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Interpretation of Age "Yellow Emperor: Elder naive theory" talk fifth text version
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Category: State school
Elder naive theory sermon fifth
Speaker: the auspices of Age: Liang Dong
Broadcast time: 2008-12-2723: 00-24: 00
TEXT: appetite is not the labor of their eyes, immorality is not confused their hearts, Xianbu Xiao Yu Zhi, fear in the matter, so close to the road. So can all of a hundred years is not bad and the action by its Dequan not risk too.
Liang Dong: a rediscovery of traditional Chinese medicine is so beautiful. Hello everyone! Welcome to the school of the country tonight, "Yellow Emperor" of the "ancient naive theory" in the second paragraph, third paragraph. Still we are specialized in opposite my reverence "Yellow Emperor", and interesting special can "Yellow Emperor" speak clearly of Age Magnolia medicine Tangtang Zhu teacher, Xu good! Of Age: Liang Dong good! Listeners and friends Hello, everyone! Liang Dong: In the past period of time in it, we talk almost every week with "ancient naive theory" twenty or thirty words, remember when it last week, we talked about the "ancient naive theory" the second paragraph talk The "any of their clothes, their folk music, not compete with Mu, its people twenty years before the Park." Saying it is really comfortable people do, is the beauty of its food, its music vulgar. What say it? Xu give you a little refresher.
Of Age: Oh, the first sentence is to achieve an ideal state of health called the United States and its food, eat, eat well and eat beautiful, and then what you want to wear comfortable wearing last spoke clothes underwear, why is lingerie it because it is the month the word side, on ancient coinage it was unfortunate shorthand, so you like us to write liver and kidney ah ah ah stomach it all with a month word edge. That month the moon is not meat, so it suits clothes words it has a meat side, is close to the meat called clothes to wear clothes that are not tight-fitting clothes called the outside, separated by a layer of.
Liang Dong: Right, so like the last time we have mentioned, like the Superman Now, to wear underwear on the outside is not typical of any of their clothes.
Of Age: dissatisfied.
Liang Dong: refuses to accept. Oh, what we want to say that today the topic yet. "Appetite can not labor of their eyes, immorality is not confused his heart." That is a man who wants to keep it healthy, appetite is not the labor of their purpose, I would like to ask Xu teacher, what is called the appetite is not the labor of their head it?
Of Age: ah, this sentence is our "ancient naive theory," a summary of the first paragraph, then the head of this sentence is the Yellow Emperor asked Qi Bo said that I smelled in the Guzhi Ren Spring and Autumn are a hundred degrees, but now people do less than five years, and then action are bad, that is, according to this statement Qibo, so a student asked, leads to a large section of his discourse, the final sentence is used as a summary. We saw what he asked Qi Bo Huangdi concerned only one, one life is short, that is, fifties, in addition, he saw the body of functional decline, movements are bad, but the teacher in the Yellow Emperor - called Fearless Qibo answer it later He not only answered the questions life, and that is to put forward the concept called do their later years, a hundred twenty years old, he also emphasized the point, say people want to live a happy pleasure, so he referred to is called "all from its desire, who obtain wished. "That is, he is not only concerned about the amount of life issues, he is also concerned that the quality of life, that you live a hundred and twenty years old, if you can not live your desire to meet , his wish could not be achieved.
Liang Dong: always very depressed, very distorted.
Of Age: Yeah, so it will make people live to what extent? Is in deep sorrow, living as good as dead, so we see some countries in the statistical life expectancy of their country when that average life expectancy in our country almost eighty years old, and live very long, but then, while another said statistics the suicide rate in this country is also the world's first.
Liang Dong: You say that the Japanese, right?
Of Age: I did not mention. Ha ha. This is a combination of two data see it, this country is the world's longest and most painful to live country, so alive that what does that mean? So concludes a, we say that people should have to pay close attention to the psychological enjoyment, so do besides eat and drink best, but also the beauty of its food, any of its service, its folk music and, finally, eliminate rivalries this kind of psychological imbalance caused by jealousy, called Mu compete not with its people twenty years before the Park, we want to pursue this simple, simple, natural life.
Liang Dong: ah, this is the topic of the week, a summary of our little ha. Advertising trailers ...... subtitle from "Yi Jian life network" production ......
Liang Dong: Continue back and rediscover traditional Chinese medicine school of the country is so beautiful. Here to talk about today is the "appetite can not labor of their head."
Of Age: ah, so much of this we speak satisfy their appetites after enjoyment and spiritual enjoyment, the Yellow Emperor's teacher again exhort the time it concluded the following sentence is called: "addictions can not labor of their eyes, immorality can not confusion of their heart. "You see, he speaks of the first paragraph is desire, desire is the last time I talked about our physical senses to enjoy, and that was behind the heart, it refers to the spiritual enjoyment, so We speak appetite means you go to meet your physical desire, when it, nor excessive, particularly want to talk about this word, "Yellow Emperor • Elder naive theory" We talked about now. It emphasizes the word, one God, you look above the Yellow Emperor, born gods, then keep within the spirit and shape to God together, they have talked about a God, another word one often appears is this desire, so we today then the desire to re-understanding it a bit, that a lot of people live short-lived or live very painful, the most fundamental problem is not resolved, is not seriously deal with myself this desire, as we want to talk about it, it does not with heart, it refers to one of our senses to enjoy the meet, drink thirsty, hungry want to eat, there is this desire for men and women, and some listeners to our blog post said, this "desire", Why You said this desire not fond of it? This means that, for example, heterosexual men see, to look at and even some physiological responses, does not mean you become enamored of her, does not mean you're in love with her.
Liang Dong: ah. Oh, men and women different?
Of Age: both.
Liang Dong: In the past we kind of misunderstanding, that only the lower body man is thinking, in fact, women are only repressed it.
Of Age: women have, but her expression was more subtle. So we usually say the word love and desire, not the same. You want to not necessarily right for him you love him right, so I want to be a physiological senses of this meet, that I want to see how you write? A valley owed the valley to dig down, due to the need to fill it filled, it is the desire to be enriched to satisfy desires. So many people test your own boyfriend or husband, in the end is that they have such carnal desires or really moved me love? She is in this confusion among a discrimination method is very simple, that is, they have this sexual activity after she fell down the boyfriend or husband is sound asleep, or even told she had a lingering there this Species speak or have this exchange?If he turned over and fell down asleep, meaning that he meets the physiological function, this desire he is gone, and the kind of heart to meet the needs of this desire are the two concepts. We say do not indulge it and do not suppress it, a lot of people to suppress the results of this desire it, has led to the emergence of a metamorphosis of their mental, it will not be you pressed, it will show from another channel.
Liang Dong: For example.
Of Age: For example say we eat, for several days after a person is hungry, what happens? He would appear to reflect two extremes, one called beggars, arrest eat anything, it is hungry crazy.
Liang Dong: That seems to Party B which have such a situation, is not it?
Of Age: Oh, yes, you look at their village, a few kilometers all to eat.
Liang Dong: weasel, changed weasel Kazakhstan.
Of Age: that is, when we are on the Sino-Burmese war, those soldiers who fled to the extension of the mountain, then after returning home, the end did not eat the last meal after suddenly had a lot of people eat on Cheng Si. Why is this desire emerged after the original has been pressing a perverted reflection.
Liang Dong: that in previous years, when natural disasters even eat white clay to ease citizenship.
Of Age: eat white clay. Eat white clay it meets a what? Is to eat, fill the belly put filled, hunger and satiety, but what you do not eat what you need on the physical, the results you still hungry, we see a lot of kids called pica, Kouzhuo Wall earth eat, digging the mud to eat, as well as children pull their nose girl to eat.
Liang Dong: I have seen a few children like to eat booger.
Of Age: Oh, right! This is a kind of repressed desire not to be satisfied metamorphosis from another angle shown. Another of our common suppressed sexual desire, it will be reflected to some of the last of it manifested on the other weird thing, someone has fetishes, it would have such a desire among normal men and women should this be normal, he was depressed after the result is sick of it, is the woman without feeling, people wear clothes have feelings, they begin to crazy people steal other people's underwear ah collections this kind of thing, and finally people are not interested in of things interested. Fetish, animal love addiction, there are people who have that kind of voyeurism.
Liang Dong: This is a very unhealthy.
Of Age: Unhealthy, are abnormal, that is what we want to say that this is too much repression that emerged after the metamorphosis, which is called what? Shiyu. What is addicted to? Undue preference or special preferences. We know that there is this argument before, smoking, alcohol abuse, there are those who rise to a more perverted bloodthirsty, only ill people have the pleasure of killing, there is an ancient story called scab addicted to addiction, what does that mean ʱ?? This man metamorphosis, what he ate? The body is invasive purulent knot a scab, he peeled off a backing to the meat eligible for eating his favorite this thing, so this has been suppressed or distorted desire, later on this pathological behavior or morbid psychological manifested. So we say that craving is not labor, which is a mean, why should add additional rear its head yet, that is not originally want to be tempted, but later became a special liking it, they begin to move the heart of God ʱ?? We say that the eyes are the windows of the soul. The last time we said that young women eye that blurred, when a person sees something, especially in love, she will be excited, the pupil will be dilated, had never been seen in that state is called trance. So excessive indulgence of lust after it, will be eye fatigue, then what trance, how dependent we say repose?
Liang Dong: eyes closed.
Of Age: eyes closed thing. To lost in it?
Liang Dong: Well superb.
Of Age: peering helplessly staring at a thing to see forever.
Liang Dong: Oh, so the appetite is not the purpose of labor meaning that this desire can not be too vertical after it, so you have this God from your eyes and ran away.
Of Age: run away, these words for us modern people have great practical significance, I see modern people are doing this thing, what? Watching TV, watching television is worse than playing games, watching the computer, the Internet, you see that man staring at the TV screen, ah, in a half-mad state.
Liang Dong: trance state.
Of Age: trance state. what.
Liang Dong: So on the labor of their glance.
Of Age: workers of their injured his head after that God, you see us now that a lot of this kind of Internet addiction children, Oh, that was really too painful parents, and finally to bringing up a child, and then run all day soak in before game game rooms, Internet cafes do not go home, doing? play games. The child for college, look, all the subjects full red, doing it, the edge of the Internet in schools.
Liang Dong: So, ah, it is said that they like a lot of online gaming companies in the capital market, in fact, their PE investors to value what PE value, that is to give them the valuations are not high. The reason is that many investors think the business is different have different ethics. Games like this do business that way, he somehow was not consistent with the reality of our lives this human ethics, you see that encourage you Causing loss of lives, encourage your gang war, encourage you addicted to it, and this is a topic worthy of mention. A little break, come back after advertising it, and we work together to chat "immorality is not confused their hearts."
Liang Dong: Just in time for it on the part of, we spent more than a few minutes to talk about the word, "Shi Yu is not the labor of their projects," said the meaning of that is to say a person can not because too indulge their own desires, Gogo yourself eye looked a thing, let your God out of it after the labor of their projects, in addition sentence, the following passage is very interesting, "immorality not confused their hearts," What is immorality? Why immorality can not confused their hearts out?
Of Age: Well, speak about this kinky, kinky it would have meant too much meaning.
Liang Dong: ah. Yin Yu started falling. Of Age: Oh, right. The Yueyang Tower said, "If the husband Yin Yu started falling, even months is not open." Jiangnan kind of rainy season, the next forever, too much, and traditional Chinese medicine to the excess of such excessive external climate change is called the six evils. Ah wind, cold, heat, wet, dry, fire.
Liang Dong: So when fire Zaohuo cold is not a problem? The wind was too cold too called the six evils, right?
Of Age: right, not to say windy rain will cause disease, it is a relative, one is outside of climate change is too intense, one is inside your body's ability to resist bad, relatively over the future, you It will get sick. Later, um, it has a special kinky refers specifically refers to this life over. Liang Dong: "immorality can not be confused his heart" ah. Of Age: ah, the next word is necessary about the next and confusion, and confusion mean?
Liang Dong: confusion or you see above is the word, here is a heart, Sishibuhuo Well, that is not to say it can be to be that.
Of Age: Yes, yes, in fact, a word to explain the confusion of their heart, big people called saying Tiaohua Yan. Confusion of meaning is uncertain, may be that this may be, is not fixed, not settle down, we tell Sishibuhuo Confucius said, is to talk about four years old before he was unsettled, did not settle down in self-awareness, I was What people, I want to do, what my mission is talent, what do I fit? Or married who and who did not settle down over a lifetime, this woman is also good to see that the woman is also good, which concluded that married?
Liang Dong: who to marry me, whom I will.
Of Age: Ha ha. Then pick pick it, look and see, called confusion. After forty it, Confucius ah basically told Sishibuhuo, what sort of person I am, I can eat bowls of cooked rice, which I eat a bowl of rice, I settled down, and then what do I find what kind of woman set, say Weak 3000 I take a spoonful drink alone, others I did not look at the eyes.
Liang Dong: The main body is not supporting the Well.
Of Age: Oh, right. Is not necessarily a moral, not a moral one for everyone, but this is the opposite of confusion may be, I settled down, although the same energy I had this spirit and blood, but I'm not throwing toilet water, and I just love or Given a person, this is actually a manifestation of a person's physical and mental health to a certain level, there is a saying in ancient Taishan collapse in the post, elk play before, I'm not tempted, ah. All this mess ah lure or uncertain things I will not be tempted.
Liang Dong: Taishan collapse in after I know. What is the elk play before?
Of Age: Elk play in front is the kind of particularly beautiful deer in front of me romp, frolicking, I do not take a glance at it, I'm not tempted. So we often say that call doubts, temptations, this is to let you produce a reason for this result uncertain, doubt it, do not believe or believe it is negative, it is an attractive lure, so the surface I would not be tempted to stuff my very firm, called perplexed. So this "immorality not confused its heart", is talking about spirit, a level of psychological level in the desire, he said, such a dazzling variety of things such excessive, specifically refers to this aspect of this temptation or lure, it has been enough to make me tempted.
Liang Dong: This is not a precondition? Before this not be tempted to say, you have seen something different, this then you will be able to? You see why Sakyamuni Buddha ah, yes, right? It is the people of a prince. You can see a lot of people take refuge in the entertainment industry Why were later to die, or is there such a spiritual pursuit, certainly before too toss.
Of Age: lay down their arms, deeds. This man did not pick up the knife and he let him not become directly Buddha, I also agree with you to this point, saying that he must have gone through a lot of things, experience of life difficult for water only after the person is seen to reach a given really set, eating have not eaten, the girlfriend did not pay off, I finally said to the woman I'm not interested, that's his problem.
Liang Dong: that only two cases, one is really born without this capability is not it? The minimal. Another is sour grapes.
Of Age: Right, so the experience of desire, we said before the back of his heart desires when it comes to this later, after experiencing saw reach after a Taichetaiwu calmed down, the people do on health reached a higher level, so called immorality is not confused their hearts. Obsessive-compulsive disorder who have this performance, that is, this and that this and that, repeated so considered, after thinking it much thought finally Sure, he is such a lot of confusion on the performance, unable to settle down. This is both a physical and mental health is not a performance.
Liang Dong: It's called, is not the kind of worry about the outcome ah? Of Age: the outcome ah, that is indecisive, Shoushuliangduan, which is a kind of confusion. Liang Dong: I used to think it belongs to a certain kind of people have, then, through you to such a say, everyone has a similar possibility.
Of Age: There have experienced this stage after living out of people come out to reach a given.People may not live out a lifetime that are still confused, let alone forty, eighty is still possible that he went to the confusion.
Liang Dong: ah, so today we speak of the "Yellow Emperor" ah, said: "The appetite is not labor of their eyes, immorality is not confused their hearts." Said this more cattle a human condition, which describes a situation followed by further added: called "Xianbu Xiao Yu Zhi, fear in the matter."
Of Age: ah. This sentence should be so read, that is stupid, wisdom, Yin three kinds of people, unworthy, fear in the matter. What does that mean, that we are born each person's qualities are not the same. Let me talk about stupid, we've learned a great determination and courage, that this foolish old man to Wangwu Taihang Mountains, he wants to use his family's efforts to remove it.What is this stupid mean, we've heard a phrase called weep, is a person secretly hiding in the corner, but is back to face the people in there crying in the corner.
Liang Dong: I'm in kindergarten middle shift when done such a thing.
Of Age: Oh, weep, so this stupid what is it?The idea is that the mind or mood stuck in a corner to get out, no way out, called stupid. We say that such a person is not understand things too hard into a dead end, called stupid. Chi then, we've introduced, it is relatively accessible more intelligent people, know that these changes tangible substance than the stupid people to open up around the number, the "Yellow Emperor" which is also mentioned in a later chapter, he said when human kidney and strength can reach us through Jiuqiao distributed to them or, when this person is called wisdom. We say that this person smart, so-called Cong, refers to the ears hear very clearly, very bright and clear eyes to see clearly, called wisdom, clever Yan Liang. So Foolish Old Man, the antithesis of the man called the Foolish Old Man Wise Old Man, is a clever old man, to persuade him that you do not dig this mountain, but it's a foolish old man is a famous bar, he insisted two points, he that my children and grandchildren is infinite Kui, while not increasing the height of the mountain, so move this mountain no problem. But you ever thought, foolish old man did not take into account several issues, a person would die without sons, how do you ensure that your children and grandchildren will collapse infinity? Zhongjing doctors a big family because of a few tenths of typhoid people are dead. Secondly, we all know that the Himalayas are the Tibetan Plateau in the Indian plate under the impact of continued uplift, how do you ensure no heightening mountain? So stupid person he is this single-minded thinking.
Liang Dong: Well it was Forrest Gump, Forrest Gump ancient yet.
Of Age: He is such a person does not belong to hit the brick wall does not look back, hit a brick wall does not look back, say it is too hard wall of my head hard enough ah, but also hit, this is stupid man. Chilean people are more open not a dead end, you know you can also go the other way.Yin people do on a higher level than this intellectual point is we are talking about open-hui person. That is often said that some people have no wisdom Hui, for example, he can only study something tangible, called wisdom. As if now some scientists like to discuss Chinese medicine, you get to take the empirical evidence to ah, no empirical I think you are fake, he did this highly abstract thinking ability. Open-hui who is this abstract thinking ability, just like we play chess, checkers visible and tangible chessboard, the two of us to the next. The sage opened the Hui people how to play chess? Blind chess, not checkers no board we went down, but not bad step, a higher level for those who master a few hundred individuals, the step is not chaos, this is called sage. So this column a fool he, Homo sapiens, wise men, of course, since there will be three, called the true wisdom of sages, saints, there are Homo sapiens, there is a real person, it would be more open-hui of people, ah, we have this whether, on the big dial people, to be divided into three, but whether I was a fool, whether I was Homo sapiens, whether I was a sage, I am so health, "Shi Yu is not the labor of their eyes, immorality is not confused his heart," I was finally able to reach a What is the status? Unworthy, fear in the matter. Separately said that unscrupulous in the matter, and the second is fear in the matter. Liang Dong: Right. What Shaw it? We have just talked about, Yu Zhi Yin, unworthy, fear in the matter. With only ten minutes to speak the words.I had a little pause. After advertising back then, we continue to chat with what is called "unworthy, fear a thing." Oh, we just talked about: "Yu Zhi Yin, unworthy, fear a thing." Yu Zhi Yin, which is the realm of three different people, ah, how unworthy and fear in the matter it?Unworthy and fear in the end what is the difference? Xu please give us a solution to open up about. Of Age: ah. The Shaw does, write a little above, under a moon month, ah. Shaw mean similar, like ......
Liang Dong; vivid thing.
Of Age: We often give the painting a portrait, say paint this as much as you are Liang Dong. Well that we often use, for example, the shape of the person, but we called Shaw; likeness, but wonderful, wonderful thing. Occult, Chung Miao door, but it was wonderful, quite similar, the shape called Shaw. But the Xiao Xiao in this it inappropriate to solve, which is the interchangeable characters, it is the disdain that crumbs. In fact, the intention of what it is called? Disdain in the matter, dismissed. What does this mean?On the substance, that the pursuit of materialism is not very strong, is not it very seriously, called unworthy in the matter. Here was a man named afraid to. What is fear?
Liang Dong: Well fear. Of Age: fear not afraid. Liang Dong: Oh, are not afraid of fear, huh?
Of Age: There is fear, there is horror, but also fear, but you can not say that it is the fear, it is fear, it is a surprise.
Liang Dong: Oh, fear, and fear of what is the difference?
Of Age: There are differences, fear is so ah, that is next to the vertical center, it certainly disturbing your God, and fear of the above ...... Traditional ah, we now have to write a simplified tool, it is not so complex characters write. Traditional fear of the next vertical heart, which face a Qiubai Qu, the above two projects, under a sparrow bird below that. It was intended is that you see the birds, observe birds there, it stopped at that, look at it the head back and forth, eyes wide, and it is the kind of state is called fear. It is a kind of stimulus, say by surprise ah, ah scare, fear that stunned after its manifestation, or eyes wide open in that state, is called fear, anyway, is to touch you, let you and ...... we eyes blurred again, and again eyes widened that state, the so-called fear refers to this state. You might be pleasantly surprised by the fear that you might be frightened by the fear that you might be afraid of fear.
Liang Dong: You see that Super Girl announce the results immediately announced before, that female fans look, mouth open, looking at the situation.
Of Age: So fear means that after stimulation eyes wide open like that, and then add a vertical side that touches your heart center, is a fond feeling. We say one additional fear, we often say that fear, fear and fear is completely different, fear is what does that mean? Now the old saying terrorism, terrorists, fear is the heart, above a Gong, Gong is what ah mean? Gong is holding a rope tied things, especially to get the kind of cow leather cord previously called Wei ......
Liang Dong: Yes, Wei compiled Ruin.
Of Age: Oh, Wei compiled Ruin, what Wei compiled Ruin it? That is, before the books are bamboo, bamboo wear the rope is the cow leather cord, called Wei. Confucius read the I Ching, to and fro to turn a look, after that tied the Book of the cow leather cord are broken three times, so the cow leather cord tied to something called Gong, we call consolidation. Minority way he used to have a death penalty, is to acquire a cow Leather take water soaked, then Le neck on the people, which began after dry cow leather cord tightening, then these people alive strangled. So fear is what it feels like?
Of Age: fear is your heart, is like a rope tighten kind, Di Liu up that state. We often say that saw a thing, my heart to mention his throat, or someone feel my heart, romance or how the heart, there was caught a bit, tightening the feeling. There are people that have a sense of impending doom onset of myocardial infarction, sudden what I felt he was dying, dying, that state called fear.
Liang Dong: Oh yo, too learned, and Xu you.
Of Age: So today we are talking about the fear of it, fear is the initial stage. Wow, eyes widened by stimulated. That fear it deeper.
Liang Dong: So you just said that is Yu Zhi Yin, unworthy, fear in the matter. That is whether you like the Foolish Old Man as a single-minded people, or a more intelligent people, or leaders of the people, are both disdain in the matter, and fear in the matter
Of Age: Yes, we can not do without things, we live in a society in this matter, we need things, but these things should not be too entangled in your heart, we are now inseparable from the object, and live what room, What kind of car, what clothes to wear, what to eat rice, which are inseparable from matter. Inseparable from matter, not necessarily you put your heart tied to the thing, a lot of people, ah, lost mobile phone could not eat for days, called crumbs in the matter.And then, for example, there are a lot of people because the problem was on the level of deeply affect their heart, which also requires a process of experience. I remember when I just graduated had never been seen to work in Dongzhimen Hospital Well, I graduated that would, that would wage is seventy to eighty dollars a month bonus is ten dollars I remember, when I went to buy fish that, this hawker ah, I now think, is particularly interesting, especially the bad, the fish, for example, is five five, I gave him a block, he go first to you four five, then you twisting left, then forty dollars, there is no , so I think people want to come back to talk to when people die than admit, I was probably one week did not have a good meal, and why? That forty dollars to me is two weeks wages, ah, you said that because of this I was, and then because of a fish, because that money, and then affect their own heart, this is not worth it. Now you do not say fifty dollars, lost on the block, not with the blink of the eye, the heart is not with thought, why? The things I experienced, experienced after playing just as immunized, with immunity of.
Liang Dong: So, I often advise those college friend, ah, I told them that when I was younger to take advantage of all right ah, talk about a few games of love, otherwise, ah, so when you work, you have to consume heart exhausting go confrontation that long for that love, that worried, you fear that you fear that, a great impact on the work.
Of Age: yes, go with the flow, but also love to talk about college jumping, something to grasp a degree, does not talk, did not grasp after talking driven to distraction, in fact, you say romance is your faith in the mind of a on the matter, who is also matter, man. Finally, after you lose him, then, since one does, rice, rice could not eat, sleep, sleep sleep, end it with thin rod-like, driven to distraction like that, then learn also learn not to go down, which is what? It was finally over crumbs in fear in the matter, and finally died on the matter.
Liang Dong: So, that is to say, "Yu Zhi Yin, unworthy, fear in the matter, so close to the road."
Of Age: The "so close to the road" this close together is what?
Liang Dong: the right "fit."
Of Age: Ha ha. Suitable "together." It is that we often speak of the Heaven, what is close to the road? Your human behavior, as we as people, is false, that changes the world cried, called Heaven it means that you are doing in line with the natural changes, called Heaven. Heaven realm is the highest realm of Taoist, this method if you press in front of us to talk about, the Yellow Emperor Qi Bo teacher told to do so, you as a person close to the Heaven, qualifying for the results of Heaven it is both longevity and health, but it is very pleasant to live, but also the quality but also quantity, so close to the road.
Liang Dong: ah. The truth of it is like a car, if you are an auto parts, whole tires rhythm you keep this non-walking is not the same car, you think about your injury or vehicle damage?
Of Age: suffer, but the days of nothing, people die.
Liang Dong: because the car is not the same kind enough to tire, we really are too small too small between heaven and earth.
Of Age: ...... Now we pursued a basic state of health are not, real Guren Jiang state of Heaven, it is very wonderful that, a fantastic realm. Various changes in the world, the spectacular, your heart will feel like a harmonious resonance, vibration world that you put into your body like from a radio tuned the band, Wow look, that wonderful music that came out, So the real open-hui does not depend on reading, my mind inherent, you practice to refine pass later, those same world as if the electromagnetic wave, snapped it, and then someone called Hui Wu alone, you see illiterate Sixth Patriarch is it? Why become a great master it? He is so close to such a practice in the road, and then collapse in a year at some point a month enlighten enlightenment, knowledge of what a wonderful thing he knew.
Liang Dong: Xu on this just to talk about, if you can really find the right frequency, then the radio music it will come.
Liang Dong: keep coming back to "ancient naive theory." Here we have a saying that goes "So can all of a hundred years," I think these words are not right, "So can all of a hundred years," What do you mean ah? "The action is not bad by its Dequan not risk it."
Of Age: So the Yellow Emperor Qi Bo teacher answered the question, and finally to a concluding statement Well, you know the Guzhi Ren Spring and Autumn are a hundred degrees and the action is not bad, you did not ask me when the world different or not? People will lose the Lord? Finally, I give you to a summary of their reason why these people can, in all a hundred degrees and the action is not bad, and why? Its Dequan not risk too.
Liang Dong: Speaking of this place ah, that is moral, we say that I talk about this moral, trails and Germany is how to distinguish?
Of Age: Of course not the same, according to the unearthed Mawangdui Laozi, it should be called De Dao, it is Germany after the former, he said after in the post. We often say that people are not moral, we talk about morality, which is its ambiguity, the word is a word to link synthetic, called ethics, what I meant. The real path and Germany, are separated completely different. Road, Heaven, natural changes in the law; Germany, you see, double, underneath there is a heart, your heart to understand changes in Heaven, then, do things in line with Heaven, we call virtuous people. Called virtuous who must have income, you got this Heaven, Qi Bo said it knows who, or we scream Road expert. Tao people are thinking actions called virtuous, I did not have to go against Heaven Heaven even a lot of people called wicked. Liang Dong: So some people say that this person of high moral character, very moral, and sometimes I feel that way, there is ambiguity. A moral person should not be very painful, we often feel this person is moral, in fact, there is a view of the back, that this man is my sacrifice, my big achievement, life had a very painful, but also To quite there, that feeling is like asking moral. Truly moral person actually still have wisdom Well, you have to understand this thing, he is not tired, we are not tired, you're not uncomfortable in the crowd.
Of Age: There is no wisdom is not important, he must be a have-hui. We see many rural old lady, did not read the book, do not read, but I was saying that philosophy is extremely wealthy, he may be not intellectual, but he definitely has the wisdom.
Liang Dong: For example, do you remember anything?
Of Age: my friends often told me that these kids pull things, we are now a lot of kids are scientific feeding, according to body weight, according to a few months, and then the father and mother took the recipe in tune with things that accompanied to feed their children.
Liang Dong: Like pigs
Of Age: He wants advanced than pigs, but pigs do not like even to feed out, so if pig pigs actually looks Biaofeitizhuang, who fed a pale and thin, with small African refugees, like, kinda last Diema Strange, how we so talking about science, how he would grow into this? But the rural woman pulling a child is not so much stress, people on the word, to children safe, one-third of hunger and cold, he never gave the boy choked, never put the child wrapped up place on the kang, because of what? Child itself yang on strong, you give him the package is very strict, he immediately angry, and then a sore throat, nosebleeds, and then they burn up, and then began to exhaust burned a little higher, so you Man woman, not what you said this and that these scientific knowledge, people will grasp the truth, one-third of hunger and cold, people also know that hunger is not hungry, he never put a child hungry, he is hungry let him eat that seven eight full, you look so called pull children in line with Heaven, which is called Tak-chuen, virtuous people. We now know a lot of what seems to own knowledge, a wise man, but no way. This Dequan not risk it summarizes the sentence we want health, to health, to longevity, but also want to live the quality of life but also the amount, in a nutshell called Dequan not dangerous. We just said, Germany is in line with Heaven, called Germany, apostasy or less comprehensive understanding of Heaven, called the shortcomings of Germany, finally, simply do not know Heaven, called non-German. Without virtue, unethical, Immoral, we called Dequan. We have a very well-known man named Li Dequan, there are two people called Li Dequan history, one is Minister of Health after the founding, Mrs. Li Dequan, Feng Yuxiang, you see ancient people pay attention to a name, are not using the Tao Te Ching, is the Book of Songs ,what……
Liang Dong: At least all the Analects.
Of Age: Oh, at least, it is the Analects of Confucius. Germany-wide, in addition to what I do in line with Heaven, and I tried to go in line with its comprehensive, comprehensive grasp of Heaven, and then do things in line with Heaven, so called not dangerous.
Liang Dong: So take the name ah still have a little provenance, it is you look this little culture.
Of Age: But this, the name and the word is not the same ah.
Liang Dong: ah, right right ...... you then talk about ...... I chat with you, ah, is simply no way to go on, what is his name, and the word has not the same?
Of Age: name persons life also, is that the name is you were born your parents to play, this is your life, you can not choose, it cried out the name.
Liang Dong: Yes, you can not choose your own name.
Of Age: Oh, first and last name can not be selected, which is given you were born. But generally after school twenties, it can be taken to their word, which you can set himself, Ancient people it is only your father or your elders may call you by name, for example, called Liang Dong, the same generation or younger people can only call Your words, show respect. Such as Liu Bei, the word Xuande, or you can call Mr. Liu Xuan Supreme, you can not call Liu Bei, Liu Bei is the curse you call home. That Zhuge Liang, Liang is his name, Ming is his word, you can call Mr. Kong Ming ......
Liang Dong: Zhuge Liang ah.
Of Age: Oh, Zhuge Liang. Light can claim, bright Gonggeng ridge acres, I called myself all right, people told me to come on, then you call me. So now we Chinese people are not well-known words.everyone is……
Liang Dong: Do you have a name?
Of Age: I have known the word, ah, my name is my dad gave me, I surnamed Xu, my dad gave me named petit weeks.
Liang Dong: Oh, Xu Zhou.
Of Age: hey. This is my name, you call me Xu Zhou was cursing me.
Liang Dong: No wonder I never call you Xu Zhou, I always thought you call it of Age.
Of Age: Wen Bing is my word, because I was born in, I was from a given word from a played, Little Red Guards of the Cultural Revolution Well, I called Wen Bing, you call me of Age, just call me the word, or You told me to file soldiers doctor.
Liang Dong: You write on identity cards is not called of Age ah?
Of Age: that of Age. Liang Dong: Oh, you'll give yourself later get rid of? Of Age: my word is my word, my name is Xiao Zhou, my dad gave me a.
Liang Dong: But your identity with or ......
Of Age: ah, Wen Bing, is my word, so people call me no problem of Age.
Liang Dong: We do a lot of people are very concerned about it, in the end the people of Age called it, how to find him? Incidentally, if you like it, you can Baidu of Age of blog or Magnolia Chinese medicine school.
Of Age: pair. Oh, someone asked on my blog, yes, this week and Xu are not brothers of Age? I say it is not, is a person, because of what?People are changing, and he in a state he is the man, he passed the state he is another man, he can not get a word or a name to get to summarize his body.
Liang Dong: Yes, Confucius brains lost time thing.
Of Age: Oh, right.
Liang Dong: Our life is like a river, steady stream.
Of Age: so many people do, some people are well-known name, and some people are famous words, some people are famous number, so what I suggest you do not go now to say to be renamed, renamed. I say you do not change its name, it was father and mother to, not change, give yourself a word of it.There is also a whole is that Li Yong Zheng Dynasty Emperor Yongzheng that wait inside the eunuch called Li Dequan.
Liang Dong: Oh Yo, So yeah, sometimes we look at the name of it, you know his parents about what level. Of Age: pair.See a person, ah, I question your name? Liang Dong: Where Is?
Of Age: Where is the Way, which is the traditional, now lost, but you remember, we call it folk music, our customs behind this inexplicable this energy and information, you still revered as good Do not get in there, get this Beijing words called unitary moths. Now we went on to say danger, danger does it pictograph, the above is a man on the cliff edges that state, we take a look at, Yo, hanging out, chances to fall, so that there is a phrase called at stake, like the the eggs one by one on the pile, ah.
Liang Dong: You say much pictographic it?
Of Age: Oh, that is pictograms.
Liang Dong: Multi-image!
Of Age: at stake, people are actually very fragile, we are born as a human a blessing really big, this life is very fragile, I was in Beijing medical school, we all went to the fifth grade university students to begin clinical practice, general all went to the emergency room, I was in the Union Hospital emergency room, where will we invariably in the emergency room after practice began to write home, parents will appreciate pull us so much, and why? That we think we live such a great age justified, in the emergency room inside suddenly found no young and lives on the road, a small baby to a few months, this large young, Kua jack, hung up, the bed, a few March came in, immediately change the bed, dead, dead in the emergency room quickly, I personally participated in the rescue guy who, Shi Guangnan ......
Liang Dong: composer, is not it?
Of Age: Composer thing. From then come mydriasis, I just say God Well, I tell you, is dead mydriasis, God ran away. When he was a hernia, is intracranial hemorrhage, then came after a pupil is a pupil big small, then the emergence of this. In practice we know that people will be alive, will afford is so fragile, so dangerous Yeah, so you're not going to treat your life, be kind to your heart, not good to health? Only Germany and the whole people what can be in? No danger of this situation. Liang Dong: Right, so everyone should be full Zhang, Li Dequan, Xu and LIANG full full, ah. Well, today we spent an hour, tut tut, had read more than a dozen twenty words, "is the appetite is not the labor of their eyes, immorality is not confused their hearts, Xianbu Xiao Yu Zhi, fear in the matter, so close on the road, so can all of a hundred years is not bad and the action by its Dequan not risk too. "Thank you for listening to today's discovery of Chinese medicine school too beautiful country of the" Yellow Emperor "of the" ancient naive theory "of ......
Of Age: the first paragraph.
Liang Dong: the first paragraph. Bye next week at the same time!

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