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Yellow Emperor: Elder naive theory" first lecture text version(2012-12-05 16:24:47) Reproduced▼

Interpretation XuWenBin "Yellow Emperor: Elder naive theory" first lecture text version(2012-12-05 16:24:47) Reproduced▼
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Elder naive theory article first lecture
Speaker: the auspices XuWenBin: Liang Dong
Broadcast time: 2008-12-0623: 00-24: 00
Scripture: Xi in the Yellow Emperor, born gods, weak and can be made, but many have suggested the young Sarkozy, long Duimin, and so on into the day. Fearless is asked to say: I hear the Guzhi Ren, Spring are a hundred degrees, and the action is not bad; people this time of year and the action fifties who are bad, when the world different or not? People will lose the Lord? Qi Bo answered: on Guzhi Ren, its know those laws in the yin and yang, and in the number of patients,
Liang Dong: I was Liang Dong, Liang people. And do the opposite to me is my idol grade teacher teacher XuWenBin in terms of studying Chinese medicine, Xu Hello!
XuWenBin: Liang Dong good! Listeners and friends Hello, everyone!
Liang Dong: Oh, great to see this radio style, small is definitely a small speaker who grew up listening to.
XuWenBin: Listen to the story of the Sun grandfather grew up learning
Liang Dong: Oh, I guess you might be the last batch of training Grandpa Sun mentioned this child myself. After the children are difficult to mention myself. So it makes us infinitely sad. Also let us something infinitely sad it is that traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine as a very profound knowledge, and do it as a possible reason for a universe accessible learning it, just recently, criticized, and many people do not understand hate, In particular, we hope to be able to use a new perspective, in fact, is not a new perspective, and just a little bit so that we, modern people can understand that we have to look at our language again to talk about this Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine, especially on the inside He has a book called "Yellow Emperor." This book does a lot of friends are different channels heard, but in fact in my opinion, I've heard about the "Yellow Emperor" put the most interesting person, who is sitting opposite me XuWenBin teacher.
XuWenBin: Over speak.
Liang Dong: er, ah, Xu teacher, a look that is elegant, say ah this slut before it multilingual, elegant silence ...... Ha ha ha ......
XuWenBin: No, come to hear you say, you throw me a jade brick.
Liang Dong: Yes, we do this show, is actually very simple uh ...... is a "Yellow Emperor" is enough to make many people read a lifetime. So, we certainly want to slowly share, "Yellow Emperor" is a ......, there are many articles about eighty-one a ......
XuWenBin: "Yellow Emperor" up and down two points, the first section is called "Q" It has eighty-one, second section called "coffin" also has eighty-one, together one hundred sixty-two.
Liang Dong: "Q" and "coffin" what about it?
XuWenBin: "Q" is the simplest is ......, we often have a word called Internet FAQ, is the Frequently Asked Questions, some questions often asked this question comes with universal, general problem, so, to answer TCM life on some basic issues related with the life of heaven and earth, so "Q" is a book on the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine. "Coffin" it refers to that node, joints gas and people's spirits who communicate, "pivot" is the key to that door is opening and closing of the door shaft us. It is a move the entire door on the move, so this is about acupuncture books.
Liang Dong: So in ancient China in a very long period of time inside, really well for people that little surgical techniques are all the way back and from inside animals transplant.
XuWenBin: There may say from this in terms of understanding the meridian, TCM says that people have the twelve meridians, kidneys have three hundred sixty-one shu, in addition, have also observed that animals have meridians, There shu, such as Zhu, Goua have the full three years. These are those very clever wizards or doctors of ancient skills he is expected to air, like Que, as, according to "Historical Records" record, Que can learn what medicine into the future? Serious internal organs do see, he had a feeling of superhuman ability, so in this sense the ability to go to acupuncture treatment, surgery, and that it would be quite high. The ancient and the world, and the animals, plants have to communicate, they have a special way of communicating.
Liang Dong: What is communication?
XuWenBin: that supernatural powers, is to communicate with them on the God level.
Liang Dong: This will not be a little Tai Xuan?
XuWenBin: the mysterious, we talk about traditional Chinese medicine on the inside do not open a "mysterious" word today. Ancient awareness of Chinese medicine can not do without this innate way, in fact, everyone has, we just acquired by some of the things to blinded out. This is a man's true nature, blinded out, but some people still preserved. So you see the "Yellow Emperor" The first chapter is called: Elder naive theory, the so-called innocent person is not contaminated, the deceived people of the state by more urgent.
Liang Dong: What is the world of gas you?
XuWenBin: Chun-sheng, long summer, autumn, winter provisions. This is the world of gas. So the Chinese say conform the world of gas, he was talking about this stuff.
Liang Dong: Very interesting. So today, we do little to spend a little time to it, and share with you, "Yellow Emperor", TCM. And now we started we really talk about the "Yellow Emperor" of the topic Kazakhstan. All China's Medical Code which, the most important book is "Yellow Emperor", "Yellow Emperor" which came in the first chapter of the article, actually called "ancient naive theory." Enough to see that this "ancient naive theory" is how much important. This "ancient naive theory," it called the first sentence: "Xi Huang Ling, born gods." That year too, a man named Yellow Emperor's man, "born gods, weak and can be made, but many have suggested the young Sarkozy, long Dunmin, into the impossible." I ask, what is called "born gods?"
XuWenBin: ah, first said, "Elder naive" means. We just mentioned a little bit, that Taoism is exquisite Imitation of Nature, that the God of this nature gives you energy or capacity, is superlative. So naturally the opposite of what you think about?
Liang Dong: is not natural.
XuWenBin: that is not natural, that is man-made.
Liang Dong: Oh, right right right.
XuWenBin: is not it? So we say contrived, Beijing, then called "work." This man is a plus, a word children together.
Liang Dong: Pseudo.
XuWenBin: it is pseudo.
Liang Dong: So Sima Nan always said pseudo-science.
XuWenBin: pseudo-science is also true, traditional Chinese medicine is a pseudo-science, Chinese medicine is not scientific. Chinese medicine is another an understanding of natural science.
Liang Dong: Yes, or on the road to reach the truth, there are a lot of paths, science is a.
XuWenBin: pair.
Liang Dong: Yes, that religion, art, literature everywhere. At the same time, I think we are not the same for science this definition. For possible from another point of view, Chinese medicine is another broad science, not necessarily.
XuWenBin: not afraid of Chinese medicine is a pseudo-science, pseudo-science is afraid of the truth.
Liang Dong: Oh, this is, indeed, is so interesting.
XuWenBin: so that when Chinese medicine is a pseudo-science, pseudo-science, when the truth is, we are the pseudo-pseudo-truth, just negatives is positive, we are the truth. Advertising trailers ...... subtitle from "Yi Jian life network" production ......
Liang Dong: Well, turn over, "Elder naive."
XuWenBin: So why mention this pseudo-it really is a pseudo antonyms. Really antonyms pseudo-words, we say innocent, is the day, giving you the kind of natural ability. In the face of this capability, some of you are still humble, do not put your artificial, contrived, "as" the kind of thing out, override this natural top.
Liang Dong: Yes, not innocent man is "pseudo-brother."
XuWenBin: it is the "pseudo-brother," not the guy is the "pseudo-brother."
Liang Dong: is the "pseudo-brother" is not it. You just talked about is the kind of naive and outspoken one of the world?
XuWenBin: Yes, it is without any carving something that does not add any artificial gloss polish things. Also this ancient, that is, from Taoism is concerned, he thinks that is worse than before.Imitation of Nature is to say from this perspective, the era of the more progressive, more man-made things, more advanced, the farther away from the kind of naive. And the only way to pursue this naive not to look at the world now, but back to nature, back to ancient times. It had never been seen is closest to the natural, the most naive.
Liang Dong: So another formulation of social progress is farther away from a natural process.
XuWenBin: Yes, human nature more repressed, more and more damage.
Liang Dong: Apply sentence increasingly fashionable word "alienation."
XuWenBin: alienation, alienation is, in fact, alienation, alienation is the result of more and more people live in pain, more unnatural. So from the first chapter, "Elder naive theory" is concerned we have come to such a conclusion, people who want to return to their own natural simplicity of nature we will do two things children, one is close to nature as possible, and the second, possible return to tradition. Or upside down also, called close tradition, return to nature. This is the first topic Elder naive theory, teach you to do the thing. Then it said the following, "Xi in the Yellow Emperor," he speaks of this sentence is a summary of the life of the Yellow Emperor's life. Yellow Emperor, what he is called to be born and the gods. What does that mean?
Liang Dong: 24 words to put a person's life finished.
XuWenBin: Yeah, he summarizes his life.
Liang Dong: how can you say you do not think the Chinese culture is so beautiful.
XuWenBin: so beautiful.
Liang Dong: is not it, 24 words, "Xi in the Yellow Emperor, born gods, weak and can be made, but many have suggested the young Sarkozy, long Dunmin, into the impossible." Forty-six XXIV.
XuWenBin: Yeah, you just said something in addition, that is, how we use modern language to interpret the "Yellow Emperor", I personally think that interpretation can not. Do you want to learn the "Yellow Emperor", you go for ancient Chinese, each of you to understand the meaning of the word classical Chinese characters, then you will be able to communicate with the ancients. You put these things translate into big vernacular is concerned, finally, as if to take the Chinese translation of the foreign words to poetry, or poetry translated into Chinese as a foreign language, no taste, no charm. We talk about this "born gods" is born this person is not the same.There is such a story, a story is Zen, it speaks of wind, streamers move. He said two novices in the discussion, look at that in Gone with the Wind Flag, a young monk said:. "Hey, streamers moving" another monk said: "Not streamers moving, the wind moving, is the wind streamers move . "Then you are a third monk, I ask you:" Who let the wind? "
Liang Dong: heart thing, right?
XuWenBin: Oh, far away.
Liang Dong: ah, Who wind ah?
XuWenBin: Who wind?
Liang Dong: Who let the wind? World, right?
XuWenBin: Days or land?
Liang Dong: days.
XuWenBin: ah. That is, to a third monk said:. "Earth's rotation is produced wind" Then came the fourth monk, "Who the earth?"
Liang Dong: sun myself.
XuWenBin: Who let the sun shine?
Liang Dong: I do not know.
XuWenBin: Overall there, right? You have to chase it up!
Liang Dong: I do not know.
XuWenBin: Galaxy, over the universe, and then further on the root unwinding, unwinding, unwinding, Who universe move?
Liang Dong: it can only be a Hawking.
XuWenBin: The last monk teacher came out and said, echocardiography. What is the "heart"? What is the "heart"?
Liang Dong: ah.
XuWenBin: Q. How about you!
Liang Dong: heart is God myself.
XuWenBin: pair. Ancient Chinese culture remember Oh, the "heart" and "God" are synonymous. So, we are talking about substance, as well as its sports these, pushed to its point, pushed to its origin, or "spirit." That "spirit", we give it a name, Westerners called "God", called "Creator" and what we call?
Liang Dong: we call "God"
XuWenBin: we call "God." You check the "Dictionary", "God, the idea things were."
Liang Dong: So it right is a "Shen" word thing.
XuWenBin: Yes, all things are coming from there, things were extended, or if you translate into English, Who created everything.
Liang Dong: "Bulk English" Yes ah.
XuWenBin: ah, you translate it, the Creator. China originally called "Divine."
Liang Dong: Yes.
XuWenBin: right? God favored place, Chinese people are not motherless children, but we Chinese people put God to forget.
Liang Dong: will remember, and will remember together. Well, born gods.
XuWenBin: born gods. That is what God create all things what. Spirit do? God is the day, spiritual people. You see the "spirit" word how to write?
Liang Dong: how to write?
XuWenBin: Traditional ah, you do not write me a, um, a "fire", a simplified that. Traditional spirit it so written, the above is a "rain", under a "witch"
Liang Dong: The above is a "rain" ......
XuWenBin: middle three "mouth."
Liang Dong: Oh, right, right, right.
XuWenBin: think of it, right?
Liang Dong: think of it, on top of a "rain", the middle three "mouth", the following is a "witch"
XuWenBin: is a "witch", it is what we now despise those "witch", "sorcerer" of the "witch." I tell you, "witch", is the highest wisdom of ancient Chinese molecules.
Liang Dong: this is that this is a nation each are.
XuWenBin: You can not have a nation like China, like his own highest wisdom molecular stepped foot in the present, a talk about "witch" to have brought a vicious, derogatory word to say "witch."
Liang Dong: we say that the "spirit" word.
XuWenBin: Oh, you say, "Hope" is inseparable from the "witch" ah! I ask you: What is "witch"?
Liang Dong: Well, you see Ha, he that created characters, above is the "rain" in the middle is the "mouth" ......
XuWenBin: I ask you what is the witch? You will some "witch" it?
Liang Dong: I will write, ah, it is a work, and then both sides of a person, right?
XuWenBin: Yes, what is called the "witch"?
Liang Dong: Radix.
XuWenBin: Polygonum?
Liang Dong: Oh Oh, Polygonum. The "witch" Ha, ha a work, people on both sides of Kazakhstan.
XuWenBin: "witch" of the top of a cross on behalf of "day", below a cross stands for "land" in the middle is the communication of heaven and earth, it is this side of the person on behalf of the living, on behalf of dead people over there, it is the communication world Ghost of the psychics, the media, called "witch."
Liang Dong: Of course, which ran, ran.
XuWenBin: ran. Ask a question, witch is a man? female?
Liang Dong: Malay should be the man.
XuWenBin: stupid, it is possible to communicate with the spirits of heaven and earth who is definitely not a man conscious person, but a very emotional person, very Farrah person. You want this feature men and women have have?
Liang Dong: I thought it was a man of reason, because it is pricked middle.
XuWenBin: Oh, no, the real witch, are the woman, he said a witch, are woman. Wizard, a man then slowly began to have this ability, wizard called "wizard" is a "witch" character, bottom of a "trainee" and "learning", all wizards are learning out with a woman a.
Liang Dong: That the above is a "witch" ......
XuWenBin: No, the left is a "witch."
Liang Dong: the right of a trainee's learning?
XuWenBin: see, see, trainee's learning.
Liang Dong: See, see, or trainee's learning?
XuWenBin: trainee's see.
Liang Dong: Oh Oh, just like we had had a teacher named Bell, when he hit the BB machine, said: "Miss trouble call 'Last Bell'," "What bell", "watches the table," ha ha ha ha.
XuWenBin: Ha ha ha ha ......, see probation. Called "Witchcraft." First, "witch", after the "wizard."
Liang Dong: Yes.
XuWenBin: So, "witch" is this, we just said back to the specific function, such a person who has this special ability. When a witch, via three ports on incantations to pray for rain, and the rain really down, this state is called "spirit", we say:!! "Ah, true spirit," "efficacious is it," the called "spirit."
Liang Dong: is to use Western words: "It's work."
XuWenBin: Yes, It's works add "s"..
Liang Dong: I am talking about this because to tell you, Xu not only understand Chinese medicine, but also really understand English, can speak English, Chinese medicine to Westerners person. Ah, this is to understand science. Hehehe……
XuWenBin: his "born gods", that is, the Yellow Emperor was born, although he was a man, but he has a supernatural ability to communicate with the world, called "born gods," we gave birth to this child who smart not smart, clever is not clever, but also there's ingredients. However, he is a big smart this smart, not smart. This is what we talk about is the "wisdom" instead of "wisdom."
Liang Dong: "wisdom" and "wisdom" What's the difference?
XuWenBin: "wisdom" and "wisdom" very different, but now people do not talk about this distinction.But I tell you two idioms you know the difference between it, and the phrase "quick-witted", that "wisdom" how to say?
Liang Dong: quit, and wisdom.
XuWenBin: "very quiet of wisdom."
Liang Dong: Yes.
XuWenBin: You say that when one is anxious to get angry burst of inspiration, one is in extremely quiet seeding state burst out of things, two completely different.
Liang Dong: Oh, eh, I can tell you a little deeper? This "wisdom" and "wisdom" of difference?
XuWenBin: ah, "wisdom" without the heart, "wisdom" not be tempted, do not move God.
Liang Dong: "Wisdom" is known, and day. What is this "day" mean?
XuWenBin: "Knowledge Day" is speaking, "wisdom" is the study of something tangible, like a shining sun hung in there, we discussed it, unless you are blind, who have eyes can see , that knowledge mortal eyes of people that can be discussed, called "chi." And that "wisdom", first it with the heart, with a heart as long as things are truly inspired. Moreover, it is the top two "rich" and "abundance", right? "Hui" word.
Liang Dong: two "Feng" What does it mean?
XuWenBin: greatly enriched content unthinkable, not exhaustive. Middle like him like that word "return" and "return" the word that half of that thing, it is a philosophy, turning something, as we speak, "Queer", "the situation improves," to when it will turn a corner rather than as research "wisdom" of that knowledge, 1 + 1 = 2,2 + 2 = 4, for ever endless, endless, but the research to "Hui" is a tell you, a lot of bad, is not it, too strong is not good. Ah, Shouzhuo good, Bao Pu Shouzhuo very good, if you press the "wisdom" that learning to think this is a "silly hat", press the "wisdom" of knowledge is concerned, eh, expert. "Wisdom" and "wisdom" ah.
Liang Dong: So, what we talked about today now, ......
XuWenBin: just speak a word ......
Liang Dong: word not to. Well, we just talked about this "born gods," God it refers to the god, is extended all who call God, is to let the world move that is called "God", Westerners called God.That in China yet, "God" and "heart" is the same, that is to say all those who extended also means "heart", so I say, why the wind, streamers move, the heart of it, in fact, because the heart speaks. That "spirit" of it, just Xu has talked about, this "spirit" from traditional Chinese point of view, the top a "rain", the middle three "mouth", following a "witch", that talking about it, that is, if we can pray for rain, it is possible to pray for rain down, It's works, it is the "spirit" of the. Well, we talked to say this to say, when the Yellow Emperor was born just when it on the "born gods", which the second sentence is "weak and can speak", what is "weak and can speak"?
XuWenBin: "weak and can speak," which the "word", not just nonsense, not to say that babbling child.Our life then, Confucian talk called, morality, Liyan, meritorious, Sanli ......
Liang Dong: Ma Sanli.
XuWenBin: Ma Sanli, right, Ma Sanli Confucian ...... with this, we are now the ancients from the name ah, not "moral" is the "classics" on, for instance, Chu Tunan, Tunan is Kunpeng that, Zhuangzi "Escape," the first chapter, the North has Kun, then turned into a roc, and then fly south, called Tunan. The Ma Sanli This is the Sanli, meritorious, morality, Liyan.
Liang Dong: Right, so that Hong Kong has a very well-known columnist, also an economist, called Lin Xin Zi (???), I liked him, "Xin Zi" ah, here it is a phrase from the "Book of Changes" or a phrase from where? I still remember a phrase from the "Zhuangzi"? , A phrase from the "Zhuangzi", a phrase from the "Zhuangzi." Well, we say come back, and that this "weak and can speak," What does this mean?
XuWenBin: "weak and can speak" it, I mean to say that "the words" What does it mean? Since Confucianism to Liyan life as a big task to do, it is said that the "word" is not nonsense, is not just talk, chat, but can Chukouchengzhang, say some very classic words. So, we Chinese say, a lot of books are vain ancient text called mouth and heart, and this mouth and heart coming out of things that are now implemented in the "Yellow Emperor" those which we as The classic text of things. So said he was "weak", we called the "twenties", "twenties" refers to two years old before he was two years old before have been able Chukouchengzhang, say some very classic words, called "weak and can speak ʱ??
Liang Dong: too much fun! Well, back then a word called "Young and many have suggested Sarkozy."
XuWenBin: We have a saying that goes "behave", there is a word called "emulate", you light "born gods" is not enough, what do you need? Study with a teacher. Therefore, "the young and many have suggested Sarkozy," he told a lot of childhood teacher, get their initiations, help, words and deeds, daily instruction, which is a process of his school. So, we "Yellow Emperor" has run through the Yellow Emperor asked Qi Bo said in this disambiguation is Fearless, the emperor's teacher, is one of his major pacemaker.
Liang Dong: Well, it says back. "Young and many have suggested Qi" mean to say that the Yellow Emperor was young ah, by the concerted efforts of many expert and the promotion of education, of course, his own this Cotyledons Ye Hao. right?
XuWenBin: Oh, there are root gas ......
Liang Dong: root gas Well, is not it?
XuWenBin: No, not brick mill into a mirror. You "born from the spirit," may you have a little smarter, a little or a special skill. But if you get this famous teacher pointing later, you will be able to on a very high level.
Liang Dong: right, called "Young and many have suggested Sarkozy." "Long Duimin" mean? I particularly like this sentence, I even thought about the future, if I have a son, then called Liang Dunmin, because I think this "Duimin" the word it is so elegant and beautiful. Think about it, if there is a boy, it looks daft thick, but the heart and extremely smart, liked it that much?
XuWenBin: This is the big wisdom. But this term does not generally know this word, what is "London" and what is called "Min"?
Liang Dong: "London" it, I remember there was a man named Xiahou Dun. Oh Oh ......
XuWenBin: "London" We often say "fat pier" ah, "mounds", the "London" ah, that is especially stable footwall person. You "Yellow Emperor" if you want to read it, first of all you're going to practice some of the Taoist exercises, such as sit-ins to Zhan Zhuang to. Zhan Zhuang Taoists it has a basic requirement of it, what is it? "Qi Shen Dan Tian", "empty their hearts, actually its organs", "dashed off, Hom in full." From the heart, Firelight, this ridge it is the kidney, that is we are talking about pubic region, it should maintain a person what kind of state? Here it is this very heavy, like the tumbler like, there are roots, then it is full of pubic region. When the pubic region is full, he has had a virtual real and imaginary places, we called "empty their hearts." The chest ...... heart ......
Liang Dong: ah, Hom dashed away from the imaginary, from the virtual.
XuWenBin: Oh, you inadvertently tell people big problems now, and now people are sill in true, his own essence ah whole lost out, kidney virtual, and made himself Firelight transpiration was particularly severe, virtual fire particularly busy. So the real health of the people is to "dashed off", the heart is empty, open-minded, solid organs, kidney essence is enough. So "Dunmin", that is the heart, kidney two states. "London" is the essence is enough, "Min", beware very empty when this feeling is very keen, so susceptible to this condition Hui, so called "long 敦敏."
Liang Dong: So, before Guren Jiang humbly, humbly ah ......
XuWenBin: this is about.
Liang Dong: just speak we usually keep a low profile or low-profile installation.
XuWenBin: install a low profile.
Liang Dong: Actually, humbly very important material foundation ......
XuWenBin: Oh, physiological basis.
Liang Dong: physiological basis.
XuWenBin: I have always believed that Buddha Ye Hao, Ye Hao enlightenment, the orgasm or, have a physiological basis. Meridian barrier, the physiological basis do not have, you can not reach that state, the state can not get out.
Liang Dong: modest mean? From the perspective of Chinese medicine say?
XuWenBin: Chinese say, humbly, that is, that the heart is not to be deceived by talk. What kind of sick call? Sputum minded fans.
Liang Dong: ah, some female students always criticizing her husband, called "lard heart."
XuWenBin: or "sperm on the brain," which is not true of heart.
Liang Dong: the heart is not true, it is not a material basis to say, the heart is really covered a lot of things? For example, myocardial infarction, myocardial infarction, it is not open-minded the.
XuWenBin: right, right, right, that that it is a real living. Cerebral infarction, cerebral atrophy, this ......
Liang Dong: myocardial infarction.
XuWenBin: ah, myocardial infarction, which is not open-minded performance.
Liang Dong: Oh Oh, too much fun.
XuWenBin: include depression, depression is not only congestion but also chilling, chilling cold extremities. Heart itself is fire it, it was frozen.
Liang Dong: that is, the heart blood deficiency, temperature is not enough.
XuWenBin: In addition to temperature is not enough, lack of blood, there are evil to come, so these people want to self-harm suicide.
Liang Dong: The evil this thing, ah, I think is enough to speak for two days, so we will not speak of "evil" is the word today, ha, "positive", "evil" is the word Ha.
XuWenBin: "long Dunmin"
Liang Dong: "long Dunmin" say it, that empty their hearts, actually its organs. Modern it is empty of its organs, its real heart, lard heart. Well, so we often see some people do face acne, ah, in fact, not angry, what is it? Using traditional Chinese medicine's words do, in fact, his virtual fire up the fire, ah, in fact, have the fire in the above, the following are gone, so what good Chinese medicine to cure acne is not cool to use drugs.
XuWenBin: Yes, with hot drug.
Liang Dong: hot drug, which is the body of great wisdom.
XuWenBin: Yes, yes, you have a higher than many traditional Chinese medicine.
Liang Dong: sorry, sorry. "Long Duimin" mean the word ah really interesting, is not it? Already speak a word from the modest to the solid organs, to lard the heart of Kazakhstan. The last sentence said that the Yellow Emperor ah "into the impossible."
XuWenBin: A "into the impossible" tell the story of the Yellow Emperor unified the world after it, his own practice to the mountains, and then train it to heaven, then took him to the temple, there is a practice to help him people Panlongfufeng, inviting a dragon tail, dragon scales angle is also to follow up.
Liang Dong: This is a kind of metaphor and allegory, right?
XuWenBin: This is a realm of Taoist practice, is the practice to a certain extent it can be superb, can the soul from the body. "Yellow Emperor", also spoke, that it has four state Taoist practice, called "true to the saints." We often say that the saints, it seems very, very high, in fact, Taoism ranked third, nothing, really the highest state of Taoism called reality. This reality, between heaven and earth can march, audiovisual outside the Octopus.
Liang Dong: True.
XuWenBin: to, sages.
Liang Dong: zhi is the wisdom of "wisdom"?
XuWenBin: up to is, is that the no to the ......
Liang Dong: Calm Heart of "cause"?
XuWenBin: No, 'cause' of the half.
Liang Dong: Oh, that half. Winter solstice "to"
XuWenBin: Oh, the winter solstice "to." Summer solstice "to."
Liang Dong: OK. So "really, to, Sages." "Sage."
XuWenBin: sage Confucius, his disciples called seventy-two sage.
Liang Dong: right, modern call "idlers" is Sister Ma.
XuWenBin: "idlers" That's big sister. Therefore, the originator of Confucius in Confucian Taoist point of view, he was just a saint, called to live in the middle of a relatively high secular person. The real is that we cried called home Sun Simiao, considered Sun reality, there is that Qiu, Qiu live.
Liang Dong: Now Beijing is there a call Baiyun it?
XuWenBin: Baiyun that Qiu had never been seen to build up.
Liang Dong: Yes, a lot of people Qiu understand ......
XuWenBin: Quanzhen, Quanzhen.
Liang Dong: Yes, from "Legend of the Condor Heroes" in the past. But in reality, the reality in ancient China it is a very high level.
XuWenBin: So Huangdi repair to this realm, called "into the impossible," beyond the bounds of it went to the realm of reality.
Liang Dong: I thought, when the boss is successful, the impossible thing, the emperor Well, is not it.
XuWenBin: emperor or personal. Repair to live if he could I have talked about on the soul from the body, the procession between heaven and earth, the shuttle is in space and time.
Liang Dong: Oh, Xu ah, you told me tonight after this short wow, I am very depressed, ah, you know how frustrating it? I recently wrote an article on the "Yellow Emperor" of the book, I spent three minutes to finish this sentence, and it is all wrong. hahahahaha……. Well, then we have just talked about 24 words a little, said the Yellow Emperor's life: "past in the Yellow Emperor, born gods, weak and can speak, young and through Qi, long Duimin, into the impossible." I believe it a little bit of patience you do have friends who have been able to see from the inside of twenty words a successful undertaking of this life, that is so, the previous success is the success you truly understand the truth of the world modern realm much lower success ah! Modern success, at best, is only a little money, oh, a little money to be successful legitimate.
XuWenBin: Yes, everyone on the success of this understanding is not the same. Taoist success or called back to nature. It is a harsh punishment to those who own, carved those things themselves and are seen as a cruel thing, it to preserve its own nature as a pure goal. So the Confucian "Zhuangzi" a book telling the whole Confucian Taoist runs a book. You see, when Confucius with students to see an old man in the wells, holding a bucket of irrigated land, then Confucius student asked: "how do you not get hold of the tankers it is now a car and save fresh water?? This effect is good. "The results people say," You're a student of Confucius, right? "you move the heart of this technique, you will lose your natural simplicity of nature that you are playing small smart, so, Taoism is opposed to this odd business skills.
Liang Dong: ingenious technology or odd camp camp skills?
XuWenBin: Oh, anyway, is that these fancy things artificial, Taoism are opposed. You see we were young to learn "Encouraging Learning", Zi, Zi is the grandson of Confucius student, he speaks of is Confucian the set. What does he say that? Is the "fake Vessels, non-energy water is, and must rivers." This can mean rowing people do, you make good use of the boat ah, you learn this technique, although you can not swim, you can sail very far. This is the Confucian thought.
Liang Dong: Yes, Columbus Well, no, not Columbus, the discovery of the American continent is who?
XuWenBin: Columbus is the thing.
Liang Dong: Oh, oh Columbus.
XuWenBin: Taoism is to say, if you just want the old, the use of this technique things, material things, rather than to play to your nature, you seemingly have been successful, in fact, you're a failure.
Liang Dong: You know there is a very important marketing guru Philip Ketteler called?.
XuWenBin: Do not know.
Liang Dong: four school marketing advertising people have read his books, we also talked about when I was younger. He said, ah, most of the merchandise, we have to do the most important marketing do? We are going to demand to convert into a desire. That in fact, we do not need to get a new phone Oh.
XuWenBin: incite their desire to buy.
Liang Dong: Yes, originally we do not need a new phone, you fooled him today it is Maiguai Well, that is Maiguai thing.So, from this statement that you will find inside it you say, the whole of China's traditional culture and modern civilization developed out of the entire logical system does, it has a great need for mutually compatible part, he said plainly, is a very a large portion of contradiction.
XuWenBin: enormous contradictions. If you want health regimen, then, to identify who is fan of your love, why did you horny. A lot of people dying in illness, or jail time, they knew that they pursue something that is so strange, so unrealistic, however, it is strange, why I was passionate in the pursuit of those things, This is a disease.
Liang Dong: So before I do, I once interviewed a decade ago was popular in the three places of the four most important advertising, including what Sun Dawei, including a few other people do it, then I was a problem, "As an advertiser, you fooled so many people buy unnecessary things, you do not repent it?" But these four great advertising people are over forty years, he has said the advertising industry veterans, they both told me, "will be!" The fact is they feel they do in this life is to create the most wrong thing too many unnecessary desire, purely because the customer needs you to do this thing. Well, we say come back, "Yellow Emperor", we have just read to the life of the Yellow Emperor, ah, "Xi in the Yellow Emperor" to "into the impossible." Here it is called "Fearless is asked to say," he said that day it this way to ask his teacher the Yellow Emperor - Fearless, "on Guzhi Ren Yu Wen, Spring are a hundred degrees," I have heard it said, People in ancient times it, spring is the year of Kazakhstan, "Spring and Autumn are a hundred degrees." That at least can live a hundred eighty, "and the action is not bad," what is called "the action is not bad"?
XuWenBin: Oh, the Yellow Emperor from us the equivalent of four thousand five hundred years, at that time the Yellow Emperor, he asked his teacher said, standing in his time asking antiquity. In fact, this is the beginning of antiquity we are talking about three 黄五帝 of Fuxi, Nuwa that era.
Liang Dong: six to seven thousand years ago, or what?
XuWenBin: early, even earlier, even earlier. So that, according to Mr. Nan he explained that China's culture from the beginning of the world began, it is very profound. We now learn the history of the West, there must be evidence, to come up with empirical archeology to prove it. So he said that is the kind of living conditions of our ancient Taoist ideal, most natural simplicity of the state, what that state is it? Think about it, what on earth people can rely on to survive? People do not force the minions of the Tiger Balm, there is no quick run of rabbits and sheep, deer ......
Liang Dong: There is no ability to reproduce cockroaches.
XuWenBin: There is no ability to reproduce mice, people rely on to survive? What? Why should you become a crown of creation? Before you invented the weapons and ammunition bow and arrow, you or the person you rely on to survive?
Liang Dong: This question was too deep, you straight talk.
XuWenBin: Oh, is that we speak by the born gods, it has a ability to communicate with the world, it has a predictable future disasters, this is a truly inspired. People have the whole world of air, it is truly inspired psychic, animal vegetation was biased world of gas, which is part of the psychic. So why in the female line, matriarchal society, when women leaders in the world, had never been seen by people is physical work, is not it? Require hunting, farming needs, why do women take the lead? The clan and tribal leaders said the person, she is a person to communicate with the world, can predict. For example, to Wenchuan earthquake, the witch said, "Let's go, get out of here." She has this ability, while other animals do not have this capability, then on the "Wow" buried inside. But now society has evolved backwards, the Southeast Asia tsunami when all the animals are dismissed, the only people on the beach to swim silly blankly.
Liang Dong: So basically the evolutionary history of human history is a degenerate.
XuWenBin: Oh, you made it very insightful, people are degraded variation, so we talk about this kind of "born gods", the Yellow Emperor and the gods were born, and he also with immense respect and admiration of this feeling envious asked his teacher disambiguation - Fearless. Disambiguation, I research, and he is now in a tribal area of ​​Wushan Xiling such a great wizard. What happened then, the Yellow Emperor married Ancestor, Ancestor know where people?
Liang Dong: I do not know.
XuWenBin: Sichuanese.
Liang Dong: Oh, Sichuan.
XuWenBin: sericulture the originator, Ancestor. A "woman" beside the word, a tired "tired", Ancestor. They later intermarried tribes merge it, he put people Xiling's Fearless go to the Central Plains tribes made his teacher. You go to the Gorge to see, where there are ancient Observatory. Wushan Wushan why is it called? Why is it called the Wu Gorge? It is a gathering place for ancient big witch.
Liang Dong: Why is it called Wushan Rain?
XuWenBin: Wushan on cloud for a moment, the rain a little chant. That is Cao Zhi wrote, "Goddess", wrote his dreams and ghosts cross, dreamed of a beautiful woman, the two had sex, and then wrote a "Goddess." Ancient put the "cloud" as a synonym for the male and female sex.
Liang Dong: Gao Xingjian has a book called called Jiao Jiao ...... what? Wushan is called? What Wu Ling?
XuWenBin: I know that person, I did not read his books. As far as we say, ah, he asked his Fearless, you said: "I smell Guzhi Ren, Spring are a hundred degrees, and the action is not bad." That is, that's what the ancient people live to be a hundred years old the action has no attenuation debilitating recession. We will speak about "dynamic" and "as" ah, often say "action" and "as", "action" is "action", "as a" Yes "for", not the same. What does it mean to move? Traditional "Dynamic" how to write?
Liang Dong: ...... seems to be a middle bit like the "heel" that, is not it?
XuWenBin: Oh, right. It is a gravity here, "heavy", there is a "force" and "power", the weight of it in fact, and we have a relationship heels, we heels called "heel."
Liang Dong: Yes, crowds.
XuWenBin: Oh, crowds ah. Taoism is called "heel interest", the heel will breathe.
Liang Dong: Like Hong Kong people take the heel of the foot to breathe, then it is not an easy thing.
XuWenBin: That he was evil breathing. The so-called "dynamic" refers heel force, the so-called "make" it, a single Liren a "first glance", which refers to hands-on, on people's fingers to open at first glance, called "make." Therefore, the "hands and feet", not the girls hands and feet.
Liang Dong: What is the meaning of the hands and feet?
XuWenBin: called "action", hands and feet called called move. Why say "action is not bad"?
Liang Dong: I think the question is how the girls and feet? Hands we know, feet ......
XuWenBin: feet is chasing Well, people can not move foot chasing girls chasing you? You will not fly kick kick, right?
Liang Dong: Oh. A sweet feet. Haha ......
XuWenBin: sweet feet.
Liang Dong: ah, say come back ah.
XuWenBin: ah, the average person, we have a saying that goes "old legs first old." why?Popularity is not enough blood, heart brain for blood and viscera need, he would sacrifice his tip, it is the people's legs began unwieldy, and not dexterity of hand. However, the Guzhi Ren live to be a hundred years old, legs, hands a little no signs of weakness, called "action is not bad."
Liang Dong: So, you can see a lot of people in poor health when it is to say, for example, people with diabetes, he may be the most time is the beginning of the injured foot.
XuWenBin: legs and feet. You see lizards, there is danger when the first "pop", tail off. People to blood shortage, the need to preserve their own time, to sacrifice their limbs.
Liang Dong: Right, so that modern Westerners do stupid gym are exercising limbs, internal organs do not exercise.
XuWenBin: their health, their reputation, saying "fitness."
Liang Dong: body and the body is not the same?
XuWenBin: the body and the body is not the same, the body is the body of the trunk, the body is four sedentary, limbs. Therefore, "the action is not bad" refers to their legs, hands are very flexible, agile legs and hands because of his body is healthy, blood sufficient. "Action is not bad."
Liang Dong: Yes, it says the Yellow Emperor at that time, on three or four thousand years ago, the Yellow Emperor, when the ancient people say it is not bad action, and "people of this time, in the fifties and action are bad person, when the world different yeah ? People will lose the Lord? "
XuWenBin: He said his age, in the fifties, less than five years old, and action are bad. Legs walk way, Maibu Kai leg, the hand is not pinched fine things, pinch live, and action are bad, this is because the times change is causing it? Or people lost in Jesus? Loss of Jesus? What is lost in?Unjust, or who violate the laws of nature change, or that people do not grasp the natural variation of it? This is a problem of the Yellow Emperor. Apparently he already knows, is certainly contrary to the laws of man.
Liang Dong: So, we small time ah, learning the language of rhetoric are fastidious, asked the question to ask questions Well, this typically belong to set questions.
XuWenBin: Yougong!
Liang Dong: inducement, ah. This one……
XuWenBin: In fact, the hope that the teacher can explain in detail, I also realized is definitely where people do wrong.
Liang Dong: right, right, so, um, Qi Bo replied, that he called disambiguation Fearless way people do it answered: "On Guzhi Ren, its know those laws in the yin and yang, and in the number of patients, "Our little slow to speak Kazakh, say ancient times people do know who their" knowledge "and" Road "ah, he this ......
XuWenBin: verb-object phrases.
Liang Dong: verb-object phrases. That is not to say, know know not: I know, I know what it is.
XuWenBin: ah, I know the way.
Liang Dong: I know the way. Yes, he know what way?
XuWenBin: it is this road. The so-called Road of it, we simply put him as the natural changes in the law. You go down the law, or do you want to go down the law on the premise that you know, changes of nature is not the people's will transfer. However, we now people are a shot forehead his own kind of imaginary delusions, according to their own imaginary delusions do, and this is contrary to the nature of imagined delusions often change laws. Therefore, the ancient people, "it knows who" those who know the natural variation of the world people do, first of all he knows. Second it ......
Liang Dong: to know, said, I'm sorry, too loud and Kazakhstan.
XuWenBin: Knowing this variation, how can he do it? Road is a Heaven, it is a human law established law.
Liang Dong: drops of a go.
XuWenBin: Oh, drops of a go.
Liang Dong: Why is it called drops of a go?
XuWenBin: ah, there is no research. Ah, because from the Taoist tradition is concerned, we emphasize the words, cried, method, technique, device. Road is a Heaven, law is a man-made, how do you follow Heaven, there are good deeds, there are draconian laws, you violate the law of Heaven is draconian. Then, the surgeon is operating on a technical level, the device refers to tangible substance or tangible tools. We must first of its profits. The second level is called "surgery", the third level is called the "law"
Liang Dong: what law is?
XuWenBin: Law is that you take the approach. You say, we open the car was originally used to walk, you have to walk on water, you drove a good car, good driving skills, you take the national highway, secondary roads, I drive a high-speed highway, called emulated. Whoever it to? That it was not necessary, is not it? That having said that, you're driving the Audi, you are driving well, you're on the highway, you do first?
Liang Dong: That is not necessarily, this time I learned it.
XuWenBin: The last question, the more important question, the most critical, said. I know there is a phrase called "poles apart" it? Your old drive a Audi, good driving skills, but also taking the highway, but you go in that direction to open Moscow, of us who should to Guangzhou? I opened Alto, I technology is bad, I walk the trail, but my direction is right. We now people are concerned about things material and technical conditions on those, no one cares road, no one cares about that direction.
Liang Dong: Ancient people, that is the wise people do, "Answers for those laws in the yin and yang, and in the number of patients."
XuWenBin: "and in the number of patients," the words to say this technique represents the divine, "Book of Changes."
Liang Dong: I told you to explain ah, some friends because we do not have this word, "and in the number of patients," the "and" it is that a "Wo" word side.
XuWenBin: peaceful "and" harmony setting will "and."
Liang Dong: peaceful "and" is at the Olympics army soldiers shout out "and." "And in the number of patients", "shu" of it, in front of the shu is the arithmetic of "skill", a word a little wooden top right corner. The second shu it is mathematical "number", "and in the number of patients."
XuWenBin: Basically, this is a kind of ability to predict the future is through God's mercy, this calculation, ah, to find some that fit or do not fit. Ah, for example, we put figures into yin and yang of Chinese medicine, odd as the sun, "13579", even as a female.
Liang Dong: Why so divided?
XuWenBin: with Ancient Reproduction Worship related.
Liang Dong: Oh.
XuWenBin: "1" Like what?
Liang Dong: "1" is a stick.
XuWenBin: like male roots, "0" as the vulva.
Liang Dong: right, right right.
XuWenBin: Also you these three little, a little, a little after five laid out, he is at an acute angle, three, offensive phalanx. Where you put four? Eight put there? Well-organized, it is a defensive type, so this is divided into yin and yang. Yin and yang, heaven and earth change you are visible, yin and yang, you do not understand these numbers change, right? I tell you, if you are particularly busy yang, you choose a shade number, called and; yang deficiency you do this, you choose a positive number, right? This is called "and in the number of patients."
Liang Dong: too much fun. Dear listeners father ...... ......
XuWenBin: Diema it ......
Liang Dong: Dear this ......
XuWenBin: god, father and mother were.
Liang Dong: god, dear listeners have it, today we simply spend one hour, from the "Yellow Emperor" Elder naive theory first sermon in less than 50 words, I've heard out of the ears of oil ʱ?? The next time your goodbye.

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