: hey, right. Oh, so do the girls want to avoid doing what is necessary in that plastic surgery before the age of 21, to learn health, learn how to Tong Ren, promote Taichong pulse, and then make their own to promote breast development. After a 21-year-old even think of.
Liang Dong: That would not be very worried about some young women through the head, and wow, that it ...... Yes, now you know that some female students, and she is always worried about the run start to run long-distance ah ...... school, running a kilometers, ah, two sandbags fall with it a very painful thing.
Of Age: her the long pole, that is a natural height, the other is the development of secondary sexual characteristics, the development of secondary sexual characteristics of women, one breast development, then one is the pelvis.
Liang Dong: pelvis, ah.
Of Age: wider pelvis, ah. Ancient people describe the ancient Chinese people to pick ...... wife, he is the first test is that it can not be born ......
Liang Dong: This is normal thing.
Of Age: Oh, so he has a standard called buns.
Liang Dong: Mo Yan has this novel, right?
Of Age: hey, it is this novel, ah, buns, meaning that her breast development is better, future breastfeeding is not a problem. The second does she pelvis width, giving birth she will not give birth because the birth of ancient technology is relatively backward, ah, to a slightly inverted yield phenomena, originally born child is upside down, and the result of it first exposed buttocks or arm first out, it is easy to go wrong. So the wide pelvis, called Buttocks. The good breast development called Breast.
Liang Dong: hey, so it would not be saying it because the pelvis is wide, the children will be in it long looked like a little better.
Of Age: hey, right.
Liang Dong: The room is relatively wide thing. Sanshiyiting at least, is not it.
Of Age: Sanshiyiting, so she do this to a 21-year-old, it is there is such a really long pole tooth born, so we advice, Chinese medicine and health point of view is to say, even though she is 14 years old an official holiday. That is ovulation, and theoretically she can be pregnant. Facts have proved that in some places the child in general is that it is the 14-year-old daughter and customs can be married. But then, since we see that, to the 21 years of this physiological development talent to the limit. So, in theory she could give birth, and from the perspective of the health of speaking, because of the use of her own essence, ah, not to reproduce, but what.Average to your body inside. Let their physical development is very good, so it is a woman 21 years old woman is the most beautiful, the most sexy, the most suitable time to get married.
Liang Dong: Well that female students third grade.
Of Age: Oh, really, ah, the third grade.
Liang Dong: right, college girls third grade.
Of Age: So to this age girls without any whitewash, she is the healthiest, most beautiful and most sexy, the most attractive time, called 21-year-old. Well, from 21 years old to 28 years old then, and health point of view of Chinese medicine is to marry a woman of suitable age, ah. So this is the case, the mother fat child strong, the woman is concerned, in terms of the children are very good, very healthy.
Liang Dong: Unfortunately right now a lot of people in the YWCA 21 years old to 28 years old still in postgraduate PhD. So, we do not laugh, is not it, is not easy, is not it, Dr. is a profession, but also a pursuit. But then, that we should also be allowed, doctoral students can also have children, right?
Of Age: Now, that is a question related to the future, we want to talk about their various, Chieh-te wish, it is now frantically suppress his own kind would have been born with the desire, then it as a silent its wonderful name, acquired instill a kind thought for the day after tomorrow to fight, even after a long struggle to achieve this goal, and later found themselves living very happy, this is a sad society we are now.
Liang Dong: ah, today, and our Xu together from ancient naive theory talked about this girl, ah, female students of the cycle, according to the age of seven to count, told a seven spoke two Seven, also spoke three a seven.
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Liang Dong: Well, just talked about the real teeth health, and long pole, Xu talked about that this long, that is, the development of all aspects of it are to compare the extreme, the height ah, whether it is the width, thickness, length ʱ?? Etc., etc., is not it? We go to a pole.
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Liang Dong: born on this so real teeth and long pole, you have no right to speak anything new?
Of Age: that we encounter such a situation is that girls do not grow, or the wisdom to vacation leave ...... we said before the holidays come early, but there are a lot of people trouble it is that the official holiday is not coming. And then the breast is not development. It is a woman's secondary sexual characteristics looks like a neutral person, or simply like a little boy, this situation how to do? Or from that we are talking about three to start, one is it? To menstruation to second it, Ren to pass, and the third, Taichong pulse to Sheng. I remember ah, human kidneys his origins are in the pubic region. Pubes in it?
Liang Dong: pubic region below the navel bar.
Of Age: pair. Pubic region on your belly bulge, so, I have observed, I see some patients in clinical gynecology, is it? Belly bulge cold.
Liang Dong: Oh, the things we have to go back and touch it, ah.
Of Age: right ah, their own touch, TCM nothing too mysterious things that you feel good about your belly, Dan 田丹田, what Dan is? Alchemy is not it, you see that the Monkey King Havoc in Heaven, the Lao with that gossip furnace alchemy. Red hot, ah, red. Dan Well, that is the meaning of red hot, so that people's health is what? First, the root to be healthy, that it must be a bustling little stomach. However, I do see a lot of girls now somehow do something, for example, we say that 14-year-old vacation coming, but the girls say, yo, what we want students'temperament morrow, we swimming lessons. What my aunt to come, I want out of luck. They put an official holiday called bad luck. I told you not to vacation leave misfortune.
Liang Dong: Ha ha ha, yes.
Of Age: she would take what trick do? For example, on the first day of her ...... she feels to be an official holiday tomorrow, tomorrow, she can do what form those swimming lessons. She tonight she will get a pot of ice water and soak her feet in, how the next day?
Liang Dong: definitely not coming.
Of Age: definitely not coming. The next day quite happy, hey, why not come and go. The result, the cold Yeah, kind of cold from the evil on foot, the foot does have three this, we called meridians ah, a liver, a kidney, a spleen, which are then along the leg from the foot to the people inside, the men also surround this we call his genitals, that his testicles, ah, penis. Girls also have Yam, it is her ovaries and uterus. This cold all together there, leaving its iced live, live iced it will not come after an official holiday. After how the results do, extreme dysmenorrhea, dysmenorrhea good, meaning that your menstrual blood - to come out, but can not get out, two people in the struggle. Some people simply do not reflect, on what? Since then amenorrhea, not an official holiday. What is the performance after menopause? On a woman like a woman, the woman began a long beard, a look at this little girl, eh, little hairy around the edges of the lips. So this - now is artificially created disease, put it this man to destroy the menstrual cycle. So we treat Chinese medicine is no recourse but to what? Relieving gas, to melt congestion, as well as how to hurt a girl is her menstrual it? It is abortion. He is 14 years old is not mature it .......
Liang Dong: right ah, some time ago, and now there is a statistical Guangzhou ah, I say it, the high proportion of the high school students ah, cold year, after the summer holidays, Christmas ...... back to have problems ah.
Of Age: right right, then what it is abortion, whether medical abortion, or abortion, should be curettage, then it will hurt their pubic region of the gas. I treat several infertility, is it?Secondary infertility, secondary infertility what is it? That I had been pregnant, but before you do not want pregnant, pregnant. And now after curettage or after the drug flow, I think pregnant, pregnant not on. In fact, that after this abortion, her body has not been good nursed back to health, or cause such damage made abortion, which caused this lifelong regret. So, we understand the change cycle of women, which is Heaven. You should do something virtuous thing, the so-called days of Heaven is conform, conform this natural change, you will become beautiful, if a woman's pubic region if it is warm, then hot, she's ~ First She will develop secondary sexual characteristics of a good, second, her face is very nice.
Liang Dong: So you see some beautiful young women to wear the kind of low cut, low-waist dress or pants low, bare navel, playing a ring ah, a hoop.
Of Age: pair. Absence of.
Liang Dong: performance point of view, it seems very sexy, in fact, it is definitely your face does not look good for the future, grow a mustache, chest no development, direct reasons. Many things seem unrelated, in fact, are all interrelated.
Of Age: pair.
Liang Dong: ah. So, today we are very grateful, and our teacher of Age Magnolia medicine Tang Tangzhu it to discuss the "ancient naive theory" short. We wanted it to be more understanding, interaction with the teacher of Age of it, you can go to Xu's blog, we should look at Baidu of Age, the text of it, is the text of the "culture"; it is the weapon of soldiers, "soldiers" ʱ??
Of Age: Soldiers of "soldiers."
Liang Dong: Soldiers of "soldiers." Occasionally a little free time, then you can also take the opportunity to look at it to see Liang Dong Ha. Thank you for listening to today's "ancient naive theory" rediscovery of traditional Chinese medicine school of the country is so beautiful, but also special thanks to Xu came to our site. THX!
Of Age: You're welcome, bye!
Liang Dong: Goodbye!

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