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Interpretation of Age "Yellow Emperor: Elder naive theory" Lecture 2 Text Version (2012-12-05 16:27:13) Reproduced ▼

Interpretation of Age "Yellow Emperor: Elder naive theory" Lecture Text Version (2012-12-05 16:27:13)  Reproduced
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Interpretation of Age "Yellow Emperor: Elder naive theory" Lecture Text Version
Elder naive theory article Lecture
Speaker: the auspices of Age: Liang Dong
Broadcast time: 2008-12-2023: 00-24: 00
TEXT: food and drink festival, living there often do not make any rash of labor, it can form both with God, and do his later years, a hundred degrees is to go. Otherwise it's people this time, the wine for pulp, to recklessly often drunk in the house, in order to want to exhaust its essence, to dissipate its true, they do not hold full, from time to time Goze, Service fast their heart, reverse in raw music , living free festival, so the fifties and bad also.
Beam: to assist Chinese culture to flourish, Hello everyone my Yang Dong, in front of me is that I respect very much Magnolia Chinese medicine school teacher of Age recruited.
Xu: Liang Dong Well, listeners and friends, Hello, everyone!
Beam: Hello, everyone! We plan, the new discovery of Chinese medicine is so beautiful, ready to use a year's time, a good talk about this book - "Yellow Emperor." At the time of the last show, we probably spent an hour talking about the "Yellow Emperor" first chapter "Elder naive theory," the first three, forty words, why say it can be used one hour? This really is because every word inside the world of the truth inherent in too deep, but talking about this, the world of the truth if I feel a little not right!
Xu: "Road" and "truth" are two concepts, "Road" is invisible, intangible, inexplicable things that need to use your mind to realize it, "reason" is visible , the rationale for meaning, it is a side of jade words, is the ancient jade carving when he wants to rule along the lines of jade jade, jade reveals the lines is the "truth", you follow this rule stubble jade is more effort, This is called science. Therefore, the "Road" and "truth" is not the same.
Liang: So before saying "not carved jade not a device", that talent grinding, you just say you want to polish him, you have to follow his heart and mind polish.
Xu: Yes, you are artificially polished, and his spirit with the natural lines is totally natural, totally natural to you along are you referring to this aspect to polish, you can rule out a good piece of jade, otherwise else It is the natural beauty of things to destroy the (beam: throwaway), that is.
Beam: The last time we talk about ancient naive theory, a few words before it says, "past the Yellow Emperor, born gods, weak and can be made, but many have suggested the young Sarkozy, long Duimin, into the impossible" This is a 24 word, speaking in a very powerful ancient people - the Yellow Emperor's life. Ancient Chinese people are really powerful, 24 characters will be able to put his life finished, back and talked about, one day, asked his teacher, said, "people in ancient times, that is, they then move people, are able to live a hundred "," Spring and Autumn are a hundred degrees, "as if that's when Peng.
Xu: PANG eight hundred.
Beam: eight hundred years, "?? Action is not bad, man this time, the movement of the fifties and those who are bad, when the world will be different people also lost in it." His teacher said, people in ancient times, "the Ancients man, it knows those laws in the yin and yang, and in the number of patients, "the last time our program will just stop here," Law on the yin and yang, and in the number of patients, "and specifically mentioned" Shu Shu "in front of the surgery is the surgical technique, the latter number is the number of counts, the two "Shu Shu" is not the same.
Xu: Of course not the same. This "technique" is simplified and traditional characters is "technique", which refers to technology or to make a living profession we make a living, the last time we talked, "surgery can not be careless," people must be careful choice of occupation, the ancient Chinese choose criterion is to choose this career, not just to make ends meet, but also appropriate for our health, if you choose the profession, the day is at your physical and mental harm, then this "technique" would rather not do it.
Beam: The words made ​​me very touching, in fact, a lot of people working inside are full of anxiety.
Xu: more than just anxiety, some people even full of hatred, fear, anger, all the bad feelings are brought to his work, a generation may end up doing the work, with an injury, or is in the middle on the " halfway "the.
Beam: no more urgent lifetime working.
Xu: no more urgent lifetime work it, so Mencius said, "surgery can not be careless," the phase of the program we have talked about, that is to say, be sure to choose things that make you heart, care for themselves, care for people such work rather than doing those, bows ah, how people want to kill it, in order to work for the music, the other to select a unified body and mind work, the so-called "insincere", this heartfelt happy to say it, hair expression from the heart happy and not out of this kind of work, you still kind of hurt.
Beam: What is your heart like it, but said get out of it?
Xu: That is, you had my heart is happy, but you want to install. For example, I see someone fall, especially want to laugh, but I think you can not laugh, rude or unethical.
Beam: in the end it should laugh or not to laugh it?
Xu: From nature is concerned, you should not laugh, when you "see the person beneath, if it has obtained" and saw some unfortunate people, feel that they have a happy time, that you belongs to a negative negative state, you have a kind of things need to express hatred chill out, just to give you an opportunity to express, you put it to show it will be finished, that you own is not normal, you should have a way of expression should not be suppressed, it is Like root Zidane, Zidane was scolded so vicious words, cursing his sister or his mother, he chose a knocked him, go get a red card from the physical and psychological terms, he did not suffer any damage, he tit for tat revenge, he psychologically stuck, but from the level of consciousness, he was punished, suffered a red card, the French team also lost the World Cup, but in other words, you hold it this gas to play, may you finally got the World Cup, but also with everyone in that cheer, but inside your heart sad, because you scolded tone that did not come out, so how you choose to watch, it also depends on the time, place and occasion, say back to our chosen profession Ancient said, if you choose a number in contradiction with their inner conflict occupation, these are the most vile occupation, do not recommend people to choose.
Beam: What options in ancient China it?
Xu: Ancient put this ghost (Actor), prostitutes put under abysmal, of the lowest career, he is not the person's income to balance given.
The abysmal: emperors, saints, hermits, child fairy, scholars, warriors, farmers, workers, business.
The abysmal: give the child, doctors, Xiangming, Dan (Maihua people), scholar, poetry, monk, said, Nigeria.
Under abysmal: adviser, Ya poor, ascending scales (scales hand), matchmaker, pawns, when the demon (abduction and witch), stealing, burglary, prostitution.
Beam: emphasize, this is the ancient Chinese.
Xu: not our prejudices now, in addition, it also shows a problem for us that this community Kingdoms these stars, actors, it should be noted that their heart health, have seen many of these heroic deeds, he is an actor his father died, he also performed this evening, he came home to his father knock the head, then forced a smile gave you to do performances, as ethics is concerned, is very good, this in order to deserve respect, but as a doctor's point of view heart made ​​a lot of damage, the heart is very painful, but he has to pretend to be cheerful, which for him is a lot of damage, it will do the next time such a kind of disease, we see a lot of comedians to We brought joy, but he himself is severe depression patients are at all times, foreign Mr Bean, Stephen Chow, Hong Kong jumped Leslie, these are for everyone to bring a lot of joy, laughter actor, but it is such a serious heart disease.
Liang: So, if an actor he does not know there is such a conflict when he is not of the letter, if he knew, still do it, in addition to respect it, I give them care.
Xu: give them love, helping them to adjust. See a lot of very good actor, he later into play, a very long time to get out, then near this magic disease, madness state. Han Tati shot when Mr. Jiao Huang, is a good time to enter that state get out.
Beam: had that speech, "Lin" of Chen Xiaoxu, the most typical, and later life did not come out.
Xu: But some think that he sought, and he thought he was a success, so death does not matter, but the Taoist view is that life is the most precious and irreplaceable, nothing is more important than life, if you think I played a "Lin" on the expressive "Lin" speech to express the kind of state, and at the expense of his own life, that is your question of values.
Liang: We have just spent eight minutes, simply speaking of the "art" is the word. Xu was really interesting to chat with you, using 8,9 minutes can say a word, so let us rediscover, every word, every day use, so familiar words, actually implies so many things we do not know let me feel so ignorant, so people humility arises, you finally know, I thought I knew a lot of things, but it is still very ignorant.
Xu: Yes, I have often said, we are now Chinese people a common problem, called literate illiterate, this word recognize it? Know, what does that mean? do not know.
Liang: We say that ancient man because he "and in the number of patients", so live longer, in front of "art" is their career, do not do their own thing against the heart, I suitable for this thing, I do on the way , unlike people now, in order for the house, evil mortgage system, some people say, we do not fully agree with and support, it is to supply the house, sometimes forced to choose their own are not very fond of the work of perverting yourself. "And the number of patients in" and a "number."
Xu: in front of a word called "Law on the yin and yang", "yin and yang" We talked about a visible change in seasons is the yin and yang, yin and yang is diurnal variation, you follow it to adjust their schedule, sunrise sundown, Chunsheng夏长秋income DongCang, which are in accordance with the yin and yang, but intangible or some you can not imagine the ancients told you invisible, digital and there was yin and yang, you go along it, 13579 odd yang, 24680 even be overcast, so choosing your day, choose the hour and choose their lucky number can go to adjust the yin and yang.
Liang: For example, I am a positive person, yang more adequate, it should be positive numbers to conform to select yourself? Or choose a female figure to subsidize their own?
Xu: It points you to do, if it is daylight, you're going to struggle, to work, to fight, it should choose the number of Yang, to pouring oil on the fire, boosters, but in the evening, and the rest , and the closing Tibet, or when the environment is not good outside, air knife biting frost, I am prepared to look at convergence, then you should choose a female figure, so I decided to you to do.
Liang: So it should be working the phone: 13913913913, Hugh
13 billion.
Beam: that came back and said the reason why the ancient people live longer, there is a reason, "food and drink with restraint." Food is food, drink that is beverages, drink plenty of water.
Xu: We often say that diet, these words mean, eat, drink, drink which includes tea, drinking water as well as ordinary festival, festival What does it mean?
Beam: section is meant to control it, or the meaning of rhythm.
Xu: section is meant is that people encounter delicious, delicious things, from the bottom of a natural instinct of property, he kept eating, (Liang: eat too much more to get) non-stop drinking This is a biological instinct, instinct is a natural thing, it was bickering with Chinese medicine said, you are not in harmony with nature you can eat, but the food is likely to be that indulgence, is indulge your desire, as if met Like beauty, it is instinctive want, but would like to, this desire if not controlled, it can only say, drink drink dead, fed Cheng Si, so there is a Taoist theory of traditional Chinese medicine, he called "take in", it does not advocate indulgence nor repression advocate abstinence, it is in the middle of the election in a called "abstinence", the festival is moderate or rhythmic meaning, so eat and drink must pay attention to moderation and rhythm.
Beam: children can not quantify it this way!
Xu: can not quantify, you have according to this person, the individual is different, for example, water issues, we are now many scientists advocate a day to drink more water, you see on television or on the radio, a sick person , tell you to drink more water, a cold will tell you to drink more water, drink plenty of water to drink such an outcome would inflict a lot of damage, more than anything, have had a problem, so the Taoist One theory is called, was no good and evil, not anything good or bad, too, compared with disaster, after then the amount, more than your ability to resolve later, it will cause a disaster.
Liang: one day in the end that the person to drink too much water?
Xu: This means that your body is smarter than your consciousness, we now say that you drink and then drink it late, I say no, it is the patient, the health of the people know when he drank, what when to eat, so the Diet to emphasize that there are several issues, one is, is not to eat on time, the other is not to drink more water, I will give you emphasize, referring to the time to eat healthy people, healthy people The clock and the world are synchronized, so that he would in the morning 7:00 to 9:00, when we called the stomach, the stomach in season, he will feel hungry, I feel hunger, famine and hunger are not kind, hunger is Gastrointestinal empty, hungry is a feeling heart, I want to eat something, so normal in the morning and 7:00 to 9:00 at the moment will feel hungry, so fails to delicious breakfast, noon and noon, she went to Heart Sutra in season, he will also feel hungry, he will eat lunch, to the 19 o'clock to 9 snack pack when in season, he will feel hungry, this is healthy, so healthy people eat by point. Then the sub-health or unhealthy people, there will be a problem, for example, we say to eat breakfast, do not eat breakfast harmful to health, do not eat breakfast quest for gallstones, a lot of this and that, no one said, ask that person, 7:00 to 9:00 in the morning when you are hungry not hungry, you are hungry, eat a lot of people last night stays, or sleep late in the morning up a burping, yesterday's meal can taste smell, the whole stomach is swelling, and a brushing will live retching, dry hiccup person, this proves his gastrointestinal still full to the brim, and the moment gave breakfast came, but also eggs, milk a lot of hard chill digest things, you eat breakfast this moment, it is equal to eating poison, so this Diet, it must adapt to a world clock, change the world, and the other to keep your body clock changes, so to observe the extent of their own hunger, And this abstinence performance in what? We usually say to eat 7-8 minutes full, excellent people than animals can evolve a major cause, approaching the top, approaching extreme when he brakes, he did not go that extreme, I do not say to the throat stays why should eat 7-8 minutes to eat, our stomach muscle itself, he is flexible, you're young, good elasticity, how much you plug something, he will soon be able to give you digest, ranked loose , after the big age, this gas is weak, or that elastic reduced, you instantaneously into so many things, he is not creeping up, like a ball, he would no flexibility, and this time people there will be insufficient motility, eating something indigestible, Beijing, then called "diaphragm should" is in the heart of Livorno something like plugging a Xiabu Qu, also describe the ancient pine called, is the old feel heart block in panic.
Beam: Previously called "cup of wine with others, pouring his heart pine."
Xu: So this "indignation" how can we make a good point temporarily, is to drink, drink, or use some spicy stuff, or is eating some spicy food, we often say that eating some spicy food can with rice, which is able to promote digest, but this is temporary, so "there is food and drink festival," Yellow Emperor talking about these people is their appetite including water is rhythmic, controlled, this rhythm is also reflected in, for example eating, Many people eat wolf, his mouth still chewing, you went to take their food, these people are relatively strong desire Firelight more prosperous people, a meal in itself fast.
Liang: This is usually what disease?
Xu: these people belongs to a Restless, heart Huo, excessive desire, serious people who called horny, Firelight too busy, where "there is food and drink festival", then a simple four word which contains a lot of sense, in addition to said drinking water problem, water is thirsty people speak the ancient drink.
Beam: now the idea can be really different.
Xu: Now is not thirsty you have irrigation, and irrigation 8 glasses of water a day.
Beam: And is not the same cup.
Xu: filling these people, touched belly bang bang, the whole is the sound of water, and some people still keep the urine on the toilet, and that I do detox, in fact, so drinking very hurt kidney, severe to wait any longer urine, on the kidney, I treat a cough and some people came out of urine, irrigation still there, there are people that long face water spots, that is plenty of water, the water is something chill, do not think the water is good, world there is no good or bad, more bad thing, I spent hours in the countryside, when looking at those big mule, Malaysia cattle dry day living, are a sweat, and then went to drink animals, livestock drinking water is from playing up the cold water wells, particularly special cool, pour the water in the water the horses inside that manger, farmers who do not go directly from the horse to drink water, sprinkle water forage, grass deposited on the surface of the water, the horse's nose and mouth long together, a water, the grass choked nose in the air, he would have to make a drink of water nose ring, the grass is ejected to go, so to force it, food and drink festival, to make it one, so a drink, so drink plenty of water the next day not sick animals, if you do not sprinkle the grass, that animals and people, after a day of live, it also drink, not thirsty, drink it, the next day it got sick animals , people say explode, that is a hot plus a cold, animals can not stand, and now animals are affected by the things people every day in the dry.
Beam: And now people are playing in the future, the cold beer, iced certain beverages, young pound, pound, even the farmers are aware of things, our advertising people do not understand.
Xu: So many have allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma, a lot of kids had the disease, in fact, not so food and drink festival, no rhythm, no control, so drink out of, "Yellow Emperor" We will be mentioned later inside saying called, cold lead cold is cold lungs, your body is cold, the drink is always cold, cold is 0 or almost 0 degrees, throat into the stomach, in the stomach depends on your warming gas to its temperature Down to with people body as it consumes your energy, and we say the body which hurt to get a hot water bottle cover a cover, it was a hot water bottle, you install a stomach cold, it was a cold bag, and in it iced, lung absolutely by No, the heart and lungs can not stand, so such a drink, I think a lot of people sick, the little things are so casual get out, but you may want to accompany him for life, a lot of Chinese people in general to the United States are generally two to three years, they begin to get hay fever, it is because there is no water to drink to the United States, with the United States, like ice water, drinking drinking three years later put his stomach completely ruined.
Beam: Why Americans, people drink so much cold water no thing?
Xu: Americans will be very Duo Qiqi strange disease, Americans are odd fat fat, you go to the restaurant to which the United States sit, the waiter first give you a big glass of ice water, a glass of water the whole above the ice, and why?
Beam: Because they like to drink.
Xu: American society is all business practices, a cup of ice water before you eat, what you feel, ice cold, and cool, cool, later injured athletes, we use ice, what it feels like after ice?
Beam: did not feel.
Xu: I did not feel it on pain, pain, swelling did not feel, so the time to come in for dinner glass of ice water, while you eat any of how much you eat, how you eat a lot of support did not feel the same.
Beam: And this thing do you also feel the general.
Xu: You do not think, and then these people eat into this odd fat, we generally eat 7-8 minutes full, playing a strategy, knowing full, do not eat, but you drink a glass of cold water in the future it did not feel, so this boss make money, they make money the.
Beam: Like you this mouth seems to have a conspiracy theory yet.
Xu: that conspiracy theory.
Liang: Do you live in the United States before.
Xu: In the United States spent less than two years.
Beam: You have personally observed, unlike some people, belonging to a type of standing on the sidelines, in the field have seen.
Xu: I was seen at the scene, another feature of the United States, the United States of meat, vegetables did not taste.
Beam: Why?
Xu: Because he is all out of industrial production, there is no smell, so I was in that most painful to eat pork, you look like pork and fried pork did not taste, celery so rough, then do it there is no smell of celery ʱ??
Beam: As traditionally said that a long vegetables like pork, very strange, in fact, is not known as pork flavored pork.
Xu: Traditional This evaluation is called, tangible airless, have that type, there are those individuals, but not inside the gas, did not that energy.
Liang: We just spent 8 minutes, about the words "food and drink with restraint," to eat only sparingly, but also a rhythm.
Xu: In addition, we had a drink just said, this "drink" also includes tea, drinking, drinking and more have to say there are sections, because a moment to say about the "Yellow Emperor" talk a lot of people get sick is called "drunk in the room" , drunk, riding Jiujin then went into the room to have sex.
Beam: love to do.
Xu: That love to do, which is inside the food and drink no section shown, many people greedy wine, nothing to raise wine, and then a drink, the more, one more drunk.
Liang: a drunk does not pay.
Xu: a drunk does not pay, but also guilty of something, which also belongs to no food and drink festival, said additional tea, a lot of people say that drinking tea can be anti-cancer, anti-cancer green tea can, but do not know their own constitution, tea is also cold and heat points, you own body heat, you then drink hot tea, or you go to your Constitution cold drink herbal tea, so your body will collapse, while drinking a cup of tea every day, a lot of people sick, so these things They are learning.
Liang: So that there is no right or wrong, inappropriate not right.
Xu: We talk about the right, a lot of people say you give me a good medicine, told me, I said I know your medicine, but I do not know is not good medicine, because I do not know you, like you called a good fit, then Your inappropriate is bad for you, so "there is food and drink festival" is the most common thing in life, and every day to hit things, this problem is not resolved, the results will get sick.
Beam: Yellow Emperor stresses "food and drink with restraint" is very important, and the other one called "living there often," I think this young man is right now, especially should talk about. "Normal" mean?
Xu: "often" it is a constant change things, we are talking about and it is unchanged, and that it changes seems to be contradictory, in fact, no contradiction, "there is often" antonym called "impermanence", we died Asking "impermanence", people live should be "there often," should have fixed patterns of life living, why be fixed, because of changes in the world of yin and yang of a fixed rule, for example, a regular day and night, winter December 22 day on the winter solstice, the winter solstice is the shorter days and longer, this time people should be more sleep, "Yellow Emperor", said the night lying up late, go to bed early evening, it will be daylight, when the sun is not that you do not toss, the more you sleep, and then the three other Japanese you come out, you are your variation is follow the sun, but if in special chill (cold heavy), you regardless of your body, and then went to winter training Sanjiu, ran out jogging, to exercise, under the foundation if the body is also good case, you can get to the bar, if you have health problems, many people will be in the winter solstice this day happen myocardial infarction, sudden death, so said people should "living there often", the "normal" means that there are rules, but not to say that I have every day from 6:00 to sleep and a few winter, you should sleep a few points since spring you should Some sleep Some onwards, it is a law, and this law is in line with people's circadian variation and seasons, if you want to conform to this rule, Congratulations, you have luck, we often say, I wish you good luck, wish Do you have good luck, it brings you luck Who? The luck is in the process of transportation of the world there is a rhythm, there is a law, you follow him, you're in luck if you carry him, you bad luck, and out of luck, but we now see a lot of people are day and night reversed. We say spring green, summer long, which was in line with world changes to converge some of the fall, to winter cat in winter, and it closed Tibet, and this is called lucky, I go the world of transportation, winter training Sanjiu summer training dog day summer training dog day can also be appreciated in the summer open sweating, it does not matter, in the summer of blowing air is bad luck.
Liang: If you are in South Asia, there is no winter, then how should we do?
Xu: but it has dry and rainy seasons, it also changes of yin and yang, such as Guangzhou is no winter, of course, no winter he will lack a closed Tibet, he was always an open vent state, these people Yin-chun, Yin Ye loss is relatively large, need to be supplemented, so Guangzhou, Hong Kong people in the soup, every day, yin, if you do not nourish the yin, and that this man can not stand, the energy to keep up, and a lot of long-lived people, are partial cold place (Liang: Xinjiang that area), is the cold side of the Caucasus where the band, he has a close convergence of stage favorites, like animals it has a hibernation, in Equator is manifested One is precocious, another is premature.
Liang: So, like India, why Sakyamuni so long ago realized that the "empty", "destroy" such a feeling, probably with that place is too hot, and soon burst out of life, then faster on See this debilitating life.
Xu: In addition, they managed a monk called monks, nuns, monks in Buddhist mean乞士, meaning beggar, tropical countries there is a feature that is rich, does not require any work, to which the old long stuff, hungry.
Beam: insert chopsticks can grow emergence.
Xu: as we have this place (Beijing), a bit of drought coupled with the cold, you need a little work, but also the world of good fortune, not the same. I particularly like eating in Guangzhou, Guangzhou, eat tired one day, to see there is a "Tan head," I eat when in Sichuan, "Tan head," particularly tasty, want a change of taste to eat Tanyutou results After the day of throat swollen, so side soil support people, Guangzhou is the place to drink herbal tea, eat Tanyutou will not work, too hot.
Liang: We still talk back, called living there often. "Constant" is a regular change of change, constant change.
Xu: There are rules, but this rule is with the change of seasons, you can get up early in the spring, summer can sleep less at night, you can stay up late to get up early, to fall to about convergence, the winter is simply to stay up late evening, sleep late.
Liang: They say the reason why some elderly people live longer, the autumn after watching the news every night pod went to sleep, sleep until the sun came out the next morning.
Xu: Yes, the elderly, to a certain age, sleep less.
Beam: if not sleep, then how should we do?
Xu: sleep to find a doctor to recuperate, just like a car with no brakes and only refuel, and sleep is bad brakes, brake the car.
Beam: It is very dangerous way.
Xu: very dangerous.
Liang: "Yellow Emperor" who speaks to health, it is necessary "living there often do not make any rash of labor," "do not make any rash of labor" is not casual work and labor, can say it?
Xu: preliminary understanding can "jump" meaning of the word is dead in the hands of a woman called "absurd" and "Being labor" we control this "labor" is called anti-labor.
Liang: "Work" also refers not only is labor, "do not make any rash of labor" and "labor" refers to the meaning of the anti-labor.
Xu: First, there is not much heart desires, "as" after talking about the five organs of Chinese medicine, kidney donors, to make official the strong, the clever trick out of Yan, that is the kidney itself essence, of a fine and reproductive function organ, so we often say that a human nature is poor, poor reproductive function that this person is a kidney, refers to the essence of a problem, "do not make any rash of labor," he tells of a desire, an excessive or too much sex The work, which is good health a very important point.
Beam: then "it can form both with God," "food and drink festival, living there often do not make any rash of labor", it is possible to "shape both with God."
Xu: a hundred degrees is to go.
Beam: I actually have a little bit worried, why in the four or five thousand years ago, the Yellow Emperor at that time people live less than 100 years old, less than half the age of 50 died, the average life expectancy may be less than 30 years old, and why In an earlier time than it really has a "hundred degrees is to go" in a era?
Xu: Yes, not to mention the past, but now they have, just not everyone can do it, first, longevity, and the other is that we want to "health", health and longevity is not the same, not necessarily unhealthy longevity a lot of people, "Yao Guanzi" pathogenesis YY and live it, a lot of people are very healthy, but also ability and energy, and finally died suddenly, quality and quantity of the middle it should have a balance, he said, "form both with God" often say that they can look at a painting or a work, saying this picture shape, or that the painting bore a striking resemblance, or actors acting "Vivid", so the Chinese people judge a person's standard of life and death, unlike Western medicine as Western medicine is Look heartbeat, no rhythm, no breathing, the man died, and later developed that found some dead back to life, although not breathing, no heartbeat, but his mind did not die, so now determine a dead did not die called brain death, people can judge the standard of TCM death, this man did not God, and he died, and what does it mean, this could still eat, drink, be able to sit, but he was already dead, we control it kinds of people called the vote "a zombie", the person's soul has left his body, and for our bodies, but our soul is sojourn "small inn," if you wait your whole life in this God, serve the Well, let him happy, let him pleasure, protection of God is good, that he spend a few days, if the wait is not good, he will go away, it will live very painful, and even some people will suicide, self-mutilation, suicide, self-mutilation is the reason God did not want to stay here, and he was gone, so live life on Guzhi Ren, is shaped both with God, His Body and soul get along very well, it will not be like Now people like this, when the pain of not dying, euthanasia insisted the job, they had to hospice, called predictable time, die a natural death, the end of one cycle, complete my mission talent, do their later years, and then himself wash clean, not a few days ago we began to eat, then went away very peacefully.
Liang: This is part of karma man. Yes, we took 8,9 minutes to share with you what "not to make any rash of labor, it can form both with God, and make the end of their natural life span."
Xu: form both with God, a hundred degrees is to go to too few people. Now tell you later years, what is old age, talent live your life, how long, as far as you know.
Beam: Recently Huangdi see that seems to be 120 years old.
Xu: Yes, we have often said, I wish you a long life, longevity, there is a specific meaning of the ancient 60-year-old one cycle, called life, that you are born in certain years, then returned this year, live 60 Spring, called one cycle, called life, so we 60th birthday, 60 is a life, died before the age of 60 have died.
Beam: I thought 2,30 or 10 years old when called prematurely.
Xu: I thought did a full die prematurely called, in fact, no more than 60 years old die prematurely called, are very unfortunate, and Yao is the opposite of life, that life after 60 years, then do their later years, the so-called day years, old age is two six decades, is 120 years old, so 60-year-old called life, 80-year-old called in life, according to the North, if 80-year-old man who lived after the death, and that the grandchildren have reddish, called hi funeral, that is, that the elderly, in this life not lived, lived to the life, and then to a hundred called longevity to 120 years old called to do their later years, that is, God give you a set of programs that let you live so long, below set out, why do not they live so long, but the ancient people can make the end of their natural life span, spring twice two six decades.
Beam: two six decades, a few hundred degrees is to go.
Xu: And in the middle of this a few hundred, not a disease all weaken, but the action is not bad, and can make their later years, and if you lie in bed, lose the fluid, stuck breathing tube, that is "walking corpses."
Beam: it is really Fearless, "sleeping a hundred years," the.
Xu: that is, there is life, but no matter.
Liang: "a hundred degrees is to go", so "people this time of" praise finish before people began to criticize the modern man, "the people of this time or also to wine as pulp" what say?
Xu: "In wine as pulp", "pulp" is an ancient water, just like drinking water, and now people drink beer or wine really just like to drink water, a lot of people nicknamed "sewer", for in the previous section said, "there is food and drink festival", so how can there be temperance drink it, no control, no control, so that he died of causes wine to pulp.
Liang: "In recklessly often."
Xu: I just said, death in women, "jump" and later expanded into many unrealistic a false illusion, one day, my old mother told me much needed, and now people "want Multi. "
Beam: interesting.
Xu: This want is to be surrounded by propaganda, comparisons with others, being stirred up the kind of false fire, that is wishful thinking, you have delusions is not terrible, terrible delusion as you put this supposed to be like this, as you want to pursue things, as a normal thing that is not normal when the normal.
Beam: to recklessly often, is to not normal when normal.
Xu: I have not thought of.
Liang: "drunk with the room," I think this sentence is the most exciting of the entire sentence inside.
Xu: "drunk in the room" is mean, like drinking the same water, then took advantage of the wine world and love to go, is the first drink, then have sex, but what the problem is that it, in this case, equal to is open in case there is no perception of the loss of your faucet essence, this press TCM theory, the greatest harm to the human body, and in this case swells out of children all stay, silly, crazy, Nie, not only is our Now, now science developed, discovered by Tao Tao Yuanming and Li Bai's sons are staying, silly, crazy, Nie mentally retarded, and Tao Yuanming summarize, my children how stupid it, I do wicked things, and he later concluded that Gein cup mistakenly drink, both of them love to drink, so we now have realized very young, and his wife plan to be pregnant, the first three months or six months starting smoking and drinking, this is right, this It is entirely correct.
Liang: So "drunk with the room" behind implies a great truth, if you think this one would be more happy if, in fact, the next time you come more unpleasant as the cost of overdraft, the typical overdraft.
Xu: and this is the lifelong unpleasant as the cost, because back then he speaks, "to want to exhaust its essence, to dissipate its true"
Liang: how to say this sentence, "In want to exhaust its essence, to dissipate its true."
Xu: this would be very excited, but the result is to bring you the uniqueness of the material basis of the "fine" to overdraft bare essence, and that essence I always say, practice refined gas, The strength of the fundamental, no essence, you are infuriating, that is, we say it dissipated strength, I said, after drinking wine, feeling gas scattered, so the following sentence called, "to dissipate its true", the strength to consume the bulk.
Beam: Then, Yellow Emperor said, "I do not know who is full, from time to time Goze" and what is called "I do not know who is full."
Xu: We started saying, "Dunmin" when to say, from the virtual, full of Hom, Hom kidney, so "full support" is the preservation of our essence, kidney like a container, he wrapped up all our essence, semen.
Beam: that "from time to time Goze" it.
Xu: This is the change we just talked about the four seasons, day and night, the sky god, he has a change of law, the human body was God, called Heaven, is the God of gods followed the rhythm to go, the "go" is time is 24 hours change it regularly, the seasons change regularly, if you bring it to press time, change the hour, so that the world synchronization, you will very provincial effort, called "From time to time Goze" If you time Goze you very provincial effort, if you do not press this hour to go, do not follow this season to go, then you will live very tired, a lot of people say that I work during the day and sleep at night, you can die, but you consume energy big, just like the launch of Sputnik, like, you have to follow the direction of the Earth's rotation to launch, you save fuel, you say I am not a closure of the hair, then you bring hundreds of tons of fuel, called from time to time Goze ʱ??
Beam: The following is a "Service fast their heart."
Xu: "Service fast their heart", is now a popular word called, play is the heart.
Liang: Yes, this is Wang Shuo said.
Xu: Now a lot of sick people is the pursuit of what is to stimulate, what makes me excited about what I am tempted to make, what makes me move of God, the results of this pursuit, in fact indulgence.
Beam: nothing to jump pole Yeah, what's that make a gun that way.
Xu: In this inviting, dynamic process of God, just said or in the consumption of your essence, there is a method, not the pursuit of rapid heartbeat, still can happily, is what we say in a very quiet, meditation, Zhan Zhuang, Zen Under the circumstances, the kind of feeling of enlightenment, many people do not calm down, so only by drug use, works fast their heart, by drinking, works fast their heart.
Liang: So, you see some people in that meditation, Zen Yeah.
Xu: people beauty go again.
Beam: Then also sweating yourself happy yet, more environmentally-friendly a pleasant, nor torment others, and he is very happy, but also does not cause someone else jealous.
Xu: And is the best "energy saving" section of your own essence.
Beam: energy conservation, not so high carbon payment amount.
Xu: Yes, no.
Liang: so we spent a little time today, spoke of "from time to time Goze, Service fast their heart," said that some people do not know their own God and nursed back to health the same rhythm between heaven and earth (Xu: synchronous), is the pursuit simple, happy horse, in fact in the long run, there is hurt, so called "reverse on the raw music."
Xu: He is not in our this regimen.
Liang: Yes, reverse in raw music.
Xu: We talk about harmony with nature, you do not come and closure.
Liang: Yes, "no living section, so the fifties and bad also."
Xu: This is the modern, we can pigeon-holing, ancient man also part of this, I guess the Guzhi Ren also have "Service fast their hearts, drunk with the room," the man, Chairman Mao said, a person can the separation of the left, middle and right. Any age, any inside the crowd, he had a healthy and long life of the people, there are some health and longevity of people do not, there are those who do not longevity that is unhealthy, any time, we educate people now, I tell you, people are able to live 120 years, but this 120-year-old is not boring, there's a way that, they can smoke, but also drink, but also to meet the sexual desire, but may also be health and longevity, which is the Taoist tell you.
Beam: this thing to us and then find a time, and then slowly and everyone to share.
Xu: Taoist diet, men and women have a deep research, but also tell ordinary people, we are human beings, not the pursuit of something so otherworldly, we as ordinary people is concerned, can ever very happy, but also very healthy.

Beam: can live up to 120 years old, Dear listeners, we rediscover the traditional Chinese medicine today is so beautiful, and everyone will work together to share the "Yellow Emperor" Huang Di Nei Jing first chapter called Elder naive theory, this one is actually quite long, with our This argument, estimate how have a two months. But I think that this is the joy of reading, and to share: the first, the Yellow Emperor how he through life, before very smart young man, "born of the gods" and later "long and Dunmin, into and the impossible ", and then talked about before the ancient Chinese people, is in a book before the Yellow Emperor older people, it is to understand a person can live at least 120 years old, as long as you follow a few simple rules, for example," do not In recklessly often "and" not make any rash of labor, "All in all, I think why," the book house of gold, a beautiful woman in the book, "Why the ancient books, reading is so pleasant, modern books, reading Why so sad, I think the main reason is that many people have never seriously pondering, one or two simple words which implied huge life lessons and great spirit to enjoy a pleasant, good, very everyone listening today to rediscover the beauty of Chinese medicine too Before Elder naive theory Huangdi of fifty words, we see the next issue.

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