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Interpretation of Age "Yellow Emperor: Elder naive theory" third lecture text version (2012-12-05 16:28:19) Reproduced ▼

Interpretation of Age "Yellow Emperor: Elder naive theory" third lecture text version (2012-12-05 16:28:19)  Reproduced
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Elder naive theory article Lecture
Speaker: the auspices of Age: Liang Dong
Scripture: also, all that the imaginary evil thieves wind, to avoid the sometimes under saints teach; tranquil nothingness, infuriating from it and keep within the spirit, patient safety has never been.
Liang Dong: Rediscovering traditional Chinese medicine is so beautiful, Hello, everyone! Welcome to the National Academy tonight. It was Liang Dong, in the past two weeks there in it, we spent two hours a week for an hour, breezed, ah, seriously speaking of the "Yellow Emperor" and "ancient naive theory" on before 50 word article, but, I think, and this is probably the most enjoyable I have experienced a job because this job allows me to have the opportunity to listen to a week my master iconic ah Magnolia medicine Tang Tangzhu of Age teachers and us together to share the "Yellow Emperor." Xu Hello!
Of Age: Liang Dong good! Listeners and friends Hello, everyone!
Liang Dong: these days it is often we received some feedback, a lot of listeners friends say, think, ah, the "Yellow Emperor" it is a very sound esoteric, but, listening to Xu teacher speak up then, a book is so interesting, but, think you can put a "Yellow Emperor" first chapter "ancient naive theory," the former two with two hours just to talk a little superficial, which is enough to see Chinese traditional culture really makes Weiyandayi it!
Of Age: Yeah.
Liang Dong: Yes, that is to say, any of a seemingly does not seem very Jingyi of a word will be able to deliver so much information. Like what, the first two weeks, when we talked about it "weak and can speak," said the man Yellow Emperor "weak and can speak", "word" is the word that it is not "language", nor "weak and can language, "Xu told us," word "That was a systematic and organized manner to speak, and" language "it is called" babbling. "
Of Age: The
Liang Dong: through a small incident, we see the difference between the word and the word is too great. We continue to talk down today, "Elder naive theory" third time for it, I want to tell you a little refresher before two things. Probably say is it, in this "Yellow Emperor" do the first two, there was a man called and said before the Yellow Emperor, the people do very clever, when it grew, it turned heaven and earth line, and that made ​​it very clear, that is to say , before people in the "Yellow Emperor" Before the Book, the people we called it in ancient times, can easily live to be a hundred and twenty years old, why can live up to it? Because they can make their own patterns of life, and the laws of heaven and earth together. So today what we're going then, "Elder naive theory" to continue down to talk, ah. Xu, we can see that this "ancient naive theory" talked about the third paragraph says: "The next man to teach the ancient sage also, all that the imaginary evil thieves wind, to avoid the sometimes, tranquil nothingness, infuriating from it, "probably mean in my opinion, that's when it was in ancient times, the ancient sages education it down, say" virtual thief evil wind, to avoid the sometimes ", I would like to ask, what is called" virtual thief evil wind " ʱ??
Of Age: This "virtual thief evil wind" It was two meanings: the "imaginary evil" mean, "virtual" is the opposite?
Liang Dong: "real."
Of Age: The "real evil." What is "virtual" mean? We look at the "real", we usually say a word called "seeing is believing" it is all that you can visually see something called "real." So to say, this kind of "real evil" it, including our physical level, including with a microscope we can see bacteria and viruses, it is a tangible qualitative, these are called "real evil." The "Virtual evil" is the metaphysical things, it is an energy above a substance promoting physical movement, including those containing a message, so, this "virtual evil," it has a relationship with this world of change.
Liang Dong: Oh, can you give an example of a little ha. That this is very interesting, ah, ha imaginary evil.
Of Age: For example, we often people say, "lit" and "cold," and what "fire" is? Is a kind of energy, "cold", the cold, but also a kind of energy, it does not exist in the form of material, but it can also hurt you. Therefore, Chinese medicine put this out on the human body effects of these six reasons called "six evils", "prostitution" is too mean. We talk about "wind", "cold", "summer", "wet", "dry", "fire", which is a "virtual evil" because you can not see it. Many people say: "I can see the wind." You can not see the wind.
Liang Dong: Do you see the flow of air driven dust.
Of Age: Oh, ah those dust or condensation of water vapor in the air inside, you can see, is called "wind evil." "Wind", "cold", "summer", "wet", "dry", "Fire", which are "imaginary evil."
Liang Dong: Oh, can we understand such things, for example, it was said, Liang Dong, you look is so handsome, that I was when subjected to a "virtual evil", and it is not the substance, but I certainly the heart produces such a happy, ah, this is called "virtual evil" do?
Of Age: Yeah right. We often say the word "good word" is "verbal abuse, assault June cold, remarks to three Winter." This is in fact an impact on people's physical and mental will, he said this "good words a" and "verbal abuse, assault" , which is "imaginary evil."
Liang Dong: This is a good kind of "good"?
Of Age: kind of "good", so, we should recognize that, on the material level, there are some things there, and this is some of the differences between Chinese medicine and now some disciplines.
Liang Dong: the truth, I think modern science is actually also speak clearly and slowly, such as you see, this Internet stuff is passed, it is actually come to pass this information, you can hardly say you open an article, ah, on the Internet you Open the article, seems to be a matter, in fact, it passed over the network how it would be articles it, it is just a message only, so what, you say this "virtual thief evil wind" of this "virtual" Yeah, really too deep ʱ??
Of Age: it is invisible things.
Liang Dong: But it exists!
Of Age: it exists. The so-called "evil", we mean in terms of the relative human righteousness, that is, you are alive, as your individual person, your body presence of an upright, Mencius say to "keep my awe of righteousness." It has its wavelength vibration frequency, all saying such wavelength oscillation frequency uncoordinated inconsistent, this call "evil." Or the direction of saying that you had wanted to go east, but another force trying to lead you to other destinations, this is called "evil." We should put this invisible, make our thinking emotions generated in the wrong direction or the wrong force these things, you should be aware of its existence ...... this says Chinese medical science is not scientific, the proposition itself is called pseudo-proposition.
Liang Dong: "virtual" it, is the corresponding "real", referring to those touched unseen, but things really can have an impact on people, ah, for example, one kind of hype, it can also make people feel heart warm, then it will have a positive and healthy, is not it? So, the relationship between husband and wife family inside it, a wise wife should always touted her husband, so what, she her husband to be healthy and longevity.
Of Age: Yeah, what are you thinking what is missing, Liang Dong, which is the feeling. We speak of external called "six evils", inner cause we call "impassioned" on the "joy, anger, worry, anxiety, sadness, fear, surprise." You all can cause mood swings of this energy or information, which is also called "evil." Let your rejoicing, let you grief and makes you furious, or let you shocked big fear, which are "imaginary evil." Therefore, the "Yellow Emperor", said that this "virtual evil" back then is a word called "avoid the sometimes" you do not greet go, you want to hide it.
Liang Dong: So there are a lot of people say ah, the "Yellow Emperor" ah, it is to some extent, it is the whole philosophy of Taoism and the idea is relatively close.
Of Age: not close, it is the same strain, we cried Huanglao family doctrine called the doctrine of thing, this is the Taoist, "yellow" refers to the Yellow Emperor.
Liang Dong: Yes, so that is to say, why do some of this TCM later it can not play a role, I guess speaking from the stalk it, in fact, a lot of Chinese medicine and later contacted the Confucianism, or should I say, he was not able to completely understand the essence of Taoism brought.
Of Age: opposite.
Liang Dong: Yes, it actually does, many of our friends do it all feel like Taoism, it is a very vain, very negative an idea, but practically speaking, we now know is called the invisible hand of the market, It is actually a kind of respect for their own truth.
Of Age: Taoism is the WTO.
Liang Dong: actually very accession to the WTO, is not it? Then we rest a little about it, and we come back to continue to explore the "Yellow Emperor ancient naive theory"
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Liang Dong: Well, we keep coming back to talk to the "Yellow Emperor ancient naive theory," which just talked about "virtual thief evil wind", actually talked about after "imaginary evil" it, I think. "Drafts" that is What things?
Of Age: "drafts" It is the equivalent, the "thief" Yeah, we are talking about are sneaky, not above board, openly, that spring breeze was blowing, the spring surface is not cold Wind in the Willows, which is decent wind, it It will not bring harm. What is the fear? For example, people asleep, little things are secretly while you sleep, do not pay attention when he suddenly came in. The so-called "drafts", that is, when a person or conscious mind time to relax, this time the wind blowing on people is the greatest harm. That is, our body to defend itself has an own physical strength, or call energy, we called Wei Qi, the "Guardian" is "defense" and "health." But people fall asleep in it, the Wei Qi it converges into the body, this time people would cover clothes tuck, but some people like kicking quilt, or summer open air like sleeping with the window open, this time winds blowing, Wei Qi in your weakness, you lose defense in the case, it is the greatest harm to you. So, some people, child kicking quilt, runny nose cold the next day, after a lot of people are tired, and then blow the upper hand, it is prone to facial paralysis, so this wind, people do not pay attention in the case against your wind called "drafts."
Liang Dong: Oh, this thing it made ​​me understand why the same room, is not it, I sit here, I do not cold lying here, hey, fell asleep, did not you say that the temperature is low, why I can It will be cold out? I have been puzzled puzzled.
Of Age: Outside temperature has not changed, you've changed.
Liang Dong: Yes, because people do after sleeping, our body Wei Qi ah ......
Of Age: convergence (the body of).
Liang Dong: to re-enter (to the body) go, the sentry on the back. So, we usually do not feel the wind on the impact on our body. So the question is that we are not able to be vigilant at all times, it makes sense. That is called "drafts" is our own body does not pay attention to the time, it also exists, when our body vigilance of time for it, it will not infringe on us, we did not alert when the impact of our called "drafts." It is the thief thief "thief" Ha, later in the article to say, "virtual thief evil wind, to avoid the sometimes" Why is it called "avoid the sometimes" mean?
Of Age: The "imaginary evil" it, the ancient speak Five and Six, which is calculated by a calculation method, at what time what the "wind", "cold", "summer", "wet", "dry "," Fire ", which will become sudden increase energy, big impact on people. So we often count, beginning of the gas, the second gas, gas three's, began to count from after the Big Chill, to predict, at this time you want to calculate, called "Sometimes." At least we should know that according to the seasons change, windy spring, spring wind is going up; the autumn chill of the air with a wind, gangbusters; summer heat much more heat, but more dry autumn, and winter more cold. You have to change according to seasonal, in that season to avoid the prevalence of the kind of "evil." Also it says "drafts" is concerned we want to avoid, instead of saying welcome positive right, or to conquer and transform the nature, not facing the "drafts" to go. I have seen a few examples, which my patients, you have arthritis, for example, we know that people tend to get arthritis riding a motorcycle, but you remember, he had arthritis was definitely not in the winter.
Liang Dong: Oh, why?
Of Age: because the winter he knew, wearing leather pants ah ah kneepad trousers wrapped themselves very strict, he is often in the summer, people Cou open when he was riding a motorcycle ride, this time (wind) on the inside , and this person get this disease is on the "drafts" not avoid, and that of others is to create "drafts."
Liang Dong: Yes, he was riding a motorcycle to go against the wind, so the wind pull in fact later are all juvenile arthritis. This makes sense.
Of Age: it is more than arthritis. There are, for example, we have in the kitchen cooking, have been in full swing, sweat, and then suddenly remembered the fridge did not come up with dishes, a refrigerator open a hand, then click on the "drafts" on the inside "virtual evil" on inside, a lot of people sick is so falling.
Liang Dong: Oh, I heard ah, many people are falling because of summer air conditioning problems.
Of Age: This "drafts" are artificial "drafts." We This is called "asking for trouble", the thief called to his own house. Summer was originally open Cou ......
Liang Dong: It should be more sweat.
Of Age: more sweat, then, to give vent to the skin, and then reveal the truth, the result we get put themselves in a particularly low temperature in the room, so called get sick.
Liang Dong: So, Lee Kuan Yew has said that air conditioning is humanity's greatest invention Yeah, we can actually add these words, he said air-conditioning it also contributed to a lot of modern people are not supposed to get sick in the summer, the main reason. So we just phrase it the "Yellow Emperor ancient naive theory," which talked about what this "virtual thief evil wind, to avoid the sometimes" ah.
Of Age: The first to be avoided, and the second to sometimes, according to the time period, for instance, we have talked about the "drafts" you sleep easy at night, when it is in your lunch break to sleep even when you do not You should go to open a fan or blow an air conditioning.
Liang Dong: Yes, so I heard a lot of older people do, why should stroke ah, facial paralysis ah, is often slept at noon, I felt very hot to open a fan, the results ......
Of Age: wake up, half body can not move.
Liang Dong: ah, but also some time for it, or because a burst of children to greet the phone ring, surprised a scare, then, would cause a problem.
Of Age: Oh, you say this is very right, I always advise my patients to sleep, when to pull the plane, off the phone, this sleeping when suddenly awakened is the most stressful, this "thief", a "virtual evil "is more powerful. But many people say that our company 24 hours standby to me, so I will not shut down, and that is to work and give his life, no way.
Liang Dong: This thing just beside our colleagues, we do not mention, all right! (Qi laughs). Well, I say over it, is the "avoid the sometimes", but behind it and say, ah say this to stay healthy, to "tranquil nothingness, infuriating from it." Oh, before we do think this sentence is very light, nothing to say you do not have much desire, less Zhengdian Zhengdian less, spend less does not matter, but I always think of it, since the day talk to you later, find the "Yellow Emperor" It's not half waste words, it will not be so Simply put, it is "tranquil nothingness, infuriating from it," what say it?
Of Age: First, we say what you just said no desire, no desire to be in line with the "light", "light" is dull, indifferent, did not have much desire. We are always talking about social comparisons, talk with each other to compete ......
Liang Dong: say back, "tranquil nothingness," how to say?
Of Age: Let me talk about a "light", which is speaking a flat light, not too high too strong desire. "Tim," What does this mean?
Liang Dong: next to a vertical center a "tongue" ah
Of Age: tongue, "tongue" ah, this word is very important. We also say a phrase often called "shameless."
Liang Dong: Oh ~ to oh.
Of Age: that is the word, so "tim" What does it mean?
Liang Dong: You do not say, just let it really is and I do not know ah! Every day use, but in fact never seriously read it! "Tranquil nothingness," "shameless", "Tian" is the word often a lot of people use, but never thought of "tim" mean.
Of Age: Yes, I specifically studied, "Tian" means ah, "Tian" word it is next to a vertical center with a tongue, it could have been and we "take licking wounds" that "lick" is the same root and what was intended? That is, after the animals were injured, including people injured in the future, it will not help to get tongue lick subconsciously that wound, but it turns out, saliva contains a lot of this enzyme or other substances to promote wound healing, so this " Tian "is a self-healing self-comforting, and finally reach a capacity of their own entertainment. We now have a lot of people will not "tim", and not "Tian" a lot of people in guilt, self-blame, low self-esteem, these people need to "shameless." He was not doing a bad child, but he felt sorry myself that I'm sorry that, in fact, he is the wound open, not healing. So, we called "Tim", now want to emphasize this "tim", "Tian," said White, is a self-comforting, self-healing, so an ability to finally be their own entertainment. You see a child, he played a mean we feel nothing, he played with it so seriously so invested so happy; you see some old child, after he retired, fascinated in his collection that we seem humble rags things he play very happy, you see the way of his own entertainment, it is called "Tim." We must now get more high officials how much money will be glad when you have not, "Tim" the.
Liang Dong: Oh, so, once again reminded radio listeners in front of you, ah, this "shameless," it is just that we speak, people should "shamelessly" mean, Xu told, it is to have the context, (" Tim ") refers specifically to those who do not know how to self-psychological healing friends, that we must learn it in quotes" shamelessly "to let ourselves be someone else from this sense of shame which hinted at it liberated, in order to really achieve physical and mental health.
Of Age: healing the body and mind to heal physical and mental health is equally important.
Liang Dong: we talked about the "tranquil nothingness," ah, yes it is important to maintain a healthy law, in particular spoke of this "tim" word, "Tian" it, next to a vertical center a "tongue", which is actually a psychological self-consolation ......
Of Age: self relief.
Liang Dong: self-comforting, it is now that we are licking the "lick" it, is a kind of physical self-healing, it has list of features, so keep the "tranquil nothingness" is very important. We just talked about the word "tranquil", that "nothingness" and how to say it?
Of Age: We have just talked about "virtual thief evil wind" when he spoke of "virtual", also he told a child above that of the Yellow Emperor "long and Duimin," I said, "Duimin" What? "Dashed off, Hom in full", kidney should be sufficient, at this time it you can achieve the kind of a metaphysical God and think that keen, so this "nothingness" it, Buddhism stresses "no Guaai "is" no Bodhi tree, nor stand mirror, this body no one, where dye dust. "said human Conscience, talent your original mind, are not attached to these should not be filled with these dirty s thing.
Liang Dong: not "lard heart".
Of Age: Oh, no, not to "lard heart." You have to maintain this state of emptiness, your mind is to get a great deal of freedom, if you are "lard heart," or being blocked, is something Duzhe, costumes, pressing time, you live very painful, you also tired.
Liang Dong: So, I found it, said Chinese medicine it about this person's bodily sensations and mental feelings of identity, and often we have heard people say that after two days is the popularity of the heart always block fast enough, the surface gas is a word, it really will produce like oil wiped on top, that's the kind of Duzhe physical sensations.
Of Age: He put an invisible energy through the physical and material to express out, Yue Fei talk, "bristle", the "anger" is an invisible energy, but it will put a human hair cocked up, cocked up hair actually put you wearing that hat gave top up.
Liang Dong: ah, yes iron and ancient that, is not it?
Of Age: Yes, ah, Yue Fei is a war, it really is an iron ......
Liang Dong: Yes, it is iron.
Of Age: Oh, you're right. So, this "virtual" we speak their minds is to make the spirit of (get) the greatest freedom. "No" it, that is to say, people live a lifetime pursuit Gesha? People often ask, "I come from, where to go?" Taoism stresses "people come from?" "Nothing." People, from the origin of the world, "no", if we can live life to the realm of experience, truly realized that the state, close to the Buddhist speak of the Buddha, they realized their original mind, so this "nothingness "It is our life to live should pursue a realm and status. So the "tranquil nothingness," four levels are not the same, first you have to learn, "floating in rivers and lakes, who can not the knife." Endure after completion knife, do not look for someone else to soothe you, myself, "Tian", and Spa it well, and then put their own money to pursue the kind of fame and the desire to put it to light a number, you have enough to eat and drink enough, then, you have to eat and drink what to pursue next state? Let his heart become more sensitive to the rich.
Liang Dong: to become "open-minded" people.
Of Age: hey, become "open-minded" people, and finally to that bliss realized that "none" of the world, this is no life lived in vain.
Liang Dong: Oh yo yo, you see, you see, we usually see the "tranquil and empty" words, the eyes do not stay to watch below a hurry, but do it in Xu mouth, the "tranquil nothingness "That was one level on four different realm. So we have to keep the "tranquil nothingness," ah, it's not a word, you have to go step by step, you have to "Tim", and then to "light", after "light" up to "virtual", "virtual" After the order "no" ah.
Of Age: The people we say have a broken heart, his mind is disturbed uncertain, he can not exist in the realm of the kind of calm and relaxed when you put your mind to protect very good, just like a retreat to provide a good practice conditions, this time the people would pale, or he old are in a state of panic anxiety, you let him how "light"? His "light" is not down. Therefore, the "tranquil nothingness" is four realm.
Liang Dong: So, and this realm Yeah it is applicable to all people, for example, even if your stocks, you can Scoop "tranquil nothingness." For example, my favorite Buffett, you say this man earn a lifetime of money, tens of billions of dollars on hundreds of billions, says ready to donate donated opinions, then why did he do? Because he started to feel that they have no money. It is just a game for him.
Of Age: He did not take money when the money, he put the money look very pale. We are now regarded as the lifeblood of the money, and that the stock fell one o'clock fell two points fell one hundred points, for their great stimulus, I see a lot of people stock Stir a disease, whether it is the stock market up or when the stock market fall When these people are in fall ill.
Liang Dong: Yes, that's my heart with the stock price Huqihula, ups and downs ah!
Of Age: The idiom called "uneasy."
Liang Dong: uneasy on the right right right.
Of Age: "nervous" is the heart put up, "nervous" is the heart fall down, and finally, uneasiness, Nao Lege result, out of mind, disturbed.
Liang Dong: So, it is that some young friends, ah, the old feel of it, parents at home, not a little thing, to get hold of them hundreds of thousands of dollars in stocks, on the surface it is honor, in fact, destroyed. But to make to their parents ah, for uneasy, some wife felt the same way, I do not go out to work, fried stocks, is not it also earn a few hundred dollars a day, uneasy day, this is a cost.
Of Age: The cost is too high.
Liang Dong: psychological costs actually very large.
Of Age: too big.
Liang Dong: Yes, so, we just do this personal, health ah "tranquil nothingness," Let's talk about from the beginning, so it then, and we chat a little later after the "tranquil nothingness" to how to do? "Infuriating from it." What is called "infuriating from it" mean?
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Liang Dong: let yourself become healthy too, "tranquil nothingness", then it will be able to "infuriating from it." Oh, Xu ah, there is talk that this "infuriating from it," ah, why use "infuriating" the word it? Yes, it really is the true and false "true", listeners Kazakhstan.
Of Age: We talk about "ancient naive theory" naive that "truth" is natural given that your original face, that is, people born in the future, start breathing, a crying child and then feeding this gas, we called acquired Valley gas, this gas is written like? A top "gas", under an "m", this is called acquired gas. However, in your parents' sperm egg the moment, we call "God two fine Competing called", a combination of two cells, this time people have God, and that brings its innate this God The energy will start moving, and this time, a cell divides into two, two into a humanoid split into four after pushing his development of this energy is called strength. This is the gift for you.
Liang Dong: that is to say the so-called "infuriating" it?
Of Age: "infuriating." But after we were born the day after tomorrow, that is the innate vitality of this valley acquired plus gas, the gas acquired joint action to complete the whole activity of our lives. This does, if you do not know to protect their infuriating words, this "infuriating" it just is irreplaceable, can not be together, not copying things, run out on the end. A lot of people are doing every day and it was hurting yourself strength, so that when we are in a "tranquil nothingness" state time for it, this time, you innate infuriating it gives you, you should be able to as he had God's command that he went to work. "From the," "of," Who are you? This is infuriating that who command? He certainly is not your conscious command, your consciousness can command Move your hands, feet move a bit, but ask you about, you can control what your heart consciousness it? You say:! "! Heartbeat, hurry," "Heartbeat, a little slow" or "stomach, motility, and quickly digest" or "large intestine, and quickly motility, defecation" It does not listen to you, this inherent!! organs functioning system it is subject to another control, pushing its energy, we call infuriating, infuriating promote the sport we call soul.
Liang Dong: Oh, this thing is called TCM which was about the "birth of this."
Of Age: hey, the "birth of the gas."
Liang Dong: that this thing does, you listeners, some listeners do always feel a little pseudo-science of TCM Yeah look, I say that what is called "congenital qi" do not understand, with all cite a simple example, I think should permit it. For example, let the earth are oil, natural gas, this thing die, in many cases, even in many, many years before we were born that it stays inside the earth's crust, and it is the result of crustal movement several times before to stay. That now, we humans do not environmentally friendly, frenzied exploitation of oil, natural gas exploration crazy, and made ​​also warming the planet. In fact, this global warming with human overexploitation this innate vitality and false fire floating ......
Of Age: impetuous.
Liang Dong: Actually, the same thing. So, let's talk if a planet, if you believe that the earth is a metaphor, why can not we do not become like this does, in fact, it is possible for everyone at birth, already had his own oil and natural gas, and that the oil and gas metaphor if we could come back, then we will be able to understand the "infuriating" mean that it is not pseudo-science, it is really possible to have this reason.
Of Age: That is, when you are in "tranquil nothingness" state, you can feel your infuriating run, called "infuriating from it." We found people TCM meridians and acupoints are in this "tranquil nothingness" state, these ancient sages experience out, then they put their feelings recorded in detail, how the gas to go, where to go Where, where is there to stay, and this is the invention of the meridians and acupoints. That is, this thing can be repeated validation, if you follow the method we Taoist or Chinese medicine to do so, you also can feel your strength to run. For example, when your hand cut, you suddenly feel this wound here has a small artery "sudden" "sudden" "sudden" jump, what does that mean? It is your gas to your God or your soul, the blood sent here to fix it. If you draw a hole here, you do not feel what I felt pain, then it is not a long time to heal the wound, but also purulent water, which means that your infuriating not from God, it did not go to ground children. Similarly, when our body grow a little when cancer cells or tumor cells, infuriating from you if it would run past it to get rid of the blood. However, we are crazy to go with our consciousness the day after tomorrow to consume our strength, do other things, it will not attend, this time people will get sick. For example, when the soldiers assault the enemy, he might have been streaming out of the bowels, but he did not feel any pain, kill the enemy, after celebrating victory, he suddenly felt, 'hey, this is something, hey, a pull myself intestines ", then you would feel pain, and why?
Liang Dong: to catch your feet on, and thought it was a shoelace children, a look, uh oh, is his intestines!
Of Age: Why had never been seen do not feel pain? Because he had never been seen in the gas is used in his other things. Many of my patients are exuberant after their enthusiasm, then put into a large project or projects, things get, then "Kua" the body collapsed.
Liang Dong: Oh, the things it ......
Of Age: frequent occurrence.
Liang Dong: exactly it should permit now a thing we're doing now, we are doing that is so beautiful healthy ah, many Chinese middle class find it more of these friends to die, there is a case, in a developed economy is good, a contract Another business is particularly good time for it, and often do not feel sick, eh, a little economic growth to a halt, the thing is not so much, wow, the whole body disease came.
Of Age: Yes, in fact, he was not without disease, are flames of desires that he "desires" to conceal, he is the kind of "high" state, unaware of his own pain, and so look to the virtual fire, just like the financial crisis, all of those things under the tip of the iceberg of the whole exposed, and this time he did not know was sick, but it was too late.
Liang Dong: Yes, so, in the "Yellow Emperor ancient naive theory," which talked about the "tranquil nothingness, infuriating from it", these eight characters inside it is actually a very interesting talk about the realm. I think there is a case to make a teacher Xu should permit Kazakhstan, for example, you say that we look a little quiet, own one five minutes until eight minutes, we have suddenly discovered Oh, that I could feel my own breathing sound, can feel his heartbeat, and even feel the stomach gas have shares loud grunt, usually talking, talking, when thing do not think, that you want, just five minutes has such changes, If we can quietly be a six days, seven days it will be able to feel some of the more subtle than these cardiopulmonary things in our lives. The seven days spent what is? Called "tranquil nothingness," the.
Of Age: I can do this, you will feel this world totally with you now Awareness learn that world is completely different, you will appreciate the many wonderful state. "Elder naive theory" after the end of the time spoke of a man with four state, called "True to the saints." It will tell you, one moment you what kind of features, what would feel. But we do now even an ordinary healthy person can not do, you simply can not understand those things. Appreciate or obsessions, experience the evil ways.
Liang Dong: is not right, is not it? Well, we now talked about "tranquil nothingness, infuriating from it", and that the back? After "infuriating from it," it is, "keep within the spirit, patient safety has never been." Says this spirit keep it inside, how sick would come? But it certainly is not so simple, I just use the first layer easiest way to tell is that the spirit pass on ...... spiritual matter, punctuality is inside and outside the "inner" Punctuality is the guardian of "Shou." "Patient safety has never" it, that is to say, security is Tiananmen "security", from it two people to do is to come and go "to." "Keep within the spirit, patient safety has never been."
Of Age: ah, in which the "tranquil nothingness, infuriating from it," the state of human essence and God is firmly keep within your body. On the contrary, we are now a lot of people are not within the spirit to defend, he is exposed, fine and God are exposed. Punctuality is closed reservoir to hold him, he is the opposite of dew out. I'll give you a few fine performance drain leakage fine first manifestation is nocturnal emission, men, night to do a sex dream, clouds and rain, and found very merry ejaculation. There are those who are called Hua Jing, no sexual dreams, but up in the morning and saw the underwear sticky whistling, know and "Happy" was. The most typical example is the "Dream of Red Mansions" in Jia Rui, look Fengyuebaojian of Wang Xifeng have unrequited love, look at this face, Wang Xifeng move him into the clouds and rain, then emission look, a look at this side of it, is a Taoist send to him, to see a skull, meaning that, if you so old you died, and he could not help but see that the old cloud that side, and finally finishing off death. This is called the spirit, essence is not within the keep, God's essence is the material basis, you do not have something this breadwinner, that God would finally ran away, called fine is not within the gatekeeper. Others say, you say not that semen Well, now many scientists say, which is not found on a few proteins semen Well, times have nothing left.
Liang Dong: Yes, there always have family doctors Vet Dr. Chang to answer these questions.
Of Age: They are typically a Chi Hui gang I said no, and he knows there are proteins semen, but he did not know, is not the same protein with protein. How to say it, you know what ingredients diamonds?
Liang Dong: Carbon thing.
Of Age: Carbon? I'll give you a piece of graphite which is carbon.
Liang Dong: Yes, the pencil is also carbon. Right?
Of Age: When you ask his wife to marry him, you send her a C, you say you marry me, she married you? This is a problem for scientists, are carbon, why not the same value, so that the protein with a protein that is completely different, you want to become carbon HPHT diamond you also have to give it gives special energy. So this set of consumed energy manufacturing semen people is enormous, so you lose a lot of it is the same as the loss of blood and your energy. Then bad, we do not discuss the theoretical question, that you who said that scientists in an experiment here, I have to spit a few mouthfuls of spittle protein, you shoot a fine, I spit spittle of ten, you shoot a fine, of us all day every day come so, to see who withstood, standard practice is for testing truth. So keep this fine is not within our modern many people have a one of the greatest problems.
Liang Dong: fine not keep inside, there will be the various ...... Well you, as a doctor, a variety of male patients to handle every day, is not it?
Of Age: Male patient female patients has not inner essence.
Liang Dong: Oh, yes, yes, you say this male patient, of course we all know, there are circumstances when it comes to the kind of fine just does not keep within, then the female patient is how fine not keep it inside? Well, then we have a little pause, right back to talk with you, in the end what is the essence of female patients are not within the keep?
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Liang Dong: in the end this "fine not via" ah, in addition to the men of this "fine without Nei Jing", we all know that there are various manifestations of Kazakhstan. That, female students, she is how to do "fine without Nei Jing" it?
Of Age: The man has a fine, fine woman there. Woman's fine performance under normal circumstances she called her vaginal lubrication fluid secretion, vaginal lubrication fluid does this to some extent, it has moisture and protect the vaginal mucosa role, of course, sex life it also act as a lubricating role. But if the loss of this fine too, or is there some viruses or fungi, bacterial infections lead to the secretion of this mucus kept within its vagina, she, like the loss of precision. That is, excessive sexual intercourse woman will lose fine. There is a vaginal discharge, yellow belt secretion, vaginal infection permanently, including some cervical erosion, she also lost fine.
Liang Dong: that such a person can not be reflected in the face, she look like?
Of Age: In general, do not fine people first, not the eyes of God, then one does, there is a manifestation of such a person, his face black hair tuberculosis, as if covered with a layer of ash. Old like to see the doctor when you see her face did not like, I mean a no makeup of the state, but, there is a feature panda eyes children, especially around the eyes, dark eyes, this is a woman's loss of fine ʱ?? There is also a loss of fine women, the biggest problem is premature birth and abortion, if your normal pregnancy fertility, which are good for women and children. This is because in line with the natural channel. If the artificial termination of pregnancy, and then to do the drug and abortion, which is the biggest loss of precision. Many have depression female patient I rule, because excessive or improper abortion, which is the loss of precision.
Liang Dong: They lost this fine too, will affect their mood.
Of Age: Spirit. Emotions are primary, and ultimately will hurt their gods. But now many people do not seriously put abortion ah, to be a flow of drug flow, do not seriously. After morning fall tires, the work of the afternoon drinking the dance, in fact, like abortion with fertility, it is a miscarriage, this time, the human body is the most weak, just as you have to keep in confinement. But many people do not support, and so we came to a root cause. This is the essence we are talking about extreme loss, there are many fine lose it, including our body produces a lot of fluids, including you go to the old diarrhea, loss of body such body fluids. Or a sweat, we are now a lot of people exercise to sweat for the purpose of a sweaty feel good, in fact, they are in essence injury, hurt his essence. Ancient people are talking about, for example, two ancient masters contest, he did not say who the who killed the contest in the process of sweating whoever, whoever loses, it shows your fine out. To dying people, the emergence of a symptom called "sweating, such as oil," is people to dying when it finally came out fine point, this person will be ruined.
Liang Dong: Some of the elderly frail body especially when you'll be scared, and saw the body is sweating, it is very dangerous.
Of Age: There are people who will be out of night sweats, sleep Chuyishenhan is later, and then the whole clothing were wet, and this is a manifestation of the loss of kidney essence.
Liang Dong: So many of our young people think that way, that is, heat a whole night all wet, you see I'm wearing clothes all wet, why you do not wet during the day? Also at a temperature not wet it? Have you ever seriously think about it, but the knowledge behind this big. Because the problem is not entirely the outside temperature is inside your question, which can not control, and this is actually a problem of self-control function of the body. Oh, so, just that we talked about the "Yellow Emperor" ah, this "infuriating from it, keep within the spirit, patient safety has never" ah.
Of Age: When you keep these valuable sperm in the body do not let it leak when we stop treatment for this is called leakage fine complement. We now understand the "fill" means and its intention is not the same, we now say, "You have to eat tonic" In fact, we are talking about the "benefits" means. "Benefit", "benefit", "fill" What does that mean ......
Liang Dong: Which "yi" Yeah?
Of Age: that is beneficial to the people, the interests of the "benefits."
Liang Dong: Oh, on top of an inverted eight children, a cross and then an eight, and then the "dish", is not it?
Of Age: put the body into a pot over it, if this pot is broken, it is in essence the drain, it is what I just said, semen, vaginal discharge, sweating, including streaming a lot of concentrated nose, or drooling, or stop bleeding, these are fine in the drain, we need to put it back to live with tonic.
Liang Dong: ah, like fill the pot, like, huh?
Of Age: Oh, called fill the pot, called "fill", make up a good pot after, we go down inside the pot, add water, called "benefits", now people speak the "fill" and "Yi" He has, regardless of the ʱ??
Liang Dong: Now a lot of people may not know the "benefits" of the word, that is entered, plus the whole thing is the complement.
Of Age: hey, he understood as such, we have a prescription medicine called "Buzhongyiqitang", which means that the vulnerability patch first live, then ...... otherwise do, or else you fill it fill plus, Barker, "wine and meat through gut-off" and then added another flow away. So many people are eating a lot of tonic, such as his urine protein inside red or white blood cells, which are the drain.
Liang Dong: Oh, how can a person know that he urine protein inside it?
Of Age: protein if so, we ancients no microscope, no laboratory, but they discovered a problem. First, they found that after some people urinate over, step up is sticky; some people urinate over, the ants will go on his urine urine climb, then a doctor to try his urine that is sweet.
Liang Dong: Oh, this thing is diabetes.
Of Age: This is the diabetes, urine protein inside it inside it is cloudy, a lot of people is that in future the urine over it, and some also have it be a clear liquid, but then, especially when he was urinating more foam, though invisible to the naked eye It is subtle protein, but he could see the foam.
Liang Dong: thought it was drink beer.
Of Age: Well, there's the case, the naked eye can see his urine is cloudy, it called leakage fine. So this situation, the Chinese say to make him live with tonic, then give him some of the beneficial use, add water to the pot.
Liang Dong: So, once again with listeners stressed Kazakhstan, called "tonic" "tonic", we now understand the "up" ah, are wrong in fact make it, first of all to put your own body that mouth "pot" ah loopholes give fill, so do, what to eat to be able to be caught before they can be absorbed by the body, otherwise it will not help. Eat more food but also damage to the body. So, just this Xu teacher ah, this "keep within the spirit, patient safety has never" it, really learning too.
Of Age: Just now we talk about a fine inner keep, keep the following also speak within a God. God keep it inside, antonym is the "absence", what is "absence"? We say this man, "trance", stupefied, distracted, and then a serious point called "driven to distraction," people say, "This man with a lost soul like." Such people show there is a great attention is not focused there is no way to focus on the completion of a work, always kind of restless, then it over and over again, I could not sleep, that this state.
Liang Dong: one will come to look at the phone.
Of Age: ah, one will come up with a mobile phone that is called "anxiety", he always looked forward to one thing you want to happen, but that was not any thing happen. Some are called "worry", it was to be called "consideration", "worry" is the old fear of something bad to happen, "consider" is a good thing to happen the old look.
Liang Dong: But old did not happen.
Of Age: never happened. What all of those? He was supposed to close the mind in the body, and he called the "Chi, in the fieldwork," the entire hair out, thinking about thinking about this person or that thing, so these people do is called "dreamer." Therefore, "keep within the spirit" of antonym called "restless", or "driven to distraction", a serious point called "wits" body in here, did not mind here.
Liang Dong: So a lot of people always said, a reference to God it, to cough, the scientific and unscientific, but you're obviously feel some people do with some people do not like, he also eat, he also walk, he also crowded bus, packed quite dynamic, but in fact he was not the same with us.
Of Age: still not the same, two eyes peering.
Liang Dong: Or is the "confused", now the fashion magazine very much, sometimes I feel really pull out the shooting, always in the eyes blurred emphasizes a situation, then, tell everyone that this is called the United States, I feel this particularly bad.
Of Age: It is an absence, morbid beauty. Any society always have an abnormal morbid development, when more people sick after this it will form a culture, form a circle, and when such a sick person is rich if he would guide a trend.
Liang Dong: So many people have been pretty good own spirit, its own beautiful eyes ha, a look fashion magazine, Oh, now popular this fuzzy feeling nervous, try to turn themselves into something that eyes blurred, it is simply own court death.
Of Age: The eyes blurred, now it was found that when a person slightly dilated pupil, say we see a surprise tempted to make their own thing or person, the pupil will not help expand themselves, but some people Originally this thing has no sense not touched, his pupil is not large nor bright, but he would like to show the other side of you once I am fascinated, charming that state, how can he do it, he points mydriasis agent. Before proceeding woman dating, my fancy Liang Dong, and I keep dating Liang Dong, I feel I want liangdong have feelings for him, but then, I installed no feeling, and who has the ability to let own some bright pupil, before the first point mydriatic appointment.
Liang Dong: this, this, and that now the scientific name children, on what is outside?
Of Age: that mydriatic. It is atropine things. We was a child with myopia Well, the first point after mydriatic true myopia, this time to see what you are trance, as you gather that God no longer. But others see How about you, oh Yo, it is a kind of blurred lax state of the United States, feel, say, wow, this person told me fascinated.
Liang Dong: wow, good attractive ah.
Of Age: good and attractive.
Liang Dong: So, young men radio next to your attention, ah, if one day a young woman ......
Of Age: two blurred to come to you, you must find out ......
Liang Dong: Yes, first of all he is not myopic children? Second, if he is not nearsighted so blurred, you make it clear: She probably is not necessarily because it is blurred you but some other reason, she used the mydriatic, ah. Young men do, to beware of crooks, ah.
Of Age: beware of crooks. The thing now is the social ...... I see is this "fear God and not scattered Tibetan" Too many people, not for one of us alive to some strange things too many people alive, which belong to a Species psychotic state.
Liang Dong: So, this is interesting ah. Just now we talked about "tranquil nothingness, infuriating from it and keep within the spirit, patient safety has never been."
Of Age: You can do fine and keep within the spirit, then, first of all, you have accumulated, you have food inside the warehouse, and the second, your God in your body, out of a little trouble, the reaction of God is quick, and what the virus, bacteria, virtual thief evil wind, it immediately put it to catch out. If you are in this state, then, as we now country's foreign exchange reserves is very rich, state leaders are so wise, outside of a little something, not worthwhile for you, so here are a word called "patient safety has never been?" How you could sick of it?
Liang Dong: Oh, it is too much fun! Today what we have spent almost an hour, talking about how people can be healthy? To avoid Ha "virtual thief evil wind, to avoid the sometimes" ah, Xu especially mentioned that the so-called virtual evil are those invisible, but your righteousness have an impact. What you do not see? For example, some of the wind, the wind does in fact we can see it, just dust in the wind on a real wind is invisible. Also, dry, Kazakhstan, these things do ......
Of Age: energy.
Liang Dong: Yes, it is the energy of things, it has a great influence on our body, so, "virtual thief evil wind" mean a big impact on us all. That "to avoid the sometimes" That we do not fight with it, according to understand, we know this will be different at different times of the negative impact of our body energy it to be adjusted. Then "tranquil nothingness", "tranquil nothingness," it is the four different levels, first of all it should to self-comforting, then, to be enough of these weak fame, or the desire for a little bit of control, with the "tranquil nothingness "will" infuriating from. " The key to us is to have a strength, always walked up and down the body, protecting our body: the so-called "infuriating from it," emphasize, that is to say, when we are quiet enough, we can actually feel it ʱ?? Today our lesson ah, talked about the "keep within the spirit," Xu emphasized it today: the spermatic keep and keep within the spirit, but not the same. Keep within the fine for male comrades do, it is best not to have a variety of emission, ejaculation. Well, keep God within is especially important. Although, now we call an atheist, but we from a broad perspective, God, that is to say is a way for us to live in a safe own their inner strength. For example, you can often see some young men, young women eyes blurred, eyes and lax, and this is God to go outside, and only when this God inside time for it, we have a good enough of this self antibodies. Today it took us almost an hour to talk about the more than twenty words, every word of it, is the implication. Thank you very much. Today, let's Magnolia medicine Tang Tangzhu of Age teachers and us together to share how to keep their inner calm, how to make yourself keep within the spirit after it, in order to achieve a state of perfect health. "Yellow Emperor ancient naive theory," the first chapter of which twenty words. Thank you very much! Thank you, Xu teacher!
Of Age: You're welcome!

Liang Dong: Well, thank you!

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