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Elder naive theory sermon ninth

Elder naive theory sermon ninth
Speaker: the auspices of Age: Liang Dong
Broadcast time: 2009-02-0723: 00-24: 00
TEXT: forty-eight Takamori bones, muscles full and strong. 5258 kidney failure, hair falling rotten teeth.Sixty-eight yang exhaustion on, face coke, awarded mane of white hair. Seventy-eight liver failure, muscle can not move. Eighty-eight menstruation thirsty, less refined, kidney failure, are extremely compact, the teeth hair over. The main water kidney donors by the internal organs of the possession of the essence, it is able to hold internal organs diarrhea. This five internal organs are bad. Solutions bones fall, menstruation do carry on
Liang Dong: Yes, rediscovered, Chinese medicine is so beautiful. Hello everyone, and welcome to tonight's "national school." Still we work together to interpret the "Yellow Emperor ancient naive theory" across it is still flapping in the thick of Age Medical Tangtang Zhu teacher.
Of Age: Liang Dong good friends, good listeners.
Liang Dong: In the past few weeks there, let's go talk to this woman is seven years as a physiological cycle, so how about seven ah ah, seventeen, twenty-seven, Panax, forty-seven. Later in the week we do it when they talk to the man ah, husband, ah, eighteen than 28, 38, based on eight years of a menstrual cycle. Women talked about saying it, "kidney average strength and strong bones, so raw and real teeth long pole", with special emphasis on fresh bones strong bones and muscles are not strong, because of it, ribs corresponds to the strength, vigor strength of bone it corresponds to a strong ah. After a little refresher do we seize the time today, without further ado, into the forty-eight bones Longsheng, full of strong muscles, eh, Xu ah, bones Longsheng, Longsheng Why call it?
Of Age: Oh, long ah, yes that is the time to force him, and we put that muscle stretch up, that drum up that kind ah, called the Lung; hold it, is we are talking about the bone marrow to filling, full of marrow , ah the bone marrow it is our essence, ah, it is the present of our life, that's fine we Manner of that, this time for it man, though not a long one, long to the extreme, but then he left those refined gas it will enrich our various parts of the body, this time a man becomes wide, becomes thick, it is also a little weight will increase the number, this time a man does it will reach a physical peak.
Liang Dong: bones Longsheng Ha, it now seems a very sexy look.
Of Age: Oh, so-called sexy is a person's kidney filling, showing he has a strong reproductive ability, this time revealed to the people, giving the kind of atmosphere, feeling, even a taste.
Liang Dong: Oh, I've, ah, we can only stand on the male point of what to think, ah, we know what kind of woman is sexy, but I actually have not been able to know exactly what the boys muscled, very strong that way the girls is not to have this kind of sexy attractive?
Of Age: Sir, we how can we know the fish is happy also.
Liang Dong: I always thought that writing a good essay saying they feel very sexy.
Of Age: sexy his performance in many ways, some of it is reflected in the shape is sexy body, such as this man has his sexuality. If you say to a man nor broad shoulders, beard and no, not even Adam's apple, a sissy talk, he is not sexy, or make some addition there is a special interest of people feel ......
Liang Dong: Oh, is not, ah, you look now popular male idol is not all that long so?
Of Age: This is the patient's interest, any society will produce a morbid beauty, is a malformation of the United States, when we learned in high school that "disease Mei Museum in mind", Gong wrote, was that the last feudal society people live very twisted, very twisted bar, it is a disease. Appreciate the beauty of what it is? It can not appreciate the kind of healthy beauty, it can put the plum ah to tighten, twist too, it is more Ningba it more traumatic to the plum Ningba, so enjoy it ......
Liang Dong: ah, Plum's "plum" Huh?
Of Age: ah, plum "plum" So it was also a kind of morbid appreciate beauty. When a man or his lack of yang energy, he rely on to achieve a balance of beauty it? He weakened by a woman, so we biggest ancient society is a sick woman's foot to her tied up, so that a woman unable to support, Tingting curl, fragile, he appreciated the beauty of this sick, so you see it again, "Dream of Red Mansions" Like many men who are not necessarily Lin, the body relatively weak people, touching, sentimental men appreciate people are Lin. Instead some of the more stronger person, more of this energetic man, he probably appreciate The Figure or chai, with each person's aesthetic basis of his physical body has a relationship.
Liang Dong: Our listeners, in the end how many people read the "Dream of Red Mansions" mean? Or read the "Dream of Red Mansions" comic Uncut outside of it? Really it may not be a lot. That Longsheng bones, strong muscles Man, what is said?
Of Age: Just talking about the bones, according to Chinese medicine say it is a kidney bone, including bone marrow also is a kidney; it belongs to the liver and muscle. It is the first to say the bones of it, saying that, uh ...... also a relationship between mother and child, we say, kidneys are water, liver belongs to wood, aquatic wood, here comes the stomach and the relationship of soil is full of muscle Zhuang, the muscle and flesh it says I've written articles dedicated to muscle and flesh, why do we call muscle and meat, it is not the same, completely different. Chinese people describe it, is the level of the Chinese people's wisdom, that wisdom is very high. It is to say the same thing it is in a different time or in a different state, it uses the word describe it differently.
Liang Dong: Yeah, you look at westerners speak Muscle Well, right, on muscle would be finished, what muscles and meat is not the same?
Of Age: so, for example, we say that there is a flower, noun, but the flowers just bloom, sweet fragrance when what we call it? Is a ing, is dynamic in that state, we call China, China's Hua.
Liang Dong: I thought it was the huaing spend ing it.
Of Age: Oh, is that China + in ...... noun add ing that it is a description of that state. Liang Dong: Yes, Fruitful, right?
Of Age: Oh, say spring to blossom, eh, or fall to the results, or we say flashy, light results of the flowers. It this state it is to use the kind of ...... have that with gas, with a move that feeling in one word to express it. But the West, which I also did not learn English, I did not find a corresponding word to express it. So the muscle and flesh it, it is a description of the same substance, but it is the substance of it in a different state. We Beijingers speak, saying that this man is flesh, ah ......
Liang Dong: often has, before a student in our class (called) beef noodles, and meat and noodles, surnamed Liu, so called beef noodles, to say on this matter, ah.
Of Age: people in charge of this man called surface melon ah, say you drive a car that really flesh, flesh is what state it? Boring, it is that atrophy and not lift, no flexibility in that state. So, the meat, the same piece of meat when it is in a relaxed state that when it said we call it flesh; but when it is time to force, stretched up, you see the muscles that muscle, the projections that state force when that state is called muscle, so some people are in the old force, and not to relax the muscles tense state, I call it there is no muscle meat, ah, a lot of us is the old holding a position, at that playing on the computer, and finally it muscle cords, ah, touched, slightly Leng leng slightly, eh, called muscle. Many people, as well as what? For example, people who you hemiplegia, muscle old inactive, it will last muscle relaxation shrinking, more meat, ah. But here we are talking about is called muscle ...... describing its muscle in this state it is the kind of filling, it is time the force of it stretched up, the time to relax it very soft.
Liang Dong: Howling Yo, really, so had to admit it, most of us are uneducated people, muscle and flesh, flesh and muscle are right, they are not the same.
Of Age: Broiler!
Liang Dong: Oh Oh, now we eat chicken at the supermarket inside ah, can not be called chicken, best known as broilers, it has no strength. So I ate a couple of days ago to take over from the Inner Mongolia lamb, wow! ʱ?? ʱ?? After eating, the evening "cutting cutting sound (Cantonese)," he said that night to eat, the whole body has a dry strength, ah! After a little break, and we continue to explore the "full muscle strong."
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Liang Dong: Xu, keep coming back to us to rediscover the beauty of the country too TCM school, ah, talked about this man "four eight, Longsheng bones, strong muscles Man", full strong word, some speak it?
Of Age: "Man," is that he ...... eh, we say that this man muscle atrophy, wither, and that he did not force, we know that impotence ah, muscle atrophy, there is no power, so it is not strong, that is full what? Filling, that it exists substance. Many people are what? He ...... you this instance, we say this man Nie Yinie small calf, ah, Nie Yinie biceps on his arm, pinch, no small mouse, no meat.
Liang Dong: Another is: does one go after a press pit children.
Of Age: a pit children. Oh, swollen, hat and no cattle ah.
Liang Dong: At that time only a few years ago, when natural disasters, the malnutrition.
Of Age: Oh, edema, edema. So, neither dissatisfied nor strong ah. Or is it a material basis, is a function. That we, uh ...... an inherited his bones Chinese people's awareness of the problem then, he had the kind of understanding of the gas and of God, you say ...... for example, we often say that this man, eh, beaming ... ʱ??
Liang Dong: Yes! Anger red crown.
Of Age: angry or combative, ah, I say that the person look bad luck. This is our bones, is a subtle affected childhood, we describe it in that state - is the kind of dynamic state. In fact, this has been, that we have always had a philosophy of quality, not the light recognizes the existence of matter, but also aware of the push behind the physical movement of that thing, we call it gas. So you see the "Yellow Emperor" Everyone is talking about ...... talk fine words, talk about God, talk only followed by a force ah, tell a fine behind a gas, a full talk a strong talk, talk that ...... talk about a bar that I say that the bones strong, ah, tell a strong, strong refers to the degree it kind of hard, kept it, eh, I say it is flexible, so, it runs through the whole of the material itself as well on the state of the substance awareness campaign.We learn dialectical materialism, first sentence, is the material world, and everyone ...... a lot of people are very shallow, just remember these words, later also followed a substance is in motion. So that the movement of the material we call it gas, to be sure of that state. So the 32-year-old man, is a man's physiological state reached a peak.
Liang Dong: Actually physics and there was a similar argument. That is, for example, called the energy thing, is not it? Well work, acting, is not it? That is the substance itself is there, you have something that Tuo, no matter how much Newton are good, but do it inside it there is a thing, is to promote the sport this thing, you can have potential energy, kinetic energy. Ah, or put too high, or because ......
Of Age: Oh, potential energy, we often say that the general trend, is not it, this, this unstoppable, the potential in the end is what? Our Chinese people's wisdom, there is the word, that is behind the energy ah.
Liang Dong: Cuikulaxiu ......
Of Age: ah, unstoppable.
Liang Dong: unstoppable. 5258 kidney failure, hair falling into the teeth of the word a read ...... ...... a "wood", a "high" where is "gǎo" it?
Of Age: "gǎo", haggard "rotten."
Liang Dong: Yes, we have just talked about, the man it had forty-eight 32 years after it began to decline slowly toward this, is not it? Fifty-eight the age of 40, when, tut tut, poor me.
Of Age: This is ...... we want this harmony with nature, understand nature. After the peak, the boom will decline, from 32 years after it on the decline of physiological functions.
Liang Dong: So many families will not have such an idea, say a man what he coming after you boil it 36,7 years old, he is not out of the toss. why? His strength is not enough, and can it stall things the family can fill out pretty good. Fifty-eight ...... 40 to 40 years old when the kidney on the decline.
Of Age: that men began to decline from 32 years later, and this what I think it feels? So that I graduated from college 24 years old I am 32 years old ......, it catch on to the bent do things, ah, you want to be to forge ahead of that age.
Liang Dong: always felt underappreciated when?
Of Age: Oh, no, no. Had never been seen did not feel underappreciated, I felt the body has to be tired. But I have a feeling, ah, to 32 years of age, my first feeling, I can not stay up late.
Liang Dong: This is true. This is one ......
Of Age: You say you have the same sense ah?
Liang Dong: Yes, ah, I often met some of our peers do, they say, wow! A young man of the night was originally called mahjong. Later, I do not know that night cut a movie ah, the evening a discussion screenplay it would no strength.
Of Age: ah, he is such that I feel it is, you see, we had never been seen, I graduated to stay at Dongzhimen Hospital, we graduated to engage in administration. Disputes friends, friends deal with the accident did not sleep a night, wash your face the next day, doing the doing. But after 32 years, oh, you want me to boil a night, or the value classes the next day, did not sleep, to be followed by dry, the storm had never been seen, is - I do not want to say a word called sleepy students , even the dead have a heart.
Liang Dong: Yes, despair.
Of Age: that God would support the kind of fine and not on the supply, the first feeling is astringent eye, dry eyes, open eyes, we say that this person's body fluids are also part of our physical essence, but also by the essence of the of. You want to stay up all night when it was originally yin, daytime is Yang Yang, called Yangyin sleep at night. You should have yin yin, when you do not sleep, but also for the previous essence was on foot, to over 32 years after it, that's not a dry eyes, open eyes, not only dry eyes, dry mouth and also ʱ?? The general health of people, ah, man began to focus on health but also from the subsequent 32 years. What are people saying? 30 years ago people looking sick, sick people find what is the meaning ah, ah snow stripped naked, swimming all right.
Liang Dong: Let me sow wild in the snow, Cui Jian said.
Of Age: Oh, this state. Oh, is not it?
Liang Dong: You can see Cui Jian, do not write this song. Ha ha.
Of Age: absolutely he can not write here.
Liang Dong: Right.
Of Age: 30 years ago he is in there for, looking for disease. Oh, is not looking for a long illness, kidney foot. What to 30 years of age is? Get sick people. Oh, this is not comfortable, and it was not comfort you, this time people began what? Health care, and he began to learn traditional Chinese medicine a. Therefore, the "Yellow Emperor" You give a man who 32 years ago or 28 years ago a woman to talk, people: "This is what happened with me?" Do not care. After this physiological usually peak after insufficient.
Liang Dong: immediately there was a clear feeling of Kazakhstan.
Of Age: there was an immediate sensation.
Liang Dong: It talked about this, uh, kidney failure, hair falling rotten teeth. It is the beginning of hair loss.
Of Age: 40 years old. You see, he said that 5258 aged 40. I just had a 40-year-old, fifty-eight is it? Hair loss began to appear. The rotten teeth What does it mean? We often say that this wood no water, withered, and the person's teeth, ah, is the kidney ...... what we say ......
Liang Dong: Well more than kidney.
Of Age: Oh, I kidney, Yu bone, long teeth. However, a lot of people to the 40-year-old teeth become what it started? Haggard. That turned out to be moist, even, we say that the teeth such as cold shellfish, is shining a little flash of all, to the moment you start it? Dry and withered.Some may even become kind of a walnut ...... original bite, a bite, Ga bang, chopped walnuts, and now and then bite walnut, walnut is not broken ......
Liang Dong: broken teeth.
Of Age: broken teeth. Teeth rotten, withered up!
Liang Dong: So you rarely see 40-year-old man also went to open beer with his teeth, no such a person.
Of Age: called no screwdriver. No screwdriver so with the teeth go ......
Liang Dong: hair falling rotten teeth, oh, oh you just really like this. You say I've noticed those little shiny teeth, ah, a young man this ...... really bright, huh?
Of Age: tooth as cold shellfish. We called too white, ah, his eyes flashing rushing, ah, the eyes can speak, teeth is glowing.
Liang Dong: The bright eyes and white teeth. Before we handle every day these words, I never seriously thought about.
Of Age: So you then go to the corresponding sentence, husband-year-old man, what is his hair long teeth and more, to the 40-year-old fifty-eight what hair falling rotten teeth. Correspondence about it, life is so cruel. So ruthless ah.
Liang Dong: So, of course, look at it from another angle, I also think that when we can move from the point of view of rhythm to these things you will be relatively calm.
Of Age: So we see a lot of men in this age, 40 years old, when it appeared in hair loss, balding, ah. This addition to the hair off it, there are those who show the teeth out of it is almost 40 years old and lost. Then we will talk about this later, that is to understand the health of the people, pay attention to usually take care of his body, he will not have this problem, so he will not fall much hair, not bald, his teeth a lot of people the 80s and 90s, a good teeth, which is called the people to understand good health. Now the "Yellow Emperor" is about most, take a mean, generally is the case, but to understand the health of the people is not the case.
Liang Dong: There are a lot of people less than 40 years old on the case.
Of Age: There are those who make over their own people, but the 40-year-old appeared early this problem.
Liang Dong: So it seems that the issue of Kazakhstan, or we need to pay attention, as well."Sixty-eight yang failure to the above focus. Fabin gray." Oh Yo Yo
Of Age: he sixty-eight to forty eight of which close to our fifties. Yellow Emperor Qi Bo did not ask any brains, in the fifties and action are bad, and most people do at forty, when nearly 50-year-old problem happen? Yang failure on. Man - the difference between men and women, men are yang, yin woman. Women appear less than yang, the 35-year-old, appeared side beginning coke, hair starts falling, this is normal, because the woman belongs to the negative, she yang already inadequate. It is full of men yang, so the focus of his face, ah, his face is black, last time you said, the kind of hair dry, not too moist that age relatively late, but the 48-year-old, um, male it will air to the face, this time it will be charred face, these phenomena wrinkles.
Liang Dong: This can not be called to face, he is his middle ...... ......
Of Age: enough.
Liang Dong: I would like to ask a question, is not its point of departure in the kidney?
Of Age: the point of departure is not in the kidney.
Liang Dong: Where is it?
Of Age: We learn this woman tell you when it deliberately, and Yangming pulse decline, later called Sanyang veins on the decline. It refers not to the strength of the meridians go, referring to the 12 decent acquired gas. It refers to the yang of our six internal organs, stomach, large intestine, small intestine, bladder, triple burner, gall six. These, the six internal organs of the digestive function is weak, and I said the last time when women also said this problem, so it is weak digestive function later, it did not come face extra strength. In future, we learn Meridian ah, man's face with six meridians, in the face, all the yang meridians are six internal organs meridians, forehead two eyebrows in the middle of the bladder, gall bladder and triple burner eyes are. Nose on both sides of the large intestine, the entire face is covered in foot Yangming stomach, small intestine cheekbones, basically on such a distribution, so the whole face is all covered by six yang, so when you digest function is good, yang foot time, you always Manmianhongguang, or white hair childhood. You can when six internal organs poor digestive function, first manifested is what? This charred face, brown ......
Liang Dong: dull gas.
Of Age: dull gas. We describe it is to say that people do, now come with no face like, ah, his face covered with a look of ash, by conditioning it later, say Chinese medicine treatment, recovery he's such a digestive function. Then future generations, eh face slowly began to turn white, then Yintang began to glisten, which is equal to the yang resumed.
Liang Dong: You can understand this principle of Chinese medicine through after that, from the surface gloss of a person, ah, etc., etc., as his visceral understanding of this function.
Of Age: Chinese say look and smell, look and smell first hope is that we call hope in God, seeing a dozen of God, God did this man of God, and God is still gone, look at the eyes. We say that men and women attract each other, at first sight, it is also a god, is that we say, ah, four head of a right, then there is the kind of mind such as hit a deer; then there is the feeling of electric shock, it is a first touch God then created a gas. The first to hope in God, we hope the whole of this second face, including what you just said this color issue, moist problems, there are some spots it happen, problems, and this is our hope-diagnosis a kung fu.
Liang Dong: I have a technical question to ask you ha, is that the right time to say that young women do, the sight of young men when they like it, wow! Suddenly his face began to fill, technically speaking, this what reason?
Of Age: relented thing.
Liang Dong: Oh, because the eyes see things move the heart, the heart and feedback to the face.
Of Age: Oh, he relented. We say what touches people's hearts is the performance? Blush, heart rate, sweating, and dilated pupils. This look, relented.
Liang Dong: Oh, I've heard of ......
Of Age: There are people that swallow saliva.
Liang Dong: nervous when swallow saliva, ah, criminals are arrested and brought into detained and interrogated a time, is not it? He began to swallow saliva.
Of Age: Oh, it also appeals. The young women looking at you eagerly, dry swallow saliva, you can decide appeals.
Liang Dong: So it is that a long time is not eagerly awaited the results will not?
Of Age: Oh, for ages.
Liang Dong: that is the thing, right?
Of Age: Oh, it is this.
Liang Dong: Oh Yo.
Of Age: Autumn on behalf of that person's eyes.
Liang Dong: Oh, he talked about, this sixty-eight it, sixty-eight 48 years old then, yang failure on, face focus, Fabin gray. Oh, I would like to ask Ha, that is why the corners start Fabin is white, rather than behind nor in front of it?
Of Age: Oh, yes, ah, this is what we say in the distribution of Meridian, who is the head of Du, both sides of the bladder, it is our people's sideburns go triple burner and gall bladder. Triple burner and gall bladder, the gall bladder and triple burner does it Lord, our Lord of the children inside the digestive function, is to change people pork meat that process, the gall bladder and Sanjiao its roots here? We say? Kidney is water, what bile is it?
Liang Dong: hepatobiliary wood thing.
Of Age: wood, aquatic wood, so when the people of the kidney, it essence exhaustion after the first performance of what? Hepatobiliary gas and inadequate. People with the human essence courage size has a direct relationship, know people say fight it, do not fight and Maotouxiaohuo son, and why? These people do not start with the severity of daring greatly, so he knows the severity of the old, you know, eh, what purpose do I have to consider the time, had never been seen kidney has begun to decline a.
Liang Dong: So we often say it say reckless Ha, that it is an adjective, in fact, it is a description of the state word that describes the physiological problems. Wow! Interestingly, a little break after that, come join us in the end you have the guts to try to speculate about how much?
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Liang Dong: State school, continue to share with you the "Yellow Emperor ancient naive theory", it is still the opposite Magnolia medicine Tang Tangzhu of Age teacher. Oh, Xu, we just talked about this young man daring to die, before it does we always felt it was a ...... are talking about every day ......
Of Age: physiological function of the decision, you have to guide him, you take him to a guide in the right direction, otherwise it is easy to trouble.
Liang Dong: It is not translated, that essence foot, so it would gall bladder stomach that it is relatively large, bold time for it, a man is more reckless, more courage like this.
Of Age: The ancient also do some anatomy, for example, when the three of Jiang, Jiang said that courage is more than often ...... his courage and finally dissected ...... finally cut off after just extraordinary. He said some owners do ...... manifested metaphysical kind of thoughts, emotions have his material basis. As I said, gall bladder is Shaoyang, belong to this, uh ...... kidney child, foot essence, courageous people. Also in the future we will talk about it is the main decision guts, eh, a young man went ahead and reckless, rushed to this age, that is courage began to decline after it? Indecision.
Liang Dong: So you see Kazakhstan, engage in entrepreneurial companies rarely have to say four or five years old, from executives out, even if you have money, there is experience, not record industry, he would not have decision power of the Well.
Of Age: In addition there is a triple burner, triple burner yet we all know that it is to take the strength, and this strength from the pubic region, with the essence of his relationship is closer.So from women, the first wrinkles from her where? Eyes, just our triple burner and gall bladder that position. As a man speaking, Fabin gray, spot is our temple, is the triple burner and gall bladder through the line of site. So Su said that early flower hair, he might say is not to the 48-year-old was tortured this, but also from an also ......
Liang Dong: drinking, thinking, writing poetry, right?
Of Age: There is this also a passionate Su wit, so for this reason he issued early flower essence is, after depletion, then what is the cause of the lack of such a gall bladder function. We say Kidney: made for more than blood, then, also said the kidney in the hair, it is the kidney, it is shown that the color of the hair, Chinese people do have to take care of heaven and earth, was the essence of heaven and earth Our hair is black. So who is a kidney foot UFA. Foreigners are other colors, but he went to this age it will happen, appear gray hair problem.
Liang Dong: Some people are born with white hair out is how to do it?
Of Age: Oh, are born with genetic reasons, we say that he is not the kind of person kidney, what is he? Blood heat. Firelight too busy, blood hot ......
Liang Dong: So one ha, young ......
Of Age: I can not say a look at this white hair on a person reason, Chinese medicine is about dialectical, talk about their mutual relationship.
Liang Dong: So I heard that some time ago, said that, the face of people say, ah, that if a young man when, ah, a lot of white hair it, if this person is the boss, it must be violent temperament.
Of Age: Yes, blood heat. Like people like you.
Liang Dong: blood type. I do not irascible temper, ah, our colleagues know, I'm afraid they say, they are never afraid of me ...... Fabin gray, then, spoke of "seventy-eight liver failure, muscle can not move. Tiangui dried, fine small, kidney failure, are extremely compact. "ah, this is how to speak liver failure?
Of Age: it is ...... let's say that the kidney liver and biliary child, his first performance on the organ positive, function recession. Yang was out of children, it is the outside appearance of children, is it? That is, white hair, liver and gall bladder are belong to wood; the liver, including Yin, Yang Shou is also; Yang out, yin so also; so first manifested out of recession, the next step on the performance of this dirty child inside recession. So this age when it is the function of the liver itself a recession, but the liver does, what he is dirty it? We said he was a wood, what wood is? Wood is hair growth is up, so do the five elements there are two pairs (one up) is up two, two is down; the liver, the wood is going up, but also to the Firelight on the go, the fire is inflammation, you that gold is going down, and lungs. There is a kidney also go down.He was originally a balance, but to this age it turned out that a vibrant, enthusiastic liver began to appear that such a decline, the situation of the malaise.
Liang Dong: Oh, the legendary Liver green thing, because the five elements which stresses. That anatomical point of view the liver is green it?
Of Age: gall is green, ah, bile is green thing.
Liang Dong: Yes, that liver do?
Of Age: The liver is the red thing, Tibetan blood thing. We say that the five elements, so, it speaks its corresponding hepatobiliary our body is muscle, this is what we say include muscle tendon, ah ......
Liang Dong: This muscle tendons that it is a rubber band.
Of Age: ah, rubber bands, bones of the ribs, ah. The role of this muscle performance ...... its ribs, we say Wood said right and wrong, that child inside the five elements of wood, which is what the nature of it? Resilient real man is the wind came, I bent down trees, the wind passed, I went straight up. So just follow our flexible ribs are corresponding to a character. So when the force required tendons stretched up, you need to relax when the tendons loose it down. In addition it said he had a liver us the most important function, which is the main dispersion, what is catharsis it? Grooming is open vent, it is with this kind of function is closely related to men and women, for example, women have to be an official holiday, is it? Tibetan hepatic blood to a certain stage after it, suddenly a vent, gate, eh, blood came out. It is the main man in charge of it, a man's penis is his genitals, Chinese medicine has a special term called were reinforced.Fathers were, rib bones. This organ because it does have the same nature with wood, resilient real man ......
Liang Dong: just wood that, huh?
Of Age: Oh, he is required to use it when he was very hard erection, no time for it, it is very soft and very relaxed, so this is the function of the liver, which means that normal liver function, this time for it , to this age do, liver die, so this feature will almost a catharsis.
Liang Dong: so those who have experienced the old man to cure impotence are the first tune liver and kidney again.
Of Age: hey, now people are indiscriminately using traditional Chinese medicine, many drugs used in kidney, ah, I tell you, are reminders Firelight aphrodisiac, had this to say of our impotence, it is a refined leakage too many people have a self-protection, Xie Hui it, do not toss.
Liang Dong: do not toss, ah.
Of Age: right ah, but then, this man have to say, toss it up, eat a lot of aphrodisiacs, which are actually aphrodisiacs reminders blood liver and heart of the fire and let it rise again. This is to accelerate the speed of their own death. So the real old Chinese treatment of impotence is transferred liver, kidney treatment of premature ejaculation is, because it drain, then we have to kidney, liver which mountains we have to adjust. Or have such a person is negative, ah, called Yang Qiang does not fall, he does not go up soft, we have to tone the liver, so things up and get up to cure liver.Meaning that a connection is our bones and muscles of the tendon, the tendon loses elasticity it appears the problem, and we are now a lot of people twist the neck, Gala Gala ring, muscle can not move, there will be some osteoarthritis , a climbing stairs or about stairs, knee pain will not do it. ...... To this age of man he was not that bone wear, it is responsible for connecting the fixed is that our bones tendons, tendon out of the question, which appeared to decline, so the moment I recommend people eat anything it? take a guess.
Liang Dong: point is stewed beef tendons.
Of Age: Oh, tendons.
Liang Dong: Oh, tendons how to do more delicious, it is also relatively good for the body?
Of Age: I found the restaurant to do Hui tendons do particularly well, because of what? Tendons ah, it is the taste, not particularly easy tasty. So to this age group Biexia to kidney, or some ribs ah, we say this tendon, both men and women there is a tendon problem eat tendons, the best food is deer sinew, deer then you see that light , running up so fast, jump a jump so high, what works? Ribs!
Liang Dong: Oh, just two days before it, I told the Xiaoqi Hong teacher, he talked about ......
Of Age: ah, Xiao teacher characters.
Liang Dong: ah, he spoke of dust characters speak, "dust", you said dust dust it, above it is the "deer", ah, sika deer, the following is soil, he said earlier that soil ah, wow , turn it very high, specially deer standing on the floor of this thing will be some, called dust, why you just said, I have to think of it, that is the deer jump high, so it can bomb it the dust up, ooo, ooo to that.
Of Age: roll a ride smoke, running away, or explain people's ribs good, good liver, kidney or upward unwinding good.
Liang Dong: Oh Oh, Oh, say it back, ribs can not move it, is this seventy-eight 56 ​​years old, ah, a very careful, is not muscle can not move there is a problem ah, it is easy to fracture?
Of Age: not.Oh, it has a particularly important role in skeletal muscle it is a fixed position, we are now a lot of people say this man, Well, performance is not outstanding, the work is not prominent, disc herniation. Why disc do? It is actually a cartilage disc, I can tell you this cartilage between the ribs and the cartilage between the bone, what is it? That is fixed our side of the tendon of the lumbar spine, it loses its elasticity, can not adapt to change people's excessive violent or strange in this position, the results of that thing came out, so the muscle can not move it, it hurts ...... it is easy to hurt to the bone. Another problem is the bone of it, we are now a lot of people eat those blind tonic, calcium, I say this with the ground fertilizer lacks distinction, it was ah calcium supplement, put make up too brittle bones. Bones actually very hard, but it lost its elasticity. Results throws, spray children, broke into the original length, which now broke into several cut.
Liang Dong: broke into powder, broke fracture.
Of Age: ah, so this thing does, belongs to us talking about nutrition or food inside from the children do go to restore it, according to their own circumstances, to choose their own food is the best, it is best not to abuse drugs,
Liang Dong: So this is not, you just said that the people of lumbar disc herniation can be appropriately eat more tendons?
Of Age: ah, lumbar disc herniation of people also vary, but I clinical encounter are the first out of the tendon and muscle problems before they hurt to the bone.
Liang Dong: Then it's "Tiangui dried up, less refined, kidney failure, are extremely compact." Ha.Tiangui say this ...... you exhaust it generally refers to menstruation refers to sex hormones thing, right?
Of Age: menstruation to now not yet conclusive ah, yes we gifted a substance in itself or its energy essence metaplasia, promoting the sexual function we maintain our sexual function of such a thing what it ,what. This sentence does, it should be placed according to research for 2188.
Liang Dong: Why put seventy-eight out?
Of Age: It is said that the ancient "Yellow Emperor" It's written on the bamboo slips, which in case of studious people to turn off the leather bars, which fell under a root stick on, that the person they do not know, then pick the wrong one a. So reading it to recognize there is a typo problems, to recognize homophones question is to know there is a simple mistake. He should say it here that seven or eight of the liver, to talk about what is eighty-eight? Finally possession of that fine points, is the kidney. You look at what he said was the kidney.
Liang Dong: Yes, it should be at least eight eight fine, kidney failure.
Of Age: Oh, menstruation exhaust. Finally then, there has been what? To the eighty-eight men ah, sixty-four to this age we talked a life, and had a six decades after it, the number of the person basically sperm survival rate, sperm motility of sperm basically report a paragraph, and since there is no reproductive capability. In front of children, when it said that seven or so a it of this failure, the sperm can not move, and that is not the pavement, or there is a kind of impotence problems we say. To eighty-eight it simply is not even a bullet as well. Or is there in front of a bullet can not be fired, ah, maybe people he passed what modern technology can do artificial insemination pregnancy, ah, to the eighty-eight it, simply make sperm function no. The moment is the task of life come to an end.
Liang Dong: Oh, that in the end there is no possibility to re revitalized it? A little break.
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Liang Dong: Yes, rediscovered, Chinese medicine is so beautiful.I still come back to "the State school." Liang Dong and teachers together of Age in terms of eight years for the menstrual cycle to men. Just talked seventy-eight, 2188. Eighty-eight eighty-eight is 64 years old yet, "sent the tooth, kidney donors main water, fine internal organs of the possession of that, it is capable of containing internal organs diarrhea." What does this mean?
Of Age: We have just talked about, he did not say the first fertility, that is, his sperm problems. Additionally it to this stage, that is, not only is hair loss, dental problems withered, to go up all the time the teeth, a mouth, no teeth, or we are now elderly to age and a mouth full of teeth, hair also out of the very sparse, basically fall out, even if it did not fall also all white.
Liang Dong: Yes, basically brushing experience the feeling of holding in your hand, left a tooth, a hand brush.
Of Age: This is the essence of the body we say, ah, a manifestation of kidney deficiency.
Liang Dong: but he said eighty-eight teeth sent, kidney donors main water, what does this mean ah?Why are mentioned here kidney donors main water?
Of Age: uh, this is the correspondence with the five elements of internal organs we speak, that we correspond to internal organs, the liver corresponds to wood, fire corresponding to heart, ah, gold corresponding to the lung, spleen and it corresponds to the soil, the kidney water.
Liang Dong: Oh, why do not mention in front of a sudden in this word, when speaking to eighty-eight kidney donors main water?
Of Age: This is what those of us that is to maintain growth and development, reproductive function that points to rely on innate essence, the essence of it is that we are talking about is called the birth of the water, it is definitely not the water we drink, the day after tomorrow.
Liang Dong: this thing is an example of Kazakhstan, in my understanding, is like the earth, like the oil, it is not to say, ah, I'm here again a little oil refining to install it, it will not do, is not it? It is there. It is a lot of many, many years, several world dozens century down this accumulation.
Of Age: The water, that is, we are talking about the essence of chemical and biological weapons out of such body fluids into the water instead of drinking, a lot of people say, Oh, I want to drink plenty of water, make up the liquid, I said, I'm sorry, You may fill in all evil, why? If the water does not pass through your digestive conversion if it can not combine with the essence, not a change of your body fluids. Many people drink a belly water, "bang bang" and a feels, did not digest, a lot of people drinking of urine, the results of renal injury. The Kidneys water, ah, we are talking about the color, you just said, the liver - green, we say green, green in ancient includes two colors, one blue, one green, green ah; heart, red, red; The spleen, earth tones, yellow ah; lung white, black kidney. So I ask? This water is what color?
Liang Dong: Yes.
Of Age: Why water is black? You just said that with oil pour water quite like this, black. He said to ask this question, say why we say that water is black water? Ah, water is colorless and transparent, the sea is blue, why do you say the water is black traditional Chinese medicine? This does, we say that the Yellow River water to the sky, we say this ...... say why the Earth has life, it is because the world has an exchange. Why do we say this water black it? Because this water is the water that came down from heaven. We know City Buildings to destroy dark clouds, the cloud is what color?
Liang Dong: black.
Of Age: black, so this cumulonimbus contains a lot of water, it dropped to the ground, the rain of heaven down to earth, the ground water and then into vapor transpiration to heaven, and this time completed a world of communication cycle. With this exchange, was produced on the air of heaven and earth, yin and yang of the exchange, it produced a life. Why is there life on Earth? There is no life on other planets? This is because there is exchange of yin and yang on the planet, so our bodies of water come from?
Liang Dong: coming from the lungs.
Of Age: wrong.
Liang Dong: is not it? Pulmonary not the main drop, descending it?
Of Age: Oh, we are the body of water come from? It must also come from the sky, right? Well who is a product of the world. We are also a small universe, small world. People's water come from? Our water exist where?
Liang Dong: Our day where?
Of Age: Oh, where our day?
Liang Dong: in there?
Of Age: Oh, How about you ask?
Liang Dong: I was ...... Well ...... I think ...... days since the heavens ...... ...... that is not mind it?
Of Age: yes, brains Yeah.
Liang Dong: Oh, really?
Of Age: essence, we often say fine, I'm fine where? I tell you, the fine is your marrow bones thing is that we is your marrow, brain, spinal cord, bone marrow, which is our water.
Liang Dong: That is black?
Of Age: Oh, the process of transformation, that is our body essence transforming into a gas, a liquid conversion process, so it this sentence is for our entire physiological functions of a summary. Why say no fine men to 64 years, and then send the teeth are gone. Because of what? Our original Kidney essence of a lot of this (water), kidney sealed reservoir, now slowly consumed so many years, it leaked out, thus giving rise to such a range of symptoms. The implication of it, if you save water, you would not have these problems.
Liang Dong: And then, uh, this thing, ah, ah you talking about this, I am more worried about our earth. That, you see, Kazakhstan, in fact, this oil ah like the Earth which was about the essence of traditional Chinese medicine.
Of Age: Oh, he had the earth millions of years, hundreds of millions of years to save things down.
Liang Dong: previously save things down, and then, you see the Earth after that ...... you from a mining oil out of it, it becomes global warming. In fact, the so-called global warming the Earth's surface is warming, the Earth below it is actually cold.
Of Age: but empty.
Liang Dong: but empty. So what? Why are there so many natural disasters ah? In fact it just like the human body after it, the essence overstretched, ill people as easily.
Of Age: Really ah, look at coal is black.
Liang Dong: ah.So why Buddhists talk before, ah, I say it is recommended that people with burning coal, said it was something called robbery ash. ...... What you say can not say the ancient people who certainly know coal can be used to burn the thing, right? Well, why the ancient Chinese people less coal it? So called "fine internal organs of the possession of the subject, so the five internal organs Sheng, is able to vent." It is through this false word ha.
Of Age: Oh, pass off, or "xiè" ah. This spoke of the relationship between the organs. We say that is hidden in the dirty, hidden and not vent; is it the mass of internal organs was not hiding. Is a female, a male, but then, to the physiology of this is gradually aging, in fact, it is to say that the essence of the kidney ...... first possession, then possession of each other dirty little fine slowly that have come to use, slow slow consumption. Human life it will gradually terminated.
Liang Dong: So, the main water kidney donors said it, speaking in front of us sometimes fine on the possession of child ......
Of Age: Tibetan tower we there.
Liang Dong: Right.Therefore, it is capable of containing internal organs diarrhea. "Today five internal organs are feeble, bones solution fall, menstruation do carry on, so Fabin white, body weight, line step is not correct, no child ear."
Of Age: Oh, no child ear. This is for ...... for us this ...... Yingxiongmolu, aged beauty of a generalization. This time it appeared to see him a few questions. Is it a line step is not correct, it is not correct line step, we now have a medical diagnosis called cerebellar atrophy, cerebellar atrophy say ...... cerebellum is responsible for this balance, this time it is a brain ...... if we say the essence of consumption too much, or it is the result of a number of abnormal consumption after it, cerebellar atrophy it, this time it will not be able to keep people walking in a line, you can not maintain a balance, and this is a manifestation of a renal failure.
Liang Dong: Oh, So Why Kidneys this bone and brain Yeah, now you say cerebellar atrophy, be sure it is ...... that the reason is very simple matter, it is insufficient kidney, he would not ...... barely Well ʱ??
Of Age: The ancient man, he became aware of this problem.
Liang Dong: Oh, that it comes to this place, reminds me, inside it is not correct to call it line step Kazakhstan, is Xu, so to say that if, in fact, each of us is born is to have a can of gas Well, that is like say a thing.
Of Age: Oh, there is essence.
Liang Dong: ah, there are essence. That there is no way to add it inside?
Of Age: There ah.You eat the food, we eat refined grains it is to be converted into your plant essence, stored.
Liang Dong: That this thing is no difference? But not the same congenital and acquired right?
Of Age: congenital you have, but to give you this transformation ...... ...... We say transformed into the outside of the nutrients into the strength of your fine, you said that the gas tank. That while you eat, you eat rice also.
Liang Dong: what say?
Of Age: Oh, you look at the scenery when you also look at the scenery. That is, we have the food, pork meat transformed adult, the fine grain of transforming into our fat ah, the bone marrow this process is that we triple burner gas consumption, called strength. The more you eat, the more they consume. But people do, he has a physiological peak, before the age of 32 in men, what you are?Conversion of more, consume less. So you're still in the accumulation balance ......
Liang Dong: a good sign.
Of Age: Oh, in the accumulation, long height, long and strong. Over 32 years later you're still eating, still in transformation, but it leak more, make less, this time a man on a downward trend.
Liang Dong: conversion capability is worse? Absorption capacity deteriorates.
Of Age: conversion capacity and absorptive capacity are worse. This conversion capacity is consumed by our innate vitality Sanjiao. So we say that this person ...... Get the lead, still capable of food has? A look at this man can still fight, but also can not live longer, you look at this person's appetite how. If the person appetite ...... eh, I can eat, and what can I eat my meal converted to the uniqueness of this man a hundred years no problem. But that Lian do? He said that the Emperor would have sent study, look at this old generals can not eat? This guy is a traitor, instigated by others, it'll look pretty straightforward to eat, but he added it back, he said he'd eat a lot, but then a dinner, the three left feces, eat a meal on a total effort three toilets. Mean, eat light, not absorbed, the result was useless. Therefore, we must pay attention to our diet, ah, we must ...... this diet while consuming our strength is a major reason. Earlier we said that lust, the sexual act. Here we also talked about it after eating, what a lot of people? Overeating, but do eat a lot of useless things, then, people would have been very good to eat, and already know full, I do not want to eat, but how they do? To add some spice to those stimuli, more salt, MSG pay more, and then start to eat then stimulate appetite. This is the same people who do not eat on sexual aphrodisiac, as go to work the same. This ability to digest human overdraft, so what Taoism opinion is it? People a lifetime to eat meals are a set number of early eating eat, you had finished; eat slowly, too hard to eat, you live longer. That is why we say that essence complementary approach: a Do not let him drain, another from inside our diet as much as possible and efficiently to eat that thing transformed into our essence, to fill our brains and bone marrow. And there in the first place is that we are talking about the fine grain of, but now the people you see ......
Liang Dong: eat meat, do not eat rice!
Of Age: Do not eat staple food. Say what I want to lose weight, I do not eat staple food. okay!Day cucumber, eggplant, tomatoes, then it does not eat meat, do not eat staple food finally does, subtracting subtract, the first injury fine, after trouble, one that is not anorexia depression.
Liang Dong: So you see some young women Kazakhstan, a sit down after that to lose weight in the name, you eat fruit at night, it seems quite healthy.
Of Age: five fruits in order to assist, it is not healthy. You look at them this fruit, ah, we say, analyze, plant ah ...... is it the most essential regardless of plants and animals are the most essential things in it there?
Liang Dong: the seeds children?
Of Age: seed inside children. So you see the mother during pregnancy, the fetus if calcium deficiency, then the mother can tooth, she can go to the children fill decalcification. It is a gift of great sacrifice. Plants, too, and that it is the essence of the fruit place where?
Liang Dong: Fruit is fruit seeds.
Of Age: children ...... it inside the apple inside Apple that nuclear child ......
Liang Dong: grain.
Of Age: eh eh eh. That seed is definitely not out of it that the meat, which the apple flesh, you did so good, so sour, so sweet, so beautiful to see, why? You guys attract animals to eat, after eating, diarrhea, put it this way seed ah eat the stomach, just as fertilizer gives the apple to the growth and development go. So Apple Traditional Soji head is under a frequent "frequency."
Liang Dong: Oh, what say?
Of Age: Why? Frequent diarrhea, which is the world of good fortune. We are still in a good mood in there eating ...... eat apples it is hurt yourself. Also that pears, pears are also dysentery, diarrhea after eating also eat fruit on such a role. Really know how to eat nuts eat hard fruits, nuts, and you see it plants are the most essential things, valuable things wrapped in the hard shell that will not let you eat.
Liang Dong: Whoops Yo, well, today it is fast dripping intoxicated, accidentally it with Xu it has spent an hour chatting eighteen than 28, 38, forty-eight, 5258 sixty-eight seven or eight, 0088 ah. Thank you for listening to today's national school of "ancient naive theory", next week we will be at the same time again. Bye!

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